DIY Adjustable Standing Desk for a Healthier Workday

If you are looking for a standing desk for use, many options are available in the market. But most of them are expensive and don’t fit into the budget of most people. Although you can find some desks under $130, they don’t offer a lot of features. You can make a DIY adjustable standing desk at your home, which will save a lot of money without compromising anything.

There are many factors for which you can make a DIY adjustable standing desk at your home. But the primary reason is cost. You can reduce the making cost of the desk without compromising with quality and features of the desk. Also, you have a lot of alternatives for materials and equipment required for the desk. You can choose the best material available in the market within your budget. Apart from this, you can add your finish and personalization to the desk, according to your preference. Making a DIY adjustable standing desk is profitable and efficient, as you can decide the features and size of the desk according to your needs and requirement.

DIY Standing Desk

DIY adjustable standing desk

Before making a DIY standing desk, you should consider your budget, area availability, and materials. These are the most important thing before making any DIY standing desk. You can make DIY standing desks of different shapes and sizes according to the available space. If you have a large space, you can go with a long DIY standing desk with a decent height. Also, you can add some shelves and drawers to the desk for storing important papers, notes, pens, etc.

If you have a tight budget or don’t have adequate space for placing larger standing desks, don’t worry. You can make a small standing desk like IKEA hermess. Even if this desk is smaller, it offers a lot of features to the user. You can work with your computer at the top, storing your essentials in the drawer. Also, you can place drawers one after another to reduce space.

DIY Standing Desk Converter

The DIY standing desk converter solution is the most simple and creative idea for creating an ideal desk. You can combine many features with this desk, like making a temporary shelf, adjusting table height, and adjusting the table to your required position. Also, these DIY solutions offer a lot of features at a budget-friendly price.

The DIY standing converter desk will offer all the features of the conventional standing desk at a lower price segment. Also, you can engineer extra features to the desk according to its attainability.

Homemade Standing Desk

As mentioned above, homemade standing desks or DIY standing desks offer many furnishing options and features to the owner. You can customize the whole desk according to your needs and budget. However, it will take some time, but it will save a lot of money in return. Homemade standing desks are best, as you can make them movable for mobility. You can tailor their top board and legs, providing an aesthetic look to your home.

Build Your Standing Desk

Building your standing desk is not a tough task. There is no rocket science behind it, and you can make your desk at home easily. For making a standing desk, you need to purchase the furniture and extra equipment for placing the desk. Most DIY companies offer tables and other standings table-related equipment according to their customer’s needs. Apart from that, you can purchase different DIY pieces to make a custom-built, which will work according to your necessities.

Makeshift Standing Desk

If you have some spare parts of drawers and furniture lying around, you can make a standing desk easily. Also, you can combine these spare parts with your existing table to make it more beautiful and add more attributes to the table.

While making a DIY standing table, make sure that it is lightweight and portable. Portability is necessary, as you can move it from one place to another for doing various tasks. Along with basic features, you can add a chest, small drawers, etc., to your table to make it more usable.

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Kit

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Kit

Standing desks are the most demandable thing in the furniture market, as you can adjust their height and space according to the requirement. And what could be better than a DIY adjustable standing desk kit? A lot of manufacturers offers a lot of DIY solution for users to choose from. Also, if you don’t like a specific thing from that kit, you can replace it with another piece of equipment.

Flexible DIY standing solutions are the best, as they are cheap and offer a lot more than ready-made standing desks. These desks are lightweight and provide a great weight lift capacity for the users.

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

The desk frame is the primary requirement of every DIY adjustable standing desk. Through this frame, you can place different things like your Desktop, Laptop, pen stand, etc. The frame provides a prominent look to the desk while supporting different things on it. Along with the regular frame, electric frames are also available in the market. You can adjust the frame and height by using the electric motor embedded in the DIY standing table.

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Electric

Most people prefer DIY adjustable standing electric desks over other options, as they are easy to use and quickly adjust their height with the help of the electric motor. With a motorized leg, you can move the desk frame & leg according to your sitting position. Also, these DIY solutions didn’t cost more than casual DIY standing desks.

DIY Adjustable Height Desk

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, nowadays, many standing desks offer adjustable leg and frame height so that users can customize their desk height and size according to themselves. With an adjustable-height desk, you can work for longer hours without any issues, as you will be working in your ideal position.

DIY Adjustable Standing Sitting Desk


As mentioned above, the DIY adjustable standing sitting desk is an ideal choice for people who are indulged in working on Laptops or Desktops for long hours. While working, you can adjust the desk to your ideal position to not face any pain while sitting. The adjustable standing desks come in manual and electric modes. You can choose an electric motor DIY Standing desk, automatically adjusting the desk to your sitting position.


How can I make my desk a standing desk?

To convert your regular desk to a standing desk, you need a desk topper or riser, also known as a standing desk converter. This is a piece of adjustable equipment available at the market, which has to place on the regular desk. After placing, you can use the desk while standing.

Desk risers are the best equipment for converting a normal desk to a standing desk, as they don’t require you to displace your regular desk. Also, they offer a surface for placing things and a keyboard tray themselves.

How many hours a day should you use a standing desk?

Sitting continuously for hours is bad for your health and back area. Many studies have found that people who work continuously in a specific position suffer from back pain-related problems. Therefore a standing desk can be a better option for you.

But standing all day isn’t good for your body. When you feel fatigued while standing, you can adjust the desk’s height, and you should take a chair to sit in.

 Is standing up at your desk good for you?

Yes, standing up at your desk has several benefits. It helps the body to burn more calories, increase blood flow, enhance your body posture, cure back-related problems, etc. Experts believe that you should stand at least 30 minutes a day to get health benefits from standing.

Is it bad to use a standing desk all day?

Everything has some disadvantages. If you adapted your body for sitting, and you suddenly switch to standing all day while working, most probably your body is prone to a variety of back pain and leg problems. Therefore it is advisable to increase your standing timings gradually day by day.

Are standing desks good for lower back pain?

Standing desks are an excellent option for curing lower back pain problems; standing features many advantages and benefits, which are essential for curing leg, shoulder, back, and spine problems. By standing, you will develop a good body posture and body power. Also, it creates tension and stretches in the upper & lower back muscles, thus enhancing the flexibility of the muscles.

Is it better to sit or stand with a herniated disc?

While normal sitting creates stress on your back and spinal cord, sitting or standing with a herniated disc is a better option. Some researchers stated that it might become painful in some cases.

Do you burn more calories at a standing desk?

Yes, while standing, you burn more calories than sitting. Generally, people burn 0.2 calories more when they are working while standing.

Are standing desks bad for your knees?

Everything depends upon your body posture. If you have a good posture, a standing desk can be great for you.

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