Best Exercises for People Sitting All-Day

In this contemporary world, people have become habitual to sitting. Be it at work, while traveling, at lunch, at dinner, or even the time we hang out with our friends, we mostly sit. We have included all day long-excessive sitting in our lifestyle. According to health experts, it is unhealthy for a person to sit for over 3-4 hours. It increases the possibility of heart disease, obesity, cancer, fast aging, arthritis, tightness in the muscles, postural problems, and many more.

We cannot change our daily lifestyle, but we can reduce the chances of the aforementioned risks if we pay some attention to our health by including some healthy habits and mobility exercises in our daily lifestyle. To stay fit and healthy for your entire life, listed below are some mobility exercises that will help you to prevent the negative effects of excessive sitting.


  1. Chest Opener

To do this exercise, you need to sit tall with your feet touching the ground kept at a distance of the hip-width. The hands should be interlocked together behind your back while keeping your elbows wide apart. Lift your head through your spine and then look up to the roof, get hold of the weight of your head back into your hands. Come back to the original position. Close your elbows, then delicately round the upper spine to straighten the back portion of your neck. Repeat this exercise five times.

  1. Rag Doll fold:

First, stand straight, then slowly bend the knees and then lean the body forward from your hips. The weight of your body is should be shifted towards the front bottom of your feet. Then you need to drop or relax the head heavy which will lead to releasing your muscles supporting your neck as well as the lower back. This exercise is extremely helpful in transferring fresh blood to your brain.

  1. Standing wall stretch:

This is the simplest exercise. To do this, you need to stand straight facing towards the wall, and you should be standing 1 foot apart from the wall. Then you need to shift your body weight forward by reaching out your arms straight up toward the wall. Relax and breathe while your upper back is stretching. Later, gently relax the shoulder down.

  1. Lateral Flexion (wall):

To do this, firstly you need to stand straight with the back of your body against the wall, and the knees should be bent a bit. Make a grip on your hand and place it behind the head. Later, reach through the upper portion of your head; slightly bend your body to one side. Do the same on the second side.


  1. Walk:

A walk should be mandatorily included in your daily schedule. A power walk should be done either during the break time of your work or after having lunch and dinner. The brisk walk can be done in your office during breaks or a walk around your home.

  1. Complete Body Stretch:

To do this, you need to lie down on the back of your body and start bringing the knees towards your chest region. Take a deep breath and then start relaxing your lower back on the ground. Further, squeeze tightly and then gently release your position by stretching the body length on the floor or your mat.

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