The 12 Best Recliners for Back Pain Relief in 2023

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Cover: PU leather and fabric
Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 33.1” L X 35.8” W X 43.2” H
Weight: 96.2 lbs
Can recline up to 140 degrees
Color options: coffee, coffee-new, gray, gray-new, black, brown, cream
Massaging and vibration feature with 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels
Comes with 2 cup holders and a storage bag
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Ashley Yandel Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

Ashley Yandel Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

Cover: good-feel polyester
Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 40.5” H X 35” W X 42.5” D
Weight: 139 lbs
Color options: black and saddle
It has a metal frame
Dual motor system for the footrest and back separately
It features a high back, thick cushions, and generous size
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GDFStudio Macedonia Mid Century Recliner

GDFStudio Macedonia Mid Century Recliner

Cover material: fabric
Frame material: birch wood
Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 34.25” D X 27.25” W X 38” H
Weight: 69 lbs
Color options: gray, muted purple, slate, cream, dark blue, light gray, muted blue, muted green, muted orange, muted yellow, red, orange, and wheat
It features high-density foam on a wood frame
It has a slightly tufted back and extra padded cushions
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Baby Relax Mikayla Recliner Chair

Baby Relax Mikayla Recliner Chair

Cover: linen and microfiber
Dimensions: 29.25” W X 37” D X41.5” H
Maximum capacity: 225 lbs
Weight: 83.6 lbs
Color options: beige, gray, mocha
1-year warranty
Best for nursing mothers
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La-Z-Boy Anderson Recliner

La-Z-Boy Anderson Recliner

Cover material: fabric
Dimensions: 35” L X 32” W X 40” H
Weight: 63 lbs
Color: sand
1-year warranty
It is a rocking and reclining chair
It comes with an adjustable tension feature
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BenchMaster Newport Recliner

BenchMaster Newport Recliner

Cover: PU leather
Frame: walnut wood
Dimensions: 42” L X 30” W X 40” H
Weight: 48.7 lbs
Color: beige
Comes in a set of seat and ottoman
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Tempurpedic supreme 3-inch medium-firm mattress topper, white

Casa Andrea Milano Recliner

Cover: soft linen
Frame: alloy steel
Dimensions: 26” W X 32.7” L X 39.4” H
Weight: 55 lbs
Colors: Dark gray, beige, dark blue, green, light blue, light gray, red, teal, yellow
Comes with a side pocket
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Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner

Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner

Cover: PU leather
Frame: mahogany wood
Dimensions: 34” D X 33” W X 41.35” H
Maximum capacity: 250 lbs
Weight: 58 lbs
Colors: beige, black, brown vintage, palimino
Has fire retardant foam
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Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner

Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner

Cover: leather
Dimensions: 31” L X 30” W X 43” H
Maximum capacity: 280 lbs
Weight: 63 lbs
Color: cream
1-year warranty
Has a sturdy lumbar support feature
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JC Home Drammen Leather Recliner

JC Home Drammen Leather Recliner

Cover: Leather
Dimensions: 29” L X 30” W X 42” H
Weight: 22.5 lbs
Color: black, dark brown, gray
Has 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels
Push buttons to control heat, massage, and timer
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Homall Single Recliner Chair

Homall Single Recliner Chair

Cover: PU leather
Frame: alloy steel
Maximum capacity: 265 lbs
Weight: 62 lbs
Colors: beige, black, brown, cream, gray, red
Massage function for the lumbar area
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Christopher Knight Home Samedi Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Samedi Recliner

Cover: PU leather
Frame: iron
Dimensions: 35.75” D X 26” W X 42” H
Weight: 83.8 lbs
Color: white
Requires simple assembly
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A recliner is a chair or a small sofa that has an adjustable back and footrest. They can be adjusted according to your needs to achieve a shape that provides the most comfort to you. A recliner is very useful in reducing back pain. It is designed to provide maximum support to the body. In this article, we will tell you about the best recliners for back pain.

A recliner is also known as a reclining chair or a lounger. It has a backrest that you can tilt back. It also has a footrest that can be extended forward. In some models, you have to adjust a lever on the side of the recliner to adjust these parts. While some other models have buttons to do that. It saves you a lot of effort. Recliners also have an adjustable headrest and lumbar support feature. All these parts are adjusted according to the weight and angle of the user. These features are there to maximize comfort for you.

There are additional features in higher-end recliners like heat, massage, and vibration. Some models feature wheelchair accessibility. Some models can raise themselves to a standing position. They are especially helpful for people who face problems while standing up from a sitting position. Recliners can also feature a supine position for sleeping.

Benefits of Using Recliners

Our current lifestyle requires us to sit for long durations. Most jobs involve sitting at computers for long hours. But the human body is not built for sitting. It is rather built for maximum mobility. By sitting for long hours you are hurting your body. It leads to joint problems and severe pain. Many surveys conclude that most people today are suffering from back pain. And it highly restricts their daily activities. If neglected this problem can become even more severe in old age.

Studies have shown that sitting upright can cause a lot of harm to your back. The 90-degree angle is very harmful to your whole body, especially your back. While sitting upright your spine does not get any support. And when you continue doing that for a long time, it can develop into chronic back pain. It is not a problem to be neglected. Back pain can cause a disturbance in carrying out daily activities.

The pain will affect your mental health too. You will always feel tired. Any small work may seem like a giant task. If not treated properly back pain can grow more severe with time. It may largely impair your ability to move in old age.

A recliner is a miraculous cure when it comes to back pains caused due to the wrong posture. Doctors suggest that an angle of 110 – 135 degrees is the best for your back. This posture provides the most support to all of your back and reduces any stress on the spine. With a recliner, you can easily adjust your posture to provide the best support to your back. It is both comfortable and healthy for your body, especially for your back.

The major benefits of a recliner are:

  1. It relieves joint pain
  2. It prevents pregnancy-related back pain
  3. It improves posture and relieves stress from the spine
  4. It improves the circulation of blood all around your body
  5. It helps you relax after a busy day

Best Recliners For Back Pain – Buying Guide

A recliner will help you avoid back pain. And it will reduce the pain if you have any. It is a proven way of getting the best posture for your back. It provides ample support to your back and reduces any stress from your spine. Investing in the best recliners for back pain will come with a lifetime of benefits. You can never go wrong with your decision to invest in a recliner.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Recliners For Back Pain

There are many factors that you should consider before buying a recliner chair. A lot of models are available in the market. They all have their unique advantage. You should not just buy the first chair that you see. You have to think about which one will suit your needs in the best way possible. Given below is the list of factors that you have to have to keep in mind while making your decision.

  • Size of the room: A recliner looks very compact when it is in its non-reclined position. When it is reclined it takes up much more space. It may take more space than you had originally expected. So first measure the size of your room where you want to keep the recliner. If you are buying a recliner offline measure its length in the fully reclined position.

If you are buying online, pay attention to the given dimensions of the recliner. This way you can avoid the hassle of returning the recliner and buying a new one in case it proves to be too big for your room.

  • Body Size: A recliner will provide maximum benefit only if it is fit for your body size. If it is too small you will not be able to sit on it. If it is too big it will not provide maximum comfort. You will not be able to reach the armrest. In some cases, it might worsen your pain or give rise to pain. A recliner that is fit for your body size will be easy to sit on. You will be able to reach the armrest. Your head will fit comfortably on the headrest.

And your feet will be placed properly on the footrest. It is best to sit on the recliner and check for these things. If you are buying the recliner online make sure that you look at the measurements given in the description. The best fit for you will be a recliner that is 1-2 inches bigger than your body size. It will provide you with enough room to move comfortably and will not feel too compact.

  • Chair Construction: The construction of the recliner is quite important too. You want a recliner that will serve you for a long time. You should check that the screws used in the recliner are strong and heavy. They will provide all the strength to the recliner that it needs to support your weight. Check that the other materials used are strong and sturdy.
  • Cover material: Recliners come with a variety of cover materials like leather, PU leather, polyester, and many other fabrics. The main feature to look for in a fabric is its durability. The cover material also decides the ease with which you can clean the recliner. Every material has a unique feel to it. Make sure that your choice of fabric matches the feel of your interior. A leather recliner can give your room a luxurious feel but it requires a lot of care.

Many recliners come with waterproof fabric. It will make cleaning it very easy. You can use water and mild detergent to clean it. Some materials hold on to stains longer than others. If you have a small kid in your home it will be better to choose a cover material that can be cleaned with ease.

  • Quiet motor: Every time you adjust the lever of the recliner, a motor will carry out the changes that are expected. A motor that makes a lot of noise can be very annoying. Sometimes it might ruin your sleep. You want to be comfortable in a recliner. Hence look for a recliner that has quiet motors.
  • Cushion: It is a very important part of the recliner as it will be a major factor in deciding your level of comfort while using a recliner. Go for a cushion that is soft but not too soft. Its softness will help you feel comfortable in the recliner. But if it is too soft it might not provide ample support to your body.
  • Ease of use: As you want to use a recliner for maximum comfort, it is a wise decision to go for one that is easy to use. You will have to adjust some levers to achieve your desired position. A smooth lever mechanism will help you use the recliner smoothly. It should be within your reach while you are using the recliner. If the lever is not smooth enough it might make it a hard task to adjust the level every time. You do not want to decrease your comfort level and hence you should go for a recliner that is easy to use.
  • Style: A recliner takes up a big space in your room. It will influence the overall look of your room. That is why you should see if the recliner style is compatible with the existing style of your room. Either you may want to go for a casual look or an industrial look. If you can not decide which style is the best for your room, you should go for a classic design. It fits in with all the styles and will not stick out as an outcast.
  • Weight: Some recliners are lightweight and some are very heavy. If you are going to keep the recliner static the weight does not matter much. If you have decided a place for it in your house and are sure that it will not need much moving, you can go for a heavier recliner. If you are not sure about the place, or if you will have to move the recliner a lot, then weight becomes a major factor. In this case, always go for a lightweight recliner.
  • Price: Recliners are available in a very large price range. But with a price change, the facilities will also change. Some recliners offer many useful features and hence they are expensive. Decide a budget and then go for the best recliner you can get inside that range. Remember, a recliner is an investment for a healthier life, so there is no harm in expending a little more money on the best recliners for back pain.
  • Customer service: Recliners consist of a lot of moving parts. There are chances that they might go bad. And since the system is quite complicated, you will not be able to fix it on your own. So make sure that the brand you are purchasing provides a good warranty period. It will be even better if they provide repair services in your area.

Why You Should Buy A Recliner Chair

In this segment, we will go over the individual benefits of a recliner chair in detail.

  1. Extremely Comfortable

A recliner offers you maximum support and comfort while sitting. These chairs are perfect for people who face difficulty while sitting in a standard chair and standing up from it. Hence they are a blessing for the elderly, pregnant people, and people recovering from surgery. Continuous improvements in technology and the furniture industry alike have made recliners accessible for everyone.

It is available in all ranges of sizes. It offers an adjustable position. You can adjust it with ease, just by the push of a button. Some recliners also come equipped with a massager. So you can relax in an even better way! When reclined fully, a recliner chair can offer a comfortable space for napping or sleeping.

  1. Ease in standing up and sitting down

Recliner chairs can assist while sitting down and standing up. They make it safer for people who find it hard to change positions. With a push of the button, a recliner can ascend itself to a position from which you can easily lift yourself. It is especially helpful for those who find themselves at risk in a standing position. Thus a user does not need to put extra effort to sit or stand comfortably. If you have joint pain, or aching knees, a recliner will prove to be a miracle for you.

  1. Relief from pain

With today’s lifestyle, it is easy to develop a backache. We spend most of our day sitting at an angle of 90 degrees. It puts a lot of stress on the spine and can lead to chronic back pain. Moreover, with old age, our bones tend to become weaker and can not handle any stress. In that case, you will start experiencing joint pain. A recliner chair features a cushion made of soft foam which relieves stress from the joints.

It offers you an angle between 110-140 degrees, which is considered the best for the back. That will help to cure back pain. Also, the massaging feature in recliners will provide you with the relaxation of tense muscles. Overall, a recliner is a very wise investment healthwise.

  1. Better Posture

A recliner chair comes with lumbar support which helps you achieve a better posture. Lumbar is a term used to refer to the lower back area. Common chairs have a straight back that does not provide any lumbar support. Whereas a recliner has a tilted or curved back which provides support to the whole of your back. This will result in distributed weight all over the chair and will help you gain a better posture. Recliners also provide support to the neck and the shoulders, giving them a correct posture and avoiding any chances of pain later.

  1. It helps with the symptoms of acid reflux

There is a muscle at the end of your food pipe that acts as a gateway between the food pipe and the stomach. In most of cases, this valve remains shut when a person is digesting food. However, if you have acid reflux this muscle does not close completely and stomach acid can climb up into your food pipe. It causes a burning sensation that is also known as heartburn. When you lie down it becomes easier for the acid to flow into your food pipe.

So sleeping in a flat position can cause severe pain. But sleeping on a recliner helps with this a lot. Since a recliner keeps your upper body elevated at a small angle, it keeps the acid away from climbing into your food pipe frequently. You will experience fewer disturbances at night and you can sleep much more peacefully in your recliner than ever before.

  1. Reduce symptoms of sleep apnea

In sleep apnea, the muscles in your throat become relaxed and can block the air pipe. It can lead to snoring. It can also cause disturbances at night and sleepiness during the day. Sleep apnea can also worsen the symptoms of acid reflux. Many pieces of research have found that sleeping in an elevated position can significantly improve the symptoms of sleep apnea. Since a recliner chair allows you to sleep in an elevated position, you can sleep on it to help with sleep apnea.

  1. Helpful for pregnant people

Getting proper sleep becomes more important than ever when you are pregnant. In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, it is not recommended to sleep on your back. It causes the weight of the fetus to block the vein that returns blood from the lower body to the heart. This can lead to high blood pressure and poor blood circulation in the fetus. It is recommended to sleep on your side. If you can not sleep on your side comfortably, you can use a recliner. Its reclined position will allow you to get a good sleep without suffering from any problems. 

  1. Better recovery after back surgery

After back surgery, people find it hard to get in and out of a bed. They might find sleeping in a recliner much more comfortable. Sitting in a reclined position reduces stress on your back more than sitting in an upright chair. You should make sure that your recliner offers adequate back support. Lack of proper back support will lead to sitting with a curved spine and putting more stress on your back.

How To Take Care Of A Recliner And Make Sure That It Lasts Long

A recliner has been an investment for a long time. You do not want it to go bad after a little time. If taken care of properly, a recliner chair can last for over a decade. Also, it is your caretaker in general. It provides great support. It gives you a massage. It helps you fight pain and stress. The better care you take of it, the better it will be able to take care of you in return. So in this section, we will tell you about the proper ways of taking care of your recliner chairs so that it lasts for a longer time.

Choose a high-quality recliner

The first and foremost step is to choose a recliner of high quality. A high-quality product uses high-quality raw materials. They are stronger and sturdier in general. They use stronger metal to make the frame of the recliner. Also, they use better quality wood. When it comes to wood, it matters a lot which type of it is being used.

There are generally three types of wood that are used to make furniture: hardwood, softwood, and manufactured wood. Hardwood is denser and hence it is stronger. It will last for a long time. Softwood is not that strong. Manufactured wood is artificially constructed wood-like plyboard and fibreboard. They are not very strong.

Choose fiberboard furniture only if you are going to use it temporarily. They deteriorate easily and do not last for long. It’s better if the wood is kiln-dried. It will take out all the moisture content of the wood and prevent it from warping over time.

In the case of the outer cover, leather is considered the most durable option but it can be quite expensive. Other synthetic materials can last long too if you take care of them properly. Choose the best recliner within your budget and it will last fairly long.

Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully

The instruction manual that comes with the recliner includes all the necessary information about it. It will also tell you how to take care of the recliner. It will provide you with solutions to some small common problems related to the recliner. Since all the recliners are made out of different kinds of material, it is important to familiarize yourself with the material used in your particular model. It will have all the data about the frame material, material of the upholstery, and other things. It will also have a little information about the internal working mechanism.

Do not throw away the instruction manual after assembling the recliner. You will not remember all the information. If any trouble arises, or if you are in a confusion about caring methods for your recliner, you can consult the manual later on. So it is important to hold on to it. If you did not know this and got rid of it, you should go to the manufacturer’s website. There you can search for the model that you own and read the information and instruction that apply to it.

Keep the recliner clean

Recliners are furniture that is used continuously. This continuous use can cause it to get dirty easily and very frequently. It affects both leather upholstery and fabric upholstery. The outer cover faces dust, dirt, hair, sweat, food, and drinks regularly. Keeping it clean will help it look good and smell nice for many years. There are some general methods to ensure the cleanliness of your recliner.

If you have a fabric recliner you should vacuum it regularly to remove all the unwanted stuff from it. If your recliner is waterproof you can use water and a mild detergent to clean it. You can also use a special upholstery cleaner to clean it. Take care that the cleaner is safe to use. If you are not sure about it, you can try it on the hidden surface of the recliner. If it does not discolor or harm the fabric in any other way that means it is safe to use. You can use it to clean the whole upholstery without any worries then.

Leather recliners require more care than other materials. Leather provides your home with a classy and luxurious look. However, it can be a very demanding material. It is very care-intensive. You should be careful while deciding the position of a leather recliner in a room. Put it at least two feet away from any heat source. Heat causes leather to dry up excessively and can lead to random tears on its surface. Do not put it in direct sunlight because it will to fading of the leather.

Also in the case of a leather recliner, you should dust it regularly with a soft cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean it. Do not use any hard material to clean leather as it will leave scratches behind. There are special cleaners and conditioners available in the market for leather products. You can use them to remove stains from the leather and to keep it soft and supple for a long time.

Any spilling on leather should be cleaned up immediately. Do not scrub the surface, rather bloat it using an absorbent material. Do not give stains time before cleaning otherwise they may be set in the leather.

Take care of the reclining mechanism

The reclining mechanism of a reclining chair is its most important feature. It enables you to adjust the chair according to your liking easily smoothly. If you do not take proper care of the reclining mechanism, you can lose its smooth functioning. You should oil all the metal joints regularly. It will help the chair to retain its ability to fold and stretch smoothly.

You can also oil the bolts and the frame. You will find all the necessary information about oiling in the instruction manual. I will tell you where to oil and how often to oil. If the reclining mechanism stops moving smoothly, you should not apply force on it. It might make it even worse. Do not continue using a faulty reclining chair. In this case, contact a professional helper and get it mended as soon as possible.

Pick a recliner that fits you the best

If you are using a recliner that is not fit for you, you will not feel at peace with it. It will not provide you with maximum comfort. And you will not be able to pinpoint where the problem is. You will try different positions but in vain. At last, you will get fed up and will have to change the recliner. And if you do not change the recliner it will lead to health problems. A recliner of the wrong size will not provide your body with the support that it needs.

Without proper support, your muscles will feel tense. In the long term, this stress can lead to chronic neck, shoulders, or lower back pain. Only if you pick the right recliner you will be able to take care of it properly. Because you will have to return the wrong recliner sooner or later.

Be gentle with your recliner

Gently using a recliner is an important part of taking care of it. When you go to sit on the recliner, do not throw your body on it at once regardless of your weight. Lower your body gently. Although a recliner comes with robust springs, using it roughly will lead to a shorter life of it. Falling heavily in the seat will wear down the springs and the rest of the chair.

Many reputed brands make recliners. They provide different models for different price ranges. Their features vary too. We looked at a lot of models and compared their available features. We have compiled a list of the best models that we found. We have grouped the products into different categories. We believe you will find a perfect recliner for yourself on that list. Let us go ahead and take a look at all of them! 

Best Recliners For Back Pain Reviews

The first group of recliners includes those that are rated as the best by the users. They are an overall good choice of product.

  1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

best recliners for back pain

This recliner is built by the brand Esright. It has a modern look and a lot of impressive features. The model is available in both fabric and high-quality PU leather. It is available in a lot of different colors so you can buy a model that is compatible with your home color. It is one of the best-rated recliners for back pain and has a lot of positive reviews. It comes with an in-built massager. You get many options to customize the chair. The other notable features are as follows:

  • The cover material options are fabric and PU leather.
  • It can support a weight of up to 300 lbs.
  • In the sitting position, it has a dimension of 33.1″ L X 35.8″ W X 43.2″ H
  • In the fully reclined position, it measures 65″ in length.
  • Its weight is 96.2 pounds.
  • It has a swivel rotation of full 360 degrees.
  • It can recline up to an angle of 140 degrees.
  • It is available in seven color options: Coffee, Coffee-new, Grey, Grey-new, Black, Brown, and Cream.
  • It has a massaging feature with vibration with 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels.
  • It includes a power cord and remote control for massaging function.
  • It has 2 cup holders and extra storage bags to rest your drinks and to hold magazines.
  • It can be assembled easily, and all parts and instructions are included.

  1. Ashley Yandel Signature Design Power Lift Recliner

Best Recliners For Back Pain

Ashley Furniture manufactures this model. It is a rustic-style recliner. It has stylish upholstery and a signature design. It is the best luxury recliner under a limited budget. It features a dual motor that can recline or lift you with a push of a button. It looks just like real leather although it is not made of real leather. It will give your room a rich and stylish look. Other very useful features are as follows:

  • Its cover material is made of a good-feel polyester.
  • The maximum weight that it can handle is up to 300 lbs.
  • Its dimensions in the sitting position are 40.5″ H x 35″ W x 42.5″ D
  • Its length in the fully reclined position measures 69.25″
  • It features a swivel function with a full 360-degree rotation.
  • The weight of the recliner is 139 lbs.
  • The frame is made from metal.
  • It is available in two colors: Black and Saddle.
  • It has a dual-motor system for the footrest and the back individually.
  • It features buttons for easy access to the available function.
  • It has a high back, thick cushions, and a generous size for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • It includes instructions, hardware, and tools for easy assembly.

  1. GDFStudio Macedonia Mid Century Recliner

Best Recliners For Back Pain

These recliner chairs are manufactured by GDFStudio. They are affordable and stylish. They will give a modern feel to your room. It comes in a lot of colors which gives you a perfect choice according to your room decor. It features clean lines and a smooth finish. When in the compact position it looks just like a standard chair. But it can take the form of a recliner quickly when you desire. It has a slightly tufted back and an extra padded cushion for extra comfort. Let us look at the other features given below:

  • The cover is made of fabric.
  • The frame and legs are made from birch wood.
  • It can bear a weight of up to 300 lbs.
  • When in the sitting position, its dimensions are 34. 25″ D x 27. 25″ W x 38″ H.
  • It has a seat height of 18.5 inches and a seat width of 20 inches.
  • The chair itself weighs 69 lbs.
  • It is available in a lot of colors: Gray, Muted purple, Slate, Cream, Dark blue, Light grey, Muted blue, Muted green, Muted orange, Muted yellow, Red, Orange, and Wheat.
  • It features high-density foam on a wood frame for maximum comfort.

  1. Baby Relax Mikayla Recliner Chair

Best Recliners For Back Pain

This product is made by the Baby Relax brand which is well-known for products designed for newborn babies and their mothers. This recliner is the best for nursing mothers. Apart from mothers, it can also provide comfort to anyone with back pain. This recliner is perfect for feeding, snuggling, and relaxing. It helps a lot to ease the pain after pregnancy. It is one of the best recliners for back pain in nursing mothers. The fabric used is soft and does not cause pain after sitting in it for a long time. Other features of this product are below:

  • The cover material is available in linen and microfiber.
  • Its dimensions in sitting position are 29.25” W x 37” D x 41.5” H
  • The dimensions of the seat are 22″ W x 21″ D x 21.5″ H
  • The chair has a maximum capacity of 225 lbs.
  • The chair itself weighs 83 lbs.
  • The available colors are beige, gray, and mocha.
  • It has a swivel function with a rotation of 360 degrees.
  • It comes with one year of warranty.
  • It has an enclosed ball-bearing mechanism for both a rotating swivel function and a smooth gliding motion.
  • It requires minimal assembly.
  • It has sturdy construction with a supportive spring core foam-filled seat.

  1. La-Z-Boy Anderson Recliner

best rated recliners for back pain

La-Z-Boy, a big name in the recliner industry, manufactures this model. It is a rocker and a recliner. It has a plush seat and padded arms. It is a rustic-style chair. The leg rest comes with a 3-position locking mechanism. It allows you to choose from many comfortable positions. It can provide you full body plus lumbar support while rocking as well as reclining. Other features are written below:

  • The cover material is made of fabric.
  • Its dimensions in a sitting position are 35″L x 32″W x 40″H
  • The seat depth is 19.5″
  • The chair weighs 63 lbs.
  • It is available in sand color.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • It has an easy-to-reach handle to change positions.
  • It comes with an adjustable tension feature.
  • You can use it for rocking when you are not reclining.

  1. BenchMaster Newport Recliner

Best Recliners For Back Pain

This model is manufactured and sold by the brand BenchMaster. It comes in a two-piece set of the chair and the leg rest separately. It gives a futuristic look to your room. It has a nice swivel function. You get a 60-day return period with the purchase with no questions asked. That means they are confident that you will definitely like this product. Other important features are given below:

  • The cover material is made of PU leather.
  • The frame is made of walnut wood.
  • The dimensions in the sitting position are 42″ L x 30″ W x 40″ H
  • The chair weighs 48.7 lbs.
  • This reclining chair is available in a beige color.
  • It features a swivel function of a full 360 degrees.
  • It can accommodate any body type.
  • The footrest comes separate from the seat in an ottoman style.

  1. Casa Andrea Milano Recliner

Best Recliners For Back Pain

Casa Milano Romano makes this recliner chair. It is different from other recliners because it has a nice and slim design. The armrest and backrest are thinner and do not look like a typical bulky armchair. The reclining mechanism is manual, which means when you want to recline it you will have to put your arms on the armrest and push the chair back. A major advantage of a manual reclining mechanism is that it makes the chair much lighter. Other features of the chair are:

  • The cover material is made of soft linen fabric.
  • The frame is made of alloy steel.
  • In a sitting position, the chair has the dimensions of 26″ W x 32.7″ L x 39.4″ H
  • In a reclined position, the dimensions of the chair are 34″ H x 26″ W x 58″ L
  • The chair itself weighs 55 lbs.
  • The chair comes in a lot of colors: Dark Grey, Beige, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Light Grey, Red, Teal, and Yellow.
  • It features a manual reclining mechanism that is easy to use.
  • It comes with a side pocket to hold papers and phones.
  • All the hardware and the instruction required for the assembly is included with the product.

  1. Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner

Best Recliners For Back Pain

This particular recliner chair is made by Flash Furniture. The foam used in it is of fire-retardant quality. It has floor protectors embedded in its base. These protectors are smooth and help it glide smoothly on the ground. It comes in a two-piece set of a chair and an ottoman. The reclining lever is positioned below the right arm. Let’s look at its other features:

  • The cover material is made from PU leather.
  • The base of the chair and the ottoman is made from mahogany wood.
  • The dimensions of the chair in a sitting position are 34” D x 33” W x 41.25” H
  • The dimensions of the chair in the reclining position are 44.5” D x 33” W x 41.25” H
  • The dimensions of the ottoman are 18” D x 19.75” W x 16.25” H
  • It can bear a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs.
  • The product itself weighs 58 lbs.
  • The colors available are Beige, Black, Brown Vintage, and Palimino.
  • It has a plush arm, a padded seat, and an integrated headrest.
  • It features a full 360-degree swivel rotation.
  • It has fire-retardant foam and gliding floor protectors.

Best Leather Recliners For Back Pain

Leather gives a rick and luxurious look to a home. If you love its look you should buy a leather recliner. It functions the same as the other recliners but adds extra opulence to your lifestyle. If it appeals to you, you will surely love the models given below.

  1. Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner

Best Recliners For Back Pain

It is manufactured by the brand Mac Motion. It has a very stylish look. It is built with an ergonomic design in mind. It incorporates a generous amount of memory foam. It relieves pressure from the entire body. It offers better blood circulation and lumbar support. All these features make it one of the best leather recliners for back pain. Customers have reported that their back pain has improved significantly with the help of its sturdy lumbar support. The other notable features of this recliner are as follows:

  • The cover material is made from real leather.
  • Its dimensions in a sitting position are 31″ L x 30″ W x 43″ H
  • The dimensions of the seat are 19″ H x 22″ W x 20″ L
  • The maximum capacity of the chair is 280 lbs.
  • The chair itself weighs 63 lbs.
  • It is available in cream color.
  • It has a swivel rotation feature of full 360 degrees.
  • It comes with a warranty period of one year.
  • The chair has a sturdy lumbar support feature.
  • It comes with an angular ottoman that ensures maximum comfort for your legs.

  1. JC Home Drammen Leather Recliner

best small recliners for back pain

The second leather recliner on our list is from the brand JC home. There are many advantages to this chair. It comes with a massaging function. Like the previous recommendation, this chair comes in a two-piece set too. The set includes a seat and an ottoman. To access the reclining position, you have to push the chair backward. Other notable features of the chair are:

  • The outer material is made of leather.
  • The dimensions of the chair in the sitting position are 29″ L X 30″ W X 42″H
  • The weight of the chair is 22.5 lbs.
  • It comes in Black, Dark Brown, and Gray colors.
  • The chair has a swivel function featuring a full 360-degree rotation.
  • It has a seat pocket for holding your belongings on the right side of the chair.
  • It has 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels for massaging your thighs, back, lumbar, and legs.
  • It comes with push buttons to control heat, massage options, and a timer.

Best Small Recliners For Back Pain

Many people find that a standard recliner does not fit well in their homes. It can be too big and can take up a major share of space in their room. So now we present you with a couple of recliners that are designed especially for smaller spaces.

  1. Homall Single Recliner Chair

best rated recliners for back pain

This model is manufactured by the brand Homall. It incorporates a compact and smaller design. It is a small recliner yet it has ample space for relaxing. It has a narrow frame so it can fit in really small spaces. It has three reclining positions. It is easy to clean and take care of. It provides comfort and support to the back and head along with the neck and shoulders. It is one of the best small recliners for back pain. Other features are given below:

  • The outer material is made of high-quality PU leather.
  • It can support a weight of up to 265 lbs.
  • Its dimensions in sitting position are 27.6” (W) x 35.8” (D) x 38.6” (H)
  • While reclining the dimensions are 27.6” (W) x 64.2” (D) x 27.9” (H)
  • Its frame is made from alloy steel.
  • It weighs 61 pounds.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel rotation function
  • It comes in six color options: Beige, Black, Brown, Cream, Gray, and Red.
  • It has a massage function for the lumbar area with a variety of massage modes and a sleep mode.
  • It has a push-back recliner design with an adjustable footrest.
  • It has a highly durable frame with thicker foam paddings for extra comfort.
  • It is supported by four sturdy feet that have non-marking pads to protect the sofa and the floor.
  • It has wide and curved armrests.

  1. Christopher Knight Home Samedi Recliner

best leather recliners for back pain

This narrow model of recliner is made by Christopher Knight. This small-sized recliner chair does not need a lot of space to fit in. You can keep it in any corner of the room. It has a classic and smart look. You can also use it as a working chair or an office chair. It is available in a white color which is compatible with most home decor. Other features of this compact recliner are the following:

  • The cover material is made from PU leather.
  • The frame is made of iron.
  • The dimensions of the recliner in the sitting position are 35.75” D x 26” W x 42” H
  • The dimensions of the seat of the recliner are 20.25” D x 19.25” W x 18” H
  • The weight of the recliner is 83.8 lbs.
  • It features a full 360 degrees swivel function.
  • It is available in white color.
  • It requires simple assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are recliners good for back pain?

Yes, recliners are good for back pain. Many studies have shown that sitting up straight for long durations can cause chronic back pain. This type of pain has a much more chance of affecting you if your job requires you to sit for long hours – especially while using a computer. Experts suggest that reclining is the best position to get rid of the pain. An angle of 135 degrees provides you with the correct posture. It relaxes your spine and provides it with enough support. A recliner helps you achieve this best position. This is how it can work wonders for you if you suffer from back pain.

2. What is the best recliner for a bad back?

A recliner with a lumbar support function is the best for a bad back. The Lumbar is the lower back area. A recliner with sturdy lumbar support will help ease the pain in your back. It takes the stress off your back and allows it to relax. Sitting in an upright position where you do not have enough support for your back might worsen your back. That’s why if you have a bad back you should buy a recliner with lumbar support.

3. Are recliners good for lower back pain?

Yes, recliners are very effective for lower back pain. Sitting for long hours can lead to severe back pain. Moreover, the common sitting position, where you sit upright at a 90-degree angle is not good for you. An angle of 135 degrees is the ideal position to ease back pain. With a recliner, you can easily achieve this posture. If you have pain in your lower back, you should opt for a recliner that gives ample lower back support. The more support your back gets, the more beneficial it will be for you.

4. Is sitting in a recliner bad for your back?

A recliner is supposed to relax your back and ease the pain. If your pain gets more severe with the use of a recliner it means that you are not using a suitable recliner. A recliner comes in various sizes and you should always use one that fits you. If the size is too large or too small it might worsen the pain.

Also, take care that it has ample support for the lower back. If you notice a gap between the recliner surface and your lower back, it means it is not the perfect size for you. You can roll up a towel and use it to fill the gap for better lower back support. That will help with your problem.

5. Which brand of recliner is best?

The following brands manufacture the best recliners for back pain:

  1. La-Z-Boy
  2. Flexsteel
  3. Ashley
  4. Catnapper
  5. Southern Motion

They are all super comfortable. You can choose a model according to your body size. It will help you reduce your back pain if you have. And avoid it if you don’t have any.

6. What is the most comfortable recliner on the market?

The most comfortable recliners are given in the list below. They have amazing features for body support and comfort. All these recliners have been voted as favorites by the users. They have very nice reviews about them.

  1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair
  2. Ashley Yandel Signature Design Power Lift Recliner
  3. Homall Single Recliner Chair
  4. Christopher Knight Home Recliner Chair
  5. Christopher Knight Home Recliner Chair
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