Why Should You Have a Good Posture? | By Postureguides

We all are aware that slouching is not a good thing for our posture. Not having a good posture will invite several health issues. If you are maintaining a poor posture for long hours then it will affect your ability to perform any physical activity like running or walking. Standing up straight or stopping yourself from slouching is something that our parents used to advise us. A poor posture will impact your overall health.


Benefits of maintaining a good posture

  • One will experience tension headaches if they have a poor posture as it will increase muscle tension that will arise from the back of the neck. By correcting your body posture you will be able to reduce muscle tension which will wipe off the frequent headaches.
  • The lower back faces a lot of stress when a person is standing for a long period of time in a slouched position. It is not only putting a lot of pressure on the spine and the posterior structure, but it will also affect the muscles, ligaments, facet joints, and intervertebral discs.
  • If you can maintain correct alignment in the joints and bones, then it will allow your muscle to work smoothly which will, in turn, help you to feel more energized and experience less fatigue.
  • If the head is leaning forward for a long time, then it will put a strain on your shoulder, neck areas, and upper back. By maintaining proper alignment in your ligaments and joints you will be able to reduce stress.
  • When you are standing in the slouching position, then your lungs will get compressed, but if you are sitting in a proper posture and standing tall then your lungs will have more space for expanding. Hence, you can say that if you have a good posture then it will help in improving your breathing.Slouching effect on posture
  • When we are sitting in the slouching position it compresses our vital organs which will promote poor circulation and can result in poor functioning of our organs. If our body is not experiencing proper blood flow then it can lead to several health issues. In order to avoid this condition, you will have to maintain proper alignment as well as avoid the positions which can cramp the circulation.
  • If a person is having a good posture then they will look more attractive. They will have a slimmer and taller appearance, and their abdominals will appear well-defined.
  • A good posture will not only help you to increase energy, but it will also help in reducing your pain. It will improve your self-esteem, and you will have more confidence in yourself.

Having a good posture can do wonders for your body. If you don’t have a good posture then you should start exercising to gain back your posture. There are several exercises that you can definitely try out to improve your posture.

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