Relax and Rejuvenate with Trumedic Trushiatsupro Foot Massager

So much work for our feet but so little relaxation for them. In our day-to-day life, we often are in a rush and are busy throughout the day putting all our stress on our precious feet making them overwork as much as possible. This often results in stressing our feet which results in us not getting a good night’s sleep resulting in tired mornings and decreased productivity. That is why we need some therapy or massage to treat them with care and show some compassion to our very own feet.

The easiest and most time-effective way is to give our feet deep kneading massages at home itself. And for this, we have plenty of foot massagers with different therapies available in the market like that of traumatic trushiatsupro foot massager.

Trumedic TrushiatsuPro Foot Massager Reviews

Trumedic TrushiatsuPro Foot Massager

trumedic trushiatsupro foot massager

The massager has been designed according to the shiatsu therapy to relaxing the feet providing for a deep kneading massage with heat for the utmost comfort to relax the overworked muscles of the foot, especially the arches and the soles so that you enjoy your good night’s sleep waking up refreshed and rejuvenated with maximum productivity.


It is the features of any product that make it or break it. So is the case with these massagers. But the features of the traumatic trushiatsupro foot massager have developed with the utmost care and compassion looking at the finer points to make this massager the best available one in the market.

  1. The shiatsu massage given by the massager is no less than a spa-like massage given by a professional. The soothing massage of high quality with targeted specific pressure points and knots with the rollers, heat, and airbag compression makes it undoubtedly the best foot massager available in the market.
  2. The heat functioning is very soothing with the delivery of deeper massage just by activating the heating function and letting the warmth sweep through the muscles with the rollers guiding their way through all the hard-to-reach places mimicking the movements similar to that of a human touch providing the best quality massage just like that you would get at a spa or by a therapist.
  3. The simple and easy-to-use control panels can be reached with the push of a button by the feet as well making it extremely convenient to use.
  4. The ergonomic design of the traumadic trushiatsupro foot massager is a structure meant to provide a relaxing and enjoyable foot massage. You can very conveniently add soothing heat to your massage with just a press button giving you the feeling of span. Nothing is better to get a spa treatment right in the comfort of your home for the relaxing feeling hitting your senses before you hit your bed.
  5. The trumedic trushiatsupro foot massager with further provided with air compression sleeves for tour calves to further enhance this feeling of deep relaxation and comfort.
  6. The heat is very gentle and soothing to relieve tired and aching feet. The shiatsu massage activated with heat helps in reducing muscle soreness and tension with just a click of a push button.
  7. The custom relaxation helps the user choose from 3 unique massage models and the intensity level to the right technique for the massage to help you benefit from the best for you.
  8. The reflexology rollers and the airbag compression target extremely specific reflexology points to give you a complete stress-free and soreness relief session timed accordingly to your convenience.

Why should you buy the TruMedic trushiatsupro Foot Massager?

  1. The foot massager hits all the right places in the foot to provide a deeply relaxing massage that one can look forward to a good hard day at work before going off to bed. It is the best part of anybody’s night routine for a relaxed and calm sleep.
  2. The trumedic massager’s pressure and massager with the heating option are just perfect after a tiring day at work to relax your muscles leaving you rejuvenated and ready for the hustle of the next day.
  3. For somebody who is working on their foot for very long hours throughout the week this is the perfect massager that is inbuilt with air compression bags and rollers with reflexology hitting the right spots to deliver deep penetrating massage for extreme comfort and relaxation relieving the feet of overburden and stress while protecting your muscles at the same time. 


The trumedic trushiatsupro foot massager is a deep kneading reflexology foot massager with heat options to provide a muscle-penetrating deep stimulation massage specifically on the knots and pressure points to relieve the aching arches and soles of the foot for a relaxed sleep and enhanced productivity. Also, the stimulating massage is great to relieve all the stress and soreness of the muscles to help protect us from further muscle or tissue damage with long-term effects. The air compression bag with the option of heat for a thermal massage is an added benefit to this massager that aims at delivering a high-quality spa-like experience at the convenience of the user’s home. 


1. Does this massager work on a battery?

No, it is operated by a cord and not a battery.

2. Can you use this massage while standing upright?

No, it is not safe to use this massager while standing upright as it may put unnecessary pressure on the massager leading to its damage. So, it’s best and safer to use the massager while seated.

3. Can the massage be used while in a shower or bathing?

No, since it is powered through electricity, it is not advisable and should strictly not be used while in a shower or bathing.

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