What Should You Know About Heating Pads?

Have you ever felt a soothing feeling after having a cup of warm coffee? A warm cup of coffee relaxes the muscles and dilates the blood vessels en route to your stomach. Heating pads work the same as a warm cup of coffee, just externally. This article contains all the information about What should you know about heating pads.

Heating pads relax the external muscles, dilate the inner blood vessels, and give a sense of relief. It is general science that our body gets relaxed at optimal temperatures, and heating pads provide an optimal temperature to your body muscles, causing them to relax.

What should you know about heating pads?

Oftentimes, the pain, soreness, or tightness you feel in your muscles is due to the accumulation of Lactic acid wastes. The lack of blood flow will cause the deposit of lactic acid into your muscles and blood vessels. By increasing the blood flow and relaxing the muscles, the wastes of lactic acid get washed away and help you to maintain ideal health.

What should you know about heating pads

You can use these heating pads directly on any area you feel pain (not on open wounds) and instantly feel relaxation. They can also be used to treat arthritis and other chronic illness related to joints and muscles.

Is it OK to use a heating pad all the time?

You can use it whenever you need to feel relaxed and relieved from your tight muscles. However, don’t use that for an extended period of time. Use it with regular and sufficient intervals for better results.

What should you not do with a heating pad?

There are several things you should consider avoiding doing with a heating pad. Make sure the temperature of the heating pad is warm and not hot. A warm temperature has positive effects, whereas a hot temperature will leave you with injuries. Also, don’t use them for a prolonged period which can also cause burn injuries.

How long should you use a heating pad at a time?

If you are using the heating pad to treat sore and tight muscles, you can use the pad at a warm temperature for 5-10 minutes. People often use a heating pad to treat menstrual cramps. If you are using it to treat your period cramps, use it for 15-20 minutes at a mild warm temperature at a time.

How often should you use a heating pad?

Heating pads should be used for extended periods as they can cause some mild injuries. Hence proper interval is needed between each use of the heating pad. A study suggests that people who use heating pads not more than 2-3 times a day are more benefits than others. So, 2-3 applications per day are sufficient.

Can you sleep with a heating pad all night?

Sleeping with a heating pad all night is certainly not a healthy practice. They can leave you with burn injuries and fever. Apart from that, heating pads are beneficial when used rarely. They are meant to be used 2-3 times a day, not more than 15 minutes a time. So consider using them rarely for the best results.

Will a heating pad raise body temperature?

Your body temperature won’t be increased while using a heating pad as we are warm-blooded creatures. Using it for a prolonged time can indirectly affect your body temperature to rise. However, generally, they are safe to use.

Do burns from heating pads go away?

If the heating pad causes slight redness in the affected part of your skin, it will be resolved within a few weeks to months. If the pad causes severe burns, atrophy, or skin pigmentation, you are advised to seek immediate medical attention. It might take too long for these injuries to go away.

Can a heating pad cause mottled skin?

Mottled skin or toasted skin syndrome could be caused by a heating pad only if it was used carelessly. Using a heating pad for an extended period or with high temperatures can result in mottled skin, which is usually associated with burns and discoloration of the skin. But you don’t need to worry if you are using them at optimal temperatures.

Can a heating pad cause broken blood vessels?

A heating pad can cause broken blood vessels if used uncarefully. It can lead to pathogenesis which is the damage caused to blood vessels by constant heat. However, it is very rare, and you can be safe all the time if you are only using warm temperatures.

What should you know about heating pads

Can a heating pad hurt your kidneys?

A heating pad can hurt your kidneys in very rare situations. The heat or warmness won’t have negative effects on your internal organs, at least directly. But since your body will sweat more to neutralize the heat, it can cause dehydration. Dehydration can result in hurting your kidneys.

Does a heating pad dehydrate you?

Heating pads are meant to be used in warm temperatures, which won’t cause any dehydration. However, if you use it at a high temperature, it can cause dehydration along with skin injuries.

Can you lay your head on a heating pad?

You can lay your head on a heating pad or can keep it on your neck for a short time. This can help relieve migraines, headaches, and tightness in your shoulder-neck region. But one shouldn’t sleep by laying their head on a heating pad. The heating pad is meant to be used for a short period of time for instant relief.

Why does my heating pad keep turning off?

There might be two reasons for your heating pad keeps turning off. Some heating pads are designed to shut them down if it reaches a certain temperature. This is a safety measure used in electrical heating pads. There is also a second reason for your pad to keep tuning off a device’s malfunction. A broken wire or a short circuit can cause it.

Why is the red light flashing on my heating pad?

Generally, flashing red lights are associated with a malfunction of the equipment. The breakage of internal heating wires might cause it.

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