Bad Habits That Lead to Bad Posture: How to Improve Your Posture

The lives of modern people are so busy achieving a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle that they forget to look after their health. Many bad habits that lead to bad posture and wrong practices have become their lifestyle routines which are major causes of back and neck pain. Sitting for long hours, slouching on your seat, hunching on your desks, and other habits that lead to poor body posture. The development of poor posture is common among people and is usually ignored. However, nobody understands the serious impacts that it can have on your life. It is important to acknowledge these bad habits from your lifestyle to eradicate them for your well-being.

Some of the common Bad habits that lead to bad posture are as follows:

Bad habits that lead to bad posture

  • Improper sitting posture

The way you sit at a desk or on a chair has a tremendous impact on your body posture. Poor sitting habits like sinking on a chair, extending your chin forward, slouching on a single side of your seat, and sitting on the wallet result in various health problems like back and neck pain, straining of the lower back, pain in sciatica nerve and tensioning of muscles.

Most of these bad sitting habits are a result of adopting improper sitting posture. So, it is important to learn and maintain a proper sitting posture at your home or an office that is ergonomically accurate.

Muscle strength can affect your way of sitting too. Rigid chest muscles can draw your shoulders in the forward direction, and any weakened core muscles can result in slouching. Hence, ensure to include a regular exercise routine that covers stretches and core exercises to strengthen and correct your body posture.

  • Eye-level misalignment with laptops and smartphones.

Hunching forward on the keyboard for long hours causes rounded shoulders and stiffness in the back. A common phrase “text neck” has become popular among people that depict the negative effects of gazing down at your smartphones throughout the day. This practice can result in various health problems, including spinal degeneration and misalignment, back and neck pain, sciatica nerve pain, and headaches. If these practices are overlooked, a person may suffer from these aforementioned problems throughout his/her life, so it is important to avoid these wrong practices while working.


  • Incorrect body position when utilizing your mobile and laptop

Due to technological advancement, it has become possible for manifold people to work remotely. It implies that people can easily work on their laptops or any smart devices in a relaxed position; either sitting comfortably on a bed, couch, or recliner. Unfortunately, such practice can result in HOLS i.e. hunched-over laptop syndrome, which can result in back pain, neck pain, and other spinal problems. Moreover, continuous sitting in this position develops a poor posture, which can generate various postural issues in people that can affect seriously affect their health and body. So, it is important to use your tablet or laptop at the desk adjusted at a suitable height to avoid any postural problems.

  • Excessive sitting habits

Many office workers sit at their desks for long hours while working. This continuous sitting habit for a long time with no breaks in between can result in bad posture and other health problems. If you sit persistently for hours, your muscles get exhausted, and due to this reason, you would start slumping, leaning, and slouching at the desk. As a result, you will suffer from neck pain, back pain, and various muscle problems, which give birth to bad posture in your body.

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