Top 5 Best Inversion Table

Top 5 Best Inversion Table: A Detailed Guide

At some of the other, we all struggle with back pain. It is needless to say that back problems tend to increase with age. There can be so many reasons to get back pain out of which compression on the spine bone due to gravitational pressure is a constant one. One of the effective ways to deal with back pain and other spine related problems is to take inversion table therapy.

With the help of the best inversion table, you cannot only relieve your back pain but also improve your overall health. The concept of an inversion table may sound trendy to you but it has been in practice since ages. The technique was used for strength-building, pain relief, stretching and more. Inversion therapy is also recommended by many of the practitioners to improve your health. In short, it can be said that inversion table benefits are not hidden from the users.

Top 5 Best Inversion Table

If you are planning to get an inversion table for yourself, you can find plenty of models in the market. You should be informed that buying any random inversion table can increase the chances of injury. Therefore, you need to do proper research before, you actually set out to buy one. If you are a beginner, you should go for an inversion table for beginners.

To state the truth, most of the inversion table models are not good enough. There are only a few models that are considered to be the best. In this inversion table guide, we have listed some of the best inversion tables for you. Go through our inversion table reviews to get an idea.

Teeter EP-960 LTD

Teeter EP-960 LTD

EZ-Stretch Traction Handles
Excellent Ankle Comfort
Preset Angle Control
Precision Rotation with Full Inversion Option
8-Point Floating Suspension
4'8" - 6'6", 300 Lbs.
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Innova ITM 4800

Innova ITM 4800

Six Pin Angle Slot System
Vertical and Contour Lower Back Heat and Massage Pad
Horizontal Heat & Massage Lumbar Pad
Adjustable Headrest
True Balance System
4'10'' to 6'6''; 300 Lbs
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Ironman Gravity 4000

Ironman Gravity 4000

Extended Backrest
Ratchet Ankle Locking System
180 Degree Inversion
Non-Skid Floor Stabilizer
Folds for Storage
6'6"; 350 Lbs
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Health Gear ITM5500

Health Gear ITM5500

4 position side inversion pin system
Sur-Lock Easy In/Out Ankle Support System
Portable Heat & Vibrating Massage Pad
Multifunction Hand Controller
built in transport wheels
5’1” to 6’5”; 300 Lbs
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3 adjustable inversion angle
Adjustable safety pin
Dual-safety lock
Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers
memory-foam nylon backrest
4'6" to 6'4"; 300 lbs
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Product Reviews

If you are unable to decide which inversion table to buy you should definitely go through this list once. Here are some of the models that you can go for.

  1. Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table

If you are looking for the best inversion table for back pain, Teeter EP-960 is the one for you. This is a class 1 medical device. Teeter is the only brand that is FDA registered. All the inversion table models including this one are known for its effectiveness.

The device is backed a 5-year warranty which clearly shows the confidence of the brand in the quality of its products. With this device, you can get plenty of features. Some of the highlighted features include triple lock security, extended handle, ergo embrace support and more. This device is the best inversion table you can get.

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table


  • You can get instant pain relief with the use of this machine.
  • The device is also easy to install.
  • It has got a sturdy construction along with great features.


As already mentioned, this machine is designed to provide you with instant pain relief. For people who are suffering from back pain can find this product immensely useful for them. Also, this is a class 1 medical device.

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  1. Innova ITM 4800 Inversion Table

This is the best Innova inversion table that you can get in the market. the machine is known to come with isolated heat and therapeutic massage. The device also has several other features which increase its worth.

Equipped with adjustable lumbar pad, this device is designed to work in the maximum weight and height range. This feature makes the machine ideal even for taller people. One of the highlighted features of the machine is the multi-mode massage settings which have both manual and auto selection mode. With the help of the adjustable pin system, you can attain a total of 5 different positions on this machine. Not just that, but it also helps in easy positioning.

In short, this is one of the best inversion table which comes equipped with all the features that you need. You also get a year’s warranty with the machine so you need not doubt its quality and performance.

Innova ITM 4800 Inversion Table


  • This machine is designed to particularly work on your lower back region.
  • With the help of this device, you can get instant relief to bulging discs.
  • This machine will provide complete value for your money.
  • You can also assemble the machine easily.

Use for:

This machine is meant for people with lower back problems. Also, you can get instant relief to bulging discs. If you are in search of best inversion table which is affordable, this could be the ideal option for you.

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  1. Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

This ironman inversion table is made to perfection with a tubular steel frame. The machine comes with a coat of scratch resistant powder. All this feature together makes it extremely durable. The product is also backed by a 1-year warranty.

To make the machine comfortable, it has a backrest made of memory-foam vinyl. Other than this, you can also take advantage of many other features that the machine is equipped with. For example, it also comes with extra-long safety handles which helps you to get back to an upright position easily.

The machine is designed to support 350 pounds of weight. To support your lower back, it also comes with a removable lumbar pillow. If you are struggling with lower back problems, this machine could be the ideal option for you.

Ironman-Gravity-4000-Inversion-Table (1)


  • The machine has got a strong and stable construction. This makes the machine more durable.
  • The device is ideal for people with lower back problems.
  • This is one of the most effective inversion tables which can give you an excellent performance.

Why should you use it?

If you wish to relieve your lower back problems and looking for an inversion table with lumbar support, this is the one for you. This should be reason enough for you to use this machine.

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  1. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table

Health Gear inversion table is one of the leading brands in the market. This particular model is designed with memory-style foam for a comfortable backrest. Not just that, but the machine can also provide you with extra support.

The features of the machine are what appeals to the buyers. Some of the main features to be mentioned include remote controlled multifunction therapeutic heat and vibrating massage pad, easy height adjuster rod, and easily foldable space design. In short, this machine has everything you need to relieve your back pain.



  • The device will provide you with quality comfort and adjustability.
  • This is suitable for people with spine and back problems.
  • It comes with a space saving design.
  • The machine is loaded with features.

You should use it for:

For the ones who are looking for an inversion table with hip replacement can easily go for this model. This machine is designed to provide you with instant relief from your back pain.

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  1. HYD-Parts Inversion Table

The last product on our list, we have the HYD-Parts inversion table. The product is available in two different colours including red and grey.

Coming to the features of the machine, it has everything you need. The adjustable safety pin makes it easy for you to position the table safely. It is also equipped with a height adjustment feature for increased convenience. For extra comfort, the device is equipped with a backrest made of memory-foam nylon.

The ergonomic design of the machine makes it useful for reducing neck and back pain. Overall, this is a very efficient machine which can provide you with instant relief from pain.

HYD-Parts Inversion Table


  • The machine is packed with a lot of features.
  • It is suitable for people with neck and back pain.
  • The machine is designed to provide you with maximum comfort.

Purpose of Use

If you are struggling with continuous back and neck pain, you should definitely consider using this machine. It has all the features you need and can also provide you with high performance.

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  1. What inversion table is the best?

There are different brands of inversion table listed on the market. However, if you are looking for the best inversion table, it is undoubtedly Teeter EP-960 LTD. You can go through the review of the same in the section above. The company is known to manufacture the best quality recovery products for its customers. Most of their products are high-rated ones. If you go through the reviews given by other customers, you will realize how happy the customers are. Other than Teeter even Innova inversion table is a great option to go for.

  1. What is the inversion table used for?

An inversion table is a device that promotes inversion therapy. This involves an upside-down posture which is followed to reverse the effects of gravity. The therapy is mainly useful for the spine. Your body is turned upside-down on the table in order to relieve the pressure on the nerve roots and discs in the spine. This helps to increase the space between vertebrae.

  1. What is a teeter inversion table?

For the ones who want to know, what is a Teeter inversion table should be informed that it is the only FDA registered inversion table. It is known to provide relief from sciatic pain and disc related problems. It makes use of progressive decompression which means your body weight is used to decompress each of the discs. It relieves the pressure to relieve the pain.

  1. Can inversion table help grow taller?

Yes, inversion can help you grow taller. With the help of stretching and decompression, it increases the space between vertebrae and thus, increasing a few inches. Not just that, but oscillating on an inversion table leads to an increased flow of blood which helps in releasing muscle tension. All these together can make you grow taller and straighter. In short, you will reach your maximum height with the use of this device.

  1. Can inversion table help hip pain?

When your body is turned upside-down on an inversion table, you experience a good amount of traction on your spine. This helps in relieving the pain in your hip area. This is why an inversion table is treated as a good alternative for treating spine, hip, neck and back problems. Other than this, the device can prove to be helpful for other parts of your body as well.

  1. Can inversion table help herniated disc?

When you hang upside-down from an inversion table with a herniated disc, the vertebrae in your spine gets distracted. This, as a result, can help release the pressure from your spinal discs. Reduced pressure on your discs is known to shrink the herniation to a great extent. This can provide you with relief. People suffering from lower back problems can make use of an inversion table in order to get some relief. According to researches, it has been found that inversion tables can help in restoring the normal space between your vertebrae and also reduce your back pain. Not just that, but it can eliminate the need for spinal surgery as well.

  1. Can inversion table help neck pain?

Neck pain is mainly caused due to tension in and around the upper back and neck region. The use of an inversion table is known to decompress your upper spine and neck. Thus, releasing the tension in these muscles. The best thing about using an inversion table to treat your neck pain is that you can get instant results.

  1. Can inversion table cause headaches?

There is no doubt that an inversion table can provide you great relief from muscle pain. This is possible because of spin extension. Many of you may not know this but the device can also cause headaches. When you are hanging upside-down from the table, there is an increased flow of blood to your brain. The increased levels of blood and oxygen are known to lead to several types of headaches.

  1. Can inversion table help back pain?

One of the main uses of inversion tables is to treat back pain and other spinal problems. Your back muscles and spine is subjected to gravitational pressure when your body is in the upright state. This causes your spine to compress over time. With the help of muscle strengthening and spine massage, you can release some of the compression from your spine. If you are struggling with back pain for long, you can make use of the best inversion table for back pain to get rid of the problem.

  1. Can inversion table help posture?

Inversion tables can provide decompression on the vertebrae bones in the spine to relieve pain. Which in turn helps with posture correction. It can be used along side posture corrector or braces for better results.

  1. Can inversion table help sciatic nerve pain?

Yes, an inversion table for spinal decompression can help people suffering from sciatic nerve pain. Inversion tables are known to provide spinal traction. To define it in simple terms, in standing position, your spine, nerves, vertebral bodies, and other structures get compressed due to gravitational pull. In this case, an inversion table is known to reverse the dynamics with the help of gravity and thus, help in relieving pain. As a result, your spine is lengthened for a temporary period and your back pain is relieved.

  1. Can inversion table help scoliosis?

An inversion table is mainly used for stretching which as a result offers you temporary relief from pain and thus, help people with scoliosis. When your body is hanging upside-down on the inversion table, the effects of gravitational force is reversed on the spine. This helps your body to lengthen for a short period.

  1. Can inversion table cause high blood pressure?

There is no doubt that an inversion table is beneficial for your spine and other back related problems. But let’s not forget that they also come with certain disadvantages as well. For example, it causes high blood pressure. Other than that, it also leads to increased pressure in the eye and lower heart rate. For people with high blood pressure, glaucoma, eye diseases, and heart problems should clearly avoid the use of this device. You should also not use the device if you are pregnant.

  1. Can inversion table help vertigo?

Vertigo is a disease of the brain and an inversion table clearly increases the blood pressure in your brain. Rather than helping, it is known to cause vertigo. If you have vertigo problems you should actually avoid the use of this device. However, if you are still adamant to use the device, you should not use it for long or very frequently.

  1. Can inversion table help knee pain?

An inversion table is not only used useful for relieving back pain but it is also useful in reducing knee pain. The use of an inversion table reverses the effect of gravity and causes the spaces between the knee joints to decompress. This as a result releases tension from the knee joints. If you have pain in your knees or joints, you can make good use of this device.

  1. Where to store the inversion table?

One of the main problems of dealing with inversion tables is that they are huge and bulky. Sometimes, it may really get difficult to store them, especially for people who have less space in their house. In case, you have sufficient space in your house, you can simply leave the device set-up in its position. However, if that is not the case, you can fold it and put it in some corner or under the bed.

  1. Where to buy inversion table?

You can buy an inversion table both online and offline. An inversion table is available at any health care store where medical equipment is available. In case, it’s not you can always order it online which seems to be the most convenient option.

After going through the best inversion table reviews, it should be clear to you that these devices are really helpful in relieving back pain and other spinal problems. In order to get the best results from an inversion table, you need to find the right model. Also, you should not forget the downsides of using an inversion table.

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