Thigh High Compression Socks for Pain Relief & Improved Circulation

Jomi Compression Socks

Jomi Compression Socks

20-30 mmHg pressure
Unisex usage
NuVein Medical Compression Socks

NuVein Medical Compression Socks

Unisex usage
20-30 mmHg pressure
Opaque fabric
JOBST Thigh High Compression Socks

JOBST Thigh High Compression Socks

Open-toe design
Unisex stockings
Different sizes
Troform Thigh High Stockings

Innova 12-in-1 Inversion Table - ITP1000

Nylon and spandex made
Knit heel pocket
Thromboembolic disease

Compression therapy isn’t new for us, right? Most medical practitioners recommend compression therapy through compression socks for correcting many limb problems. Well, these compression socks come in different lengths but we are more interested in thigh high compression socks.

Why Thigh High Socks?

You might wonder why we have to go for the best thigh high compression socks instead of the normal ones covering the feet or the calves. We have loads of reasons for it!

  • The very first reason is these medical compression socks cover the entire leg! Their functioning isn’t restricted until the feet or calve regions. The compression socks benefits aren’t just limited to these regions, and these prove to be a great aid to problems above the knees as well.
  • The crucial reason for implementing compression therapy is to improve blood circulation in the legs by applying gentle pressure in the required areas. With the best compression socks, we’d have improved blood circulation in the entire leg. Through this, we could restrict problems like blood clots.
  • To address the problems and pain above the knees, normal compression socks wouldn’t meet the needs. The best thigh high compression socks perfectly address the concerns throughout the legs.
  • The best thigh high compression stockings for varicose veins relieve us from the varicose veins thighs, a condition wherein the veins are swollen or twisted. There’s nothing more soothing than these best compression socks for swelling.
  • We usually find swellings above the thighs, and these are often the ignored ones. The best compression socks for swelling are the friend in need of people with busy schedules.

Best Thigh High Compression Socks – Buying Guide

The compression socks benefit list is never-ending! With no choice but to miss the best thing compression socks, let’s see how can we grab the perfect one for us!

Factors to look for

Most of us feel that having good reviews is sufficient for us to buy the best thigh high compression stockings for varicose veins and other problems. On the contrary, there is so much more we need to know. These factors help in laying hands on the appropriate thigh high compression socks.

  1. Pressure

We know that these medical compression socks apply gentle pressure and treat the damage. As we have different concerns, each of these needs a specific pressure. These stockings apply two different pressures based on the concern being addressed.

Uniform Compression – The socks apply an equal amount of pressure on the whole surface. We might feel some difference in pressure, but that is due to the leg shape and movement. In general, the pressure is the same throughout the garment.

Graduated Pressure – In this case, the socks apply more pressure on one side and less on the opposite end. The high pressure is usually near the ankles, and low pressure is near the calves or thigh regions. The areas farther from the heart are put under more pressure so that there is proper blood circulation throughout.

  1. Construction

The socks’ construction depends on the concerns we face. There are two different types of medical compression socks. They are as follows:

Circular Kit – Highly recommended and beneficial to diabetic patients and gauntlets. These socks usually last for a month or a month and a half.

Flat Kit – This kit consists of a seam and provides a relatively more compression level. They last for a month and a half or two months in general.

The best compression socks for swelling inscribed with modern technology come with seamless flat kits. They are less irritating and more beneficial than the flat kits with a seam.

  1. Usage

Based on the purpose of usage, we can find different types of compression socks in the market. Some common applications of these stockings are as follows:

Copper fit socks – The copper-fit socks apply mild compression on the required areas. They curb soreness by eliminating the lactic acid build-up. The copper-fit socks also regulate oxygen levels and blood flow in the legs.

Sock for plantar fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the tissue that runs between the heel and back toes swells up. An excellent way to get rid of this is by using a sock for plantar fasciitis. This stocking applies pressure near the soles and aid in reducing swellings.

For pregnancy – We need special compression socks for women during pregnancy owing to the complications. Women usually sweat a lot during this phase. The best thigh high compression stockings for pregnancy are relatively thicker and sweat-absorbent.

For DVT – Deep vein thrombosis is a condition of a clot in the veins. Legs are more prone to this condition. The best thigh high compression socks stockings for DVT apply higher compressions and aid in DVT relief.

For men and women – There are different compression socks for men and women. This difference is based on tissue and muscle differences between men and women. We can either choose compression socks for men or compression socks for women or medical compression socks that suit both.

We can make the best of compression socks’ benefits if we analyze the concern we face. For specific medical conditions like DVT, and others, we have unique stockings available for us. If you wish to use them for general purposes, pick compression socks for women or compression socks for men, or medical compression socks.

  1. Performance and Comfort

Stockings with mild compressions like copper fit socks can be used on personal choice. People who sit for prolonged durations can make the best use of them. Here, compression socks for men or compression socks for women can also be considered. Sportspersons and frequent travelers can also make use of these socks. We can use these best compression socks for swelling regularly or when we find it necessary based on individual preferences.

Tips for using Compression Stockings

Make use of these simple tips to grab the best of compression socks benefits and improve their lifespan.

  • It is best to use these stocks first thing in the morning while the swellings are minimum.
  • If you find it difficult to wear the best compression socks due to dry skin, apply a moisturizer and let the skin absorb it. After it dries out, we can easily wear the stockings. We can also use baby powder to slide the thigh high compression socks easily.
  • Wash the socks regularly with mild soap and water, rinse them thoroughly, and dry them naturally.
  • Make sure the socks you buy to fit in properly. Loose ones won’t work properly, and tight ones would lead to intense compression.

Best Thigh High Compression Socks Reviews

Here are some of the best thigh high compression socks available to us on

  1. Jomi Compression Socks

thigh high compression socks

These thigh high socks from Jomi are available in different sizes and colors. With an easy pull-on type mechanism, these stockings offer the following features:

  • These are unisex medical compression socks with moderate support and come in standard lengths.
  • The size range starts from small and extends up to extra-large, i.e., we have four different sizes to choose from.
  • These stockings are available in two colors – black and beige. Both of these offer the same features and functionality. So, the choice is entirely on the user!
  • These socks use medically certified nylon blend fabric in the making. They have approval for class 2 gradient compression.
  • These easy-to-wear and remove socks provide 20-30 mmHg compression and are one of the best compression socks for blood clots, DVT, varicose veins, edema, and spider veins.
  • The socks fit in perfectly to the thighs. The buyers are provided with detailed instructions guide to adjust the sizing and use it properly.

  1. NuVein Medical Compression Socks

thigh high compression socks

These stockings are an excellent choice to grab the maximum compression socks benefits. With different colors and sizes, these pairs of socks offer the following features:

  • These socks are available in three different colors – black, beige, and white.
  • The size range varies between small and extra-large, meeting the requirements of most people around the world.
  • They are also unisex socks made out of opaque fabric providing the utmost comfort.
  • We experience a 20-30 mmHg heavy strength Hosiery from these socks made of hospital-grade and durable fabrics.
  • With enhanced comfort, these socks provide excellent relief from problems like clots, DVT, swelling, edema, pregnancy, etc.
  • The makers used dot-top grip lining to avoid slipping and rolling specifically. The specially designed knit heel pocket is responsible for keeping the garment in place without losing the grip.
  • The open-toe design is to ensure proper breathability and makes the medical examination easy.


  1. JOBST Thigh High Compression Socks

h balance board is best? How

With a silicone dot band and open-toe design, these pair of stockings are must-have thigh high socks. They are available in different sizes and provide the following features:

  • The manufacturers included a silicone dot band to hold the garment in place.
  • We are provided with four different size variants – small, medium, large, and extra-large.
  • These unisex stockings perfectly fit men and women without compromising in performance.
  • These socks come with a 3D knit structure to ensure comfort throughout usage.
  • The reinforced heel design ensures durability, and the open-toe style improves breathability.


  1. Truform Thigh High Stockings

thigh high compression socks

With two stunning colors and unisex applications, these pair of surgical stockings offer the following features to their buyers:

  • These are made of 82% nylon; the rest is covered by spandex.
  • We are provided with two color variants – white and beige.
  • A silicone grip band, expandable thigh panel, open-toe design, and knit heel pocket are some features of these compression stockings.
  • These are ideal for post-surgery usage while the person is bedridden or inactive. These socks specially deal with thromboembolic disease.
  • These socks are also effective in treating DVT clots, edema fluid retentions, pulmonary embolisms, etc.
  • The makers provide detailed measuring and usage instructions so that we grab the compression socks benefits.



  1. What are compression socks used for?

Compression stockings are used to deal with problems like vein clots, fluid retentions, embolic conditions, blood flow control, etc. They apply a little pressure in the required regions and give therapeutic results.

  1. When should you wear compression socks?

It is best to wear these socks early in the morning before the swellings start to increase. We can consult experts and follow their instructions too.

  1. Who should not wear compression socks?

People with peripheral vascular disease that affects the lower body parts are advised not to use compression stockings.

  1. Do compression socks help sore feet?

They are known to apply gentle pressure and relieve us from cramps, swellings, etc. aiding in minimizing sore feet.

  1. Do compression socks work for arthritis?

Compression stockings help to minimize arthritis by compressing joints suffering from swellings and inflammations.

  1. What compression socks do doctors recommend?

It is better to consult a doctor individually and take suggestions as each body’s requirements are entirely unique.

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