What Causes Bad Back Posture? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A large proportion of the population suffers daily from neck or back pain due to bad back posture. It also won’t be surprising to state that these people often rush to a host of possible fixes. This may range from exercising to having a relaxing massage over the affected area, using a posture corrector, or visiting the chiropractor. Engaging oneself in activities like yoga, Pilates and holistic therapies can also prove beneficial.

Where the major demand always lies in the urge of having a good body posture, the awareness of bad posture causes is still given no importance. So, we have noted down some causes of bad back postures. This will help them in determining the underlying factors and will also make them realize whether their current body posture is correct or not.

What causes bad back posture?

Bad Back Posture Causes:

1) Injury:

Usually, after an injury, it is a general reflex of the muscles to go into spasm in order to protect the affected area. Though they tend to limit the movements and cause pain their main objective is to keep the injured parts stable as well as protected from further risks of injury. The muscles in spasms have a tendency to weaken over time. The imbalance caused between muscles guarding the injury and muscles working normally usually leads to deformations in body posture.

2) Muscle weakness and tension

When a person gets injured on his back, it’s very natural that the affected area won’t be held as upright against gravity as the non-affected parts. This can also lead to poor back posture. Moreover, other reasons can be due to excessive muscle strength that has been brought about by the activities one performs. It could be the way one works or performs daily chores.

3) Due to use of technology

This is one of the most common bad postures causes. It depends on how one uses the technology available to them. We tend to slouch and bend our necks while using such devices over a longer period of time. To get into a comfortable position while using these we compromise our posture.

4) Daily Habits

This is the most important cause of bad back postures. It all depends on how the individual carries his body throughout the day. It is a natural tendency of the body to eliminate good postures in order to align itself in comfortable positions. As in these positions, the body is required to have minimum patterns of muscle contraction and stretch, therefore, leading to improper body posture.

What causes bad back posture

5) Clothing

Posture also depends on “the choice of your shoes” and how you dwell in them. Clothing plays an important role in causing bad back postures. Where the generation is moving towards tight-fitting clothes and high-heeled shoes, the problems of developing bad back postures are getting more common. This can easily act as a catapult for the misalignment and can cause pain and swelling in the back.

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