The Best Kneeling Chair for Comfort and Support

SLEEKFORM Kneeling Chair

SLEEKFORM Kneeling Chair

4 inch thick comfy cushions.
height adjustability.
Heavy-duty rollerblade wheels.
long-lasting and portable.
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DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

4 thick, supportive cushions.
Flexible lock system.
Durable steel frame.
Ultra comfort mesh.
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Varier Original Kneeling Chair

Varier Original Kneeling Chair

Lightweight and portable.
Provides a dynamic active sitting position.
Well balanced design.
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Papafix Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Papafix Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Riding style design.
Height adjustability.
3 inches molded original foam cushion.
4 brake casters.
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Plohee Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Plohee Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Height adjustability up to 3 levels.
High resilience foam cushions.
extra bounce and firm support for the back.
Premium quality polyurethane wheels.
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A kneeling chair helps in maintaining the posture of the body to relieve pain and problems related to improper position. It puts your legs at an open angle in order to share the body weight between your butt and your Shins. The best kneeling chair is designed with a frame that allows you to stay in a more upright position with the help of knee pads and padded seats that provides you with a comfortable feeling while sitting. It is important for the user to keep the shins on the knee pads to get a correct position.

The kneeling chair benefits usually consist of correcting the posture to reduce strains caused at the lower back or the tailbone pain. The kneeling chair helps the user to maintain the angle with the help of the seat which further maintains the natural arch of the back and helps in reducing back strain. It also gives comfort while working by maintaining the correct posture that reduces the chances of getting problems related to a bad sitting posture.

The kneeling chair for back pain can be used at home, office, or anywhere you like to sit as they help to tackle the day-to-day pain or ache experienced by work overloads. it keeps the help at an open angle with the ties supported by one of the pads and the knees along with shins are supported by another. The kneeling position helps in easing your hips and encourages a more upright posture that helps in aligning the back, neck, and shoulders.

With the help of ergonomic kneeling chairs, the spine adopts a correct alignment by letting the pelvis tilt forward. This poster also helps in improving the breathing cycle as well as digestion. Improving digestion is important as the internal organs of the abdomen have faceless compression when the pelvis is in the correct position.

With continuous use of a kneeling chair, the back and core muscles gradually strengthen as the chair engages the abdominal and back muscles to support the user as there is no backrest. You can also get a wooden kneeling chair that allows you to use it as home decor furniture. Just like a regular ceiling lets you change your position and move through subtle rocking.

Benefits Of Using The Best Kneeling Chairs

People who are prone to prolonged sitting or standing at work should kneel from time to time to experience the change and get great benefits. The habit of kneeling or using kneeling chairs provides you with strong and healthy knees. Kneeling provides you with better health as it reduces the amount of time you sit or stands while working. Sitting or standing in a single position for several hours has many side effects such as constipation or lower back pain that can be cured with the help of kneeling chairs.

The kneeling position is better when compared with other sitting positions as it improves the posture of the user and also strengthens the core muscles. It provides you with a much more comfortable and held a position at the workplace that boosts your productivity by keeping your mind clear of aches and pain.

The kneeling process also creates room for digestive processes and also strengthens your lungs. It helps in translating a higher amount of oxygen transport to the brain as well as other parts of the body which promotes better breathing. It also prevents the user from experiencing stomach problems caused due to indigestion. Using kneeling chairs is the best alternative to a normal chair for people who experience prolonged sitting or standing while working. It also helps in burning calories as you can have an isometric fall while sitting on a kneeling chair.

There are numerous kneeling chair benefits that a user can feel after continuously using it on a day-to-day basis. A few of the rewarding health benefits are:

  • It helps in correcting the spinal alignment along with the posture that helps in reducing back pain or problems related to the lower back or spine.
  • it engages the core muscles that help in strengthening the back as well as core muscles. It helps in burning calories by just sitting on the chair while working.
  • It promotes good blood circulation that prevents many of the problems related to the internal body parts.
  • It is the best option for people who are prone to prolong sitting positions and indigestion is caused due to it. Due to proper position and upright posture, it reduces digestion and promotes a healthy stomach.
  • It easily transports oxygen as well as nutrients to both our body as well as the brain. This transporting process boosts the focusing level of the user as our brain is healthy and concentrates on the work rather than focusing on the pain or aches caused due to lower back issues.
  • It helps in improving muscle endurance by making them work even while sitting on a chair.

Best Kneeling Chair – Buying Guide

While choosing the best kneeling chair you can rank or score them and set parameters to get the best out of all the available options. There are many factors that you can look for while shopping for a kneeling chair and mostly there are 6 important factors that you should keep in mind while scoring them out.

Factors To Look For In The Best Kneeling Chair

●      Build quality

The build quality of the kneeling chair is one of the most important categories as it gives you knowledge of the individual components of the chair. This includes knowledge about frame padding casters, fabric adjusting mechanisms, etc. Usually, the chair with the highest low-end components consists of the lowest build quality materials and you can score them out. The high-end parts consist of good materials and the best adjustment settings that give you the best ergonomic kneeling chair.

●      Warranty

The scores for the warranty category of choosing kneeling chairs are mainly dependent on the number of exclusions as well as the length of the coverage offered to the user. Few manufacturers either limit or exclude the warranties on specific components attached to the chair. Most of the common things that manufacturers do are that they limit the coverage period of foam and fabric used on the kneeling chair. It is better to avoid kneeling chairs from manufacturers that consist the shortest warranty length of time and more exclusions.

●      Mobility

Mobility is another important factor that should be considered while buying a kneeling chair as it gives the chair the ability to move while the user is sitting on it.

The biggest limiting factor of kneeling chairs is low-quality casters along with poor frame designs that make it less comfortable for the user. Usually, the models of kneeling chairs that consist of good quality casters along with five-star bases receive the highest scores and are considered to be an ideal varier kneeling chair.

●      Seat Comfort

Seat comfort is one of the most important factors that one should look at while buying kneeling chairs for back pain. It is the main factor that provides comfort to the user. One should look for the size, padding, fabric quality, and shape of the seat. If one of these seat comfort factors is sub-par, you may find the seat uncomfortable for regular use. You should also check for seats that can help you with prolonged sitting on the kneeling chairs otherwise uncomfortable sitting sessions might lead to back pain or issues related to it. The kneeling chair with the back provides great support to the back and helps in maintaining the proper posture.

●      Knee Or Shin Comfort

You can score the Shin comfort level based on the score of similar factors such as seat comfort. It is important to look for things like size, longevity, paddings, size of the area provided for the knee and the shin along with the fabrics and shape of those knee pads. You should also consider the angle that the pads make with your legs as it is an important factor that determines the shape of your sitting posture.

You can also check for factors whether the seat is adjustable or not. You should avoid getting models that put weight on your knees. It is important to have knee pads that position your knees as well as shins properly with the best padding in it.

●       Range Of Motion

The range of motion factors helps in determining the ability of the chair to move your body so as to increase the activity of the user while working on it. Some office star kneeling chair offers an option to lock the user in a particular place that does not allow the user to move around or cause any movement at all.

But you can also find a sleek form kneeling chair that provides the user the flexibility and option to move around and be active. The rocking design of the chair is best suited for people who like to change that position while working for a long period or on a regular basis.

●       Adjustability

This is one of the final categories that the user must focus on.  It helps the user to check for things like the angle adjustment of the seat, chair swivel, knee pad adjustment as well as seat height adjustment. The best kneeling chair for sciatica helps you in adjusting the unit of the chair as the chair that allows seat height adjustment will definitely score better when compared to a chair that does not feature height adjustment.

It also depends on the need of the user whether they want a pneumatic seat height adjustment kneeling chair or a chair with manual hand screw adjustment. Usually, the products that offer the most adjustment that can be performed easily by all age groups are considered to be an ideal option.

Many sleek forms of kneeling chairs come with adjustment options that let the user change the height as well as the angle of the slope which helps in controlling the pressure acting over the shins.

●      Knee Pad Angle

Another important factor that you should look into is the knee pad angle which plays the main role in the creation of a kneeling chair. The nearing chair should allow the user to adjust that posture and open their hips at an angle that gives the spine a proper curve.

The knee pads tilt the user’s pelvis forward and open up the joints in the hips portion to allow proper blood circulation. can use the kneeling chairs for short-term tasks or even while working for a longer time period. If the c shape of the back is not maintained properly, it leaves back pains and problems related to the lower back.

Best Kneeling Chair Reviews

Kneeling chairs help in enhancing your blood circulation, carrying Oxygen and nutrients to the brain as well as the body, and most importantly upright the spinal column so that the user feels more energized. It happens as the abdominal and core muscles are engaged that do not let you feel the pain and keep your body parts active.  Here are 7 of the best kneeling chair for your back pains.

1. SLEEKFORM Kneeling Chair

SLEEKFORM Kneeling Chair

When it comes to the best kneeling chair for back pain that helps in alleviating your back pain without shifting your body into a discomfort position then this sleek form kneeling chair is the best option. The latest iteration in this model is that it provides a seat that can form more angles to shift your body weight over all the parts of the body in a better and more efficient way. People usually choose to kneel chairs as traditional chairs tend to give constant back pains and provide the user with a poor posture that gives rise to many back ailments.

  • It provides a seat that the user can personalize according to their comfort. They can adjust the angle of the kneeling chair.
  • Another great feature of this kneeling chair is the 4-inch thick cushions. It is made up of 50% recycled foam and 50% memory foam that maintains a great balance of the chair. It also provides the user with a comfortable, soft, supportive seat while working.
  • The standout feature of this kneeling chair is it gives height adjustability up to a great level that suits a wide range of people who work for hours. It ranges from 21 inches to 28 inches depending on the person’s need
  • It consists of heavy-duty rollerblade wheels that support proper gliding over certain surfaces like carpet or style that makes it difficult for moving the chair. It can also help in performing small tasks like bringing the chair closer to the desk or moving it in any direction while doing work. Usually, the cheaper casters do not provide this feature and tend to get locked up.
  • The office star kneeling chair consists of wheels that can easily be replaced when worn out making it possible to use the chair for a longer period of time. It makes the chair customizable and safe for the users. It is long-lasting and absolutely portable.
  • The kneeling chair provides the user and makes a great hip angle that encourages a straight and upright posture. It also helps in correcting the alignment in our neck shoulders and back while sitting which helps in maintaining the natural curve of the lower back.
  • It is a versatile kneeling chair that makes it comfortable for meditation gaming computer work such as typing, crafting, or sewing. The ergo posture correcting chair has a great weight capacity that can hold up to 265 lbs of adult weight.
  • The frame is made up of Steel which makes it long-lasting and durable. It also allows the user to sit comfortably without syncing in through the chair’s core.

2. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The Dragon lockable castor is one of the best kneeling chairs for tall persons that provide the user comfort and the feature to adjust the kneeling position of the chair. It is designed ergonomically to make it safe for people who tend to work for long hours using a kneeling chair.

  • It consists of 4 general cushions that are present over the knee or the Shin area. These questions are thick, supportive, and comfortable and are also resistant to tearing.
  • One can adjust the kneeling chair’s height depending on the task at hand and the height of the user.
  • It also consists of a flexible lock system base that can be raised to achieve a suitable angle that can help in keeping your back straight. You can adjust it by raising the base from 21 to 28 inches off the ground which also helps in engaging your core muscles.
  • The dragon ergonomic kneeling chair consists of a steel frame that is built to provide a great weight limit ranging up to 250 pounds. It also makes the frame sturdy and makes the chair strong and durable.
  • It consists of four castors that are well-built and helps you in moving chair around easily without making it stiff.
  • It also consists of two wheels that provide lockable features to prevent unwanted movement while working for a long time over computers or gaming. The wheels provide ultimate mobility.
  • The cushions are made up of ultra-comfort mesh that provides a soft and cooling sensation to the knees. It also helps in adjusting the seat angle asking with the hip angle which helps in maintaining the proper posture of the lower back and also helps in aligning the neck, shoulder, and head.

3. Varier Original Kneeling Chair

Varier Original Kneeling Chair

This Varier kneeling chair works wonders while providing a comfortable sitting in our day-to-day life and illuminating the bad posture that people face due to high workloads. While sitting on traditional chairs our back gets complete support and our core muscles are not engaged while doing a whole lot of work.

  • It has an open construction that is absolutely free from mechanical adjustments and complications.
  • It is lightweight and makes it easy to move around while cleaning or doing work in different places.
  • This variable kneeling chair adds up as a stylish companion for home decor and also matches the modern lifestyle.
  • It consists of a tilted seat and curved wood that help the user to get natural body movements. It also stimulates the work of muscles by decreasing the negative effects of statics sitting and provides them with a more dynamic active sitting position.
  • The design is well-balanced that allows the body to flow.

4. Papafix Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Papafix Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Papafix Ergonomic Kneeling chair imposes a force on other cold muscles while making our posture correct which further keeps our core and abdominal muscles engaged throughout the day while working. It is the best kneeling chair for sciatica and the user can see a great improvement in their core strength, as well as their muscle tones, gets improved.

  • It comes with a unique riding style design that provides maximum comfort to your back please while working for prolonged hours.
  • The kneeling cushions are angled at around 90 degrees and which promotes better posture. It distributes the body weight evenly throughout the legs and buttocks which helps in keeping the spine aligned by relieving back pain, hunching, neck strain, and correcting bad posture. It also helps in reducing muscle fatigue
  • This office star kneeling chair can help a lot while working for long hours and can also be converted into a reading chair typing chair or meditation chair.
  • You can adjust the height of the chair in 2-3 height levels that are 21 inches to 28 inches making it suitable for all heights.
  • The seat is made up of fox leather which makes it comfortable. 3 inches molded original foam cushion at the knees makes it a comfortable sitting chair.
  • It is equipped with 4 brake casters that help you to work at a constant place without getting inconvenient movement while working for long hours.

5. Perfect Perch Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Perfect Perch Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The perfect perch economic kneeling chair is the best for a short person with a comfortable and beautiful design. It also consists of solid beech wood along with leather cushions that make it easier to sit in a place for long hours.

  • The design helps in maintaining the best posture that aligns your body to a natural position and maintains the c curve of the lower back. It improves your productivity by providing you with a comfortable area to set.
  • It is carefully crafted that helps in distributing the body weight onto the shins and buttocks. It also helps in positioning your legs and spines at an ideal angle of around 110 degrees.
  • This is one of the best kneeling chairs that consists of an extra thick and dense cushion that is made up of premium leather to provide the user with firmness and support that is comfortable. It is around 3.5 inches thick.
  • It is artistically designed which makes it lightweight and can be put in a single room or even an office.
  • It has a modern color combination along with a real beech wood frame that provides an amazing look to the chair and also provides unbelievable comfort. This design makes it absolutely portable due to its lightweight.

6. Plohee Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Plohee Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The ergonomic kneeling chair engages the back muscles that are tiny but can also help in holding up a lot of pressure that is solely exerted on the spine and lower back. Kneeling chairs are great for people who work for prolonged hours by sitting in a constant position as it allows the user to move regularly breaking out the static positions.

  • This unique variable kneeling chair is designed in such a way that it provides the user with a riding-style sitting posture that makes it comfortable for everyone no matter tall or short.
  • It comes with a height adjustment feature that provides the user with 3 levels of height adjustment. It makes it easier for people of different heights to adjust the kneeling chair to get the perfect posture. The height adjustment ranges from 21 inches to 28 inches and comes with great weight-holding limits that are up to 250 lbs.
  • It consists of high-resilience foam cushions on the knee pads that provide comfort to the knees as well as the buttocks. It helps in maintaining the proper posture without letting the users sink in through the cushion. It provides exceptional comfort as the foam adds extra bounce and firm support while sitting for long hours.
  • This jazzy kneeling chair comes with 4 caster wheels that provide a user with a locking feature that prevents unwanted movements while working at a certain posture or place. The wheels are made up of premium quality polyurethane materials and are absolutely safe for traditional hard flooring, laminate carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, marble, or even stone floors.
  • It is a multifunctional chair that can turn itself into a meditation chair typing chair or reading chair. it provides great comfort making it easier to meditate for hours without causing back pains or pain in the knees.


7. VIVO Wooden Rocking Kneeling Chair

VIVO Wooden Rocking Kneeling Chair

This wooden kneeling chair by VIVO is one of the best functional kneeling chairs that provides amazing features and helps in maintaining the posture of the body. It helps in relieving muscle tension due to the rocking kneeling chair design that prevents you from having a static position while working.

  • It comes with 4-inch thick mesh cushions that help in curing back pains while working for long hours as it provides excellent support. The rocker frame of the kneeling chair provides a smooth motion that uses different muscles of our body and provides us with an active workspace.
  • It is one of the best kneeling chairs for a short person that can provide a proper height level while working on laptops or even for gaming sessions on meditation etc.
  • It comes with a solid wood frame that can withstand weights up to 250 lbs. The kneeling chair is absolutely light weighted and makes it portable.
  • It is constructed with beech wood material that is absolutely durable and long-lasting along with mesh fabric that provides strength to the chair. These high-quality materials give great support to the users and make the kneeling chair long-lasting.
  • It is easy to assemble with 3 step guide that makes it versatile for your office home classroom or anywhere you want to get extra support for your back.
  • It is light-colored with a rustic design that gives a creative look at the workstation.
  • The rocker base helps in creating a back-and-forth motion that is coming and makes the user relieve stress. It is the best kneeling chair that helps in boosting the concentration of the user by eliminating back pains in maintaining a c-shaped curve at the lower back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do kneeling chairs really work?

The kneeling chairs assist in distributing the compression faced by the back muscles to the various parts of the body. Now instead of the lower back power shoulder, neck muscles, back, and abdominal muscles take up the work and reduce the pressure exerted on the lower back of the body that causes back pains and aches. Usually, the static position slows our body down by putting pressure on the lower back shoulders, and neck portion which results in painting elements.

Sitting in a constant position for long hours slows the metabolism of the body which reduces the ability of the body to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar and also breaks down body fat. A backless kneeling chair helps in encouraging more movement for the user which promotes active sitting and also allows the core muscles to work and keep the user upright.

You can do work throughout the day and still get good health by sitting on the kneeling chairs as they continuously engage your muscle tissues to protect the spinal portion from facing high pressure. The kneeling chair helps in distributing the force on different body parts by creating a bigger hip angle that makes room for the digestive processes as well as the lungs.

This further means that the breathing cycle of the user gets strengthened and the oxygen is circulated over the body and brain. All these features result in reduced back pains or trouble related to the stomach or digestive system.

2. Are kneeling chairs bad?

Kneeling chairs are usually great to get products that help the user to maintain a good posture while sitting for a long time. It also so uprights the lower back to reduce back pains or ailments. But sometimes if the build quality is not good for the user and they do not properly follow the guide, they can feel more pressure on their knees or shins while sitting in the wrong position.

You should maintain a poster that provides relief to the back shoulder and neck portions and also maintains natural curves at the lower back. Sitting in the wrong position can limit leg circulation and also decrease blood circulation. You should maintain the posture or else the pressure exerted over the knee caps if you have bent your knees in the wrong position. It can also cause lightheadedness and loss of sensation over the legs as circulation is reduced.

You can also place a small or thin pillow on the kneeling pad if that is the only issue you face while sitting. Usually, the best ergonomic kneeling chair is the best option when compared to a normal chair as it creates a larger angle at the hip portion that maintains the proper gap between the thighs knees, and Shins. The kneeling chair helps the users to stay active while working for a greater time period.

The sled-based designs offer the user a better range of motion when compared to another category of kneeling chairs. You should opt for high-end products as they last for a long time and offers great comfort due to their proper build feature. Kneeling chairs help the user to break those static positions while working at a desk for prolonged hours.

Working in a static position puts high pressure on the shoulder neck and lower back which hampers the metabolism of the body by reducing the blood sugar level and making your body lazy. But with the best kneeling chairs the workload is distributed to the various parts that engage the core muscles to give you better health even while sitting.

3. Is Kneeling better than sitting?

While sitting on the jazzy kneeling chair, the rocking base simulates movement that allows the user to prevent a static posture and provides the spine with a proper curve. The shin support present over the knee region makes sure that the body does not slide forward but also distributes the load on the shins (not the knees).

The forward tilting seat pan consists of a specific slope that helps in rotating the hip forward and opens up an angle between the lower and upper body to decrease the damaging compressions mainly experienced on the lower back. The arms can get an independent movement that helps in preventing problems faced by the lower and upper arms.

The kneeling posture creates an angle that subtly works on our core muscles and back muscles over time, resulting in a healthy spine and the overall position of the body. It forms good health as the building muscle tissues are engaged for spinal protection. As the core muscles get engaged the user attempts to burn calories while simply working at the desk. Nowadays most people sit for hours and stare at the screen.

That is the main reason for back pain. meaning chairs are designed in such a way that the pelvic shift forces the user’s lower back to form the natural dark that decreases pressure on the facet joint i.e the joints in the spine area that gives our back flexibility. The ergonomic kneeling chair with back support helps you to maintain the natural curve of the lower back in an inward position. The wrong posture of the lower part contributes to a lot of back pain issues.

4. Are kneeling chairs good for hip pain?

People who usually work for prolonged hours need to maintain their posture and keep it upright so as to reduce the pressure exerted on the lower back which leads to hip pain and ailments on the lower portion of the body. Using the kneeling chair was a wonder for this kind of paper as it gently slides your hip forward.

This is very much important while sitting as it helps in distributing the weight of the body evenly and aligns them with the back shoulders and neck. This reduces the main force acting over the lower back to a great extent that crosses hip pain and back problems as well. The back faces less stress and the user also tends to have less spinal compression which is the main reason for causing hip pains for lower back problems.

When the hip angle is in an open position the seat of the kneeling chair helps in relieving the pressure exerted on the joint cartilage of the hips which helps in increasing the space between the hip joints resulting in good blood circulation in the compressed areas. Conventional chairs increase the joint loads and lessen the space between the hip joints which reduces blood flow and resulting in hip ailments and problems.

The best kneeling chair for back pain helps in strengthening the hip joints and provides mobility along with a range of motion that helps in reducing surgical interventions. It helps the user in strengthening their core muscles and maintaining an upright good posture that increases the functioning ability of the hip joints as they remain in a neutral and natural position.

With the help of kneeling chairs, you can adjust the height of your seat and the angle between your hips, knees, and shins that perfectly suit your natural curve at the lower back and do not exert pressure on a single portion.

Kneeling chairs provide a lot of benefits when compared to traditional chairs as the traditional chair prevents back pain and lower back ailments. The ergonomic kneeling chair with back support reduces the pressure exerted on our lower back knees and shins by engaging the core muscles present in our torso.

It works as a great respite for people who suffer back passions due to prolonged sitting or standing. This further improves the productivity of the user as they fully concentrate on that work rather than focusing on the pain caused due to prolonged sitting or working in the wrong posture.

5. How do I choose a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chair helps a lot in reducing pain and providing work efficiency as they keep the entire back at ease. The lower back gets to maintain its natural curve and experiences less pressure as the pressure kids distribute on different parts of the body. There are various types of kneeling chairs and you must choose the one that appeals to you. The kneeling chairs should be chosen according to the user’s height. The best kneeling chair helps you in adjusting the height, kneeling, or shin pad.

If the user intends to spend more time on the kneeling chair by taking short breaks, it is important for them to get a kneeling chair with a backrest so that the default upright position is maintained. Some of the leading cash consists of double knee pads that make it look like a rocker. Sani pads are on separate sides that are designed to create an optimal angle between the legs, thighs, and hips.

This optimal angle is created with the minimal force acting upon the tie that lets it open up. You can also look for a single-knee padded chair that consists of one piece of knee support and is ideal for people who change their positions every now and then. It consists of thick pads and allows the user to get varied angles while sitting on the chair i.e closed or open angles.

While sitting on a regular chair, we usually push our shoulders toward the back to give it support which makes our spine rigid and creates tension. It also scrunches up our shoulders closer to the year and makes it difficult to maintain the normal c-shaped posture of our back. With help of backless kneeling chairs, you can tilt the seat forward and eliminate the pressure exerted on the lower base as well as fine.

This kneeling chair helps you to straighten the back starting from the lower base of the spine to the top of your neck portion and helps in placing the head in an optimal position that maintains the perfect posture of the back.

You can also find a sit-stand kneeling chair that is a combination of a standing-leaning chair and a normal kneeling chair. It helps you to get an entire range of postures that includes sitting, kneeling, and standing making it absolutely perfect for people who cannot sit in one position for a long time.

It is easily adjustable and prevents you from having static body movement. The X-frame kneeling chair helps in enhancing the structural stability of the user as it provides great mobility with the help of wheels.

You can also get a kneeling chair with a backrest if you tend to have a habit of leaning back occasionally while working for a prolonged time or have any medical conditions that require a backrest. You should also check the balancing ability of the kneeling chair that is divided into two basic styles i.e. coasters and rockers.

The rocking kneeling chair is a better option as it keeps on engaging your core muscles which results in burning calories. It also helps to stretch the lower back into a proper shape and also allows you to customize the angles and height according to the motion of your workday. The coaster type of kneeling chair gives you a static position that does not feature the movements of the user. It is ideal for people who prefer to maintain a static position while working.

6. Can a bad chair cause hip pain?

The hip pains or sufferings usually start from the stiffness of the hips which is a reflection that your legs and hips are kept in the same position for a very long time. According to a study if a person sits for 40 to 50 hours in a poor posture for over five or six months they usually lose the strength of their shape.

Sitting in the wrong position or straight chairs for long hours can cause damage to your body starting from your head to your toes. Sometimes these habits lead to muscle atrophy which is the weakening of the muscles. Your body becomes prone to risk as the glute muscles and legs do not get the strength of stabilizing your body.

So, if your chair is not designed to keep proper posture in mind then more often than not it will fail to facilitate good posture which in the long run can cause some serious health problems.

Some of the ailments that can be caused because of bad posture or sub-standard chair design are as follows.

  • One of the most common problems that develop within a relatively short period of time is the weakening of the glutes and leg muscles.
  • The hip and the curvature of the lower and upper back are severely affected. Prolonged bending of the neck or the upper back may lead to loss of the natural curvature of the spine which will result in chronic back pain and many other ailments like spondylitis etc. This chronic pain is generally caused by premature degeneration of the spine.
  • Chronic pain in the body may lead to anxiety and depression. This is a lesser-understood effect of bad posture. This might be because of the constant agony that the body has to fight in order to do the work at hand.
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