The 13 Best TENS Units of 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

NeuMedics TENS 24 Massager TENS Unit Machine: Portable TENS Unit
Strongest TENS Unit

NeuMedics TENS 24 Massager TENS Unit Machine: Portable TENS Unit

Built-in Rechargeable Battery
24 Massage Modes
2 A-B Outputs
Compact Size
Protective Case
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TruMedic TENS Electronic Pulse Unit
Best TENS Machine for Labour

TruMedic TENS Electronic Pulse Unit

Precisely Targets Affected Area
Easy Customization
Long-Lasting Effect
Highly Portable
Instant Pain Relief & Muscle Stimulation
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TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit
Best TENS Machine for Labour

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

Safe & Effective
Highly Versatile
Two Channels
Multiple Modes
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Best TENS Unit for Menstrual Cramps


Up to 6 TENS and EMS Modes
Rechargeable Battery
Dust-Proof Pouch
Multiple Pre-Programmed Modes
Convenient Size
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Best TENS Unit for Home Use


Highly Customizable
Very Easy to Use
Compact & Stylish
Adjustable Timer & Auto Shut-Off
Upgraded Electrode Pads
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WiTouch Pro TENS Unit
Best TENS Unit for Back Pain

WiTouch Pro TENS Unit

Manages Chronic & Acute Pain
Covers Large Area at Once
Safe & Secure
Bluetooth Connectivity
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Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit
Best TENS and EMS Combo Unit

Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit

Multi-Functional Massager
Hassle-Free Storage
Dual Channels, Intensity, & Time Control
Powerful Rechargeable Battery
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iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager
Best TENS Unit for Knee Pain

iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Directly Targets Pain Points
8 TENS Programs
Customizable Intensity Levels
On-The-Go Comfort
Additional Special Features
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iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit
Best TENS Unit for Knee Arthritis

iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit

14 TENS & EMS Programs
25 Intensity Levels
80mA Output Strength
On-The Go Comfort
Additional Special Features
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Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager 
Best TENS Unit for Sciatica

Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager

Helpful for Instant Pain Relief
Many Optional Modes
Versatile Usage
Adjustable Timer
Applaudable Battery Life
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Life can be difficult, and unwanted chronic pains tend to make it harder. So why not take a precaution to deal with this stress in advance?

One such precaution for pain, getting a lot of appreciation currently is the TENS of physical therapy.

Are you under a particular medication or therapy that isn’t working for you? Then, you should definitely try the best TENS unit available near you.

A TENS machine is basically a very tiny and portable device that comprises adhesive electrode pads that are attached to the pain-causing region of your body.

The leads direct a low-voltage current to the electrode pads attached to your skin to help you instantly relieve pain in that region.

In earlier times, you had to arrange a prescription to get your hands on the best TENS unit. And most people choose to visit their physiotherapists or chiropractor to book a session for TENS of physical therapy.

Thanks to the recent advances in the research and development sector! Now, TENS are readily available over the counter without a prescription.

However, a doctor’s recommendation is always welcome in case you are skeptical or have been through a tense condition before.

So, why not get a portable one for yourself today?

Don’t let the pain hinder your performance as you sit at home, work at your office, or travel to far-off locations. Get your freedom back in line.

Choose the best fit for you from the top best TENS units below.


Best TENS Unit – Buying Guide

The TENS unit has become a familiar choice when compared to the myriad of side effects that another therapy or medication can incite.

The updated technology has made it possible to bring the benefits of large electrotherapy machines now in a compact hand-held size. God bless technology!

Carry it in your pocket, fasten it to your belt, or hold it in your hand as you are comfortable.

This extremely effective pain remedy necessitates a reasonable investment to reap its numerous benefits in the best way.

Make sure you prioritize these five factors in any portable TENS unit. These factors undoubtedly make the prominent traits of the best TENS unit.

  • Power Handling Capacity

It is necessary to acknowledge the power handling capacity of a TENS unit machine. As higher the power handling capacity, the higher the efficiency and performance on different modes or levels.

High-end TENS units have an upper edge in case of power potential as they offer quality performance on average. These units also constitute high-technology machines that aim to last.

Sacrificing price ultimately correlates to sacrificing on quality and performance of a TENS unit device. And if it is your first-time experience with a TENS unit, then you’ll surely lose interest shortly.

Look at the marvel it is going to do for you. And make a secure investment for your overall well-being.

The best TENS unit will undoubtedly be one that works efficiently, is extremely durable, and value for money.

  • Battery Life

Look for suitable and long-lasting battery life. Consider this feature the most carefully, just as you would probably do if you were going to purchase any other technological device.

The choice of a TENS unit will also depend on the duration of usage. Be extra careful here!

A regular TENS unit machine is usually low-priced. It comes equipped with either a 9-volt or a 3AAA battery. And that will make it a costly affair if you want to use it daily. Forget about power-handling capacity!

Some good quality TENS unit machines are readily available for low prices. And will make an excellent choice if you have infrequent or nominal requirements.

But we highly recommend lithium battery ones. As they are more durable and a little more priced depending on the features offered.

Lithium batteries offer the benefits of charging that lasts around weeks in case of frequent use. And months if you are an infrequent user.

TENS unit with lithium battery also makes an economical choice as you would not have to make an add-on in the monthly budget separately! What if they are not in stock during a pandemic?

  • Optional Modes

Are you looking for more optional modes in your TENS unit machine? Then you will probably have to invest in a high-end one. And a genuine brand with a slightly nominal price. It all depends on individual requirements and spending capacity.

You can easily purchase them online or in a drug store near you.

The average TENS unit usually offers up to two modes. And a limited performance. It can even scale down to one depending on range and price.

It is necessary to find out which model works for you the best. And that can be hard if the two available modes don’t offer quality performance.

We recommend that you look for the ones that offer multiple options if you want to make use of your TENS unit in versatile ways. Stick to an average one if you don’t have such requirements.

However, the best TENS unit will not disappoint even if it comes equipped with only two power modes.

Check out our list below to get an in-depth insight into the top TENS machines available currently.

  • The durability of Electrode Pads

Finding a TENS unit with durable electrode pads is quite important. As you don’t want to purchase new ones now and then constantly.

If you are going to use the TENS unit frequently, then buying a low-priced one will not do wonders for you. As the cost will ultimately rise due to regular replacement requirements.

No doubt the price will lure a lot of audience at first instance but the quality of electrode pads would not last longer than five to six applications. They might even last a lower number in case you make the wrong choice.

Usually, the price of replacement of electrode pads ranges from $15-$20 on average.

A high-end product is designed to last months, even years maybe. Don’t let the price fool you here!

  • Customer Support & After Sales Service

Most technological products might malfunction at one time or the other. And it’s quite normal!

Dealing with this phase gets a lot easier if the brand you purchase has quality customer service available at all times.

Some brands are actually genuine and deliver instant customer support and other required services on time. While some other fraudster brands lure customers and disappear at the time you need them the most.

So, it is always a wise decision to look for a TENS unit brand that offers timely customer service at any period. Even if that time happens to appear after the warranty or guarantee period has expired. As a company knows every glitch of its product better than any outside source.

The best TENS unit will absolutely offer the best customer support as the manufacturing company understands that you have a right to raise a question in case you are not satisfied or facing an issue with your product.

All the above factors will surely help to select the best among the top TENS unit as per your requirements. Remember, every individual’s experience is never the same.

10 Reasons That Make TENS Unit an Optimum Choice for Pain Relief

  • Relieve your pain through a natural process that is also highly effective
  • Stay away from unnecessary medications any day
  • Reduce stress and pain together as the process increases the production of endorphins. Endorphins are popularly considered natural painkillers.
  • Prevents pain-causing region to send nerve signals to the brain
  • Extended usage helps promotes a habitual response to ignore the pain
  • Reduces inflammation if any
  • Optional modes help in choosing the right mode to treat pain as and when required
  • There are barely any reported side effects as yet
  • Very low risk is involved in this treatment
  • Highly portable

Best TENS Unit Reviews

Get the best TENS unit from our top list and relieve yourself from that stress-causing pain right away!

Strongest TENS Unit

1.NeuMedics TENS 24 Massager TENS Unit Machine: Portable TENS Unit

best tens units

Is a powerful performance your top-most concern? Then the NeuMedics TENS Unit Portable Massager will surely offer you a blissful experience as it is the strongest TENS unit. This device is a combination of TENS and PMS devices to deliver instant pain relief.

Features and Details

  • User-Friendly

All the modes available are clearly labeled according to the body region they cater to. For instance, the “Neck” labeled feature will particularly cater to the needs of neck-related pains and injuries.

The compact machine comes with a unique LCD that is large enough to incorporate all the contents of the screen all at once.

The featured backlight also offers a great view.

  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery

NeuMedics TENS unit comes packed with a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery offers a powerful performance of up to 20 hours when used over a continuous period.

Charge it using the wall charger or use a computer USB port as required.

  • 24 Massage Modes

Get the ultimate massage experience with 24 unique pre-programmed modes.

  • 2 A-B Outputs

Have you ever craved to have two different massages at the same time? And that too, at two different strengths or power modes? Experience this with the one and only NeuMedics TENS unit machine.

  • Compact Size

NeuMedics TENS unit comes with a stylish design that easily fits into your pocket.

  • Protective Case

Get all-time protection with the protective cover case offered with the NeuMedics TENS unit machine. The snap-on style also provides enhanced protection when the case is kept facing down on the surface.

Best TENS Machine for Labour

2.TruMedic TENS Electronic Pulse Unit

best tens units

Labor pains necessitate the need for the best TENS unit for labor available out there. And the constant pains due to contractions can get worse as time progresses. This deluxe TENS unit is designed to deliver ideal pain management as well as muscle stimulation during the worst situations. And will make a perfect fit for maternal care as per the best TENS unit reviews.

Features and Details

  • Precisely Targets Affected Region

TruMedic TENS Electronic Pulse Unit directly focuses on the region causing the most discomfort and pain. The pulse works efficiently to offer immediate pain relief so that you can get back on your toes and continue with the daily tasks.

Nerves and muscles will also experience instant relaxation within the first-time application.

  • Easy Customization

You can adjust the speed and intensity settings without any feeling of discomfort. Three uniquely labeled settings also make it highly convenient to set rhythm and sensation as and when required.

traumatic TENS unit offers 20 different intensity settings.

You can make your massage more specific by following the required muscle group. You get 5 pre-programmed massages to suit such needs. 3 different settings are also available.

  • Long-Lasting Effect

Obtain noteworthy and effective results with the very first use. Stay away from pain even after you discontinue use.

  • Highly Portable

This lightweight TENS unit weighs 5oz in all. A full charge offers you powerful and efficient performance for up to 2 hours. Thanks to the built-in Lithium ions cells!

Carry it anywhere and reap the benefits of its ultimate performance without worrying about your location.

  • Instant Pain Relief and Muscle Stimulation

traumatic TENS unit is a stress buster due to its amazing pain-relieving and muscle stimulation capabilities. Give the right stimulation to your muscles and nerves anytime and anywhere.

If you have joint mobility issues then also this TENS unit will make a suitable choice for you.

All these features make the TruMedics TENS unit a popular choice due to its top-notch results.


3.TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

Are you looking for an electrotherapy machine that can cure all your pains immediately? Then, try the 2nd edition of TENS 7000. Today holds a good place in the best TENS unit for labor list. A top choice of medical professionals for more than 10 years. And get immediate and promising results. Be it muscle pain, back pain, labor pain, neck pain, tennis pain, or even bursitis. It proves to be one of the best TENS units for labor.

Features and Details

  • Safe and Effective

You can blindly trust the TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit if you are concerned about accurate results. The pain relief system is OTC (Over-the-counter) cleared to offer you the best of the best. And has been part of survival strategies for almost a million doctors and household users to date. The unit is undoubtedly a favorite in the clinical industry since 2008.

  • Highly Versatile

Get a high-grade treatment in the comfort of your home with this TENS unit any day. You can find a solution to the most extreme pains or the most painful injuries with this machine.

  • Two Channels

You can choose between an individual channel or a dual channel. Pair two electrodes for individual channels or four electrodes for dual channels. The dual control knobs also make it easy to shift between different intensity levels.

  • Multiple Modes

Say goodbye to the worst of pains with five exceptional modes to your rescue. The two strength-duration modes will inevitably turn out to be your favorite ones.


Best TENS Unit for Menstrual Cramps


best tens units

Menstrual Cramps can cause unbearable pain for some women. All you need is an effective pain management tool to comfort you at that moment. And the NURSE EMS TENS unit is not one to disappoint in terms of pain relief when you most need it. It is one of the best TENS units for menstrual cramps available currently.

Features and Details

  • Up to 16 TENS and EMS Modes

Experience the most convenient pain relief with 16 superb modes. Get instant pain relief in a matter of minutes.

  • Rechargeable Battery

Get your hands on the latest technology as the NURSE TENS and EMS Unit comes packed with high-grade and built-in lithium batteries. With a 20-hour efficient performance on one charge, you would not have to worry about skipping on utilizing it ever. The battery level icon also makes the device extremely convenient for regular use.

  • Convenient Size

You will be able to carry this TENS and EMS unit to the farthest of places without having to bother about any glitches in its performance. Thanks to its pocket-friendly design!

  • Dust-Proof Pouch

Keep your TENS unit brand new due to the well-designed pouch that is also dust-proof. The electrode pads will also last longer as dust will not be able to come in the way any longer.

  • Replicates Real Human Massage

Find the perfect solution for pain relief and stiffness caused due to injuries, disabilities, or day-to-day activities. As you will get the same experience once that a costly real human massage would offer in multiple sessions.

  • Multi-Preprogrammed Modes

Achieve total body relaxation in one go by choosing the most desirable mode amongst several ones. Get the all-in-one benefit of bionic, simulation, electromagnetic as well as bioelectric technology.


Best TENS Unit for Home Use

5. MEDVICE 2nd Gen TENS Unit

best tens units

Want to live a life that is pain-free? Make your dream come true with the MEDVICE 2nd Gen TENS Unit. This TENS unit will definitely be worth every penny as it is one of the best TENS units for home use.

Features and Details

  • Highly Customizable

Want a more personalized treatment? Choose between a variety of massage styles as well as required sensitivity levels with MEDVICE 2nd Gen TENS Unit. The unit comes packed with around 16 preprogrammed modes, 20 effective strength levels, and 2 efficient outputs to offer you the best results.

  • Very Easy to Use

Get the relief you have been craving with just a smooth touch of buttons. The backlit LCD also makes it super convenient for users to read during dark hours. The user’s manual also comes with easy to understand guide for usage.

  • Compact and Stylish

Although style does not play a very crucial role in a pain relief device, compact size is certainly an important consideration. The compact size allows the user to carry it anywhere.

  • Adjustable Timer and Auto Shut-Off

Adjustable timer and auto shut-off feature make the MEDVICE 2nd Gen TENS Unit stand out among a commendable list of competitors. The 10 to a 60-minute timer is deemed to offer a seamless and relaxing experience to any user.

  • Long Battery Life

Get the ultimate experience with up to 10 hours of rechargeable battery life. The lithium battery also offers genuine performance at all times. The battery indicator also makes it effortless for a person to keep a check on the unit’s battery status.

  • Upgraded Electrode Pads

The solid electrode pads have recently been upgraded to a high-grade Japanese adhesive. The self-stick pads would never offer an instance where itching or rash will be a matter of concern due to the above reason.

Sit back and relax because you will be investing in the best TENS unit for labor if you choose MEDVICE 2nd Gen TENS unit.

Best TENS Unit for Back Pain

6.WiTouch Pro TENS Unit

best tens units

WiTouch Pro uses the latest technology in electrostimulation to offer you instant relief from one of the most common ailments of the 21st century- back pain. Don’t forget about the back muscle pain as well. Heal your life the proper way with this remarkably comfortable and wearable device.

Features and Details

  • Manages Chronic and Acute Pains

WiTouch Pro is the absolute best TENS unit for back pain as the wireless Bluetooth connection helps direct the electric impulses to those regions of the body that are currently home to chronic and acute pains. The user will have to connect his or her mobile to the TENS unit using the WiTouch pro app.

  • Covers Large Area at Once

This commendable TENS unit comes with a 19 cm width and a 9cm height to cover a large area in one application. This minimal design helps the device provide a professional-strength performance in the affected region to offer the most satisfying experience.

  • Lightweight

You can easily carry this lightweight TENS unit any day. The lightweight device can also be worn discreetly under the user’s clothing without raising a concern as it contours perfectly.

  • Safe and Secure

WiTouch Pro TENS unit is an upgraded version of an old and discontinued TENS unit. The device is safe and secure to use as it is FSA and eligible.


Best TENS and EMS Combo Unit

7.Belifu Dual Channel TENS and EMS Unit

best tens units

Looking for a wide range of features at an extremely affordable price? Try the Belifu Dual Channel EMS TENS Unit and fight against the most chronic pains with this powerful and best TENS EMS unit.

Features and Details

  • Multi-Functional Massager

Achieve immediate muscle and pain relief with Belifu TENS and EMS unit as it offers a choice among 24 preprogrammed modes. As a matter of fact, back pain can increase and cause muscle spasms if not treated well in time. So, get your hands on the best TENS and EMS combo unit right away!

  • Hassle-Free Storage

The cable mess will not be a cause of concern for you any longer! As the device comes with reusable cable ties that can easily store a dust-proof storage bag. The drawstring bag clearly offers a fabulous system for hassle-free storage.

  • Dual Channels, Intensity, and Time Control

Shift between dual channels and different levels of intensity for each channel to create a personalized and unique massage experience. You also get an optional timer to offer a more seamless experience.

  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery

Belief makes the best TENS EMS unit because of its robust and excellent battery life. The high-grade built-in and rechargeable lithium battery offer an exceptional 20-hour long performance just with one charge. USB port charging also offers more ease to charging using different devices in case you misplace your adapter.

Best TENS Unit for Knee Pain

8.iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

best tens units

Are you suffering from intense knee pain currently? Find the pain relief your heart has been aching for with the iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager.

Features and Details

  • Directly Targets Pain Points

iReliev TENS unit instantly blocks pain caused that a person normally experiences in a regular therapy session. Make your life youthful and pain-free once again on a nominal budget as compared to other expensive prescription medications that are full of side effects.

  • 8 TENS Programs

What makes the iReliev TENS unit the best TENS unit for knee pain is its ability to provide immediate pain relief due to uniquely designed TENS programs. The arthritis pain relief program labeled as P8 also makes this electric massager a perfect fit for arthritis patients.

  • Customizable Intensity Levels

Do you prefer variation a lot? Then, adjust your way through 25 different and easily customizable intensity levels to get the best treatment for any acute or chronic knee pain.

  • On-The-Go Comfort

Large devices are no longer in trend unless they are offering something exceptional. But iReliev’s compact size is to die for. This TENS unit is highly portable as it can easily be included in a belt clip or a holster as required. Take it along when you are off to work or lounge wearing it in the comfort of your home. The compact size makes it absolutely unnoticeable when it should not be noticed.

  • Special Features

Some noteworthy special features offered by iReliev include auto-lock, a 5-60 adjustable timer, an LCD display that is large enough to display all power modes, etc.

Best TENS Unit for Knee Arthritis

9.iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit

The right TENS unit will help rebuild as well as repair joint cartilage. This makes TENS unit therapy a reasonable choice for patients suffering from knee arthritis or osteoarthritis. And iReliev TENS and EMS Combination unit will work wonders in recovery from damage caused by arthritis moderately early.

Features and Details

  • 14 TENS and EMS Programs

Pain relief and muscle stimulation are one of the major concerns of the most common and basic arthritis patients. The P8 labeled program has been specially designed keeping in mind the arthritis patients for this very reason.

  • 25 Intensity Levels

Want to create a unique intensity level that will be suitable for your knee pain? The transition among 25 intensity levels to get rid of pain is superfast.

  • 80mA Output Strength

Get extremely affordable prescription strength in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to spend on expensive treatments and medications any longer. Find the cure to your knee pain with this marvelous iReliev TENS unit.

Go on, place your order for the best TENS unit for knee arthritis right away!

Best TENS Unit for Sciatica

  1. Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Massager

best tens units

Get ready to experience the power of the TENS and PMS combination unit with this TENS unit. The device provides excellent service and temporary results within the very first uses.

Features and Details

  • Helpful in Instant Pain Relief

If your pain is impossible to bear then you can rely on Tens Unit Plus 24 Rechargeable Electronic Pulse Manager for instant and temporary pain relief. The TENS and PMS combination unit also makes it a popular choice for people suffering from sciatica.

  • Many Optional Modes

The best TENS unit for sciatica will be one that soothes regular people as well as people suffering from conditions like sciatica. The 6 preprogrammed modes also make this TENS unit very popular. The 4 different options in each mode provide a more definitive experience to the user.

  • Versatile Usage

Having sour and aching muscles? Are shoulder, waist, and back pains getting out of your hands currently? Is strain from daily exercise or household activity to blame for the upper and lower extremities? Then, the TechCare massager will surely turn out to be the miracle solution for you.

  • Adjustable Timer

Easily adjust between 10 to 60 minutes to get a tension-free and comfortable experience.

  • Applaudable Battery Backup

TechCare TENS Unit comes packed with an in-built lithium battery. The battery offers you a 20-hour remarkable performance even when used for a continuous duration.

Best TENS Unit for Stroke Patients

  1. TechCare Pro TENS Unit

best tens units

Don’t ever be dependent on painkillers ever again. As the TechCare massager’s unique design will offer the needed comfort for stroke patients particularly.

Features and Details

  • Stimulates Nerve Fibers

Low voltage pulses delivered by TechCare Pro TENS Unit help in stimulating nerve fibers effectively. This process immediately blocks the pain signals being triggered by the affected region in your brain.

  • 24 Preprogrammed Modes

Adjust between your desired suggestions any time as the 24 preprogrammed modes help heal your pain the correct way. You can also add 20 minutes to a particular session just by clicking the T-labeled button on the screen.

  • Separate Strength Levels

The 20 separate levels of intensity are super easy to adjust. The positive and negative option also offers a more concentrated and hassle-free experience.

  • Lifetime Warranty

TechCare TENS unit makes one of the best TENS units for stroke patients also because it offers a lifetime warranty. The warranty can also be easily used if the need arises.

  • 30 Day Guarantee

All individuals have different requirements and experiences. You can get your money back within the first 30 days of your purchase in case the performance of this TENS unit is not satisfactory. All you have to do is inform the retailer in time.


Best TENS Unit for Nerve Pain

12.StimChoice 4000 TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator

best tens units

Does your body respond to nerve pains quite negatively? Then, try using StimChoice 4000 TENS and EMS Muscle Stimulator to get the ultimate comforting response.

Features and Details

  • Immediate Pain Relief

Get ready to be amazed by the StimChoice 4000 TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator as it provides instant relief from muscle and nerve pain. Your relaxed body and expressions will reflect positivity more prominently after regular use.

  • 3 EMS Modes

Are you looking for a genuine rehab for your injury? Get ready to attain nothing but satisfactory results with the 3 effective EMS recovery modes. This is why StimChoice is separately in high demand as an EMS muscle stimulator.

  • 4 Powerful Channels

Experience the best TENS therapy and muscle stimulator with the best TENS unit for never pain- StimChoice 4000 TENS Unit. The unit is the perfect nerve stimulator and the EMS unit. You can always expect effective results due to targeted performance.

  • Clinical Recommendation

Industry professionals highly recommend this product as it’s been a tried and tested choice over the years. You don’t have to depend on medicines as you will get much better and side-effect-free results with this perfect TENS unit.

  • Easy Availability

StimChoice 4000 TENS and EMS units have a powerful and popular presence among the general public and white-collar professionals. How do we know it? From research and the best TENS unit.

The unit is easily available over the counter without the requirement of a doctor’s prescription.

Best TENS Unit for Endometriosis

13.TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

best tens units

Endometriosis can cause unbearable pain in the lower back, pelvic area, and lower belly region, and usually a lot of cramping. Things might get worse as your period date is closer. But you no longer have to be scared in such situations as the TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator is here for the rescue.

Features and Details

  • Combination Unit

Get to experience the goodness of TENS and PMS therapy with the best TENS unit. Low-voltage pulses coordinate and work perfectly to offer instant pain relief during the worst of pains.

  • 24 Massage Modes

Feel pain-free by using the most appropriate mode among 24 highly effective massage modes. Out of these, 6 are preset already. All modes have 4 suitable options to choose from. Expect only the best!

  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery

Lithium built-in battery offers nothing but impressive results to the user with long-lasting battery life. The 20-intensity bars also play a major role in delivering powerful performance at all times.

  • Versatile Application

What makes TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator the best TENS unit for endometriosis? The reason is this TENS unit’s powerful performance that does not restrict itself when it comes to deep massages. The device also works great on other body regions like the back, legs, neck, shoulder, etc.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Best TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator offers a limited lifetime warranty for its powerful and amazing TENS unit.

  • 30 Day Guarantee

The manufacturing company has full faith in its products in most cases. And TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator’s manufacturer is no different. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you want to return the product and are not satisfied with its performance.

Finding the best TENS unit for yourself is not at all easy. With so many new and upcoming brands it gets really hard to choose a genuine TENS unit that actually works.

We want the best for you and have made intensive research to help you make a sound purchase decision amidst this chaos.

I hope our list gets you the best one!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best TENS unit in the market?

The best TENS unit will always be one that suits your individual needs first. For instance, if you experience a lot of back pain then you will want a TENS unit that is more concerned about all this particular body part before any other.

However, there is one such TENS unit that will make the perfect choice for any pain or injury.

NeuMedics TENS 24 Massager TENS Unit Machine. This TENS unit is user-friendly, comes packed with a built-in rechargeable battery, offers 24 unique massage modes, and comes in the perfect pocket-size design.

2. What is the difference between TENS and EMS?

You will probably require a TENS unit if your main purpose is to get pain relief in less time. But if your motive is to strengthen or rehabilitate your body muscles, then you should be looking for an EMS unit.

TENS deals with nerve stimulation and EMS, on the other hand, deals with muscle stimulation. So, make the right choice depending on your requirements for the course.

3. Can TENS of unit damage nerves?

Excessive or prolonged use of any electrical device can make the tables turn. Although TENS therapy is natural and free of side effects, it is always better to take breaks to avoid heightened dependency on this external product. Take short breaks, or follow a doctor’s schedule till the time you are not habitual with how to use the product right.

And don’t sacrifice product quality when it comes to TENS therapy. Use a genuine and highly recommended TENS unit machine only. There are a lot of cheap ones available, but are they really worth the risk?

4. How can I make my TENS pads sticky again?

Even expensive TENS unit pads lose their stickiness eventually. But don’t dispose of them unless they are in an excessively bad condition. Why? Because the sticky pads can easily regain their stickiness when one applies an electrode pad, or an electrolyte spray, whichever is more easily available.

However, it is always important to clean the patch of your skin where you are about to apply the electrode pads. The electrode pads will not get dirt, dead skin, or even natural body oil attached. You can easily maintain the pad quality and save its stickiness for more uses if you follow the above criteria. Money saved is money gained.

5. Does a TENS unit stimulates blood flow?

Yes, absolutely. A TENS unit stimulates blood flow by targeting the affected region in a matter of minutes. And is able to stop the nerves from sending any pain signals to the brain. The stimulation of blood also plays an important factor in terms of healing.

Although the process of healing is time-consuming as per TENS therapy norms, the healing process is possible only because of blood stimulation.

Any pain or wound can be deeply healed using a TENS unit. The results will only be visible in the long run and be free of side effects. Side effects are more common with medications. But TENS therapy is the best.

6. Where do you put TENS pads?

TENS therapy targets the affected area in order to provide timely and affected results. Targeted therapy clearly indicates that the TENS pads are supposed to be applied to the region of the body that has been most affected.

For instance, if you suffering from back pain, then you will apply the TENS sticky pads on the back and set a timer if available. Make sure you have applied the pads in the right place (apply pads in the left and right direction and also try to place the pads parallel to one another) correctly in order to get the best results.

7. Where do you put TENS pads for depression?

Depression can be one of the lowest phases of an individual’s life. And it takes a lot of mental and physical stress to get back to normal once again. A popular way to deal with depression nowadays is through TENS therapy. TENS therapy is an effective treatment method that stimulates blood flow and also leads to the production of endorphins in the body. Endorphins act as a catalyst in healing as they are considered natural healing hormones generated by the body and kill the pain.

Fight depression the right way by accurately applying TENS pads wherever necessary. The best way is to apply the TENS pads on both sides of the head or scalp. Make sure you have applied the TENS pads behind the temples in order to achieve the best results.

8. Will a TENS unit kill parasites?

A TENS unit chiefly focuses on nerve stimulation to provide instant pain relief. However, it cannot kill parasites. You need to get checked if there are actually parasites in your body as the parasites produce toxins that are the main cause of muscle pain, joint pain, etc. Although a TENS unit can provide a solution for endometriosis, stroke pain, menstrual cramps, etc. However, a TENS unit cannot really kill parasites.

9. Can I use a TENS machine on my face?

Face pain can be caused due to an excessive number of reasons. If you regularly suffer from facial pain or have a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia, then you are acknowledging the apt therapy. TENS therapy or a TENS unit machine can be used to manage face pain if the reason for your facial pain is related to stress. Apply the electrode pads on your face and brow. If you have jaw pain or toothache then also you can use TENS therapy over other expensive and full of side effects medications. Do get advice from your home doctor for the best results.

10. Can I sleep with a TENS machine on?

It is not recommended to use the TENS machine while you are asleep as although the machine provides timely results and is safe to use, still you should avoid doing so. As the TENS machine is an electronic device at the end of the day. You can surely go to bed while you are wearing a TENS unit but avoid going to sleep while the device is on.

Set a schedule or daily pattern if you are going to use the TENS unit often. And remember, there is no restriction on the times you choose to use TENS, but it is better to not sleep in it as a general precautionary measure.

11. Does a TENS unit help with inflammation?

Yes, a TENS unit not only helps in reducing excessive pain but also helps in reducing any inflammation in the body that was caused due to a next-level injury or a tense condition.

As a TENS unit focuses on key center points that need intensive care in order to repair, so it is very important to choose accurate locations in order for a deep and speedy recovery.

One of the best TENS unit machines will stimulate the sensory and motor nerve just right. And this TENS unit will also enhance the production of endorphins in the body in order for deep healing of an injury, wound, or even a serious condition.

Some common ailments that are healed by a TENS unit besides decreased inflammation are neck pain, knee pain, back pain, pinched nerves, vertebral disc generation, etc.

12. Can a TENS unit tighten skin?

Aging is the most common factor behind the natural loosening of skin. As the skin becomes looser, the wrinkles and fine lines also start showing up in no time. This impacts the glow and beauty of your face a lot. Loosening of skin on other body parts is not that noticeable if you are able to maintain a youthful-looking face over the years. And TENS therapy makes it possible for people to maintain tightened and youthful facial skin.

Causes of facial aging or body aging can range from DNA damage to poor lifestyle and diet. However, microcurrents are very helpful in maintaining a youthful glow and firm skin and improving overall skin health.

Following new facial exercises can get difficult and tiring. But what if we told you that a TENS unit could beat the effect of such exercises within one-time use?

Skin can be tightened and kept healthy without spending on costly treatments and products over the years. A TENS unit also helps in maintaining skin firmness on other body regions like thighs, abdomen, buttocks, etc.

13. What does a TENS machine do to muscles?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a non-complex and easy-to-use machine. When you turn on the machine, the machine directs small electrical impulses to the affected body region superfast. You might experience or feel these impulses in the form of nominal tingling sensations.

The tingling sensations are not at all scary or harmful. They are highly bearable. This process helps in reducing intense pain. The electrical impulses block the nerves from sending back pain signals to the brain as well as the spinal cord. So, you will eventually get rid of any pain and at the same time relax the muscles of your body.

14. Does EMS reduce belly fat?

An upcoming and new popular trend for achieving a fit body is through EMS. If you start with high-frequency EMS therapy daily for just 30 minutes. You will start noticing a difference between your current and previous belly fat eventually. A little modification in diet and exercise patterns using EMS therapy can make a lot of difference in the long run. One can easily reduce abdominal obesity, waist circumference, and body fat percentage among other important benefits of using EMS for therapy. EMS is surely the future of fitness.

15. Can TENS make the pain worse?

Overstimulation is surely a cause of concern as it can be the major cause of making pain worse. Make sure that proper muscle contraction can be made using the best TENS unit. One has to be extremely careful while switching on the machine for this reason. Turn up the intensity or sensation slowly and steadily.

Make sure that the sensation you are feeling should be comfortable and bearable. You will notice that the sensation will feel lesser and lesser until it eventually disappears. This process or situation is popularly categorized as accommodation. Turn up the machine a bit and not too high whenever such a situation arises.

16. Do TENS units relax muscles?

A TENS unit offers the needed relaxation to the muscles by loosening tightening and knots if any. TENS unit’s main functions are to reduce pain and increase muscle stimulation. These two functions play a major role in reducing pain and stress as well as lead to the production of natural painkillers- endorphins in the body.

As the pain reduces, you will also notice that the muscle knots also start loosening. This type of loosening ultimately causes the tightening of the muscles. And the endorphins produced also work side by side in order to relax the muscles properly.

17. Can a TENS unit build muscles?

If you are concerned about building muscles then you should stop looking for the TENS unit and shift your search to the EMS unit. An Electric Muscle Stimulator’s main job is relaxing the muscles by loosening muscle knots, reducing muscle pain, deeply healing the muscles, and eventually building strong and worthy muscles. Start searching for a combination unit that has both TENS and EMS therapy benefits.

Such a combination unit will make a more viable option for individuals in the long run. Don’t limit yourself to only an EMS unit or TENS unit when you can enjoy the benefits of both in one separate unit. The TENS and EMS units are more popular than singular ones for the above-mentioned reason. And most popular and expensive brands also offer products with combination units for this reason only.

18. How strong should TENS be?

A TENS unit from a genuine brand should offer good quality and durability. It should last a lifetime unless not handled with care. The TENS machine should also be safe and secure to use during all kinds of situations. Whether you are walking, running, doing household chores, or exercising. Such movements should not limit the performance of a TENS unit. A TENS unit should also be powerful enough to reduce the worst of pains instantly.

The best TENS unit should also come equipped with preprogrammed modes and suitable intensity levels to customize the desired massage needed to reduce pain and relax the muscles. The machine should also be equipped with the latest technology to last longer. A TENS unit should be strong enough to affect different targeted regions without causing harm or raising a cause of concern for the user. It should be safe for home use if it is purchased over the counter.

19. How long does TENS pain relief last?

A TENS unit is a lifesaver for many people in the world due to its great and long-lasting pain relief capabilities. Every individual has a different requirement depending upon the kind of pain he currently or regularly experiences. The pain relief provided by the TENS unit can range from 8 hours to about 24 hours at max. People who use TENS therapy correctly will also achieve long-lasting results at a reasonable price.

Some patients actually heal over a period of time while some individuals return to the level of pain they were previously experiencing before the stimulation effect made a difference. Such cases might require strong channels and modes to understand the requirements of the individual. Remember, the length of time is highly subjective for every individual.

20. Where should you not use a TENS unit?

TENS unit machine has immense benefits when used correctly but extremely hazardous disadvantages in case you are not careful in handling this therapy. Here are a few precautionary measures you should keep in mind and not use the TENS unit for:

  • Body areas that have a rash or any open wounds
  • Irritated skin or inflamed skin
  • Maintain adequate distance from certain cancerous lesions
  • If the skin on a particular region does not experience a normal sensation as it does on other body parts
  • Be extra careful when using the TENS machine on the face or facial skin
  • Use with utmost care if needed for head
  • Avoid using electrode pads on the throat to avoid discomfort
  • Don’t use a TENS unit on the chest and front at the same time
  • Don’t apply it directly on the backbone

21. Can a TENS unit help erectile dysfunction?

Although the TENS unit can be effectively used to treat to heal the pain-causing pelvic region or particularly the pelvic floor region. It is not a feasible decision to use a TENS unit near your genitals to help with erectile dysfunction. Experts also have come across no conclusive proof in this particular matter as yet.

But the pelvic floor region will ultimately help the male to achieve erection and ejaculation. Why? Because healing and strengthening the pelvic floor region will help a male sustain an erection. So, indirectly a TENS unit will surely help with erectile dysfunction.

22. How do I choose a TENS unit?

Selecting the perfect TENS unit for yourself can surely be a time-consuming decision and also very hard. You need to consider important factors like a great power handling capacity, long and durable battery life facility, numerous optional modes for better customization and personalized experience, long-term durability of electrode pads, and a great customer support team in order to choose the best among the rest.

Some other factors like portability, additional special features being offered, price range, and suitability to your current and future needs are also important factors. Nowadays, technology changes super fast, so it is important to invest in the latest technology TENS unit.

Bluetooth connectivity TENS units are also readily available in the market. If you still have a problem choosing the best fit for you then you can always get a doctor’s recommendation. People who have suffered or are suffering from a serious condition should always prefer the doctor’s recommendation before purchasing a TENS unit.

23. Do the TENS unit really work?

If you make the right choice for yourself by choosing the best-fit TENS unit for you then you will certainly experience unbelievable and highly effective results in no time. TENS units were mostly popular in hospitals and medical professional clinics in the past. But its effective results have made people fall in love. As you get real and applaudable results when you use a TENS unit at the right place and in the right way. People who have actually experienced the benefits of the TENS unit always speak in the favor of TENS unit.

And the best part about a genuine TENS unit is that it has no side effects and no limitations in terms of usage. All you need to do is learn about the right application techniques. A TENS unit’s versatile applicability also makes it an adequate life savior for several nagging injuries and common ailments. Choose wisely and don’t sacrifice on price as the benefits of TENS units are immense and worth a trial. And if nothing worked for you in the past, a TENS unit has surely got your back.

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