The Best Office Chair Under 300: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Garbrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Garbrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Ergonomic adjustments
Perfect alignment for neck and spine
Adjustable armrests
Adjustable head and neck rest
Lumbar support for back
Wheels present
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Flash Furniture Chair - Hercules Series

Flash Furniture Chair - Hercules Series

Capable of carrying heavy weight
Cushioned back
Adjustable inclination level
Lumbar support
Comfortable armrests
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HON Ergonomic Office Chair

HON Ergonomic Office Chair

Light weighted mesh chair
Synchronic tilt mechanism
Adjustable lumbar support
Seat glide mechanism
Adjustable armrests
Chair with wheels
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HON Mesh Task Chair

HON Mesh Task Chair

All-in-one chair
Mesh back chair
Easy air passage and ventilation
Adjustable height and arm support
Lumbar adjustment
Self-adjusting feature
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Boss Office Products Chair

Boss Office Products Chair

Designed with best shining leather
Double plush leather
Pneumatic gas seat lift mechanism
Adjustable height with tilting mechanism
Padded arm support
Strong and durable chair
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Everyone has to sit with a straight face in front of their computers to do their work. Sitting in a bad position can seriously injure everything- starting from your eyesight to your back and neck. Posture remains the top priority in this regard. This article provides you with the best office chair under 300 that is surely going to be the most helpful thing you will come across on the internet today!

No amount of calories burnt or exercising will help you if your sitting position is not proper. Back pains and neck pain will start immediately if you sit inappropriately. For this, you need some of the best chairs that will help you to sit straight yet in a comfortable way.

The right position of sitting will ensure your increased efficiency and productivity at work. You will gradually start to enjoy your workplace more than your home! A fun and enjoyable work environment is always preferred more than anything else. Hence, we are here to provide you with some of the best office chair under 300 that is just the perfect fit for your office!

To save you time from reviewing and comparing the chairs manufactured by different companies, we are here as your savior!

Best Office Chair Under 300 – Buying Guide

If you are in search of the best office chair under 300 dollars, you will lookout for a number of factors. The first thing you will look for is its durability and the utility you will be getting after buying it.

Factors to look for while buying the best office chair under 300

Here are some factors that are necessary for you to check out before buying the best office chair under $300-

  • High back chairs- the most important factor while buying an office chair is to check its height. High-back chairs are incredibly essential for any office desk setup. It supports the back as well as the neck and shoulder part so that the person sitting on the chair does not strain their body. It comforts the back and keeps the person comfortable sitting on it.
  • Adjustability- all tall and firm chair needs to be adjustable. Adjustable chairs help to comfort the person in their own desired style. There are some chairs which can be adjusted in their height as well as their position. This tends to help a lot since you know your best comfort position while working!
  • Wheels- office chairs usually come with wheels as their base. Wheelchairs are best suited for office use because of their movability. They can be shifted from one place to another with ease. The person sitting on these chairs with wheels need not get up often to do their work like getting files from the next desk. They can easily move their chair while sitting on them for such small tasks.
  • Padded chairs- since the office is a place where the employers and the employees stay there for long hours, it is important for them to choose the correct chair. Padded chairs are one such pick that supports your back and shoulder. It does not let it strain you but makes you more comfortable. A good sitting place in the office will automatically increase your performance level in your workplace.
  • Flexibility- sometimes it is needed for people to sit straight for a prolonged period because of any meeting or discussions. It is not possible to get up in the middle of meetings to stretch your hands, legs, and back! For this, buying chairs with more flexibility is important. The flexibility of the chairs will help the person relax and stay comfortable for a long time even without getting up and stretching. A little bending back chairs are an ideal match for this type of situation.

Best office chair under 300 Reviews

We have cut down your choices of the best picks of office chairs for you! The following list contains the best office chair under $300 that might be the missing factor in your office!

  1. Garbrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

best office chair under 300

One of the finest and the best office chairs under 300. This particular office chair was been designed by Garbrylly and has the perfect alignment for the neck and spine. It has several ergonomic adjustments that make this chair one of the best office chairs under 300.

The mesh chair is perfect for your office as it can be personalized according to the desire of the people without any hassle. The arms can be adjusted which provides support to the hands and arms and does not let you strain them.

The most striking feature of the Garbrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is that it has a unique curvature that helps to adjust the neck and head. The mesh back chair provides proper passage of air, which ensures that your back does not get sweaty. This chair helps you to keep your body posture in an ideal way and provides natural lumbar support for your back.

  • The chair has a dual wheel that ensures easy mobility of the chair from one place to another.
  • The design is fashionable and stylish that gives your office the perfect look for a working environment.
  • It offers you a tilt function, which means the flexibility of the chair is high. The person can stretch even without getting up.
  • It has a larger seat than most of the office chairs available in the market.


  1. Flash Furniture Chair – Hercules Series

best office chair under 300

A chair that is big and tall and is the best office chair under 300 dollars. A specialty of this chair is that it is capable of carrying weight up to 500 lbs. The back of this chair is completely cushioned and padded with soft material that provides the ultimate form of comfort to you. You feel like the boss while sitting on this chair!

The unique feature of this Chair is that it allows you to adjust the inclination level of the chair. You can actually select the angle of inclination for this chair, which makes it the best chair for stretching!

The padded cushioned back of the chair gives the chair an exclusive look. The built-in lumbar support of the chair makes sure that you do not have to face any back-related problems or even slip discs for your posture.

  • The round-shaped cushioned armrests give you a different level of satisfaction and comfort when you actually rest your arms over them.
  • It offers a high back design that provides a headrest.
  • The chair comes in another variant- a leather finish.
  • The padded cushions provide proper comfort and rest to the back, hips, head, shoulders, and back.


  1. HON Ergonomic Office Chair

best office chair under 300

HON is one of the most reliable, branded, and leading manufacturing companies for office furniture. The Ergonomic Office Chair might look like a simple, everyday chair to you but when you look minutely, you will find this to be one of the best office chair under 300 in the market.

This mesh chair is very light in its weight. The chair provides a synchronic tilt mechanism, which is an advanced feature in office chairs that allows you to recline and design the tilting as per your choice. In addition to it, the chair also has an adjustable lumbar support that helps you to keep your posture accurate while working.

The most striking feature of this chair is its seat glide mechanism, which allows the person sitting on it to adjust the position of the seat back and front to get the thigh and lumbar support at their comfortable spot. This ensures that it provides minimum pain and maximum comfort to the user.

  • The chair has a weight-holding capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The mesh back provides air passage, which helps in times of humid weather conditions.
  • The incline features add a different charm to the chair that makes it stand out from the rest of them.
  • The chair comes with wheels, which ensures effective movement of the chair.
  • The adjustable armrests which the best comfort to the arms as they can be pulled closer or moved further in order to determine the correct position by the user.


  1. HON Mesh Task Chair – Basyx

best office chair under 300

An office chair that can provide you with coolness, calmness, comfort, and warmth, all at the same time. In short, this is an all-in-one chair and is been ranked in the list of the best office chair under 300! If you are worried about sweating your pants on a hot summer day by the padded cushions of your office desk chair, then Basyx by the HON Mesh Chair is the perfect solution for you!

The mesh back of the chair allows air to pass through them easily, hence allowing your shirt to be dry even on a hot day. The breathable mesh is the best thing for airing and ventilation mechanisms. The passing of air will keep you comfortable in humid situations and will ensure that you enjoy your work environment.

The height and arm support of the HON Mesh Task Chair are fully adjustable. It offers both lumbar and arm adjustment, thus giving you some unthinkable comfort! This cozy and comfortable chair is the best missing piece of your office that will give it a pretty look!

  • The stretchable back part of the Mesh Task Chair has made this chair ergonomically strong.
  • It has a self-adjusting feature that provides you with extra comfort while working.
  • The wheels provide easy accessibility to move it from one place to another and hence sitting on it makes work easier.
  • The product is been recognized for its durability. Once bought, you can be sure of its lifespan for at least 5 years.


  1. Boss Office Products Chair

best office chair under 300

As the name suggests, this chair indeed has the looks of a boss! If you are the boss of your company, then you cannot miss sitting on this chair and ruling your kingdom! The chair’s form, structure, aesthetics, and design truly define the term ‘boss’ and hence, the company name ‘Boss Office Products.

Designed with the best shining leather available in the market, this chair is sure to give your inner soul the true feeling of a boss! The chair provides double plush leather, which adds further to its premium looks and makes it the best office chair under $300.

The most attractive feature of this chair is that it comes with a seat lift mechanism due to pneumatic gas. This mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the chair without any hassle. The person needs to pull the seat control handle, and it will get adjusted according to their wish.

  • It is known as the “big man’s chair” because the chair is big and justifies the name so given.
  • The tilting mechanism, back support, and padded arm support are the best you would get in this range.
  • It is a strong chair that can carry a weight of up to 350 lbs.
  • Though a big chair, the wheels of the chair are a bonus for the purchaser. It allows easy transportation of the chair from place to place.


  1. Lorell Executive High Back Office Chair

best office chair under 300

One of the best office chair under 300 dollars that is worth a buy! It is a simple design chair, which is casual in its looks, and has a formal appearance and that is what makes it the best pick for your office. Doing justice to the name, it is one of the perfect chairs for the executive class of your office!

Designed with nylon-structured mesh at the back, this chair is clearly winning the race in terms of breathability. The height can be changed and adjusted according to the comfort of the person sitting on it.

The striking feature of this chair is that you can adjust the width and height of the armrests to support your elbows while writing or maybe when you are completely at rest. The chair offers a three-level tilt mechanism, which provides you with three different angles of inclination.

  • The wheels provide a 360-degree swivel mechanism that helps you to do your work easily and without getting up from your seat.
  • The chair is highly flexible and is sure to become your favorite.
  • In case you want to stretch yourself, there is no need to get up. The three-level inclination provides the best stretches for you during your work hours.
  • The chair provides you with the desired back support without triggering your back pain.


  1. Alera Neratoli High-Back Swivel Office Chair

best office chair under 300

If you are looking for a chair that is aesthetic in its looks as well as high in health benefits, then you do not have to look any further! Alera Neratoli High-Back Swivel Office Chair is back on the list of the best office chair under 300.

The most attractive and unique thing about this chair is the segmented padded back of it. It is been designed in this way to provide the user with the maximum level of comfort and satisfaction that gives the best experience in back support. This type of segmented design is known to be a ‘waterfall’ back. The S-curved structure of the chair helps in maintaining the pressure on your back and does not let you strain it in any way. It is as if the chair is been made exclusively for you!

The cushioned seating and the slim structure of the chair altogether make it the best in-look office chair. The armrests are been padded to provide proper rest to the arms as well.

  • The wheels of the chair help it in easy movement of it.
  • The cushioned seat and back allow proper circulation of blood from the spine to the knees.
  • The height of the chair is perfect- it does not keep your feet hanging in the air.
  • The material used is metal leather, which ensures the durability of the chair.


The list above compiles the best office chair under 300 that is been designed perfectly well for your office use. Office chairs need to be chosen wisely because it is the reason why maximum people suffer from back and neck pain nowadays. These chairs are not only beneficial for your body, but also they are suited for your office environment. Check for the details while purchasing them and get a strain-free work environment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What office chair should I buy?

There are a number of things to look for while buying your office chair. The armrest, adjustability of the height of the chair, its durability, the back and head support, and the shape of the chair are some of the important factors that you must consider.

  1. Can an office chair cause back pain?

Office chairs are one of the main reasons for causing back pains. This is because of the posture of sitting on the chair for long hours. If your back, shoulders, and arms do not get proper rest even while you are working, it gradually puts a large amount of pressure on the back muscles and spinal discs.

  1. How can I avoid having back pains from office chairs?

Back pains from office chairs can be avoided. The best office chair under 300 provides you with all the facilities to reduce or avoid back pain. Your office chairs should be adjustable in height, have proper armrests with padded seats, and mesh back or cushioned back with proper structure and design. It should also have a proper headrest and tilting mechanism for easy stretching and resting of your body. Following these, you will have no back pain or have your already existing back pain reduced.

  1. Which office chair is best for the back?

If you have no existing back pains or problems, then mesh-structured back office chairs are the best for you. They provide easy breathability and back support. In case you have already existing back pain, then go for the cushioned or padded backrest office chairs that provide comfort and relaxation to your back.

  1. Is mesh office chairs good?

Mesh office chairs are one of the best office chair under 300. They are flexible, breathable, and provide proper back support. If you do not have any existing back pain, this chair is the perfect fit for you. You can work for long hours sitting on this chair and still feel comfortable. The mesh-structured office chairs provide easy passage of air, which acts like the best ventilator.

  1. Are wheels in office chairs important?

Wheels in office chairs are important because it provides easy mobility of the chair from one place to another. Apart from this, it also allows the person to go to the nearby desks in need of anything, without really getting up from their seats. The wheels provide proper rest and support to the body as they can incline to a certain angle that helps you to stretch your body.

  1. Can office chairs cause knee pain?

Office chairs can cause knee pains as well, which is why it is important to choose the correct type of office chair for your work desk. Generally, knee pains are been caused by wrong postures. This happens when your office chair is set too low or too high. In both cases, there will be a strain on your knees after a certain point in time. Hence, it is important to select height-adjustable office chairs for the correct posture.

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