How to Relieve Period Cramps?

In a span of a lifetime, women go through many things- some of which are bad while some are good. Menstruation and pregnancy are known to be the two most vital periods of any women’s life! There can be no comparison between the pain that is faced while giving birth and also, the period pains. You cannot undo the pains and skip to the next phase of your life! Knowing simple, homemade hacks and tricks on how to relieve period cramps will be just as helpful for you as any other thing!

 While pregnancy pain is just for a specified time, period cramps do not have any such thing! How lucky would the women be if the pain and cramps disappeared from life, all of a sudden? From the time a girl starts stepping into their teenage years up to the age of 50 (minimum), the period cramps and pain will stay the exact same way- every month. Having knowledge on how to help period cramps or how to ease period cramps can be the best thing that you know!

For knowing a minute yet significant part of a woman’s life, we are here to discuss in this article some very important and easy tips on how to relieve period cramps and give you a better time- if not the best!

What are menstruation and the menstrual cycle?

how to relieve period cramps

Often called out by its common name, ‘Period’, menstruation is the phase when blood and tissue mixed with your urine comes out from the vagina. It happens every month usually unless there is any complication in the hormones of the body. This whole process is known as the menstrual cycle.

A woman’s body has two ovaries, and each one of them holds eggs. When the egg matures, they are ready to be intertwined with the sperm. However, because of the absence of sperm, the eggs are flushed out of the body by the process of menstruation. In short, menstruation ensures that a woman is not pregnant well as it prepares the body for such situations. If you are pregnant and wondering if is it okay to get a foot rub while pregnant we highly suggest checking out our post on the topic.

How to alleviate period cramps: Premenstrual Syndrome?

A girl can face Period cramps either before their period starts or during the flowing of blood or both. This is known as PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome. It can be extremely painful and irritating for some while it may not hurt the rest. To knowing how to relieve period cramps, we have a list of things that you can do for making your mood better and your pain vanish!

How to get rid of period pain- home remedies?

how to relieve period cramps

Home remedies are the safest for anyone to try and treat their period cramps and pain. They do not have any side effects and are in fact, healthy! Therefore, without wasting much of your time, let us directly jump into the home remedies of how to relieve period cramps.

  • Use a hot water bag or a heating pad- A hot water bag or a heating pad is a common thing in every household now. If you wrap or just place the heated pad in your abdomen or the painful areas, the pain will almost vanish instantly and give you some relief! The muscles of the uterus relax, and due to the heat, the blood circulation in the abdominal region tends to increase, which leads to a decrease in period cramps. So if someone asks you for tips on how to relieve period cramps, you can let them try this one out! There are several heating pads designed just for this purpose, so hop on and find the best heating pads to reduce your monthly suffering.
  • Massage with essential oils- Massaging your stomach or the pain region with certain essential oils like lavender oil, sage oil, rose oil, cinnamon, and clove oil can substantially reduce your period cramps. Mix a few drops of these oils with coconut oil and massage it smoothly all over your stomach. Massaging in a circular motion for 5 minutes will improve and boost the blood circulation in the uterus region, giving you real pain-free and cramp-free periods! If you search on the internet for how to relieve period cramps, this will be the most tried and tested method!
  • Soak in a tub or take a hot water bath- Period cramps are not only limited to your stomach region. For some, it may start with their backs hurting while others may face lower backaches even. So, the easiest tip on how to help cramps go away or how to get rid of really bad cramps is soaking in the bathtub or taking a hot water bath can be an effective choice! Take a warm shower and slide down in your bathtub with warm water for 10 minutes; your period pain is sure to go away within no time! For getting the maximum benefit and quick relief, you can add a few drops of essential oil to your warm water.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks or salty food- The underrated tip on how to reduce period pain is this: avoid the consumption of caffeinated drinks like coffee or teas that are high in caffeine and eat too much salty food. The simple scientific reason behind this is certain foods and beverages cause bloating water retention and discomfort in our stomach, which can increase our period cramps and abdominal pain during menstruation.

How to relieve Period cramps fast?

how to relieve period cramps

As mentioned earlier, period cramps for some people can be extremely painful. This pain can often lead to mood swings and irritation among some. Home remedies tend not to work on some because of their almost unbearable pain. For the ones who fear those premenstrual days of the months only because of their pain, here are the tips for you on how to relieve period cramps!

  • Try medication- In extreme situations where you are no longer able to handle the pain and all the home remedies fail, it is advised to have mild doses of painkillers that will help to relieve you from your deadly pains.
  • Acupressure- Acupressure is a Chinese treatment that is been used to cure many health issues. The system is to apply gentle pressure on different parts of the body, specifically the pain regions, with the help of your fingertips. If you rub and massage the affected area with just the correct amount of pressure, your abdominal pain, as well as period pain, will go away.
  • Have supplements- Including different types of supplements in your diet before your menstruation can help you release and avoid a lot of pain and cramps. Supplements like calcium and vitamins prove to be useful tips on how to relieve period cramps.
  • Have chamomile tea- If you are looking for ways how to reduce menstrual pain instantly, then sip on some warmly brewed chamomile tea! Chamomile tea is an anti-inflammatory that controls the secretion of the prostaglandin hormones in the body, which is responsible for the aches in the body during the menstrual period.
  • Consumption of ginger and cinnamon- Ginger and cinnamon are a great source of anti-inflammatory. It restricts bloating and ensures proper blood circulation in the abdominal region. The best way to have them would be to mix them and blend them in a cup of finely made tea and sip on it. This method is an age-old method that is surely tried and tested.

How to treat menstrual cramps?

how to relieve period cramps

You can get relief from the cramps and pain during the menstrual period by trying and applying the mentioned home remedies. In case you are still having cramps that are not easing out even after the application of the remedies, take a painkiller or go for medications.

Period cramps though very natural can be stressful and many times may interfere with your working schedule. If you feel that your cramps increased all of a sudden or you are facing some different kind of pain during your menstruation days, feel free to consult a doctor regarding the same.

Since this phase of a girl’s life is the beginning of their adulthood, sometimes there can be complications as well. To avoid negative situations in the future, it is always better to reach out to your doctor and get tips on how to relieve period cramps in a better way!

how to relieve period cramps

Alleviation of period cramps and pain is necessary because you do not really feel like doing anything during that time. You tend to get irritated and cranky because of the constant throbbing pain in your stomach and lower back. This pain varies from one woman to another, as everyone experiences it differently! Try to apply these how-to-relieve period cramps tips and tricks and save yourself from the stressful and frustrating pain! While there is simply no way how you can eliminate it completely from your life, you can still work on how to relieve period cramps and look forward to having some good period days!

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