The Best Insoles for Lower Back Pain – Get Relief Now!

Dr. Scholl's Lower Back Pain Relief Orthotics

Dr. Scholl's Lower Back Pain Relief Orthotics

Has a deep heel cup
Made of premium quality EVA material
Ideal for everyday use
Suitable for both men and women
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BackPainHelp Orthotic Inserts

BackPainHelp Orthotic Inserts

Made of Anti-Odour Orthalite foam
Helps provide balance
Extremely lightweight
Ideal for over-pronated feet
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Powerstep Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Made of 100% antimicrobial polyester
Goes with high, low and neutral arches
Has a polyester top fabric
Has dual-layer cushioning
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Vivesole Orthotic Insoles

Vivesole Orthotic Insoles

Semi-rigid in nature
Has non-slip padding
¾ sole fits every shoe
Has lightweight EVA padding
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Easyfeet Orthotic Inserts

Easyfeet Orthotic Inserts

Comes in pairs
Support made of TPU
Cushioning has PU and memory foam
Has in-built heel support
Recommended by podiatrists
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Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts

Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts

Has in-built shock absorption technology
Uses Dual Base Layered High-Performance EVA foam
Has firm footing
Improves balance and structure
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Dr. Scholl's Fitness Walking Insoles

Dr. Scholl's Fitness Walking Insoles

Uses ActivPerform Technology
Help reduce strain and stress
Has a slim design
Has targetted cushioning
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NICEWIN Shoe Insoles with All Day Shock Absorption

NICEWIN Shoe Insoles with All Day Shock Absorption

Uses CoolMax breathable fabric
The base is made of durable EVA foam
Has deep u-shaped heel cup
Provides a firm arch support
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PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx

PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx

Made using 100% anti-microbial polyester
Recommended by podiatrists
Has a synthetic sole
Doesn’t require trimming
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Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics

Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics

Made of premium quality EVA material
Has three-point mechanics design
Ensures durability and comfort
Has closed-cell foam support
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Superfeet Blue Insoles Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Superfeet Blue Insoles Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Has closed-cell foam support
Has a stabilizer cap at the bottom
Has an all-natural coating
Provides long-lasting comfort
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Protalus M100 Max Series - Premium Shoe Insoles

Protalus M100 Max Series - Premium Shoe Insoles

Goes with wider and larger shoes
Helps improve alignment
Provides long-lasting comfortable
Ensures minimum stress on the foot
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More often than not, you may have suffered from severe back pain issues due to imbalances or dysfunctions which may have arisen due to improper alignment of your feet, wherein your doctor might have suggested getting a pair of insoles as a form of treatment for the same, or at least to help you relax a little and ease out the pain.

While it isn’t always related to foot problems, it wouldn’t be wise to overlook the fact that it might be a possibility.

Now, the question arises as to what are insoles and why might one need to wear them.

Insoles are shoe inserts or foot orthotics, which are used to fix or heal certain foot dysfunctions, such as a flat foot or plantar fasciitis and/or imbalances. It is medically believed that foot and ankle issues often lead to imbalances as well as lower back misalignments, which may, in turn, lead to lower backaches over a period, which is why it is necessary to seek treatment at the earliest and nip the issue right at the bud.

What are foot orthotics?

Foot orthotics are shoe insoles or shoe inserts that work as support for any abnormal movement of your foot. It is usually made using different materials and often it isn’t always equal in size. However, it is necessary to know whether the orthotics you are opting for are the correct ones for you because often people spend lots of money and time on the wrong orthotics which tends to make their situation worse. Thus, it might also be helpful to have a word with a podiatrist before choosing a good pair of orthotics.

Also, it isn’t necessary that both your feet might require orthotics. Sometimes only one foot may be suffering from some dysfunction or imbalance, which is when you could choose to opt for an insole that comes as a single piece.

What are the different reasons for opting to wear insoles?

Although one of the most common causes of wearing insoles is having a flat foot, it isn’t the only one. Most chiropractors and podiatrists tend to suggest opting for insoles in case you have any of the following causes or symptoms –

  • Plantar fasciitis or any foot pain
  • Diabetes
  • Disc problems
  • Sharp pain in the lower back region, going down the leg or to the buttocks
  • Pain observed after sitting for prolonged hours or from standing for long hours or opting to stand after sitting
  • Arthritis
  • Stiffness or an overall ache in your lower back
  • Shin Splints
  • Supination or overpronation
  • Heel Spurs
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Arch Pain
  • Excess pronation
  • Restrictions in your overall range of movement and motion
  • Standing for prolonged periods

It is pertinent to know that individuals might suffer from more than one of the above-mentioned ailments at a time. While it may not be possible to find permanent cures for any of the symptoms and ailments mentioned, it is possible to keep them in check and to ensure that no extra stress or pressure is added onto the injured region.

What do some of these symptoms indicate?

Although knowing the scientific names of the symptoms may be helpful, understanding how they look or feel might make things a little easier, which is why we will look to explain some of these symptoms in detail.

  1. Piriformis Syndrome
  • A slight tightening or spasm of the piriformis muscle that is in the buttocks may end up causing a sense of irritation or a feeling of impinging to the sciatica nerve causing a shooting pain
  • It can also be caused due to poor movement of the feet as well as lower extremities which can lead to movement in the pelvis leading to spasms at the back
  1. Disc Problems
  • A person has discs in between each of the vertebrae of his/her spine right from C2 to S1
  • The discs which are cushioning between the vertebrae can a degeneration, be ruptured, herniated, compressed, can suffer a small bulge (these can be a result of having poor posture while sitting, walking, running, or even standing which often leads to mechanical changes in the lower back)
  • This might be due to a difference in the length of the individual’s leg from the pelvis right up to the ankle
  • It might be caused due to a fracture in a bone placed in the thigh or lower leg area
  • Can be caused due to poor mechanics or even an absence of strong support at the beginning of the foot
  1. Arthritis

This is a degenerative condition of the joints, wherein they become abnormal due to damages which may have been suffered to the cartilage

  1. Excessive Pronation

Excess pronation can occur when the foot is tired and/or weak, or even when the footwear isn’t very supportive, then the arch of the foot can flatten out more than necessary and that is when excessive pronation occurs.
Some of the causes due to which excessive pronation might occur are – muscle imbalances, flat pronated feet, poor flexibility, imbalances in the muscle, discrepancies in the length of the leg, poor support from the shoe you opt to wear or the support/insole in the shoe which might lead to excess stress in the foot, certain biomechanical changes that might take place in the foot which may cause an increase in the pronation

And to treat such issues, it is necessary to first know and understand how one can choose the best insoles for lower back pain. Thus, with this thought in mind, let us look at some of the key features that one needs to keep in mind when buying insoles and also know if and when it is necessary to have insoles. So, read on.

Do insoles only help cure lower back problems?

 It is a common known misconception that one only wears insoles if there is some problem in the overall alignment of the feet or if there is some balance issue. However, one must understand this simple fact that every single bone in our body is interconnected with the help of various nerves, neurons, fibers, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels, which is why a problem in any one specific area is sure to raise problems in other areas as well.

Thus, while insoles might help to improve our back pain, they will also help to improve our overall posture, arch of our feet, and any other imbalances an individual might suffer from.

Do insoles come in exact shoe sizes?

While most insoles can be trimmed as per your required size, there are a few which come in the exact size you are looking for, and this is usually different for both men and women. Buying the exact size ensures that you don’t have to go through any unnecessary hassle of trimming it again.

What are the three main types of supportive insoles?

The three types of supportive insoles and their categories are – pronation, neutral, and supination.

What does each of the different supportive insoles mean?

  1. Pronation is the natural movement of one’s foot, which usually occurs when the foot lands during running and walking. It is composed of three cardinal plane components, which are subtalar eversion, forefoot abduction, and ankle dorsiflexion.
  2. Neutral is the most common foot type, wherein one lands on their heels and then rolls forward in a gait cycle till the impact is seen to be evenly distributed across the forefoot.
  3. Supination of the foot usually occurs when your bodyweight rolls over to the outer edges of your foot/feet. Another name for this is under pronation.

What are some of the most common treatment advice usually given to those suffering from lower back pain?

Usually, it is suggested that you take ample rest and apply ice to the affected area as these have not only been found to be the most effective and simple but also because it has helped find relief in the lower part of the back. Other than this, you could also opt for – ultrasound, massage, exercise, soft tissue mobilization, posture stabilization, and maintaining proper posture while sitting and standing. However, other than these, the three ‘S’s, which are – Stretching, Supporting, and Strengthening is the way to go.

  • Stretching of the muscles which are there in the lower part of the back can help not just to reduce pressure on the back but also to find a sort of temporary relief. Stretching exercises can include those of the hamstring, piriformis, psoas major, IT back as well as lower back.
  • Supporting the foot by not only wearing proper shoes but also proper insoles. This helps to both prevent as well as eliminate most of the foot-related issues you might otherwise face. You could try opting for a Birkenstock sandal which is known for its broad base along with a contoured footbed, which is closer to the ground and thus helps to conform to the foot. You could even opt for a shoe that has an upper which wraps the foot and then helps to provide support to the heel and arch, thereby helping to limit excessive pronation. Most shoes tend to have ample cushioning but lack support to the heel and arch. One of the most well-known and sure-shot solutions is to add an over-the-counter insole that ensures support to the arch and heel.
  • Strengthening of the muscles in the abdominal area, in the lower back region, legs, and the hip which in turn helps to release pressure and stress on the back region as well.

What are the different kinds of support you can expect from different insoles?

  1. Rigid support– A rigid support insole is usually very technical and is usually used to control the overall movement of the foot just below the ankle. This type of support is usually preferred to prevent your foot from turning and moving in excess pronation. It is usually made using polyurethane plastic and/or ABS along with foam as well as microfiber to provide additional comfort. This sort of support can either be molded traditionally or it can be 3D printed. However, most custom insole makers and podiatrists tend to suggest this insole category.
  2. Soft support– These are mainly the shock absorbers when looking at the insole world. They provide adequate balance, look to ease pressure on several sore points in your foot, and are also extremely lightweight. These can be made using contain gel or might also be foam-based.
  3. Semi-rigid support– This is the type of support that technically falls in the middle of rigid support and soft support and is usually made of a combination of different supportive materials such as – foam, plastic, cork, and leather. This is the insole support that sportspersons usually opt for.

Best Insoles for Lower Back Pain – Buying Guide

Factors to look for when planning to buy the best shoe insoles for back pain

  • Sizing of the insole– The sizing of an insole is usually determined by the range of the shoe size. Usually, most full-length insoles are made such that one can trim the unneeded length of it as per his/her needs and size. However, in case you are somewhere in the middle of two sizes, it is better to opt for the bigger size so that you can trim the excess rather than opting for a smaller one.
  • Placement of the insole– If you opt for full-length insoles, then chances are that you might have to remove the existing insoles from your shoe/shoes before inserting the new ones. Usually, very thin soles or flat full-length soles can only be worn with pre-existing soles.
  • The foot archetype– An individual’s foot usually fits one of the three following archetypes – low arches or fallen arches (flat feet), neutral or medium arches, and high arches. Thus, every insole is designed to suit either of the three archetypes.
  • Type of insole footbed– Usually, insoles come in the three following footbed types – rigid orthotic arch support, semi-rigid orthotic arch support, non-arch flat support or flat cushion, and cushioned arch support. Your preferred footbed will depend on why you need an insole, so make sure you search for insoles accordingly.
  • The material of the insole– Insoles are usually made of the following four most common materials, which are – leather, foam, cork, and gel. Each has its own set of advantages so make sure you choose one which goes with your specific requirement. Usually, foam is the best suited for cushioning and pressure relief, the gel helps with shock absorption, leather works for cushioning and to provide an elegant look/feel whereas cork provides support.

Is it possible to wear one insole on top of another?

While there may be no harm as such to wearing two insoles, it might do you good to have a word with your podiatrist with regards to this. Certain insoles only are worn individually, while there are those which can easily be worn with pre-existing ones, so make sure that the one you are opting for can serve its purpose.

Keeping all the above-mentioned suggestions in mind, let us now look at some of the best insoles for lower back pain that are currently being sold in the market.

Best Insoles for Lower Back Pain Reviews

Given below is a list of some of the best insoles for back pain or lower back pain. These include some of the best shoe insoles for back pain and also some of the best boot insoles for lower back pain. So, hold tight and read on!

1. Dr. Scholl’s Lower Back Pain Relief Orthotics

best insoles for lower back pain

Dr. Scholl’s is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to orthotic support products, which is why it is no surprise that it features right on top of our list. These orthotics come in almost all sizes and four colors too – black, grey, blue, and new blue. For more of its features, read on –

  • It promises lasting comfort, as the arch support helps to improve both leg and foot alignment, provides enhanced comfort, and also helps to ease pain and stress which is caused as a result of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, ball of foot pain, Achilles tendonitis and diabetes
  • It has a deep heel cup which works towards providing the user with correct and proper foot positioning and also ensures protection of the heel, especially during heavy impact which might happen due to landing while walking or running
  • It helps to stabilize the foot
  • It is ideal for pain relief and shock absorption as it is made of premium quality EVA material
  • It is ideal for everyday use, providing comfort and cushioning for leisurely walks, hikes, and running
  • It comes in a zip lock carry bag which can be opened and closed at will
  • In case of any issues, you could get in touch with their supportive customer care team who will help to work out an agreeable solution
  • It is suitable for both men and women

2. BackPainHelp Orthotic Inserts

best insoles for lower back pain


The BackPainHelp spine aligner and orthotics inserts come with arch support, which is ideal for people who might suffer from pronation, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and foot pain, as it has extra padding of cushioning added. Some of its other key features include –

  • It comes in the following sizes (different for men and women) – extra small, medium, small, large and extra-large
  • It helps to balance the overall force structure of one’s foot, thereby helping to provide the individual with an extremely soothing and convenient feel especially if he/she suffers from something like a flat foot
  • It is made using high-quality anti-odor Orthalite foam which is very good for both comfort and breathability
  • It goes with all sorts of shoes – boots, trainers, and shoes
  • Ideal for feet that are ‘over-pronated’ by realigning the heel at a 2-degree angle and helping it look natural and neutral
  • It is ideal for all occasions
  • It has been ergonomically designed and extremely lightweight to ensure long-lasting comfort through shock absorption reduction which is a result of muscle fatigue
  • You get to avail of replacement and refund guarantee in case of any issues

3. Powerstep Orthotic Shoe Insoles

best insoles for lower back pain

The Powerstep full-length orthotics shoe insoles are one of the most diverse insoles that are available thanks to the array of sizes one can choose from, irrespective of whether it is a man or a woman. However, other than its many sizes, it has some amazing features to it as well, which are –

  • It is made up of 100% antimicrobial polyester
  • It has been made in the USA
  • This insole offers total contact support and its encapsulated design provides a firm yet flexible supporting shell that has in-built arch support as well as a deep heel cradle to ensure an overall increased instability
  • It works well with high, low, and neutral arches
  • It comes with a dual-layer of cushioning thanks to its Variable Cushioning Technology along with a durable EVA foam base which ensures targeted and high-quality cushioning to protect the feet at all times
  • It has a polyester top fabric that keeps the feet comfortable as well as dry thus preventing both friction and heat
  • It goes with every type of shoe
  • Podiatrists recommend it for all sorts of discomfort and pain related to the feet

4. Vivesole Orthotic Insoles

best insoles for back pain

The Vivesole orthotic heel insole is ideal for those suffering from lower back pain as well as from plantar fasciitis and foot fatigue, thanks to its unique half-shoe shape. However, there is more to this insole, so let’s find out what they are –

  • It comes in five different sizes (different for both men and women) – extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large
  • It has been designed by podiatrists to help support proper foot and arch posture and help ease discomfort and pain
  • It is semi-rigid in nature so it provides extra stability when on the go
  • This ¾ insole fits easily with all types of shoes and since they are trimmable you can make them custom fit for any particular shoe as well
  • Its heel and arch support helps to alleviate the heel and foot pain caused due to plantar fasciitis and fallen arches.
  • It has lightweight EVA padding which helps to absorb the impact in every step and helps in the even distribution of pressure
  • These ¾ insoles provide more room in the toe box area for extra comfort
  • They have non-slip padding to ensure that they stay in place throughout the day
  • It comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee

5. Easyfeet Orthotic Inserts

best insoles for back pain


The Easyfeet orthotic inserts which usually come in pairs can be opted for by both men and women of all age groups if they suffer from arch pain or high arch. Some of its other key features include –

  • It comes in a pair
  • It comes in five sizes – extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large
  • It is recommended by podiatrists to help out with arch pain, flat feet, pronation, shin splints as well as overall pain relief
  • Goes with all sorts of shoes and is ideal for both men and women. You could wear these insoles while playing, walking, hiking, and even running
  • It makes use of Anti-Pronation Biomechanical Reinforcement Technology to ensure overall support as well as shock absorption
  • It has a gel forefoot along with air capsules to help with an extra layer of cushioning
  • It has a strong in-built heel support
  • The support is made up of TPU along with the cushioning layer that has a PU and memory foam base
  • It has reduced levels of heat and friction, providing overall comfort at all times
  • Can be adjusted and trimmed as per one’s needs
  • It comes with a one-year guarantee wherein they will refund or replace in case you face any problems with the insoles

6. Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts

best insoles for back pain

The Physics Gear Orthotic Inserts which are suitable for both men and women are one of the best shoe insoles for back pain thanks to the superior materials with which it is made. For more details, read on –

  • It comes in five sizes (different for men and women) – extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large
  • It is designed to help ensure that the balance and force structure of the foot remains intact
  • It helps to ease lower back pain thanks to its firm footing
  • It is made using medical-graded Dual Base Layered High-Performance EVA foam as well as PU leather, making it extremely comfortable to wear and use
  • It helps during the performance of a strenuous physical activity
  • It is ideal for all types of activities such as walking, hiking, running, playing any sort of sports, and the like
  • They are extremely lightweight which is why they can be worn for long hours at a stretch
  • It has an in-built shock absorption technology which ensures that even during a hard landing, your feet remain protected
  • It is semi-rigid in nature and its heel cup ensures a level of additional support and stability
  • It has a non-slip technology in place, which is why your feet remain firm at all times
  • It comes with a ‘100% risk-free purchase’ so they will replace or refund the product/money in case you aren’t satisfied with the insoles

7. Dr. Scholl’s Fitness Walking Insoles

best shoe insoles for back pain

Another product from the house of Dr. Scholl’s, this arch-supporting insole is considered one of the best insoles for back pain thanks to its varied features, which include its arch and heel support as well as its use of ActivPerform Technology. Let us read to find out what are its other interesting features –

  • It is available in two sizes – women (6 to 10) and men (8-14)
  • It comes in the color green and purple
  • It helps to reduce both strain and stress from your lower back when you walk
  • It makes use of ActivPerform Technology which ensures an extra level of support to the heels and arch, and ensures a full range in every stride you take
  • It helps to reduce fatigue in the muscles, thereby ensuring that you can stick to your regular lifestyle regime
  • This product comes with a ‘money-back guarantee as well as a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Its design is extremely slim to ensure that it fits into every type of shoe, whether it is for walking, running, hiking, and/or playing
  • It comes with targetted cushioning in the forefoot and heel, ensuring that every part of your foot stays protected in every step you take
  • It has stimulating nodes to help with pressure dispersion in specific areas where your feet might need them the most to reduce any additional impact that might come from walking

8. NICEWIN Shoe Insoles with All Day Shock Absorption

best shoe insoles for back pain

The Nicewin shoe insoles which are suitable for both men and women are an ideal choice when it comes to buying insoles that provide all-day shock absorption along with overall relief from flat feet and plantar fasciitis. It also provides excellent support to the feet and comes in pairs. Some of its other key features include –

  • It is available in three colors – grey, blue, and black
  • It comes in six sizes (different for men and women) and there is also a free size or one size available (different for both)
  • It has been designed to absorb shock to make your experience of walking as less painful as possible
  • It comes with firm arch support, and well-padded heel cushioning, which is considered ideal for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, back pain, lower backache, shin splint, and arch pain
  • These anti-fatigue insoles have massage dots that help to gently massage your feet, thereby improving blood circulation and also helping to soothe the fatigue you might feel in your legs and feet
  • It comes with a thick cushioning that helps to increase overall bounciness, to decrease the force applied on every step taken by you
  • These insoles are odor-free as their top layer is covered using CoolMax breathable fabric which helps to absorb sweat and keep your feet healthy and free from blisters
  • It has a base made of durable EVA foam which promises long-lasting comfort through maximum cushioning
  • It has a deep U-shaped heel cup cradle as well as arch support that helps to keep the foot bone in a vertical shape, reduce friction, and to ensure that it stays in place for long hours at a stretch

9. PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx

best shoe insoles for back pain

This particular insole would be an ideal buy for those looking for the best boot insoles for back pain, as it comes in two varieties – the Pinnacle Maxx and the Pinnacle Maxx Breeze and is made of synthetic, ensuring that it stays in place for long hours at a time. If that’s not what convinces you, then its other features listed below might help to convince you, so read on –

  • It is made using 100% anti-microbial polyester
  • It is made in the USA
  • It comes with a synthetic sole
  • It provides the wearer with full-length and total support to alleviate and prevent any additional foot pain
  • It comes with a firm shell, an angled exterior, a heel platform along with a deep heel cup to provide greater stability and control as well as improve the foot arch
  • It provides 100% dry comfort thanks to its polyester top fabric which keeps the feet comfortable and dry by preventing friction and heat, irrespective of how long it is worn
  • It has maximum cushion comfort thanks to its double layering and shock-absorbing EVA foam base which is both durable and comes with Variable Cushioning Technology, thus providing well-targeted and controlled cushioning in specific areas
  • It goes well with all types of shoes and doesn’t require any trimming
  • It has been recommended by podiatrists to help with alleviating foot pain which can be caused due to plantar fasciitis, flat foot, ankle pain, arch pain, overpronation, and the like

10. Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics

best boot insoles for back pain


The Walkomfy pain relief orthotics come in the color red and there are multiple sizes, different for both men and women to choose from. Other than this, some of its key features include the following –

  • It is made of premium quality EVA material that has a shock absorption design, making it ideal for relief from pain
  • It has closed-cell foam supports as well as extra cushioning to keep the feet protected for long hours at a stretch
  • It has a three-point mechanics design that has strong arch support, a deep u cup for the heel, as well as padded support for the metatarsal thus relieving fatigue and pressure from the foot
  • It comes in many different sizes, separately for men and women
  • It ensures long-lasting durability and comfort
  • It helps to provide moderate control of the feet and also supports walking using different types of shoes and for different occasions
  • It is one of the best boot insoles for back pain
  • The company provides 100% risk-free buying allowing you a return if you aren’t satisfied with their product

11. Superfeet Blue Insoles Orthotic Shoe Inserts

best boot insoles for back pain


These blue professional-grade orthotic shoe inserts from the house of Superfeet are not only ideal for those looking for medium thickness but are also well-suited to help heal the arch. Barring this, some of its other key features include the –

  • It comes in an array of different sizes (separate for both men and women)
  • It comes in a soothing blue color
  • It has high density and closed-cell foam support to ensure extra cushioning of the foot
  • It provides long-lasting comfort thanks to its biomechanical shape and super thin thickness
  • Since it has an all-natural coating it prevents any odor-causing bacteria from spreading and growing
  • It has a stabilizer cap at the bottom of the insole which helps to support the rear end of the foot and also provides a level of structured stability to the foam layer
  • It helps in the proper positioning of the heel to ensure the natural absorption of any extreme impact

12. Protalus M100 Max Series – Premium Shoe Insoles

best boot insoles for back pain


Last but not least, the Protalus M100 Max Series is one of the best insoles for lower back pain because not only do they have umpteen sizes that may be suitable for almost all shoes and feet, there are divisions based on men, women, and youth! Some of its other interesting features include –

  • There are size options for men, women, and youth
  • These insoles align with the body, support the subtalar joint, and help prevent overpronation and over-supination. This alignment ensures that there is minimum stress on your knees, ankles as well as hips
  • It makes use of different high-quality materials to ensure an overall reduction in impact as well as in moisture retention capabilities to provide unmatched comfort
  • It goes well with shoes that are both wider and larger (especially the M series, which is ideal for sportspersons)
  • It ensures that there is less pressure on your feet but maximum comfort in every step that you take
  • It has been scientifically proven to improve the alignment of an individual’s ankle by at least 31% in comparison to other regular stock shoe inserts


Suffering from back pain can be extremely painful and traumatic, especially if the cause behind it has something to do with the structure of your feet, as more often than not, it is not in your hands. However, having said this, it is unnecessary to assume that you need to live with this constant lingering pain forever, which is why there are simple solutions such as, wearing braces and insoles.

Usually one would wear insoles if the alignment of their feet isn’t right or they are suffering from flat foot or plantar fasciitis and the like, which is when the pain in evidently affects your lower back too. Thus, the logical solution to this would be – wearing insoles.

All the above-mentioned insoles are not only some of the best insoles for lower back pain but they also ensure that the extreme pain you endure otherwise is well taken care of. These insoles, which are mostly approved by podiatrists and have been tested, can all be worn with almost every type of shoe and can also be worn throughout the day, as they are extremely comfortable and ensure shock absorption throughout, thus making sure you don’t suffer any unnecessary pain when walking, running, hiking or even playing.

So, worry not, as painful as it is, these shoe insoles are at your rescue and we assure you, they will surely help you find the much-needed comfort you are looking for.


  1. Do insoles help lower back pain?

Ans. Insoles usually work well for those suffering from imbalances or foot dysfunctions. As it is believed that foot and ankle problems often lead to lower back pains. However, it is necessary to check with your doctor to find out whether the problem you are suffering from can be cured by wearing insoles, as those wearing prescribed insoles wrongly can be harmful to the overall structure of the body.

  1. What insoles are best for lower back pain?

Ans. Usually, those insoles which are rigid and help to maintain your posture and keep the arch of your feet in place are good options. Brands such as Dr. Scholl’s and Superfeet are known for their ortho-care products, so their insoles can be considered good for lower back pain. Having said this, all the options we have provided above are some of the best in the market at present.

  1. Will arch supports help lower back pain?

Ans. If your back pain is a result of foot functions then shoes that have orthotic support ensuring good arch support help to prevent hyper-pronation which in turn helps to align your legs as well as back properly. Usually, shoes that have good and strong cushioning properties help to reduce the impact that takes place on the body as well as back when your foot touches the ground as you walk or run.

  1. Can insoles cause back pain?

Ans. While insoles are usually helpful in curing back pain which occurs as a result of ailments of the feet and its dysfunctions and imbalances, insoles that are prescribed wrongly or unnecessarily can be dangerous. It may lead to exacerbating problems for those who are particularly at risk of suffering from heel pain, back or knee pain, and Achilles pain.

  1. How should I sleep with lower back pain?

Ans. The five best ways to sleep when you have lower back pain is – to sleep on your back while keeping a pillow underneath your knees; you could also opt to sleep on your side and keep a pillow in-between your knees, opt to sleep in a fetal position, sleep on your stomach while keeping a pillow under your abdomen or sleep on your back in a reclined posture. You could opt for any of these five postures to help you feel comfortable while sleeping with back pain.

  1. Can wearing the wrong shoes cause lower back pain?

Ans. Yes, wrong shoes often lead to lower back pain. This especially stands true for women who prefer wearing stilettos, as that often throws off the alignment of your body and causes extreme stress on your back. Similarly, if you opt to wear flip-flops too often, it can also cause pain upwards from the feet as it tends to provide no support to the body or its alignment.

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