What are Pressure Points on Top of Foot and How to Relieve Pain

Acupressure is not only one of the most ancient but also among the most popular art of healing and self-treatment. These are famously known to be acupuncture without needles. Instead of the use of needles, manual pressure is applied gradually by the use of the fingertips at specific pressure points on top of the foot and the rest of the body. These are called pressure points or healing points that in turn activate the body’s natural self-curative ability.

Massaging these acupressure points the right way not only acts as a stress buster but is helpful in treating several other health issues. The pressure points on top of the foot are said to help in treating sinus congestion and problems related to the eyes. While many believe in the method, others do not mind trying it as there are almost no side effects to the process of acupressure.

What is the basic principle of Acupressure?

Developed in Asia over 5000 years ago, this ancient healing art is a natural curing therapy that has been used for ages to relieve various problems in the human body. It is most commonly used to relieve tension and improve blood circulation inside the body, along with that it reduces body pain and develops a sense of spirituality and vibrant health in the individual.


If the principles of traditional Chinese medicine are to be believed, the human body consists of numerous invisible line that helps with the flow of energy and is called meridians. According to these principles, 14 meridians in the human body connects our organs with other parts of our body, and the basics of acupressure as well as acupuncture are based on these meridians.

The Various Healing Points:

It is believed that when the flow of energy inside the body called “chi” is blocked or interrupted at any point on the meridians, it becomes the cause of various health issues and different symptoms can be observed anywhere along that particular meridian. Due to this when the pressure points on top of the foot are massaged, it helps in relieving headaches.

While it may look simple, to remember the exact spot of the body’s hundreds of acupressure requires years of practice. Many of the pressure points lie at the crossroads of more or more than that meridian and are therefore believed to have a widespread benefit across multiple organs. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective healing points in our bodies:

  • On our hand, wrist, and palm
  • Near knees and on our feet
  • On and near the ears
  • Face and neck region

Benefits and Uses of pressure points on top of foot:

The basic reason for choosing acupressure is to relieve the body of various pains without having any major side effects from other medications. Many people also prefer this method of treatment for managing symptoms of other alarming health conditions. Some of the symptoms it is used to relieve are:

Pressure Points On Top Of Foot


  • The most common headache and backache are relieved by pressure points on top of foot.
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Cancer-related fatigue
  • Muscular tension in the body and other pain
  • Many people use it for managing stress in a better way
  • Vomiting and nausea especially during the months of pregnancy and also morning sickness.
  • Motion sickness can be prevented by pressure points on top of foot

Currently, various countries all across the globe are exploring and conducting studies related to acupressure and some shreds of evidence prove how effective acupressure is while treating pain due to different kinds of injuries, especially sports injuries.

According to different studies conducted, it is proven acupressure has been the most effective in relieving pain as compared to the sham acupressure method or no acupressure at all. While there was no significant change in the anxiety level, it did calm the individual by regulating the pain.

Safety and side effects:

Acupressure is a non-painful method whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. While there are no such side effects of this method but it is advised to speak to a doctor first in case of pregnancy or if facing any other health-related issues like osteoporosis, bleeding disorders, easy bruising, or blood pressure, and then go for acupressure. It is always best to approach a professional and tell your therapist is case of any discomfort or pain.

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