The Best Balance Board for Seniors: Get the Most Out of Your Exercise Routine

StrongTek Wooden Balance Board

StrongTek Wooden Balance Board

Lightweight and durable.
Multi-purpose usage.
A 30-day money-back guarantee.
Solofit Balance Board

Solofit Balance Board

Two resistance bands.
ABS plastic.
Fitlaya Balance Board

Fitlaya Balance Board

Up to 400 lbs.
Anti-slip and ergonomic.

We would never be able to perceive the problems old people face until we reach that stage. Talk to your aged parents and relatives, or personally seeing them suffer isn’t sufficient to understand their pain. There’s a lot they go through being old. One thing that troubles everyone in general at that age is losing the body’s balance and mental coordination. The Best Balance Board for Seniors is an excellent solution to help them with.

Why Balance Board?

A Balance board is an unstable surface that helps people in improving mind-body coordination and balance. Over time, we tend to lose this coordination but, sadly we realize this when we’re old. Old age is when most complications show up. Losing mental balance is the worst thing that can happen, right? This is why we need the Best Balance Board for Seniors more than anything else.

  • Improves postural muscle strength.
  • Builds up core, muscles, and back strength.
  • Relieves back, joints, and neck pain.
  • Enhances balancing abilities and mental coordination.

Best Balance Board for Seniors – Buying Guide

These are some of the many balance board benefits. So, let’s not waste any time and check what do we need to consider to pick the best balance board for seniors.

Factors to look for best balance board for seniors

Anything available in the market isn’t the best balance board for seniors. They need to meet the following requirements to be the best balance boards.

  1. Materials:

We would recommend considering the materials used in making the best wobble board in the first place. Seniors are no less than kids! They are equally sensitive and vulnerable to wounds. Usually, these come in two materials wood and plastic.

Wood – The toughest and the most reasonable boards. They usually last a lifetime and are very easy to maintain. So, these fall in an expensive lot of boards.

Plastic – These are affordable and lightweight but are contrary to the wooden boards. Not so easy to clean, these boards aren’t long-lasting.

If you need a wobble board for a year or so, plastic would be perfect but, if you’re looking for long-term usage, wooden boards would be better.

  1. Surface Area:

This aspect is interlinked to various factors like feet length, weight, and height of the user. The balance boards are available in various sizes. So, we can pick the best wobble board based on these considerations. The surface area of the board also affects the difficulty of using it. The more is the surface, the less difficult it is to balance.

  1. Difficulty and Tilt Angle:

Tilt angle is mentioned in the buyer’s guide for every balance board. The difficulty in using these boards is directly related to the tilt angle. They go hand-in-hand, i.e., either more or less but never the opposite. As our seniors need this as a support, go with reasonable tilt angles. Try searching for a board that allows us to adjust these angles accordingly so that we can increase or reduce the difficulty.

  1. Balance and Slip-Resistance:

The requirements of a wobble board for seniors are very clear. They only need the board to improve balance and not anything else. A good balance board should have a 360-degree rotation and steady grips. There shouldn’t be a more-pressure requirement. Also, the board should be slip-resistant so that the people using it wouldn’t fall off and get injured.

  1. Portability:

If you wish to carry the balance board to different places, choose a lightweight and easily carriable one. In these cases, ensure there is an included handle with the board so that it would be easy to lift and carry the board as and when required.

  1. Extra Features and Price:

Some boards offer extra features like DVDs and online assistance to the buyers. Also, there are so many choices for good balance boards in considerable pricing. Scrutinize carefully and grab the best one!

Additional Information:

Before we proceed with the available choices for us in the market, there’s something we need to know. There are different balance boards based on the purpose of usage.

Some of them are – balance board for kids, balance board for toddlers, balance board for physiotherapy, best balance board for sup training, etc. As their names say it all, each of these delivers a specific purpose. We also have specific balance board exercises for knees to improve their condition.

Best Balance Board for Seniors Reviews

As we now know how to grab an appropriate balance board, let’s check some best balance boards available for us on

  1. StrongTek Wooden Balance Board

StrongTek Wooden Balance Board

There wouldn’t be an any better choice for the best balance board for sup training other than this wobble board from StrongTek. With different sizes and flexibilities, this board is also the best balance board for standing desks and many more. Its features are as follows:

  • This wooden board is also an ideal match to the balance board for physiotherapy It improves agility and core strength.
  • This board is an excellent choice for seniors, workouts, and others too.
  • Though it is made out of wood, it is lightweight and portable, making it the best balance board for a standing desk
  • Slip-resistant and gentle surface, stable and durable base, etc., are some features of StrongTek’s best balance board for sup training.
  • The manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure premium-quality services.

  1. Solofit Balance Board

Solofit Balance Board

Available in three different color variants, this balance board for seniors comes with included resistance bands and offers the following features:

  • This board is also ideal for any workouts like core and balancing.
  • It comes with two resistance bands to balance the whole body efficiently.
  • Superior-quality ABS plastic is used in making this board. So, the board is slip-resistant and lightweight.
  • It is easily portable and lasts for considerable usage.
  • We can attach the resistance bands to the board easily if we wish to perform a full-body workout.

  1. Fitlaya Balance Board

Fitlaya Balance Board

This balancing and strength training balance board from Fitlaya comes with the following unique features:

  • It is made of hardwood and is very durable.
  • It can hold up to 400 lbs. weight and is long-lasting.
  • The ergonomic and anti-slip design makes it easier for seniors to balance their bodies on the board.
  • It is a ready-to-use board and is travel-friendly.
  • Apart from aiding seniors to balance, this board also helps in full-body workouts like core strength improvement.


  1. What is a balance board good for?

A balance board at its best improves a person’s core strength, balance, and agility. There are different types like balance boards for kids, balance boards for toddlers, balance boards for physiotherapy, best balance boards for standing desks, etc., meeting different user requirements.

  1. Which balance board is best?

This depends on various factors mentioned above like materials, price, tilt angle, the purpose of usage, etc. We can choose the suitable one based on individual preferences.

  1. How long should you stand on a balance board?

Starting from 1 or 2-3 minutes, we can stand on the balance board as long as we balance without slipping from it.

  1. Are our balance boards good for seniors?

Balance or wobble boards are excellent for seniors failing to balance themselves properly. These boards help in improving mental coordination and balance, making their lives easier.

  1. Are our balance boards good for core strength?

Balance boards not only improve balance but also boost core strength. This is why most people use them as a part of their workouts for sup training, etc. making the best use of all the balance board benefits.

  1. Does a balance board help you lose weight?

As these boards improve the overall body’s coordination, they aid in losing weight too. These are known to activate stabilizer muscles that burn calories and help us in losing weight. Sometimes, these boards also help people to lose fat through proper workouts.

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