Experience the Benefits of Yoga Trapeze – Get Fit and Relaxed!

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze

Additional accessories
Different color choices
600 lb. weight capacity
INTEY Aerial Yoga Hammock

INTEY Aerial Yoga Hammock

Parachute fabric
450 lb. load capacity
Multiple usages
Mounting accessories
YOGA SWING PRO Aerial Trapeze

YOGA SWING PRO Aerial Trapeze

Different choices of colors
500 lb. load capacity
Breathable nylon silk fabric
Ergonomic handles
Karriw Aerial Hammock Swing

Karriw Aerial Hammock Swing

Five different color choices
200 kg load capacity
Additional accessories
Full body workout
Yoga4You Trapeze Kit

Yoga4You Trapeze Kit

Complete trapeze kit
Additional accessories
Parachute silk fabric
600 lb. weight capacity

The world’s present scenario is raising so much of concerns. Be it physical or mental health, there is no peace anywhere near a person. People have so carried away with the external world that there is a massive impact on the mind and body. This influence is more negative than positive. A yoga trapeze can always save the day. How? We will see that soon.

The sad part here is by the time people realize that they are being affected, there is already immense damage internally and externally. Even the person reading this has some hidden damage. Don’t worry. It is not too late unless we fail to understand its depth. It is high time we take this negativity seriously and act against it. Even before we make up our minds to do something for ourselves, there are many ways ready for us to try.

Why Yoga for Health?

We all know the prominence of yoga trapeze for our overall betterment. Be it physical or psychological, every problem can be solved through yoga. Before we get to the core, there is something that requires emphasis and clarification. Broadly, yoga is of two types – traditional and aerial. Traditional yoga is the one that most of us do. Aerial yoga is entirely different from the former and is far more beneficial. Read on to find out why.

Aerial Yoga:

Aerial yoga is similar to traditional yoga, but there is a big difference. This is a kind of anti-gravity yoga wherein we perform yoga in the air. But how can we balance our body’s weight? We need to take the support of a hammock, swing, or trapeze which means we’d be suspended in the air! Maintaining the body’s balance is a bit hard, but consistent practice and zeal make everything easy.

When mat-based yoga is so beneficial, why did aerial yoga come up? We need to focus on three different processes – pulling, pushing, and holding for an overall body workout. Though traditional yoga covers the last two, a significant missing is the pulling part. This is why most people have weak shoulders and grips, even though they perform yoga regularly.

Pulling here means we need to lift something, as in some weights or dumbbells. We need to balance the entire weight of our body while using the yoga swing. This is where the pulling motion is covered, and we get the full benefit.

Advantages of Aerial Yoga:

Aerial yoga is more beneficial than traditional yoga in many aspects. It is an excellent way to burn a lot of calories or to gain abs. Here are some benefits of aerial yoga in detail:

  1. Flexibility:

One of the crucial reasons for the body’s malfunction is the lack of flexibility. We sit before PCs and Laptops for hours together. Though this is a livelihood, there are so many setbacks to it. Right from developing lethargy to not eating proper food on time, the disadvantages go on. All of these sums up and sometimes lead to chronic diseases.

Though we cannot avoid this, we must take care of ourselves in the remaining time. Stretching the body is an excellent way of activating the muscles and improving blood circulation. Through aerial yoga, the tension in the body releases, and thereby it becomes more flexible.

Due to the stress release, muscles and ligaments relax. Air suspension also increases spinal flexibility and overall balance. Also, as we perform yoga in the air by using the aerial swing, we will have a lot of free space. So, it becomes easier to perform yoga poses that weren’t possible on the floor.

  1. Back Relief:

There is no single person who hasn’t suffered from backache. It is like a friend that visits everyone at some point in our lives. As I already mentioned earlier, apart from losing flexibility, prolonged sitting and irregular routine also lead to backache. This problem is so irritating that we cannot do any of the work comfortably.

Most people reading this would agree with me that the consequences of backache are indeed very severe. Though there are many solutions to get rid of it, aerial yoga is an excellent way to relieve it. This kind of yoga doesn’t require too much stress on the joints and back when we grab an appropriate yoga trapeze for back pain.

One significant outcome of aerial yoga is spinal decompression. The free-hanging increases the spinal length and soothes the spine and releasing muscles around the spine results in a pain-free back. Using the aerial yoga swing, we can comfortably perform a full-body workout.

  1. Body Rejuvenation:

Ever felt how great a win-win situation would be? Aerial yoga is a perfect example of it and rejuvenates the body to an unimaginable extent. Aerial yoga corrects circulatory and respiratory systems starting from the digestive system and internal body functioning. When the inner body is fit and healthy, we know what happens to mental health, right?

First, it focuses on internal health, the digestive and respiratory systems. All the stretching that we do as a part of this yoga trapeze relaxes the abdomen. This, in turn, cures improper bowel movements and other digestive-related issues. Aerial yoga also improves blood circulation. Proper circulation of blood leads to a healthy heart!

All these functions together contribute to overall body detoxification. Once the internal systems are entirely balanced, our mental system relaxes and rebounds. Aerial yoga is known to enhance memory and concentration by setting the neural networks right. Strengthening the neural networks improves memory and overall mental capacity. We all know that our skin glows when we are relaxed. This is another benefit of a yoga trapeze for a full body workout.

  1. Stress Buster:

That is right! Aerial yoga is an excellent way of relieving all stress. Att aerial yoga is always to the rescue, be it intense stress or scary anxiety attacks. Through this, we get a chance to meditate and lay our complete focus on positive thoughts. We do all this upside-down!

Once our mental system relaxes, there is nothing called stress. Apart from helping in maintaining a balanced mind, this yoga enhances focus, energy, and balance. One main reason behind the success of aerial yoga is the person’s positioning. An inverted position aids in better blood circulation to the brain.

Most mental-related issues are due to a lack of proper blood supply to the brain. Aerial yoga is a great way to get rid of all these concerns and become a better individual. Most people are unaware that aerial yoga aids in rebuilding our emotional systems. Indeed, an excellent stress buster!

  1. Proper Workout:

I am sure most of you would contradict the fact that aerial is a complete body workout. Time for a change of opinion! We either do the upper or lower body workout at the same time and switch between them as and when necessary. Here in aerial yoga, our entire body stretches and moves as a whole, covering both workouts simultaneously.

Through the process, this kind of yoga strengthens and tones the muscles of the entire body. Also, so many calories are burnt while we try and maintain balance on the yoga swing. As we perform the yoga poses in the air, there is no chance of falling down if we do not want to get injured. Unlike mat yoga, we need to maintain a stable core here. This balancing burns so much of calories.

All of these are only the physical and mental benefits of aerial yoga. When we talk about spiritual uplifting, it has no bounds! Our creativity, artistic skills, joy, and positivity are way ahead of others. The much-needed mental peace and overall balance are unasked fruits of this joyous experience. Let us not waste any more time and see how we can grab the best yoga hammock swing.

Best Yoga Trapeze – Buying Guide

Though we have full-hand information about a specific thing, there are still chances that we end up in a mess. To avoid this scenario here, here are some key aspects that help us in choosing the appropriate and the best yoga trapeze.

Factors to Look for:

  1. Materials/ Fabrics:

Usually, a yoga hammock is made of a breathable nylon parachute fabric or polyester. They are very strong and extremely durable. This fabric is washable and generally lasts for up to 10 years. Though these hammocks are strong, they are lightweight and completely breathable. The best part about the yoga swing hammock is that they are available in various choices even for beginners and advanced users. So, choose accordingly based on individual requirements.

  1. Other Parts:

The yoga swing comes with different parts apart from the yoga silk swing. The significant ones are hand grips, ropes, and hooks. Hand grips give the required grip while using the swing. For user convenience, these grips are generally made out of sponge foam. The edges are buffered to avoid damage.

The hooks provide the required height adjustments while using the yoga swing. Made out of stainless steel, they balance the height on both sides of the trapeze and ensure that it doesn’t fall off. Along with these, the nylon ropes can be adjusted accordingly. All of these are included with the yoga hammock so check with these before buying one.

  1. Additional Accessories:

Apart from the parts mentioned above, some additional accessories come with a yoga trapeze. Some of them include a storage bag, rope protectors, sliders, etc. Though there are only a few manufacturers who provide these, the best yoga trapeze should include them, right?

While looking for a suitable yoga hammock, ensure that at least some of the accessories mentioned above are included in the purchase. This will save us a lot of money. Also, try to lay your hands on a yoga hammock swing that comes with a proper storage bag. After all, it is essential to maintain the yoga swing hammock properly so that it lasts longer.

  1. Maintenance:

Time is the only thing that is so crucial and scarce for most of us. We need to rush to work, come back, and take care of ourselves and home, there is so much to do. Of course, everything depends on individual management. Some works are unavoidable and require a lot of time while others don’t.

Accessories like these kill so much time and energy if we don’t choose the right one. Read the product descriptions thoroughly and pick the best yoga swing that requires the least maintenance in terms of both time and money as in, a machine-washable yoga silk swing is far more convenient than most of the others.

  1. Portability:

Many manufacturers include unnecessary additions to the trapeze to advance its functionality. But they forget the fact that these additions may decrease the ease of using the equipment. Some extras like padded footholds not only increase the weight of the trapeze but also can be impractical to be used.

Also, some people like to use their yoga swing at a park or some other location. There are so many who don’t wish to skip their workout routine and try to carry their yoga inversion swing wherever they go. For such requirements, we need to look for the best yoga swing that is easily portable and lightweight.

  1. Fit and Finish:

Each buyer must check the material’s finishing, especially for equipment like these. Quite often, we find the foaming covers and plastic tubes of the handles of a yoga swing are so rough that the user ends up getting injured. So, carefully check where the plastic coverings end and if the foam covering is properly finished. The present-day yoga inversion swing comes with detailed usage descriptions that include the fitting and position adjustments. We need to follow these carefully to avoid damage.

Additional Information:

The information mentioned above aids in grabbing the best yoga silk swing. The following are some tips to use the trapeze properly and make the best out of it.

  • Spraying the trapeze with some anti-viral regularly helps maintain the condition and lifespan. Disinfectants are crucial to any yoga swing doorway. This also helps in saving people from diseases if multiple people are using the trapeze. We usually find multiple usages in public places like gyms. This step is very beneficial to such scenarios.
  • Over usage, the trapeze starts to stink as it absorbs a lot of dirt and bacteria. It smells and damages quickly if ignored. So, it is essential to wash the trapeze regularly. A front-load washing machine and a soft detergent with conditioner can do this job excellently.
  • The parts other than fabric do not require much effort from us in cleaning. A gentle muslin cloth and a home disinfectant are sufficient for them. All we need to do is to wipe them off with a cloth after spaying them with cleaning sprays.

Tips for Cleaning the Trapeze:

It is already mentioned that a trapeze can be washed with the help of a washing machine. But we cannot dump the trapeze as it is in the machine. Doing so would damage the trapeze and the machine too. We need to follow some pre-prep before washing the trapeze. The steps are:

  • Before washing the yoga swing doorway, remove all the metal hardware if any. If not possible, add some extra padding to them while washing.
  • Remove all the knots before washing and if the handles are removable, take them off and hand-wash them separately.
  • Front-load washing machines suit the best for washing yoga trapezes. Though top loads are good, their intense wash cycles may damage the fabric. So, better wash it using the former variant only.
  • It is best to use gentle fabric detergents. Harsh detergents can damage the trapeze and reduce its lifespan.
  • After washing the trapeze, hang it in a place where there is no direct sunlight and let it dry naturally. Never use dryers at any cost as it may lead to permanent damage to the trapeze.

Maintenance Tips:

Try to keep the following tips in mind while using a trapeze as these might help in increasing the lifespan of the swing and minimizing damages.

  • Try not to use any makeup or body lotions while going for aerial yoga sessions. These products can stick to the trapeze or might lead to a slippery grip.
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry like earrings, chains, or a watch while working out with the trapeze. They might get stuck with the fabric and lead to an injury or damage to the swing.
  • Thoroughly wash hands and feet before starting to use the trapeze so that there is no dirt deposit. We need to make use of our hands and legs constantly for the yoga trapeze poses. So, it is better to wash them either with water or using baby wipes.
  • Storing the swings properly is an absolutely essential. If you are aware that you won’t be using the swing for long, cover them properly and store them in a dry and cool place. Leaving them hanging leads to dust accumulation and damage.
  • Keep the pets away from the swings and don’t let them play with them. They may tear or spoil the equipment and make it impossible to use.

Best Yoga Trapeze Reviews

As we are now aware of choosing and maintaining the trapeze, let us check with the different options available to us from amazon.com.

  1. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze

yoga trapeze

In the search for the best yoga trapeze for back pain, this swing from the YOGABODY manufacturers is an excellent choice. With many additional accessories and superior quality, this trapeze comes with the following features:

  • The users get instant results and spine tractions thereby relief from backaches.
  • This trapeze is known to create spacious vertebrae while we hang upside down using the swing.
  • We find that our spinal disks are naturally decompressed, muscles relaxed, and developed deeper back-bends as we use this yoga trapeze workout
  • Additional accessories include pro-grade rubber handles, an easy clip-able carabiner, quickdraw connectors, and chain straps.
  • For additional safety, the trapeze is provided with a premium-quality breathable mesh storage bag.
  • We get access to the manufacturer’s online and video tutorials with the purchase of the swing.
  • We are provided with special pose charts for beginners, making this trapeze a reasonable choice of yoga trapeze for beginners.
  • This trapeze is very easy to set up and uses regularly and is known to hold up to 600 lbs. of weight.
  • It is available in different color variants like purple, aqua, etc.

  1. INTEY Aerial Yoga Hammock

yoga trapeze

This aerial trapeze from INTEY is undoubtedly one among all the choices in the list of yoga trapeze for neck pain. With included mounting accessories, this trapeze or hammock comes with the following features:

  • The manufacturers provide professional assistance for setting up the trapeze as per user requirements.
  • This trapeze comes with two additional extension straps so that the users can shorten or increase its height accordingly.
  • Foam handles, ceiling mounts, and swoop hooks are included with the trapeze.
  • INTEY makers use parachute fabrics to make these trapezes.
  • With a load capacity of up to 450 lb., this trapeze is provided with additional rings to customize the fabric positions as required.
  • Be it a wooden ceiling or concrete, this trapeze perfectly fits in, thanks to the different types of screws that come with it.
  • This trapeze is suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts. We can also use it to meditate or relax.
  • We are provided with professional-level equipment from the manufacturers so that it serves the users looking for a yoga trapeze for beginners, outdoor users, or professionals.
  • To provide utmost comfort, this swing comes with thickly padded foam handles; an extremely spacious and triple-stitched seat.

  1. YOGA SWING PRO Aerial Trapeze

yoga trapeze

An excellent choice of yoga trapeze for neck pain, this trapeze from YOGA SWING PRO is just the one we are looking for. With different color choices and accessories, this swing offers the following features:

  • This swing is available in four different color variants – black, turquoise, blue, and pink.
  • This swing from YOGA SWING PRO manufacturers sets instant tractions in the spine and provides great relief to the neck and backaches.
  • With more than 500 lb. load capacity, this swing comes with triple stitching for enhanced safety and lifespan.
  • The manufacturers use breathable nylon silk for the fabric to enhance the swing’s quality and durability.
  • The ergonomically padded handles provide a better grip and improved safety.
  • Other accessories include heavy-duty carabiners, large handles, and premium-quality fixators.
  • Known to increase the body’s mobility and flexibility, this trapeze is suitable for both indoor yoga swing poses and outdoor yoga trapeze poses.
  • Providing excellent relief to back and neck pains, this trapeze is a very reasonable choice for a yoga trapeze full body workout.

  1. Karriw Aerial Hammock Swing

yoga trapeze

Available in five vibrant colors, this aerial trapeze from Karriw is an excellent fit for a yoga trapeze for the doorway. The manufacturers at Karriw provide us with the following features:

  • It comes in five colors – blue, orange, purple, yellow, and violet.
  • This trapeze improves the flexibility of each body part and gives a comfortable yoga trapeze workout to each user.
  • It allows us to position our body in every imaginable way and helps stretch all the muscles.
  • With an approximately 200 kg load capacity, the makers used taffeta nylon or parachute fabric for this swing.
  • It provides excellent support to the body and allows free vertical, horizontal, and upside-down movements with proper weight balance.
  • It comes with additional accessories like hooks, extensions, a storage bag, etc., and an appropriate yoga trapeze for the doorway.

  1. Yoga4You Trapeze Kit

Yoga Trapeze

With eight vibrant colors and different additional accessories, this trapeze kit from Yoga4You has almost everything we are looking for. Here are the exciting features of this trapeze:

  • This is not just a trapeze but an entire trapeze kit with all the essentials included with the trapeze.
  • The makers at Yoga4You provide us with eight different colors blue, black, yellow, green, etc.
  • This trapeze suits all aerial yoga purposes including indoor, outdoor, and professional uses.
  • This trapeze comes with two additional extension straps, each with a 600 lb. load capacity, and a dedicated pouch for them.
  • Other accessories from the kit include carabiners made of stainless steel, premium-quality plastic fixators, handles padded with foam, etc.
  • Made of parachute silk fabric, it comes with a 3-row seam with additional lock seams at the edges for enhanced balance and lifespan.
  • A durable storage bag and posture charts are also a part of this kit.
  • With a capacity of up to 600 lbs., this wide trapeze also includes a digital guide of instructions and yoga poses.

These are some appropriate choices for most users from Amazon. As already mentioned earlier, a yoga trapeze is an excellent way of maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. The information mentioned above covers most details related to aerial yoga’s prominence, how can we choose a trapeze, and the different choices available to us. Grab yours now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is yoga trapeze a good workout?

The yoga trapeze is an excellent overall body workout. We usually find workouts beneficial to either the upper half or the lower half but not both. A trapeze covers the whole body and increases flexibility.

  1. What is the best yoga trapeze?

There are many choices for aerial swings or trapezes in the market based on different requirements. We need to consider some factors and grab the appropriate one accordingly.

  1. How do you set up a yoga trapeze in a doorway?

Most present-day yoga swings come with an instruction manual for setup and usage. Some manufacturers also provide personal assistance and video tutorials for the same purpose. We can make use of any of these based on our convenience.

  1. How do you hang a yoga swing on a door?

Most present-day yoga swings come with an instruction manual for setup and usage. Some manufacturers also provide personal assistance and video tutorials for the same purpose. We can make use of any of these based on our convenience.

  1. How much weight can a yoga trapeze hold?

Each trapeze has a different set of dynamics and weight limitations. 600 lb. is the usual weight limit but it is best to check the specifications before buying one.

  1. Can you hang a yoga trapeze from a pull-up bar?

An aerial swing cannot be used beyond 120 cm away from the ground as its design and working purpose are bound to this requirement. So, we cannot hang the trapeze from pull-up bars.

  1. Is aerial yoga good for back pain?

Aerial yoga is an excellent relief for chronic back and neck pains. It is known to release spine tractions and muscle tensions very quickly. Aerial yoga does a lot more than most other remedies for back pain.

  1. Is yoga trapeze a good workout?

The information mentioned above discusses all the benefits of aerial yoga and yoga trapeze. It is an excellent way of maintaining good health and a relaxed mind.

  1. How often should you do aerial yoga?

For beginners, it is best to start with once a week and gradually increase the frequency. As we get used to it, we can increase the sessions to four or five per week, working out for an hour for each session. We can increase or decrease the frequency based on our bodies’ reactions.

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