Smart Back Brace Posture Corrector Review: What You Need to Know

So you’ve tried them all brace after brace after brace, and now you’re back on Google typing “What are the best back braces”- don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Well, the Smart Back Brace has got your back. The Smart Back Brace uses a combination of physical as well as technologically induced back therapy to not only help out your posture but also treat your back pains, joint pains, and sore muscles just as effectively. In this smart back brace posture corrector review, you’ll find out exactly why your previous back braces failed where the Smart Back Brace succeeds.

What is a Smart Brace? Why do you need it?

The Smart Back brace is-…, well, it’s primarily smart, for one. Very much unlike your everyday back brace, the Smart Back Brace aims to comply with and fulfill your needs in a way that is furthest from conventional.  All you need to do to operate your smart back brace is to slip it through into your arms with its two straps and tighten them to fit your frame perfectly, and that’s it! You have the weight of a fully efficient, fully smart back brace on your back.

The straps of a back brace are essential and important for the top-notch functioning of the brace on your body. These straps are kept up to fix your shoulders into a healthy and erect position so that you’re never slumping. Hunched over shoulders can often portray low self-confidence and project unhealthy consequences onto your body- and our aim is to remove such tendencies so that you can live and enjoy your daily life in the best form you’ve ever been. 

Now, if you’re wondering where the smart part comes in, you should start paying close attention. Once you’ve inserted both straps over your shoulders and let yourself experience the grips on your shoulder bones, you’ll start feeling an object on your back. This is basically an electric device unit that operates on sensors. These sensors stay in tune with your body throughout the duration of wearing the brace. They can pick up on minute movements and positions and are alert to your every breath. So when you start to slouch, the electric device will instantly record the movement and vibrate on your back and remind you to sit up straighter.

smart back brace posture corrector review

If you think the wonders of the Smart Back Brace stop here, prepare to stand corrected. The device uses smartly integrated Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth connects the device to your smartphone so that you can have access to updates from your back brace right in front of you- on your phone! All you need to do is download the Smart Back Brace app to receive notifications and alerts. So every time you hunch or slouch, not only does the device vibrate on your back, but it also sends you alerts on your phone reminding you to sit up straight. The advantage of having the Smart Back Brace app to record your movements is that this app keeps track of how often you slouch unconsciously and shows you a collective report of your progress over time. 

The Smart Back Brace, thus, differs from traditional back braces in various senses. The main idea is that while the latter would hold your shoulders and back in a corrected position and end its performance when you remove the brace, the Smart Back Brace is viable and constantly keeps you on your toes (and works great if you’re forgetful, trust us). It uses a preliminary method of operational conditioning that actually proves to be effective over the long run- and you can see it for yourself on your personalized app!

The Smart Back Brace is manufactured to be useful for all types of body types. The shoulders are super adjustable so that the brace literally melts into your skin without feeling unnatural.  So whether you’re short, tall, stout, or big, this smart brace has got your back (pun intended)!

Smart Back Brace Posture Corrector – Buying Guide

What factors should you look for in a good back brace?

Before you make an investment into the Smart Back Brace, let this smart back brace posture corrector review you know why this is not only a great product but even better than your standard back brace. So here are some factors that you should consider before purchasing a back brace:

  • Size of the brace:

The size of the brace you buy is important because this determines how your brace will fit into your body frame. Buying the wrong-sized brace can be an unprofitable purchase as this might result in the brace being either too tight or too loose to be comfortable. In order to fix this dynamic issue, some back braces come in a one-size-fits-all model, where the straps are adjustable as per your body measurements. On the other hand, some products are sold in different individual sizes. Make sure to choose one that can collaborate well with your body size for optimum comfort.

  • Price

It might seem appealing to go for a cheaper brace and finish the purchase simply. It is tempting because it’s just a brace; all it does is hold me up. How bad quality can it get?

If you’re thinking like this, you’re thinking wrong. A back brace isn’t a product whose value you should decide on price. Good quality braces are important as they won’t have any counter-effective negative health consequences on your body. Make sure to look for a brace that is lasting, durable, and washable.

  • Comfort

The level of comfort a brace gives you will ultimately decide how often you’re going to wear it. If you want results, you need to wear your brace often. And if you want to wear your brace often, it needs to be comfortable enough to induce you into doing so. Comfort is also an aspect of braces that require you to wear them all day long. Always consider a brace only when it offers a good level of comfort and doesn’t have any painful or damaging impacts on your back- as it is a delicate part of your body.

  • Mode of Action

A back brace is designed to initiate positive changes in your body. A good back brace should hold up your spine in a way that supports and positions your back into the straightest line possible. A good back brace will do the job of instantly pushing you into sitting erect every time you slouch and cultivate it into a habit over the course of time. It should not only support and correct the posture of your spine and back but also strengthen the muscles in your shoulders and your back so that they can straighten your body all by themselves after a while.

These are essentially the features you should be in search of in an effective back brace- one whose primary objective is to keep your spine posture straight and healthy.


What makes a good back brace?

If you’re on this site reading this smart back brace posture corrector review with no idea about why or how you got here, let us clear some things up for you about why you need a back brace in the first place: Bad Posture.

smart back brace posture corrector review

We all suffer from bad posture on a daily, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, it is not something we’re all aware of until our millennial postures of hunching over desks and slouching over desktops return to haunt us in the form of irreversible back pains and problems at sixty years old. 

A bad posture is expressed by your body whenever you’re not sitting straight. Go ahead and check right now- are you sitting upright? Is your spine erect? More than half of you probably just corrected your positions because we made you aware of it- which is exactly why the Smart Back Brace should be your next future purchase. 

A bad posture can have counterproductive health effects over a distinct course of time. It can lead to increased stress and cardiovascular problems and go as far as causing constipation! You don’t want to subject your body to that, do you? 

A bad posture can not only be disease-oriented, but also project as depressed slouching- which can make you seem under-confident or inferior when really- you’re the star of the show, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise.

So now you’re probably interested in an inclined change in your distasteful posture of sitting. While a quick solution to this problem is near impossible (it takes 15 years to build a bad posture, and you can’t undo that in one week), 15 minutes worth of time from your 24 hours could be the start of your journey towards a better, smarter future of great posture and confidence!

Before you decide to embark on this journey, make sure to confirm if the reason behind your bad posture is slouching or hunching. Keep in mind that bad postures suffered as a result of injury or your genetic structure can be provided better support through other devices designed exclusively to rectify them. 

That being said, you should definitely look into these health advantages of posture correctors that can further explain the use of one in our modern-day hunching-over-our-phones lives:

Bone health

Posture-correcting braces can have an increasingly favorable role in the correction of posture by restructuring bones that have been misplaced due to hunched positions over the years. These devices promote bone health by enabling the bones to return to their designated place and give your body the complete support it deserves.

Joints health

Back braces and posture correctors also do an excellent job of facilitating easy joint movements. In turn, this decreases stress and oils joints so they can easily perform bodily functions.


smart back brace posture corrector review

As mentioned previously, back braces have a big contribution to make to spinal health. Their use gently forces the spine into its intended upright position and keeps your body in a constantly good posture. Consequently, this results in lesser chances of experiencing spine-related injuries in the future.

Muscular pain

Not only do posture braces encourage good posture, bone health, and joint health, but they also play a relevant role in helping to reduce muscle pains and backaches that may manifest into hazardous and operational disabilities upon continuation.

Shoulder and neck pain

Posture and back braces also play a pivotal role in remedying shoulder and neck injuries through the correction of posture.

Overall, a posture-correcting back brace is a clever choice to make during the digital age that requires you to bend over your desktop or your phone over hours of work. They help by regularly installing your posture into its original, healthy form and preventing the fatigue that comes with unhealthy posture.

Features of the Smart Back Brace

You now know why a back brace is understandable the need of the hour- for the young and the old alike. It is now time that you consider our exclusive posture-correcting and technologically advanced Smart Back Brace. The Smart Back Brace can be whatever you want depending on your posture needs. For some, it may work as a complete posture-correcting device through the combination of its excellent features, while it may simply be a back brace- supporting the back for others. 

The Smart Back Brace is revolutionized through its features. These features don’t just exist on the Smart Back Brace but live and breathe with you throughout the duration of wearing them. The Smart Back Brace strives to physically change your body postures through consistent reminders to stop slouching through collaboration between low-frequency vibration reminders, the SBB app, and the clavicle brace itself. Let this smart back brace posture corrector review explain how some features that make the brace as remarkable as it is:

The Brace

The brace is completely structured with highly effective shoulder straps. To some extent, these straps are very similar in their functioning to other clavicle braces. You can tighten or loosen the straps to fit around your body. However, they differ from other braces in the way they are designed to hold on just a little tight to your shoulders and back. This is so that the straps can actually physically pull you back into a proper posture rather than just reminding you to.

However, it does well to remind yourself that the shoulder straps exist only to indicate where your shoulders should be positioned, rather than force you into the habit. To aid your own self-development of posture, the brace should not be worn continuously.

The “Smart” Brace

While the physical part of posture correcting is taken care of by the shoulder straps, don’t forget that the brace has a “smart” in its title, and by smart- you can imagine a tiny electric device on your back that sends you vibrations to reinforce the message to sit straight.

smart back brace posture corrector review

The electronic device is always resting on your back, where it uses sensors to be receptive to a drop in your shoulders and back, and it is what helps you retain your muscles in a natural position to support not only your back but also your joints, bones, and your entire body- really. The small device is lightweight, so while you’re aware of what will happen while you slouch, you’re not constantly noticing the device itself.


The App

The Smart Back Brace, apart from the already effective electronic device and the straps, comes with a mobile app that acts as a premeditated space where your journey towards impeccable posture is tracked, and developments are recorded. The app sends you reminders and lets you know instantly if the device notices you slouching. Every session of wearing the brace is also recorded in the app so that you’re clear about your goals and current advancements.

The Battery

Naturally, the electronic device is battery-operated so that it is independent of a power source while functioning- because honestly, that would seem stupid. Hence, the manufacturer provided a rechargeable battery that can be connected to a micro USB once and work in top-notch condition continuously for the next few days.

The Guarantee

If you don’t yet believe that the SBB community has your best interests in mind- this should convince you. In case you find that the Smart Back Brace is not helping you at all, you can contact the customer support system, which will either try to work with you and guide you through the process of using it beneficially or will refund you for the product. 

Why is the Smart Back Brace better than other braces? 

So if you’ve read this far, and you still don’t get the hype because- “what is so special about this product, anyway?”, here’s a summarization of what sets the Smart Back brace apart from its conventional cousins:

Unlike other “smart” posture-correcting devices that measure your body angle along a vertical axis, the Smart Back Brace is directly measuring how slouched your shoulders are. By doing this, the brace is programming itself to work according to what your goals regarding a better posture should be. This provides to be a much more accurate and verifiable way of correcting hunched bodies in a healthy and timely way so you see results. 

The Smart Back Brace is equipped with straps that physically go around your shoulders to hold you up. Unlike other braces that remind you about your decrementing posture through clip-on or stick-of and leave you to do the work- the SBB takes it upon itself to latch and pull your shoulders back into an acceptable posture.  Thus, with an SBB, you get the advantage of the brace itself, in combination with advanced posture-sensing technology.


Leaving this smart back brace posture corrector review without giving the product a chance is like having a gun, with the knowledge to fire it- but without any ammunition. Let the Smart Back Brace be your ammo. The brace integrates physical controls with electronic and technological ones and ensures that the time you spend with your brace reaps results. So make a decision this time for a better brace as well as a better future for your back.

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