Ceragem Massage Bed Review: Benefits & Features Explained

We are going to make an honest Ceragem massage bed review that we hope will be useful for our readers. You can also find the benefits of the bed and how to use them in this article. 

For starters, we can say that the Ceragem massage bed is the one-stop shop for aches, tightness, or soreness in multiple body parts of the body. You don’t need to buy multiple types of equipment and devices to massage different parts of your body. 

However, the Ceragem massage bed has been created to assist people with spinal pain or stiffness. Spinal or backbone pain can be the worst nightmare one could think of. Mostly it requires risky and costly surgeries to relieve that. But Ceragem offers a uniquely designed bed that will provide massage and thermal stimulation to provide instant relief from your back pain. 

If you think that Ceragem’s massage bed is like any normal massager, you are seriously mistaken. It is a high-efficient medical device specifically made to be equipped in the home by people suffering from spinal pain and other joint muscle-related illnesses. 

Ceragem massage bed review


This is a proper medical device that ensures people’s health by scanning their whole body. Also, there is a rigorous series of scanning your spinal cord with Ceragem’s patented Spinal Scanning technology. The scanning technology analyses the user’s weight distribution, length of the spinal cord, and degree of spinal flexion and curvature. It also 3D maps each of your vertebrae’s distinct location. 

After the scanning, it is passed on to a specific medical team that develops a tailor-made massage pattern with the help of high-end artificial intelligence. Then the pattern will be updated to your own Ceragem’s massage bed, ensuring the best spinal massage experience. 

It is just only one of the advantages that come with Ceragem’s massage bed. This can be used to treat other joints too. The heated massager attached to it can be placed anywhere on the body to loosen the tightened muscles. 

Top Features:

It comes with automatic crawling and vibrating feature, which will make you feel like getting massaged by a professional. The ball or crawl hands also have a heat generator attached to them. This helps your muscles to relax and increase blood flow. The increased blood flow will reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which often is the cause of body aches. 

To provide the user with the best user experience, they have loaded this massage bed with multiple features such as a slide bed. The sliding design is patented and can be adjusted in comfort with your height. And there are 12 types of auto modes, which are:

  1. Standard
  2. Special 
  3. Relax
  4. Stable
  5. Circulation
  6. Basic Health
  7. Energy
  8. Stud
  9. Rest
  10. Body line
  11. Meditation 1
  12. Meditation 2

You can also have five custom modes by using which you can alter the modes manually to your comfort. The custom modes are:

  1. Manual Mode
  2. Manual Master Mode
  3. Intensive Mode
  4. Semi-Auto Mode
  5. Semo-Auto Master Mode

The master mode offers the user a targeted massage feature. If you want the massager to pay extra attention to a certain vertebra, you can identify and increase the massage time for the specific vertebrae. You can also adjust the temperature of the thermal massager with the controller. The temperature can be adjusted to reach a maximum of 149°F. 

The massage bed also offers you a feature by which you can adjust the strength and intensity of the massager can be changed in real-time. If you let it in Auto mode, the massage rollers will adjust their height to the user’s curvature degree and flexion of the spine. This gives uniform distribution of weight to each vertebra. 

If you think you would feel lonely and get bored while getting massaged, Ceragem got your back. An audio assistant is installed in the massage bed, which will assist you in the process with real-time narration. The gentle vocal assistance guides and notifies the user throughout the process. 

You can also connect your headset and listen to your favorite song. You can change the songs via the remote controller. You can also listen to an audiobook while working on getting the health of your backbone

Ceragem Massage Bed Benefits

Ceragem massage bed review

The ceragem massage bed is proper medical equipment designed to assist people with back pain and other joint pains. It has its own scanning technology, which scans the user’s spinal cord and produces a specific pattern of massage.

People who work more time in the office can suffer from lower and mid back pain. Also, housemakers and elders can develop spinal cord pain and stiffness. Pregnant ladies, after their delivery, also develop back and hip pain. These kinds of people can use Ceragem’s massage bed to get instant relief from their spinal pain. 

The other benefits include instant temporary relief from joint pain associated with arthritis. They can also be used as a heating massager to help relax your muscles. You can use this to relax any muscle in your body from neck to leg. It assists the muscles to relax and increases the blood flow in that region. This will reduce the amount of lactic acid accumulation associated with aches. 

People with back pain looking for personalized therapy can use this to reap maximum benefits. The heating massager head roller will make you see instantaneous results. Kerri Walsh-Jennings, a three-time gold medalist, uses Ceragem’s massager bed to aid her back pain. 

How To Use Ceragem Massage Bed

It is simple to use a Ceragem Massage bed. You will get scanned by special software, and the details will be updated on the massage bed. You have to lie down on the bed relaxed. Make sure you are lying at the right angle. 

You can adjust the slide if you find the bed is short for you. Now pick up the remote controller and choose from any one mode from the auto mode or custom modes. They have 17 different modes which can yield different experiences. 

Now all is set; all you have to do is lay and relax while listening to your favorite song or audiobook. A voice assistant will notify you if the process is finished. Meanwhile, you can use the massager on other parts of your body.

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