How to Fix Bad Posture: 6 Simple Steps to Improve Your Posture

A lot of recent studies claim that you can judge a person’s confidence, attitude, and personality with the way he stands and sits. Well, generally this may sound true. When you look at a person who is slouched all the time, he tends to give away the impression that he is uninterested and lazy or dull. You can still work on the necessary things and fix bad posture.

So, usually, when a person thinks that it is high time that they have been slouching around and decide to improve their posture, the most common question that might pop up in of your head is fix bad posture. The answer to this depends upon how fast you can train yourself and how fast you can control yourself from slouching and learn to stand broad and all. But generally, it is said a person needs 3-4 weeks to get used to a new pattern and then can get used to it.

So, to properly answer to fix bad posture It would be around 25-30 days. Because in these 30 days, you would’ve told your mind a million times to stand stiff, not to crouch, and that you want to fix bad posture for yourself.

You can have a hunchback or a slouched back because of many reasons. Some are the deficiency to coordinating your sitting positions with your Netflix marathon or a boring desk job. Fixing bad posture is very important because they lead to various spinal and back problems later on in the future. Our elders always tell us to sit straight and not to slouch not only because your physical appearance changes with it, but not slouching also helps and hampers your back for the future.

Slouching or hunchbacks will slowly cause a lot of back pains because your back muscles will stiffen themselves in the same way you mold them. If you keep your back straight it will grow that way, but if you continuously stay in the wrong position unaware that it is not how the spinal cord must grow, your back starts curving. This is called the hunchbacked.

How long does it take to fix bad posture?

When your back naturally starts to curve it causes your back to look hunched. If you are used to slouching or even have grown yourself a hunchback, there is nothing to worry about it. You can still work on the necessary things and fix bad posture. But fix bad posture and getting into the best structure is not a hard task, but it is something that requires attention and dedication. Fixing bad posture can be done easily by following the below-mentioned tricks but it will show results only when you follow them rigorously.

How to fix bad posture fast?

The moment you decide you need to fix bad posture is when you have started working towards it. It might not be very difficult, but it needs willpower and concentration for a few days in the beginning. fix bad posture is a question whose answer is only with one person and that is you. You can fix bad posture by:

  1. Check yourself- Awareness

Do you know how much time you look down into your cellphones and strain your neck? If you realize that you always slouch anywhere to access your mobile easily. But that is the dangerous part. You can fix bad posture by using your mobile phones only when you sit down on a chair and have a table in front of you at a face-to-face level.

If you have to sit in front of the computer all day long as part of your job and cannot compromise on that, try to place your monitor as near to your eye level as you can. The more you look straight and higher the better it is for you to get rid of your hunchback and fix your bad posture


When we talk about the disadvantages of technology it is not only how it is misused but also how it is single-handedly capable of ruining your health. To improve your back you can

  1. Do Yoga

Your job might not be allowed youth to be adventure specialists and roam around the world. If you are a person who sits in front of the computer or laptop screen all day long, you might not get time to stretch yourself enough and elongate your spinal muscle. This causes the muscles to tighten and hampers their straight growth. Do yoga and do stretches to keep your back aligned

  1. Sit ergonomically

For the first few months and at least for the first 30-45 days do not sit without support and let your back get the support of something hard and solid for your back.

  1. Patience

You have received this hunchback and a habit to slouch as a return gift from all the weird positions you used to sit in the name of comfort. Therefore, you don’t need to keep looking at yourself everywhere you see a mirror or even keep on cribbing to your friends and family about fixing bad posture

It will eventually happen. Your back will become normal, and you will gain extra confidence once you start subconsciously start remembering that you need to fix your bad posture

How long does it take to get rid of a hunchback?

It all depends on how big your hunchback actually is. And when you start looking at this for yourselves you need to know that you won’t see a change overnight and it will take a long process. It can take put 1 month or even more for your back to get accustomed to this and to get back to its normal growth. If the size of your back is very large then you should consider visiting a hospital as soon as you can.

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