Discover the Amazing Benefits of Foot Massage

Massages are popular amongst everyone, from babies to the elderly. Foot Massage has been practiced to increase venous blood flow, regulate blood pressure and increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells. The benefits of foot massage transcend from physical to emotional well-being and they are found in official regimes of therapeutic treatment.

Foot Massage could be done at home at your leisure, you could go to a spa or hire reflexology professional. Depending on your needs you must inculcate exercising foot massage. Know more about of benefits of foot massage.

Benefits of foot massage before bed

benefits of foot massage

One must sleep with relaxed muscles. Your stiff leg muscles often affect your feet, and when you wake you will feel sore around your ankles and feet.

Foot Massage before sleep is closely related to reflexology. Applying pressure at certain parts of the feet more than others aids in loosening muscles. It induces sleep while easing stress and anxiety. It is unrelated to acupressure.

Benefits of foot massage during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often receive pregnancy massage in the later months. Massage lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Swollen feet are common during pregnancy. It increases the muscle strain in the feet. Relaxation of these muscles helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It helps with edema and promotes the flushing of collected fluids in the feet.

Pregnant women should avoid doing massages themselves in the third trimester. Women who received regular foot massages have reported lesser instances of postpartum depression due to the maintenance of cortisol levels.

Benefits of foot massage Reflexology

benefits of foot massage

Curing ailments by applying pressure is called Reflexology, a holistic approach to wellness. It applies pressure on meridian points on the feet connected with other vital organs.

If performed correctly, it improves your eyesight, aids in digestion, and even lowers back pain. Massages focus on the alleviation of overall aches, whereas Reflexology achieves a specific goal.

One can find a chart of pressure points and their effects easily on the internet. However, it is advised to do it by a professional practitioner.

Benefits of foot massage for diabetics

Almost 33% of diabetics suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease, affecting the blood flow toward the feet. The increased fat in the body deposits on leg muscles thickening the connective tissues.

Foot Massage slackens the muscles by improving their elasticity and motility. The more the muscles relax, the lesser will be strain exerted on blood vessels. It also improves blood flow.

Foot Massage helps reduce blood glucose levels, potential in controlling hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia often affects kidneys, liver, eyesight, nerve damage, and much more. Foot massages are proposed for neuropathy combined with heat therapy to produce better results.

 Benefits of foot massage pressure points


Pressure points are ancient practices used to stimulate the body’s healing process. Acupressure and Acupuncture are closely related to this exercise. Performed under trained personnel, helps with migraine, nasal congestion, insomnia, and motor functions. It is part of preventive healthcare that maintains a sound physique boosting immunity.

For relaxation, one can apply pressure with a ball evenly until one find a sensitive point. You can relax the tense areas until you feel better. It can be done like a general massage to destress daily.

Benefits of foot massage at night

After a long day at work, you can feel fatigued and heavy. That is due to muscle contraction. Your muscles do not get enough time to relax before they contract again during your activities. Stretching muscles for a long time affects tendons and ligaments supporting them. Excess mobility or maintaining a posture both cause muscle tension.

If you sleep with taut muscles, your sleep quality would be affected, and you may wake up feeling sore. Your skin sometimes turns blue as your muscles exert pressure on your blood vessels. These can cause night cramps and sudden spasms if neglected. Regularly massage your feet at night.

 Benefits of foot massage with coconut oil

benefits of foot massage

Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal agent. Massaging your feet with coconut oil comes with two significant benefits, skincare, and relaxation. Emphasizing ankles delivers additional benefits during oil massage as they show better results.

Coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil helps with PMS symptoms and eases bloating. Massaging provides relief from inflammation associated with foot tendonitis.

Benefits of foot massage with mustard oil

Mustard oil massage holds great significance in Ayurveda for managing our Kapha. Mustard oil blocks microbial growth and promotes skin health. Mustard oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which alleviates inflammation. It is recommended for ankle massage for people suffering from chronic joint pain.

Mustard oil massage induces good sleep and relaxes nerves. A daily 5 minutes sole massage boosts weight-loss treatment and enhances eyesight.

Benefits of foot massage for babies

Babies suffer from digestive problems and discomfort all the time. Relieving stress, promoting blood flow and flexibility. Doctors support reflexology and soft massage at arches that induce deep sleep in babies.

One should not put pressure on while massaging. They are delicate and have underdeveloped muscles. If done thoughtlessly, we can induce pain instead of easing the irritation.

Benefits of foot massage every day

Our feet, toes, and ankles undergo a lot of wear and tear every day. A simple oil massage can soothe it boosting its healing process. Your feet bear all the weight of your body and experience tense stretching and spasms. Assuming that sitting for a few minutes or sleeping it away is enough care your feet need, it is not. Later, it develops cramps and ankle soreness.

Massaging five minutes a day is the daily maintenance feet need and deserve.

Benefits of foot massage for the elderly

benefits of foot massage

Elderly experience pain from weakened muscles and organs. Blood circulation is affected as the pumping capacity of the body is not the same. Due to lack of proper circulation, fluids accumulate causing edema. Massage slackens the muscle. Simply rubbing, kneading, and pressing along the length of your foot works wonders.

Psychological and emotional well-being is critical to elders. Weakening of the body and tensions can be overwhelming. Massage is known to reduce stress and anxiety. The positive effects of massage motivate them to a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of foot massage for runners

Runners experience constant muscle contraction and relaxation. Their muscles usually adapt to the routine by shortening muscle fibers. Regardless of how this translates into their performance, it is detrimental to their tissues on a longer tenure. Massage increases flexibility which reduces the risk of injuries and regains the original state of muscles.

Massage is needed to bring back the fibers to a relaxed state. It keeps the feet healthier by promoting oxygen circulation. Runners receive ‘therapeutic’ massages performed by professionals to keep their feet in the best shape.


 Is Foot Massager good for health?

It is like a maintenance exercise for your feet. It helps with blood regulation and relaxing your muscles. With reflexology, you can cure many health problems. It strengthens and increases the flexibility of your ankles. Your heels need attention after all the weight it bears. A daily five-minute routine is good for health.

What happens during a foot massage?

During a foot massage, you hit many pain points. While soothing those points, your brain releases endorphins. It activates your nervous system and stimulates the healing process. One can feel a decline in inflammation, relief from edema, and body ache through a simple foot massage.

For therapeutic purposes, professionals apply calculated pressure at certain points to cure ailments or achieve the desired result from the treatment.

Why does foot reflexology feel good?

In reflexology, every part of the feet corresponds to an area of the body. It enhances your responses to the nervous system. The therapy clears the blocks in feet based on the infirmities. Pressure therapy soothes the nerves where it hurts. Many cancer patients receive reflexology for relief from the surgical pain.

It shows improvement from migration to digestive problems. It relaxes the patients while providing physical wellness.

How long can I use a foot massager?

If you use a foot massager for daily relaxation, 15-20 minutes would be good. But if you use it for an ailment, you must consult your doctor for a precise time.

People use it essentially for neuropathy, arthritis, gout, or plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel bone). You can use it two to four times a day for 20-30-minute sessions. The vibrations aid in blood circulation and muscle movement. Though there are no side effects by using for a long duration, control the period for women in late pregnancy as it can potentially induce labor.

Are foot spas good for your feet? 

Foot spas, though seen as a cosmetic process, benefit overall health. It takes care of your toes, corns, blisters, and many more skin problems associated with your feet. It alleviates body pain and relaxes you in a comfortable session.

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