Best Waist Shaper: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Body

Looking good is one dream that every person has. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. It drastically improves your confidence. Looking in the mirror and seeing a confident reflection smile back is a joyful experience. However, the paths to getting in shape could pose problems. They either take a long time to produce visible results or there is no guarantee that your body will look the way you want it to. So, what is the solution if you want immediate results?

This is why shapewear was made. Shapewear is a piece of fabric that you wear inside your clothes to make your body obtain good shape. It is tight-fitting and thus leads to a high level of perspiration. It is known by different names – waist shaper, waist trainer, corset, etc… All of these have minor differences, but they all perform more or less the same function – give your body a beautiful shape. Given the number of wide varieties of shapewear available, how to decide which is the best waist shaper for you? We are here to help you with that – read on to find out the benefits of using a waist shaper, factors to consider while buying one, and finally a listing of the best waist shapers in the market.

 SHAPERX Women Shapewear

SHAPERX Women Shapewear

multi-occasion suit
adjustable shoulder straps
high-waist design
lacy Shaper with zipper
Best for postpartum and Post Pregnancy
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Eleady Women’s Tummy Control Shapewear

Eleady Women’s Tummy Control Shapewear

Made of latex and spandex
zipper with 3 rows of hooks
double layered
Best for postpartum and Post Pregnancy
Non slip design
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 Irisnaya Shapewear for Tummy Control

Irisnaya Shapewear for Tummy Control

Made of 60% nylon and 40% spandex
durable and stretchable
lightweight Design
flexible and breathable
comfortable to wear
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Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer

Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer

made of spandex/cotton
seamless and invisible
provides ample back support
breathable and gentle
Best for postpartum and Post Pregnancy
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What are some of the benefits of using waist shapers?

  • If getting in shape will boost your confidence, but you are keen on getting instant results, you have found the holy grail – the waist shaper! You can forget about those rolls and love handles once you fit into one of these. The results are almost instant. You can witness it for yourself when you look at that new attractive figure in the mirror staring back at you! Tight clothes and fitted dresses are no more a nightmare. This is a quick way to feel confident and attractive about your body. Quick progress and instant results make waist shapers popular among women.
  • Another obvious benefit of using shapewear is it is discreet. You wear it under your clothes. So, it is easy to hide the actual shape of your body. After you wear your clothes, you will almost forget that you have worn a waist shaper beneath. It is quite comfortable and does a good job of concealing those parts of your body that you are not comfortable with.
  • Shapewear is good for workouts. They are body-hugging and create more pressure near the abdominal area. If you wear a waist shaper during a workout, you will sweat more than you would normally. They are especially good for core workouts due to the thermal build-up. You can wear your waist shaper for a variety of activities such as aerobics, running, gym sessions, and racquet sports.
  • A waist shaper tightens the areas in your body in such a way that you automatically obtain a good posture. The tightness of the shaper makes it difficult for you to slouch. Thus, you maintain a good posture and alleviate problems such as lower back pain.
  • With a waist shaper on, you are more likely to maintain your appetite. You will be more aware of the amount of food you are consuming. The compression on your stomach will help you avoid overeating or binge eating. Thus, shapewear is an effective way to follow portion control too.

Best Waist Shaper – Buying Guide

Factors to look for

If you are aware of the factors to consider before buying a waist shaper, you will be in a better position to choose the best waist shaper. Discussed below are a few such factors to guide you through your purchase.

  1. The size

There is a common misconception that the smaller the size, the better the results. This is not true. If you choose a size that is not right for your body, you will end up being unable to breathe! Also, if you go for one larger than your correct size, it will not have any effect on your body. The general rule is to go for the size that matches that of your dresses – if your dresses are of size M, pick a shaper of the same size.

  1. Comfort

Comfort should be a top priority. Check for the quality and type of fabric. It should be made of breathable material. The durability of the fabric is important as well. Also, waist shapers come with different kinds of hooks. Choose the one that will be easy for you to hook on and hook off. When you try a piece, make sure to sit, walk around and check if it still feels comfortable. If not, go for a larger size.

  1. First time?

If you are a newbie and you have never bought a waist shaper, it is a good idea to visit a shop. Purchasing it online is not advised as you may not be sure about which size best suits your body. You also do not have the option of trying it out. Therefore, offline shopping is the best idea for first-timers.

  1. Changing your size as you progress

As you keep using the waist shaper, you will shed a few inches. Then, you will have to shift to a new size to fit your new measurements if you want to keep progressing. One size is not going to be enough from start to finish. Measure your waist once every 1-2 weeks to check for progress. If you notice positive changes, take it as a sign to change your waist shaper’s size.

Best Waist Shaper Reviews

Here is a listing of some of the best waist shapers available in the market. Use this list as a guide to finding one for yourself.

1. SHAPERX Women Shapewear

This product has earned the top spot on our list and is the best waist shaper today. Maintaining a perfect body is now not as difficult as it seems! Invest in this waist shaper and witness the results for yourself. Let us see what are the features of the product that make it the best waist shaper in the market.

best waist shapers

Product features

  1. It is a multi-occasion suit. You can wear it under your prom dress, work clothes, wedding dresses, and even backless tops
  2. It has adjustable shoulder straps. The straps have non-slip design, so they sit firmly on your shoulders.
  3. It has a high-waist design which helps in reducing love handles. At the same time, the shaper emphasizes your natural curves.
  4. The design is appealing. The shaper is lacy and has a zipper. This will add to your confidence along with helping you in getting rid of the bulges in your body.
  5. It is useful for anyone – from a fitness freak to a postpartum mom.

2.Eleady Women’s Tummy Control Shapewear

Your dream of having a toned tummy is now closer to reality than ever. Already shapewear will provide an immediate slimming effect. You can now achieve your desired figure and flaunt your curves. What are the features of the product that make it so desirable? Let us see

best waist shapers

Product Features

  1. The waist shaper is made of high-quality latex and spandex to give you the best results.
  2. It has a double layer to provide a high-compression effect on your abdomen and waist.
  3. It is discreet and almost invisible. You can wear it with almost any kind of clothes.
  4. The straps are not just fully adjustable; they can be removed as well.
  5. The zipper along with 3 rows of hooks makes sure that the waist shaper can be adjusted according to your fit.
  6. It relieves post-childbirth pain and is good for postpartum moms as they hardly have time for exercise/workout.
  7. Upon regular use, you finally get to witness the coveted hourglass shape that you have only been dreaming of.


3.Irisnaya Shapewear for Tummy Control

Feel confident in your journey towards obtaining goof shape – Irisnaya shapewear provides everything that overweight women have been dreaming of. What makes this product stand out from the rest? Its attractive features. Let us now check out the promising features of this product.

Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit Scoop


Product Features

  1. The shapewear is made of breathable, skin-friendly material. There will not be any reactions to your skin even when used for long hours. The composition is 60% nylon and 40% spandex. Also, it is lightweight which makes it suitable for all seasons and occasions.
  2. It is durable and stretchable.
  3. The shaper goes well with all kinds of clothes in your wardrobe – sleeveless tops, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc…
  4. The shapewear is designed as one piece to avoid the clothes from rolling up. It keeps the abdomen area flat.
  5. It is provided with wide shoulder straps to ease the pressure and provide more comfort.
  6. The fabric is elastic and silky. So you can stretch comfortably while wearing it.
  7. The fabric dries quickly and can be used for a long time provided you maintain it well.

4. Nebility Women Latex Waist Trainer

Forget those rolls and love handles. With Nebility shapewear for tummy control, you can now get the most popular hourglass figure. The features of Nebility Latex Waist Trainer are listed below:

best waist shapers

Product Features

  1. The sellers promise excellent customer service – right from helping you find the right size to delivery of the product.
  2. The fabric is made of high-quality spandex/cotton. The material is breathable and gentle on the skin. It provides the right amount of compression on your tummy.
  3. Postpartum recovery will be quicker with Nebility shapewear. It is effective in helping postpartum moms get their curves back. It provides relief from waist pain.
  4. The product effectively conceals the lumps and bumps so that you can instantly get a small waistline.
  5. It provides ample back support, prevents slouching, and helps you maintain the correct posture.
  6. The waist shaper is suitable for everyday use and special occasions.
  7. It increases blood flow and helps in achieving a smaller waistline. Wear it during your workout as the fabric will help you sweat more which in turn results in weight loss.
  8. It is seamless and invisible – wear it under all kinds of dresses without worrying if it will show!


By now you would be familiar with the features of the best waist shaper. If you are looking for a quick way to fit into that bodycon dress that has been lying in your wardrobe, waist shapers are the way to go. For the first time, visit a store. Sellers on e-commerce websites also promise help. However, to be on the safer side, buy it offline. Try the shaper on to check for comfort. Make sure it is neither too small nor too large. Sit and walk around in it to make sure that it does not restrict your activities.


  1. Is it okay to wear a waist shaper every day?

Medical professionals caution against using shapewear for extended periods. Your body will not be able to handle the continuous compression that results from using a waist shaper daily. Therefore, use it in moderation.

  1. Can you wear a waist shaper during pregnancy?

Yes. It is safe to wear a waist shaper when you are pregnant. It will not hurt you or the baby. Make sure to buy one from a reputed company.

  1. How to wash a waist shaper?

Most of the time, the manufacturer would have included instructions to wash and dry the waist shaper. The best way to wash latex shapers is by hand. Use a bucket of lukewarm water and a pinch of detergent to soak the shaper. Rinse it with cold water and dry it. Latex shapers should never be ironed.

  1. Can you wear a waist shaper to bed?

Although companies say that it is safe to wear a shaper to bed, it does not have any proven results. Also, do not compromise on comfort at any cost. Do not wear it to bed if you feel uncomfortable or find it hard to breathe.

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