What is the Ergonomically Optimum Body Posture?

Humans have evolved so much that the majority of us don’t have to go out and do heavy tasks. Most of us make a living by doing work sitting in front of the computer. Also, teenagers and other people use their phones too much, which can result in bad posture. In this article, we are going to see what is the ergonomically optimum body posture.

What Are The Problems Of Having Bad Posture?

what is the ergonomically optimum body posture

As we have discussed, most of us are sitting in front of a computer or using our smartphones all day which results in bad posture. One of the common bad postures found in humans is slouching. While using our mobile phones, we bend our necks and back a little to access them easily. What is the ergonomically optimum body posture?

Eventually, a little bend becomes a slouch. You may think, what’s wrong with slouching? Slouching is really injurious to your health. Slouching causes your muscles to do extra work to keep your head in one position. This results in your muscles getting tired at an early age. They will lose the ability to restructure themselves when they are supposed to be in their prime. This causes joint and muscle pains and can even lead to arthritis.

There are also other bad postures that need to be corrected. We are going to see how to maintain an optimum body posture for better health.

What Is The Right Body Posture?

What Is The Right Body Posture?

It is slightly a difficult task to explain the perfect body posture, but we will try our best to give you precise and accurate instructions on maintaining the right body posture.

  1. First, keep your chin up. Most people lower their chins and develop double chins purely because of bad postures. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Also, rest the rear part of the tongue on the upper floor of your mouth. This will reduce your double chins eventually. Don’t keep your chin hanging, or don’t bite trying to keep your chin in place.
  2. Keep your shoulders straight. People who slouch will have rounded shoulders. To make your shoulder straight, stand straight first. Then lift your shoulders as much as you can, bring them back, and lower them comfortably. Do it slowly and steadily, or it might cause pain. Keeping your shoulder straight not only helps your posture but also features you as a confident person, among others.
  3. Keep your back in a neutral position. If you have a slouching problem, you have to straighten it up a little but don’t bend it too much. Keep it as natural as you can. What is the ergonomically optimum body posture?
  4. Extend your arms and rest them on the sides of your body. Keep your elbows straight. Don’t stretch them too much because it might seem artificial.
  5. Keep your hips even. Don’t tilt your hips while you stand. Make sure that your hips are at 180o degrees. To maintain a proper angle, keep your legs parallel to each other at the same distance from your body.
  6. Finally, keep your knees straight. Usually, people stretch one leg and use it as the support for the whole body weight. This can cause joint pain in the future. So, keep both your knees straight and evenly distribute your body weight on both legs.

Now, you are ready to make your heroic walk. But remember that maintaining a proper posture requires attention and consistency. Once you practice your posture for several weeks, you will no longer need to worry about it. Your muscles will automatically retain a good posture.

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