Posturenow Review: The Best Posture Corrector Brace on the Market

Do you feel like you’ve been hunching over too much? Does your spine feel stressed or tensed? Maybe even standing up at this point is relatively painful? Well, this calls for PostureNow. PostureNow is a posture-correcting product that provides just the right incentive to make you sit up and let your spine lengthen to its natural state. In this posturenow review, you will find the features, uses, sizes, and procedures of application that make this device an invaluable asset.

Posturenow Reviews

The PostureNow training system is built with 2 adjustable armbands to help you experience PostureNow in your most natural state without feeling uncomfortable. The armbands are held up and together through an elastic strap. 

Apart from the operational armbands, PostureNow also uses an integral backstrap to help posture you upright. The back strap is connected to each armband through a hard plastic look connecter, while the back strap itself is made out of moderately thin elastic material that feeds a comfortable feel onto your back. To protect and keep your back safe, this back strap is provided with the feature of a hard plastic slide that lets you adjust the length of the strap. This is supported by a reinforcing fabric, which focuses on and strengthens the stress point in your back as this point is susceptible to easy damage.

posturenow review

The armbands are embedded with separate cuffs of their own, which need to be commended for their intricate level of detail and quality. Each cuff is designed with a Velcro strip on one side and neoprene material on the other part. The cuff makes for a strong link that grips just tight enough to ensure that everything is held firmly in place.

Its availability in Sizes

So you’re on a journey of posture correction? Well, we’ll have you know that almost every posture correction product out there works on a 50-50 ratio. However, PostureNow operates on a 70%-30% work ratio where the product carries the weight of the process- all you have to do is use it well! And by using it well, we mean choosing the right size!

Getting the wrong-sized product can cause serious defective consequences, and the product may not be able to deliver the quality you deserve. PostureNow comes in two primary sizes: Extra Large and Regular. These sizes stretch to accommodate their respective range of body types. Read on to find the size range of each alternative product type.

The Regular sized product comes with the following features:

  • The Back Strap length ranges from 9.75″ to 15.25″.
  • The Armband circumference rolls from 8.25″ to 15.5″
  • The tension band adjustability rate in terms of the longest to the shortest stretch is 9.75″ – 15.25″
  • The longest and shortest arm cuff adjustments in the regular-sized PostureNow range from an adjustable size of 8.25″ to 15.5”.

The Extra Large product also comes with its own sizes and adjustments. They are as follows:

  • The Back strap length goes from 13.5″ till 22.5″
  • The armband circumference goes around from 10.5” to 20.00”
  • The longest and the shortest tension band adjustments for extra large pieces range from 13.5″ – 22.5″.
  • The arm cuffs are adjustable from 10.5” to 20.00” in terms of long and short arm cuff adjustment rates.

Consequently, the armbands and the back straps in the Regular, as well as the Extra Large size, measure up to 2” in width.


What size should you get?

So now that you know the sizes that the brand is available in, it’s time to make a choice about getting the right-sized product. When buyers place an order for a product, there are many instances of them receiving something that is completely disproportionate to their body. It is important that you consider the size aspect seriously.

posturenow review

The manufacturers have certain guidelines on their website that you can refer to when you want some tips on how to buy. However, the sizing guidelines can be unclear at times and do not cater to all body size types. So here’s a posture now review that tells you how to use it. After all, the right-sized product can make all the difference!

It’s time to bring out the measuring tape! Go on and measure the width of your chest, bicep, and shoulders back. Also, measure your shoulder blades (lower portion) along with your bicep’s upper portion for accurate results. Once you have your measurements, here’s what to do:

  • Regular should be your go-to choice when your shoulder’s width is about 15.25” or less and the circumference of your bicep is less than 15.5”.
  • Extra-large should be your choice if the width of the shoulder is approximately 15.25” or above and the circumference of the bicep is greater than 15.5”.

Using the right-sized product makes all the difference, so make sure to keep these measurements in mind!

How do you put on the PostureNow?

You now know how to choose the right size, but what good is that if you don’t know how to wear your PostureNow when it is finally at your doorstep?  Posture correcting clothing and equipment can look easy- but they’re really not. One wrong move and all the tension could be misplaced in your body. These slip-ups are easy to make, if not common, and can be life-threatening depending on their seriousness, so you need to be pre-informed with thorough instructions on operating your product.  Besides, following these instructions means that you’re following the correct, effective technique and are bound to see results.

We know your excitement knows no bounds, but pause for a second and scour through some tips on how to use the product- straight from the manufacturers themselves! 

  • The slide can be used to set the tension strap and adjust it in a way that spans across the width of your chest.
  • There is a plastic slide on the back strap tension band- which is used to shorten or lengthen the tension band.
  • The arm cuff is also adjustable for your comfort. Setting your arm cuff so it is slightly larger than the circumference of your bicep will give your skin space to breathe without suffocating.
  • Adjust both armbands on either side so that they extend farther from the upper bicep area.
  • Insert your arms through the cuffs as if you were wearing a jacket. 
  • Once you’ve slid your cuffs up your arm, adjust the arm cuff at the armpit area without tightening it too much as it will negatively affect your blood circulation. Do the same with your other armpit.
  • Between wearing the PostureNow through both armpits, make sure to check if your tension band is tight enough. Lengthen or shorten accordingly.

The technology behind it

The workings of PostureNow seem to be considered some great mystery by a majority of its users- but this posturenow review is here to tell you- relax, it’s not rocket science!

Before you buy the product, remember that while PostureNow provides support as one of its services, it aims to correct your posture by giving you support. So its main focus is not support but rather posture. The product is structured in a way that helps your body retain and strengthen its core muscles- the ones you use to sit straight and erect with good posture generally.

posturenow review

As a general suggestion, most experts think that wearing a product that is fully devised to “support” can be counterproductive, as these products make your body completely rely on them to get by. They perform the work of your core muscles in your stead, and this leads to further weakening of those muscles. In turn, this can have some hazardous repercussions pertaining to even the basic functioning of your body.

So we’ve established that PostureNow is not a primarily support-providing device. Here’s how to tell if your posture now is working correctly:

A well-fitted PostureNow device will be tight across your back but not stretch in a way that stresses your muscles out. It is only when you hunch that the device pulls at the strings of tension on your back. Naturally, your reaction to such stimulation should be to sit up straight until the tension reduces to zero. Thus, this product constantly aims to inhibit your “bad posture” by getting you to your “good posture” through an erect spine. You can train your posture through PostureNow by wearing it for 10-30 minute sessions every day for 30 days.


Can PostureNow be concealed well?

Over the course of its sale, many have asked the unanimous yet ambiguous question that is common to the community of potential PostureNow buyers: Does the product conceal well?

Of course, asking this question is totally viable, as a well-concealed product can be fitted under your skin to your liking whenever you want. As a consequence- you can use your product daily without having to explain it to anyone.

However, once the PostureNow is in your hands (or under your shirt, to be precise), you’ll have no cause for concern!! Where most trainers and supports in the market are thick and bulky, PostureNow is made of the smoothest, thinnest rubber that will feel like a second skin on your body. Its slim fit makes it undetectable outside your standard-fitting clothing. 

The visibility of the product, naturally, also depends on the kind of clothes you’re wearing. Sleeveless or short-sleeved clothes, for instance, may not completely conceal your PostureNow, but you can change this by making the right adjustments.

The inspiration behind the innovation

Lastly, it is the creators of PostureNow that give this product life and your spine a strut. The PostureNow video on YouTube has racked up quite a number of views- and if you’ve watched it, you know that the creators are two peas in a pod. These “creators” namely are Matt Franklin and Mike Lane. Both of them are not only friends but also ex-coworkers who were brought together by fate itself to form the brand. Together, they built the foundations for Lane Franklin LLC- the company that forms the basis of PostureNow- located in Portland, Oregon, in March of 2009.

posturenow review

Before the formation of PostureNow, rumors postulate that Mike Lane was once a sales director in an art handling and shipping company.  Fortunately, his company was based in New York, the city of dreams- that ignited the first steps towards PostureNow. Matt, on the other hand, lived in Portland, where he made training videos and samples for a high-tech company.  Once their friendship rekindled, they went on to pursue and built the Lane Franklin business venture as partners- and there has been no looking back ever since!

Imagine- there would be none of this review if it weren’t for their gifted minds.

The initial investment that both the creators put into their company and idea amounted to $10,000, which then blew up into a $100,000 investment with investor Mark Cuban upon PostureNow’s appearance in an episode of Shark Tank. The two of them are truly the inspirations behind the product.


You’ve probably gone through the features, uses, and viability of the product, and now you’re here, and you’re thinking this is the dreadful part: the price. Have no fear; we’re sure that PostureNow’s price is a challenge you can face head-on. In fact, the cost is probably the best part of the product.

The cost of the product is essentially the same whether you purchase the Regular or the Extra Large size. 

This product is priced at a definite: $39.95. Additionally, you should expect to pay $6.95 of standard shipping and handling charges. This brings the total cost of the product up to a final $46.90 only! This price is further complemented by the fact that you can order multiple quantities of the product and face the same shipping and handling price of $6.95, which places you-the customer, at leverage with the product.

The price is especially reasonable when you compare it with other posture-correcting products online, which are marked above the average.


The PostureNow device has seen millions of its users gain strength and experience pleasant posture over the years. A good posture is indicative of a healthy body and mind. It gives you the confidence to power-walk into a room and command attention. PostureNow gives you all this and more at a fair price. We hope you gained an insight into the wonderful creation of Mike Lane and Matt Franklin through this review. Now, be off your way to a straight posture and a bright future!

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