How to Correct Posture?

Posture is the way one holds his body in front of others while walking, standing, sitting, or doing other activities. It assists in developing strength, stability, and flexibility in the body. It also tends to fuel energy in the souls thereby boosting positive vibes. It is highly efficient in reducing stress on the muscles and their tendons. A good posture makes one aware of his muscles, therefore simplifying the process to diagnose the causes of unusual muscle strains. Thus, prime importance must be given to maintaining a good body posture. A number of exercises have been mentioned which can assist you in standing a little taller and correcting your postural deformities.


1) Child’s pose:

This exercise facilitates strengthening the spine, hamstrings, and glutes. It also releases tension in the lower neck and back. It can be done in the following ways. Make sure to relax on your shin bones with your knees folded together. The toes must be touching your heels which are spread to the side. Then, fold your body at your hips. This will help you spread your hands in front. Let your hips sink down to the back so that they touch your feet. Try gently placing your forehead on the floor, keeping the arms stretched along the length of your body. Try to inhale deeply and maintain this posture for a couple of minutes.

2) Chest opener:

This exercise helps in opening and stretching the chest. It ultimately helps individuals stand up straighter. In order to do this, try standing on feet distanced about a hip-width. Also, let your arms stretch back by interlacing the fingers with the palm. Try to position your head, spine, and neck in one line. Inhale properly when you start bringing your chest away from the floor. Exhale deeply and try to remain in this pose for at least for 4 breaths. Repeat and try to maintain this pose at least 11 times.

How to correct posture

3) High Plank:

This relieves every pain prevailing throughout the body and assists in boosting strength in the back and core. It overall helps in possessing a good posture. It can be done by lifting your heels, and legs and raising your hips by coming onto all fours. By strengthening your back, abdominal and muscles of your legs, try to straighten the back portion of your neck. During the whole process, make sure you widen your chest and keep your shoulders back. It is recommended to remain in this posture for up to 2 minutes.

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