7 Best Yoga Wheel Postures for Improved Flexibility and Balance

There’s no doubt that yoga is a crucial part of most people’s exercise routine, for the benefits from it are unmatchable. With yoga wheel postures, these benefits would be way more than the traditional ones. A yoga wheel ensures safety and proper technique. Wonder how? Read on to find out.

What is a Yoga Wheel?

yoga wheel postures

A yoga wheel is a new piece of equipment to practice yoga. It improves our yoga by taking it to the next level! Flexibility, stretching, and muscle tension relief are some fruits of it. The yoga wheel for back pain is the most awaited benefit. Do you know what the best part about these yoga wheel postures is? There are no prerequisites for it! A yoga wheel for better postures in the exercise is the best thing ever!

Benefits of Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel postures

Well, when something new comes up, the first thing we’d ask is, why? If this answer is clear, we can go for it! Let’s apply this here too! Here are some yoga wheel postures for better exercise.

  • The most challenging parts of exercising are inversion and backbends. Using yoga wheel postures is much easier than doing it by ourselves. The yoga wheel improves hip flexibility making it easier to perform backbends. This is why the yoga wheel for back pain is a great relief!
  • A yoga wheel gives the support which other props and traditional poses lack. In this way, a yoga wheel benefits in preventing injuries!
  • People practicing the best yoga wheel postures are much stronger and more active than all the others. A yoga wheel improves health and energy within a very short period.
  • A yoga wheel for better posture most people believe. It aids in performing yoga with ease by improving postures. A yoga wheel pose is far more beneficial than a normal pose.
  • A yoga wheel benefits in stimulating facial tissues. These tissues require tension and pressure to activate. The yoga wheel uses regenerations and repair triggering to massage and activate the lumbar and neck areas.
  • Yoga wheel stretches are less risky, and people following this are less prone to injuries when compared to others.

Why Yoga Wheel Postures?

yoga wheel postures

A yoga wheel is nothing new to the world. So, we are trying to emphasize the yoga wheel postures in specific. Lack of knowledge is the biggest enemy of anything. So, we must know how to make use of certain things. But before we get to the best yoga wheel postures, let’s understand why we need to know them.

  • Using a yoga wheel for back pain is an excellent relief for chronic backaches and spine problems. We can find dedicated yoga wheel uses and yoga wheel stretches for improving our exercise to relieve the pain.
  • The yoga wheel postures are easier to perform than traditional yoga. The yoga wheel postures act as additional support making it easier to balance ourselves and stay in the yoga wheel stretch for longer.
  • The yoga wheel stretch improves muscle flexibility and reduces tension in them. People using a yoga wheel are healthier and stronger than those who aren’t using it.

All of the yoga wheels uses mentioned above result in better yoga wheel postures and proper exercising. There’s no point in performing a yoga wheel stretch or something else without proper techniques. Using a yoga wheel for back pain wouldn’t give us the benefits unless we perform the postures correctly.

Here are some yoga wheel postures that can help to improve our physical and mental health effectively

  1. The Spine Stretch

yoga wheel postures

We could make the best out of the yoga wheel for back pain using this stretch. In here, apart from stretching the back, we get a massaging relief from the wheel. As we roll the wheel along the spinal column, our spine is massaged. Here’s the appropriate way to perform this posture.

Start with the seating position and gradually bring the wheel near the spinal base. Keep the feet flat on the ground, i.e., planted, and start rolling the wheel gently. Roll the wheel forward and backward while being in this position. Here, it is up to us to decide the extent of rolling. We can roll over the entire spinal column or to a certain extent.

  1. Seated Forward Fold


yoga wheel postures

This is a simple name for ‘Paschimottasana,’ another way of using a yoga wheel for back pain relief. Stretch your legs in front of you while being in a seating position. Keep the legs straight and stretch them as far as you can. Keep the yoga wheel under your ankles while performing this stretch.

We can stretch the legs without feeling much pain by using the yoga wheel postures. Here, the wheel acts as a support and aids in easing the stretch. This stretch calms the whole body from the neck to the heels. This is another way of relieving backaches.

  1. Fish Pose

yoga wheel postures

Matyasana or the fish pose is another benefit of the yoga wheel for back pain. Apart from relief from backache, this posture also releases the chest, neck, and shoulders. It isn’t easy to maintain this posture without a yoga wheel for some, and others desire to perform the deeper stretch. Here’s how we can do this.

Sit on the floor with an erect back and feet straight on the floor ahead of you. Align the wheel near the back such that it is parallel to the spine and hold it with your hands until the wheel is in the exact place. Inhale first and start leaning backward by extending the spine over the wheel while exhaling. After the bend, lift your hips to deepen the pose and let the wheel do the massaging.

Relax your neck and head by leaning them against the wheel. Open your arms and position them such that they support balancing. Stay in this position for some time. If you find this position difficult, you could bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor slightly apart from each other.

  1. Camel Pose

yoga wheel postures

Ustrasana, as it is also called, is an all-around stretch to release the whole body. This pose also increases the front body flexibility by opening the chest and hips apart from relieving backaches. This posture reduces fatigue and anxiety by energizing the whole body. Along with these, the camel pose also improves posture.

Start by kneeling down on the floor with the thighs parallel to the knees and feet apart. Place the wheel on the floor in between the feet. Start bending towards the wheel, i.e., backward, and align yours back onto the wheel. Hold the wheel with your hands and try improving the stretch. This is an excellent way of deep spinal extensions and chronic pain relief.

  1. Monkey Pose

yoga wheel postures

A sharp mind is an additional benefit from this yoga posture apart from body and backstretch. We need a sweat-resistant yoga wheel to be able to perform this posture correctly. Otherwise, there are maximum chances that we might slip and get injured. This posture is also known as ‘Hanumasana.’

Start by placing your right leg stretched on the mat behind you and the left one bent forward. Lift and place the left leg on the yoga wheel. Take support from your hands while performing this step if necessary. Deepen the pose as long as your body allows and stay in position for some time.

  1. Easy Pose

yoga wheel postures

This is the classic reclining pose that gives a sharp mind and stable breathing. With assistance from a yoga wheel, the benefits are further enhanced. The wheel aids in a controlled chest-open backbend and relieves the tension in shoulder muscles.

Start by sitting erect right before the yoga wheel such that your spine is parallel to the wheel. Cross your legs and ground them to a comfortable position. Place your hands on the knees with palms facing upwards and close your eyes. Inhale and start bending towards the wheel as you exhale. Take support from the wheel and gently extend your spine over it. Rest the back of your head on the top of the wheel and sit in this position as long as you feel comfortable but try being in this position for at least five minutes.

  1. Child’s Pose

yoga wheel postures

This yoga wheel stretch improves the lower back, thighs, and hip. Using a wheel with the traditional child’s pose stretches the chest and shoulders, improving them too. Kneel on the floor with feet such that the big toes touch each other, to begin with. Separate the knees and place the yoga wheel between them.

Take a breath and bend your torso forward while exhaling. While you stretch your spine, roll the wheel away from you using your hands. Continue to stretch until you reach a position wherein your belly rests between your thighs and your arms forward. Rest your forehead on the mat so that your neck and head relax. Your chest and shoulders experience a deeper stretch while you’re in this position. Hold on for at least a minute or so.

Make the best of a yoga wheel and perform the poses to have a healthy body and a better mind. The yoga wheel for back pain is probably one of the best remedies to relieve backaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the yoga wheel help back pain?

Yoga wheel postures are an excellent way of relieving backaches. Some postures that can help to improve the spine are listed above.

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