How to Straighten Your Spine?

We all have studied in our biology classes that the spinal column in our body runs down the middle of our back. It also contains the spinal cord, which is the major highway of nerves responsible for connecting the brain with every tissue present in the body. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken to straighten your spine. The spine is believed to contain mainly three curves which are solely responsible for stability and flexibility.

A proper spinal position should be such that it should be straight while looking from the back and must not deviate from side to side much. It has been seen that deformities in spinal posture result in numerous serious problems. Therefore, if you are already suffering from misalignment of your spine, then you could follow the given steps to straighten your spine.

Taking care of the spine must be of prime importance. This ensures that there is no further deviation in the alignment of the spine.

How to straighten your back

  1. Maintaining a good spinal posture

    Always try to maintain a good spinal posture whenever you walk, sit, or sleep. Take appropriate breaks from sedentary jobs and relax your back by pushing your shoulders back. Take the help of cushions to support your back while watching your favorite TV show. Always refrain from crossing your legs while sitting. This exerts pressure on your lower back by making your hips unbalanced.

  2. Sleep on a firm mattress

    As we all know, we almost spend the maximum time of our life sleeping, and care must be taken on the type of mattress we sleep on. It must be seen that it provides adequate support to your spine. The most recommended position for the spine is to sleep on your side making your hips and knees bent.
    how to straighten your spine - Exercising

  3. Exercising

    There are numerous health benefits associated with exercise. Make sure to perform the right exercise for your spine. If unsure, then contact a personal trainer for the same. It is always recommended to do “snow angels” whenever you wake up. Turn on your back and do the exercise with your arms and legs. This must be done for approximately three to six minutes. These motions will warm the muscles up, therefore, making proper alignment of the spine. Working out on a rowing machine at the gym and performing exercises like pilates, yoga proves very beneficial to lay the foundation of proper posture.

  4. Taking the necessary supplements

    In order to maintain healthy, strong, and straight bones, certain nutrients are needed. They include minerals like boron, magnesium, and calcium. Also, vitamin D is an important component to deal away with bone weakness and promote the intake of calcium in the body. It is always recommended to consume 1000-1200 mg of calcium daily. This can also be done by the intake of ingredients like kale, spinach, sardines, tofu, collards, etc in your diet.

  5. Using a posture corrector to straighten your spine


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