The Best Plus Size Knee Brace for Maximum Support

XXL Knee Support Brace by Physix Gear

XXL Knee Support Brace by Physix Gear

Easy to wear
Can be worn over clothing
Stabilizes osteoarthritis
Non-Slip technology
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Shock Doctor Knee Brace

Shock Doctor Knee Brace

Antimicrobial fabric
High-quality aluminum with Hypalon sleeves
Heavy duty bilateral dual hinges
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BraceAbility  Plus Size Knee Brace

BraceAbility  Plus Size Knee Brace

Dual axis polycentric hinges
Medical-grade material
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Orthomen Hinged ROM Knee Brace

Orthomen Hinged ROM Knee Brace

Most recommended by doctors
Adjustable knob to set the ROM
Padded design
Can be used in almost every case of a knee injury
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Shock Doctor Bionic Knee Brace

Shock Doctor Bionic Knee Brace

Washable lining pads
3+(Advance+) level of protection
Used for both prevention and recovery
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Being tall and big has its perks but along comes a list of problems that might and would cause problems. Doing normal activities like running, jogging, or playing any outdoor sport will add extra strain to the knee because of the body weight and long, large knees. Doing any activity concerning your legs and knees will put more torque on the knees while bending and moving which cause faster knee ligament and tissue will wear than the average individual.

Choosing the best plus-size knee brace will be a big relief for your knees and also will prevent causing further fatigue. It will shift the weight off from the point where you feel discomfort and improve your ability to walk, run, and play without any suffering.

You might not wait for the trouble to begin and can opt to wear a knee brace when doing vigorous exercise or while playing outdoor sports. The braces limit any kind of strained movement and keep the chances of fatigue low.

Best Plus Size Knee Brace – Buying guide

Yes, now you know there is a need for a knee brace, but you also want to know what kind of brace is the best for you. There are things that you must know prior to buying the perfect brace for you. If you have any existing injury there must be a doctor’s recommendation, then there are levels of protection you need for yourself, and then the types which would best suit you, the size, and the budget. Let’s discuss these factors in detail to find the best plus-size knee brace for you:

Factors to Look for while Buying the Best Plus Size Knee Brace

  • When To Wear A Knee Brace:

Whenever you start experiencing pain in your knees you should start wearing braces. You could also wear them to prevent injuries while playing outdoor extensive sports too. It is highly recommended to wear a knee brace post-injury or surgery. Consult your orthopedician before buying the best plus-size knee brace.

  • Levels of Protection:

There are 3 levels of protection.

  1. Primary(Level 1)
  • Best suited for minor pain, giving mild to moderate support
  • Could opt-in in case of Arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis
  1. Advanced(Level 2)
  • Best suited for minor to moderate ligament instabilities
  • It helps in treating swelling and recovering from sprains
  • Opted in pain relief from chronic conditions
  1. Maximum(Level 3)
  • Best suited for moderate to major instabilities
  • Used in proactive injury prevention
  • Mostly recommended for post-surgical joint protection
  1. Maximum+(Level 3+)
  • Opted in major joint instabilities
  • Used in Therapeutic recovery
  • Types of Knee Braces:

There are many kinds of braces to choose from.

  • Knee Sleeves

They are very easy, affordable, and can be slipped right over the knee. They help in controlling the swelling and pain and also provide knee compression. They work best for mild knee pain and arthritis. They are very comfortable and could be slipped under clothing.

  • Wraparound or Dual-Wrap Braces

The best choice for athletes because they fit better than the sleeves and provide much more support. They don’t have any bulk and hence can be used during exercises and work out. They also help in reducing mild to moderate knee pain.

  • Hinged Knee Braces

These are recommended post-surgery by athletes and for patients who need a higher level of protection. They keep knees in proper alignments and help avoid further injuries. They provide better support than dual-wrap braces and are sometimes more expensive than the former.

  • Knee Strap

It is a great solution for runners or jumpers who suffer knee pain (Patellar Tendonitis), Osgood-Schlatter Disease, or Patella Tracking. It fits under clothes easily and is very easy to put on and take off. They provide much more comfort and support and are often used by footballers and sprinters.

  • Closed and Open Patella braces

These braces have a hole in the center of the brace(Open Patella) and others without any holes  (Closed Patella). Open Patella allows relief from knee pressure and provides extra knee cap support with proper movement and tracking. Closed Patella braces provide compression at the knee cap with the same pressure as the rest of the knee and provide additional support.

  • Size of the knee brace:

 Always choose the perfect fit and the most comfortable brace for you as ill-fitting braces can worsen the condition and can cause more problems.

  • Budget:

The price of knee braces can differ from about 10$ to about 500$ sometimes. But you could find the best products from 80$ -100$. Do consult a doctor before buying the best plus-size knee brace.

Best Plus Size Knee Brace Reviews

1. XXL Knee Support Brace by Physix Gear

XXL Knee Support Brace by Physix Gear

One of the best knee sleeves available with promising features. Physix Compression Knee Sleeve is cut over the rest. They are easy to wash, fit perfectly, and can be used by both men and women as they blend into all sizes and shapes of knees.


  • They are designed with 4-way stretch lycra which provides all-day support without slipping or cutting off circulation.
  • They can be worn over clothing and keep the joints warm.
  • It’s not stiff and can be worn easily and it moves with you.
  • It helps stabilize osteoarthritis in your knee.
  • “Flexi-Stretch Knitting” by Physix allows full range motion.
  • Breathable Lycra and Nylon fabric don’t make you sweat and also the No-Slip Silicone grip wave won’t slip and gives all-day comfort and support.
  • It’s very light and durable.
  • Physix provides the finest support and also a MONEY-BACK guarantee.


  • 5 different sizes 
  • No-slip silicone grip wave 
  • Breathable fabric 
  • Moisture-wicking material 


  • Rolls down constantly 
  • More like a sock 

Why should you buy it? 

This knee brace comes in 3 vibrant colors and 5 different fittings to suit everyone’s requirements. It works for men and women alike. This brace works against inflammation, pains, and injuries by supporting the knee. This works for ACL, MCL, post-surgery swells, meniscus tears, joint aches, and sports injuries. 


2. BraceAbility Plus Size Knee Brace



It’s available in six extra-large sizes to fit the best. It is specially designed to provide relief and optimal support from meniscus tears, arthritis, ACL & LCL injuries, ligament sprains, and general knee pain. BraceAbility strives to provide the latest and most affordable orthopedic braces to boost performance. It is a very popular best plus-size knee brace choice.


  • It comes with dual-axis polycentric hinges for enhanced stability
  • The convenient front closure with the simple wrap-around configuration is easy to put on for people with larger legs.
  • It uses medical-grade materials that are stronger and more efficient.
  • Have two straps located above and below the kneecap that prevents you from sliding down.
  • It can be worn while playing soccer, basketball, etc.


  • 6 different sizes 
  • Dual-axis adjustable hinges 
  • Open-patella design 
  • Comfortable and lightweight 


  • A little slippery 
  • Improper finishing 

Why should you buy it? 

This knee brace is an excellent aid for weak ligaments, hyperextension, LCL, ACL, MCL, tendonitis, meniscus, osteoarthritis, etc. It is a hinged wrap made of neoprene to promote flexibility and heat retention. It comes with additional stabilizers near the sides to provide enhanced support. 

3. Shock Doctor XXL Knee Braces

Shock Doctor Knee Brace


It helps prevent and heal PCL & ACL injuries, hyperextension, lateral & medial instability, meniscus injuries, patella instability, and ligament sprains. It uses premium materials that boost movement and provide the utmost comfort.


  • Antimicrobial fabric control and prevents moisture, odor, and bacteria.
  • Available in 3 extra-large sizes and shapes
  • It has heavy-duty bilateral dual hinges that provide incredible support and a full range of motion.
  • It uses high-quality aluminum which adds stability with Hypalon sleeves anchoring the knee safely.
  • It uses a highly secure X-Fit strap system which is super easy to adjust.
  • Patella support for both males and females.


  • 6 unique sizes 
  • Odor and moisture prevention 
  • Dual-hinge support 
  • Premium-quality materials 


  • Uncomfortable fitting 
  • Not long-lasting 

Why should you buy it? 

This knee brace works to prevent several chronic problems, including patella instability, medial and lateral instability, arthritis, hypertension, ligament sprains, and a lot more. It comes with airflow-vented and anti-microbial technology to prevent odor, moisture, and bacteria. 

4. Orthomen Hinged ROM Extra Large Knee Brace

Orthomen Hinged ROM Knee Brace


Orthomen products are one of the most recommended by doctors and they are super easy to use for any knee size. With the manually adjustable angle, length, and width facility this is an easy pick for a best plus size knee brace.


  • Adjustable knob to set the ROM according to your comfort.
  • Includes drop lock improving stability
  • Simple and easy to use makes it a perfect choice for all age groups.
  • Alternating brace length facility facilitates the best fit for any knee size
  • It has a padded design to give the utmost comfort to the user.
  • Manually adjustable straps allow u to set the size as per your requirement manually.
  • Can be used to treat:
    • Meniscal repairs
    • Patella tendon repairs
    • Osteochondral repairs
    • Tibial plateau fractures
    • Condylar fractures
    • Strains /Sprains of the knee
    • High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO)


  • Adjustable brace 
  • Length-adjustable collateral bars 
  • Press lock mechanism 
  • Easy to use 


  • Not so supportive 
  • Needs quality improvement 

Why should you buy it? 

This brace provides support for post-operation immobility. It comes with a tool-free length-adjustable mechanism to act against varus and valgus deformity. It is easy to use and has a rotate and press lock facility for enhanced comfort. This brace also provides support against post-surgery pains and ligament issues.

5. Zamst ZK-X Knee Brace

Zamst ZK-X Knee Brace


Zamst ZK-X provides extra Strong support with sleeve knee support giving the user a superior fit and proven to prevent slipping no matter which activity you do. It comes with crisscrossed and parallel straps to provide effective compression and intense stability for the lower leg.


  • It provides extension and smooth flexion.
  • It has adjustment straps on the front, lower, top, and rear which help to lock the brace in place.
  • It helps to prevent moderate or severe sprains after heavy activities
  • Proven to be ideal for MCL, ACL, and LCL cases.
  • Uses EXON-TECH with 3-way exoskeletal alignment with metal hinge support.
  • It has a pre-curved design that provides a full range of motion and maximized performance levels.


  • 5 different sizes 
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Advanced fabrication 
  • Kneecap stabilization 


  • Not enough support 
  • A little uncomfortable 

Why should you buy it?  This knee brace provides extra-strong support for exoskeletal 3-way ACL, LCL, and MCL ligament support. Its metal-hinged support is paired with advanced fabrication techniques to enhance its durability. This brace stabilizes the kneecap during motion

6. Shock Doctor Bionic Knee Brace

Shock Doctor Bionic Knee Brace

It is the best plus-size knee brace by Shock Doctor and a top-in-class product. It is the first choice of a user wanting hardcore protection which outcomes in their fearless performance. It is a highly engineered lightweight semi-rigid brace for ultimate performance. It comes with three wide choices and is boasted as the best product by Shock Doctor.


  • It has bi-lateral aluminum hinge support which enables a fluid and natural feel motion.
  • It has a perfect combination and a very strategic design of rigid and soft materials that don’t compromise comfort.
  • It has washable lining pads.
  • It provides a 3+ (Advance+) level of protection and can be used to treat major ligament and muscle sprains.
  • It combines compression and advanced hinges to provide stability and support.
  • It can be used for both prevention and recovery.


  • Compression sleeve 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Comfortable support 
  • Advanced knee support 


  • Not durable 
  • Design flaws 

Why should you buy it? 

This brace provides hinged support to minimize meniscus injuries, hypertension, instabilities, and ligament issues. It also provides a soothing relief against chronic knee pains. It is incorporated with the unique bio-Logix approach to support sports injuries. Its advanced knee support relieves chronic muscle pains.

7. EzyFit XL Knee Brace

EzyFit XL Knee Brace


Known to be one of the best knee braces in the plus size knee braces category, the EzyFit XL knee brace is suitable for both men and women! Though the applications of this knee brace are slightly different than others, it still serves the best purpose for plus-size knee support. Your search might end here if you are looking for some added support in a simple design as the EzyFit XL knee brace is the best option available for you in the market!

If you are one of such persons who does not wear knee braces frequently, then you have arrived at the perfect spot! A knee support brace for big legs that is just right for your budget. You will be able to exercise, run, walk, jump, play sports, and work wearing this knee brace all day long. The comfort level of the knee brace is what attracts people more towards it! It is reinforced with double stitching and strong velcro closures, making the product a perfect plus-size knee brace for arthritis. Go trekking and hiking by wearing this knee to protect your knees from getting injured during any such activity. It keeps the knee strong and lets you take your step with caution and safety.

The open patella design allows the user to move their knees in the desired ways while the product still extends its support to the knees. The material is stretchy, so you would not have any problem bending or folding your knees. The EzyFit XL knee brace has been one of the top knee braces used while driving to ease the pain of the knees. The heavy-duty knee brace ensures that the user has reduced joint pain along with the liberty of moving their knees in any possible and desired movement! The quadruple-side stabilizers are located on either side of both knees to provide maximum lateral support.

This knee support for plus size is durable, as the stretchy braces are strong and untearable. It is easy to wash this and keep it clean. Talking from the overall point of view, this product is truly, one of the best among all the other plus-size knee braces available in the market.

  • It is a good product for knee support for plus size. It comes in sizes, so there is no problem in finding your most suitable one.
  • The product is durable and easy to wash and clean, and the material and design of it attract people towards it.
  • The stretchy braces are strong and allow movement of the knees in all directions while keeping the knees firm and comfortable.
  • EzyFit XL knee brace helps in the reduction of arthritis pain and at the same time, protects the knee from getting any further injury or damage.
  • If you are a regular driver, wear this knee brace for the betterment of your knees, as it helps in keeping the knees in a comfortable position while driving.


  • Three different fittings 
  • Bi-directional straps 
  • Anti-slip construction 
  • Open patella design 


  • It doesn’t work properly 
  • Uncomfortable 

Why should you buy it? 

This knee brace is comfortable to use and comes with reinforced double stitching for an enhanced lifespan. It assists in knee surgery recoveries, ACL, MCL, LCL, arthritis, and other severe pains. It provides alternation wrapping to provide a stable grip. Its three different fittings cater to almost everyone’s requirements.

8. Smalets Plus Size Knee Compression Sleeve

Are you searching for an XXL knee brace with a proper knee support brace for big legs? Then, look no further! We have got you covered by presenting to you the best product in the XXL knee braces- Smalets plus size Knee Compression Sleeve. Designed exclusively for men to make their heavy weightlifting sessions easy, this knee brace can be the perfect match that you are looking for!

The product might appear to be small and compact, but it serves its purpose in the best way possible. Bagging the award for the best plus-size knee braces, the neoprene is exceptionally strong and durable of this product! The Smalets plus size knee compression sleeve is been designed in an effective manner that makes the knees stay active and in shape.

It is breathable, comfortable, and a great knee support for plus size! It allows its user to move their knees in any direction while it keeps the knee firm and strong. The advantage of using Smalets plus size knee compression sleeve is that it gets quick relief to the knee joints’ pain and also protects the knee from getting any further injury or cramp. The product provides substantial knee support by the sleeve standards, giving the user the best satisfaction and comfort by wearing it!

For people suffering from chronic joint pain, any inflammation, or any pain after knee surgery, this product is the best suited for them. Along with being a plus-size knee brace for arthritis, Smalet’s plus-size knee compression sleeve also helps in pain reduction. It provides ample support to the knees and brings instant relief to the person suffering because of its compression and thermal insulation. It has been specially designed to provide a firm and non-slip fit for men for better workout sessions!

Coming with thermal insulation, this product is easily washable. The material is strong and durable, so you do not have to worry about it tearing or breaking apart! There is great value for this XXL knee brace as it is indeed, one of the best options available for you!

  • Particularly designed for men, this knee brace for plus size is of great help and value for money. It eases inflammation and joint pains, including arthritis.
  • The product is exceptionally strong, durable, and comfortable, which is a bonus point for the users because it gives them the liberty to make movements of their knees without posing any difficulty.
  • It provides a knee support brace for big legs, as it is a great support giver for your knees.
  • The knee brace is comfortable in wearing and is the best companion for all your heavy workout sessions, trekking and hiking trips, and even for your long walks.
  • The thermal insulation of the knee brace allows the user to wash and clean them on a regular basis. Thermal insulation is critically essential for keeping the knees in shape by compressing them but in a breathable and comfortable way.


  • Specially designed for men 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Firm and non-slip 


  • Poor build quality 
  • Feels like foam 

Why should you buy it? 

This brace is specially designed to work alongside men’s movement. It provides comfortable support and soothing relief from chronic muscle pains. It is breathable, effective, and convenient to use. There is a full refund and replacement guarantee from the manufacturers.

9. McDavid 422 Knee Brace

McDavid 422 Knee Brace

What about a knee brace with all possible features and specifications? How wonderful would it be to find something even closer to that! With no more worries, we have got answers ready for you, as always. The McDavid 422 knee brace is the ideal knee brace that will tick off all your criteria! Been designed exclusively for plus size men and women, this is one of the top best plus size knee braces readily available for you in the market. The most attractive feature of this product is that it has an extra long sleeve to provide you with that extra comfort!

Been very light weighted, this knee brace is not going to stop you or slow you down from doing any sorts of work. Recognised mainly because of its heavy duty knee brace, it provides great support and compression to the knees. It is been made with the lightest hinge and wider arms to aid in maintaining and giving the maximum strength to the knees and legs.

In comparison toneoprene brace, the McDavid 422 provides more support, which in turn increases the level of comfort. The adjustability of the extra large knee support for plus size comes with accurate sizing of the braces and the required small adjustments can be done according to the user. The bound edges prevent skin irritation and the black panel provides heat and moisture to the knees. The soft yet firm and strong XXL knee braceprovides quick relief from injury pains and even joint pains.

Ranking in one of the best plus size knee brace for arthritis, this product can be of great help for you and has the potential to become your everyday companion! If you are a sports person, wear this knee brace for protecting your knees from getting injured and preventing accidents. According to research and studies, it is been proved that McDavid knee brace is the classic go-to knee brace for all sports players.

Another reason for it to be highly popular among athletes is because it offers both XL and XXL sizes. The product is highly durable, as the material is super stretchy and does not tear apart. The design promotes the ability to stabilize and support the knee even in between of any knee and leg movements- running or walking.

From an overall point of view, if you are looking for your money’s worth and at the same time want a product that will cater to all your needs and wants, then you can be rest assured on McDavid 422 knee brace for it! It is a reliable brand in the category of knee braces.

  • Designed specifically for plus size men and women, it provides the best knee support brace for big legs.
  • A favourite and recommended knee brace by sports people as well.
  • It provides support and helps the knees to stay firm and strong. It prevents the knees to get hurt or injured during any type of activity.
  • The bound edges of the knee braces prevents skin irritation as it comes with a heat and moisture management feature.
  • It is a great solution for your arthritis pain, joint pains and inflammations, as the compression feature of the product helps the knee to recover fast and relieve you out of your pains.


  • Latex-free neoprene 
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • 4 unique sizes 


  • Smaller in size 
  • Poor build quality 

Why should you buy it? 

This brace comes with a latex-free neoprene that provides therapeutic heat and compression to the knee. Its individually articulated side arms enhance the support and aid in pain relief. It supports the patella while its bound edges curb skin irritation. 

Now that we know what a knee brace is and what kind would be the best plus size knee brace for the ones who have long legs and big bodies, all you have to do is how to choose a right one for you and your special needs.  With the use of a knee brace, you would definitely feel fearless once again and gain the confidence back.

The best plus size knee brace would be your guardian and best friend. So, go ahead and choose the best knee brace for yourself and bless yourself with added confidence and charm. You would never regret having bought the brace. The best plus size knee brace would make your life easier and would set you free of any worries. Now you can now run, jog and play for longer hours and still not damage your knee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to wear a knee brace? 

Once you start experiencing pain you should opt for a knee brace. You could also try on a knee brace if you indulge in sports or walk, run or jog for longer periods.

Is a knee brace effective?

Of course, the best plus size knee brace would be your best friend and would relieve you of all your pain and worries for your tall/huge body.

Should knee brace be worn during night time?

No, you needn’t wear them while sleeping.

Can the posture band be worn all day? 

Yes, you can.

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