Finding the Best Shoes for Massage Therapist

Consumed by responsibilities and busy with our workspace, we often forget how important our own health is. We have this tendency of neglecting our own health and avoiding spending even a single penny to prevent any health-related conditions. A body functioning efficiently is considered disease-free but what we fail to realize is any alarming health issue starts gradually and unnoticeably, following preventive methods is the best way to tackle such health concerns.

The best shoes for massage therapists provide much-needed comfort to the feet of therapists. Check out why these shoes are necessary and how they are helpful.

 Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4

100% mesh fabric
rubber sole
Comfortable to wear
midsole cushioning
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Dansko Wayne’s Men's Wynn Slip-On

Dansko Wayne’s Men's Wynn Slip-On

100% leather
synthetic sole
slip-on clog feature
contoured footbed
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Nike’s FlyKnit Running Shoes

Nike’s FlyKnit Running Shoes

highly breathable
dynamic fit technology
lunarlon cushioning
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Champion women’s rewind slip on

Champion women’s rewind slip on

microfiber (perform-tex) fabric
soft lining cushioning
easy to wear
convenient and comforting
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Keen women’s presidio shoe

Keen women’s presidio shoe

leather and mesh mix material
100% full-grainnubuck leather
rubber sole
supportive adventurous lace up sole and collar
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Best Shoes for Massage Therapist – Buying Guide

Into the life of a Massage Therapist

If you have ever received a professional massage, you must have ended up having a chat with your therapist as well. While many of us think the job of a massage therapist is rather an easy one, in fact becoming one is quite challenging. Not only does it require stamina and strength, but it also involves basic knowledge about the muscles and the body.

Often while relieving the body pain of the customers, the therapist themselves end up suffering from severe foot aches. Being a professional massage therapist involves standing for long sessions, which in turn increases the stress on your feet. To avoid any health complications regarding your feet it is important you go for the best shoes for a massage therapist that not only is much more comfortable but also help your feet to relax and make the long sessions more bearable.

Finding the right fit

Knowing your feet type may seem like an insignificant detail, but your foot size and type are two of the major factors that can help you in finding the perfect fitting shoes. Thorough market research and understanding your size better are advisable while considering buying a new pair.

With the growing accessibility of the internet and the popularity of online shopping, you can even find yourself a good pair of shoes on the web. The multiple options of brands and designs to choose from not only help you find a shoe of your preference but also makes sure that you are able to compare various products and decide what suits you the best.

Best Shoes for Massage Therapist Reviews

Finding a shoe that fits you right can be very unnerving. Let’s take a look at some of the best shoes that the market has to offer.

1. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

These Skechers shoes for women is an ideal choice for superior comfort and is suitable for a massage therapist as they can help them relieve the pain caused due to long sessions. Spending lots of time on your feet can take a toll on your health, and therefore it is advised to go for the best. Some of the features of these shoes are:

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 - best shoes for massage therapist

  • It has 100% mesh fabric
  • The imported rubber sole is of high quality.
  • It is radically lightweight, and the heel fabric overlay panels are stabilizing and comforting.
  • It has a soft mesh upper and a virtually seamless design that gives you a comfortable fit.
  • Tapering midfoot design that has improved arch support and extreme midsole cushioning.

2. Dansko Wayne’s Men’s Wynn Slip-On

Dansko Wayne manufactures the best shoes for a massage therapist, which is not only comfortable but also relieves pain and makes long-standing sessions much more bearable. These slip-on shoes designed for men are outrageously stylish. These are made from leather full-grain. Many other amazing features are:

Dansko Wayne’s Men's Wynn Slip-On

  • 100% leather that gives it a high-quality, stylish look.
  • A comfortable synthetic sole is provided that does not tear away easily.
  • The slip-on clog features a dual goring insets padded collar, which makes it much more comfortable for use.
  • It has a contoured footbed.
  • It is very easy to clean making it a much more preferable choice.

3. Nike’s FlyKnit Running Shoes

Along with offering vibrant color options, they also provide the comfort and support that a women’s feet need. The breathable fabric prevents sweat and makes long-standing sessions sweat-free and comfortable. Some other features of these flyknit lunar running shoes by Nike are:

Nike’s FlyKnit Running Shoes

  • The FlyKnit is made of stretchy and highly breathable material.
  • It is manufactured with dynamic fit technology and Flywire cables.
  • It provides lunarlon cushioning which makes it a much more preferable choice.
  • It has a foam-lined collar for support, molded flex grooves that provide flexibility

4. Champion women’s rewind slip on

This slip-on by champion is a great choice for massage therapists. It provides great comfort when you are on your feet for a long time due to its round-toe design. Some of the amazing features that make it a top preferable choice for massage therapists are:

Champion women’s rewind slip on

  • These shoes have GO-MAT energy return insoles that energize the steps you take.
  • These shoes will last long as they are made of microfiber (perform-tex) fabric.
  • The rewind features a soft lining cushiony memory foam insole.
  • It has a twin gore that makes it easy to wear and take off.
  • It has a lightweight, non-marking outsole that makes it more convenient and comforting.

5. Keen women’s presidio shoe

Introducing the waterproof take on the sporty Oxford, these presidio shoes by keen are a top choice of wear. The breathable material makes it sweat-free during long sessions of therapy. Given below are the list of other amazing features these shoes by keen has to offer which makes them amongst the best shoes for massage therapist.

Keen women’s presidio shoe

  • It has a leather and mesh mix material that provides it with the required versatility and breathability.
  • The cushioned footbed and the supportive midsole combine to provide heel-to-toe comfort.
  • It has 100% full-grain nubuck leather and a rubber sole.
  • It has a supportive, adventurous lace up sole and collar

6. Barerun Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

These run shoes are a perfect choice for yoga practitioners and massage therapist as it has a comforting cushioned thick sole. This high-quality upper is made up of polyester and is imported to India from Western countries. Other key features are:

BarerunBarefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

  • It has a thick cushioned insole that provides great comfort and makes it the most preferable choice.
  • It has a smooth neck design that prevents chafing and makes these water shoes easy to wear and take off
  • It is made up of breathable and smooth fabric that gives it a high-quality edge.

Importance of the right shoes

Wearing the right fit is important not only for a massage therapist but for every individual. The cause of multiple foot ailments is ill-fitting shoes. If simple activities like climbing up the stairs, walking down a small aisle, or going for a casual stroll turn into a very dreadful task for you, maybe it is time for you to check and have a closer look at your foot health. Even after such severity, the majority of people don’t realize how important the right footwear is.

Professions that require an individual to stand for a long duration of time like a massage therapists, teachers, etc are more prone to develop feet-related ailments because of the constant weight the feet have to balance. It becomes much more important for them to own the right pair as it can severely affect their health. It is always advised to go for a well-cushioned insole and outsole as it provides better shock absorption and is often considered a key feature of the best shoes for massage therapists.

Not only professions but different physical activities also require footwear that is designed according to the activity, as poorly designed ones can cause a number of health issues and even a seemingly mild foot ailment can easily catapult into a bigger problem if it is not rectified at the right stage.


Question 1. Where to look for the best affordable shoes?

Answer. You can check out the best shoes for the massage therapists mentioned above to make a purchase. It is advised to get a better look at the size and fit of the shoes before making a purchase.

Question 2. What to look for while searching for shoes for a massage therapist?

Answer. Extra cushioning and choosing the right fit are two of the most important aspect when considering shoes for massage therapists as it relieves the stress on feet due to long massage sessions.

Question 3. What shoes do Massage therapists wear?

Answer. Simply designed and comfortable shoes are the most preferred choice of massage therapists as it helps them in working comfortably as well as efficiently.

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