Best Shoulder Heating Pad – Buy Now!

Sable’s Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Sable’s Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

6-temperature settings
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Sunbeam Neck and ShoulderHeating Pad

Sunbeam Neck and ShoulderHeating Pad

Handy controller
Premium quality
Weighted ages and collar fit
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HealthyLine Far Infrared Gemstone Heating Pad

HealthyLine Far Infrared Gemstone Heating Pad

21 functional stages
Contains natural gems like jade, tourmaline, and amethyst
3-in-one therapy
1-year warranty
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MediCrystal Far Infrared Mat

MediCrystal Far Infrared Mat

V shape stylish design
Professional experience at home
Handy controller and temperature sensors
Waterproof cover
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Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad

Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad

Premium quality
Instant relief
Handy control and settings
Lifetime replacement
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Waking up to a neck or shoulder ache can be really heartbreaking sometimes. They can literally paralyze you. But a neck shoulder heating pad can help out. Imagine yourself putting in so much effort to plan your schedule for the day. And those uninvited neighbors turn up at your door asking for your help. What would you do? Well, most of us will help them out!

But with a busy schedule and important priorities ahead, the situation might not be the same. Yes, you’ve got it right! Shoulder aches are exactly like our uninvited neighbors and our priorities are our busy schedule. Therefore, choosing from our list of best shoulder heating pads will help you get things done even on the hardest of days. We assure you it will be a wise choice to make.

Shoulder Heating Pad – Buying Guide

From normal fatigue caused due to day-to-day activities, overtraining for an upcoming event aches caused due to excessive weight gain to chronic health problems. Your reason for getting neck or shoulder pain can be pretty general to super comprehensive. However, with several products available in the market you need to choose the best shoulder heating pad for yourself. Have a look at these simple factors to help you get the right neck-shoulder heating pad for you.

What factors you should be looking for in a shoulder or neck heating pad?

  • Durability:

Make sure the heating pad is made of great quality and belongs to a genuine brand. A heating pad is usually a long-term investment for most of us. So even if it costs a little more to purchase a better brand, see the durability it is offering you for that price. It will also give you lesser problems and customer service is always available with a genuine brand. Also, medication and surgeries cost a bomb while a good shoulder heating pad is a problem solver for its price.

  • Easily adjustable:

The heating pad should be easily adjustable and handy. It usually comes with a controller. The controller and temperature settings should be easily adjustable. It should heat up quickly. Wearing it around should also be comfortable on the body. Heating pads also come with dual features. The same heating pad can be used on different body parts. This is why they should be easily adjustable.

  • Safety:

Safety is also a key factor when buying a heating pad. A genuine brand will always try to offer you a high-end product with proper safety as it is their major concern. The heating pad is used for longer durations of time which is why it should provide a secure experience. Some heating pads also come with an additional waterproof cover to save it from sweat or other liquids they may come across.

  • Good fit:

The heating pads are available in various sizes. Most brands commonly offer the standard size. You should always make sure you buy good material with a good fit. Proper fitting will increase the effect of the heating pad on the specific area. Neck shoulder heating pads also come with collars that cover the neck area to provide proper heat and comfort.

  • Stylish:

Although style might be the last thing on our minds when considering a heating pad, it does affect our choice. You don’t want to look awkward wearing it. A stylish product always appeals to the eyes. It can also be worn to work or other social gatherings if it is stylish. It will not make you the show-stopper in a negative sense.

  • Easily cleanable:

The heating pad is a storehouse for germs. This is because of our sweat that gets accumulated due to regular use. Making sure that the product you wish to buy is a good choice also requires this problem to be solved. It should be made of washable material so that it is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Easy to carry:

Whether it’s going to work, for a tournament, or a long trip you might plan to take your heating pad along. Adults have to make this decision most of the time. This is why you need to look for an easily portable heating pad. It should be light weighted and take up less space for a hassle-free experience.

  • Good quality:

There are several heating pads available in the market. And good quality is the most important trait of a genuine product. A heating pad is a long-term investment for most of us. It’s better to invest in a good quality product than a cheap quality product available at a lower price. Good quality is always a sign of durability and a better outcome. It will also heal your back or neck pain faster.

  • Good customer service:

A genuine company will always provide good customer service. They will never want to harm you or their reputation. This is what makes them the best shoulder heating pad company in the industry. Their main aim is to provide a high-end product. Make sure the heating pad company supports you and can answer your queries whenever necessary. This will help in building a loyal relationship between the company and its customers.

  • Customer reviews:

It is always wise to read customer reviews on various social media platforms. They dictate practical life experiences and help you decide better. You can barely go wrong with them because they always show you real-life experiences with any product. With so many neck shoulder heating pad substitutes available in the market, this is always a good point to consider.

Knowing what you want and why you want it is the most important questions you need to ask yourself. Other than that, the doctor’s recommendation, duration of time, price of the product, and suggestions from acquaintances and friends also need to be taken into consideration. This will give you a better idea of making the purchase.

Shoulder Heating Pad Reviews

1.Sable neck and shoulder heating pad

shoulder heating pads

Sable’s electric neck and shoulder heating pad promises to provide an extremely cozy and comfortable experience to all its customers. Sable has several other products available in the market and has attained the goodwill and loyalty of its customers. This is because they supply high-end products. Their heating pad will surely prove a good buy for neck and shoulder relief.

Features and details:

  • Instant relief from pain:

The Sable’s heating pad provides instant relief from the neck, shoulder, spine, and all other areas it can cover on your body. It is great for providing dry to moist therapy as needed.

  • Adequate safety features:

The protection system is well-constructed to provide a safe and quality experience to its customers. Most heating pads usually have issues revolving around overheating. Temperature glitches are pretty common due to this reason. But Sable assures its customers that the heating pad will provide a calm and soothing experience without any hindrances.

  • Contains snap fasteners:

The heating pad comes with good-quality heat fasteners to hold the heating pad in place while it is in use. These provide easy as well as adequate positioning. This further results in proper heat supply to the area and better results.

  • Premium quality:

Sable’s heating pad feels extremely soft and comfortable on the skin due to its weighted edges made of 220GSM velour. This also leads to a very soothing and calming experience for the user. He can relax, rejuvenate, and heal all at the same time.

  • Settings and auto-off mode:

Sable has provided a hassle-free experience to its customers. The control settings are super easy to understand and use. It comes with about six customizable settings which sounds amazing. It also comes with a two-hour auto-off mode in case you decide to use it for a longer duration of time.

  • Alternative uses:

The Sable’s heating pad does not limit itself to the neck and shoulder region of the body. It can also be used for back pain, leg pain, and abdominal pain if the need arises. This makes this heating pad an all-rounder product.

  • Even distribution of weight:

The heating pad weighs two pounds on average. You might not even feel like it’s there.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers highly recommend Sable’s electric heating pad. There are thousands of positive reviews available on social media. Customers have rated this heating pad 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  • Specifications:

It uses a voltage of AC 120 V with a frequency of 60Hz and a power of 100W. The box comes with a heating pad and a 1.8m power cable.

2.Sunbeam neck and shoulder heating pad


Sunbeam’s electric heating pad is specifically designed for neck and shoulder relief. It is available in a standard size. Sunbeam has several pain relief products designed to overcome the pain that occurs in joints and muscles. Their products are very genuine. Their products are mainly centered around heat therapy.

Features and details:

  • Handy controller and auto-off mode:

Sunbeam’s heating pad comes with four heat settings that are super easy to customize. It has a two-hour auto-off mode. The 9-ft long charging cable also makes it easy for the body to move while being used for extended periods.

  • Premium quality:

The heating pad is designed with luxurious Micro mink fabric that feels soft on the skin. This also provides a soothing and calming experience.

  • Good fitting:

The heating pad is weighted at the end. This provides a great experience. It has a uniquely designed snug fit for the back, neck, and head region. The collar provided in the heating pad also takes up the shape of the neck. This results in an adequate heat supply to your neck. The collar also adjusts easily due to its tall shape.

  • Light-weighted:

The heating pad is extremely lightweight. It does not feel heavy on the body. It weighs approximately three pounds.

  • Low maintenance:

The microbic fabric makes the heating pad machine washable and provides easy and quick cleaning. It also requires an electric power of 75W which is pretty less in comparison to other heating pads available in the market.

  • Highly durable:

The Sunbeam heating pad comes with a five-year warranty benefit which makes it a considerable choice for you.

  • Magnetic closure:

This heating pad comes with a magnetic closure that helps the heating pad instantly wrap itself around the neck. The company has ensured that the fit will be comfortable for a wide range of its customers.

  • Other benefits:

It increases the blood flow throughout the body which relaxes the tender muscles and provides a soothing experience.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers provide the Sunbeam heating pad with 4.4 stars out of 5. Customers find it a perfect fit for people with smaller necks. They have called it a game-changer!

3.HealthyLine Far-Infrared Gemstone Heating Pad


Healthline is a New York-based company that has a great reputation. It has been providing quality and high-end therapeutic products. Although infrared heating pads are costlier than their other electric counterparts they still make a good choice. Steroids, surgeries, and medical treatments cost a bomb! They might have side effects from a long-term perspective. But, with infrared heating, the case isn’t so. They have amethyst, tourmaline, and jade crystals. It also provides negative ions therapy with EMF blocking for immediate pain relief.

Features and details:

  • Specifications:

The HealthyLine infrared heating pad comes with an LED display, time and temperature settings, and an auto-shutoff timer. It has an advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers for proper protection. It has 21 functional layers. It uses 110-120V. It is curated with natural gemstones like jade, amethyst, and tourmaline.

  • Waterproof cover:

The heating pad comes with an additional waterproof cover. This is a considerable feature and makes using the heating pad a safe and hassle-free experience.

  • Three-in-one therapy:

The heating pad provides far-infrared, negative ion, and hot ion therapy altogether.

Far infrared therapy helps in maintaining natural temperature. It also relieves muscle and joint pain. Better blood circulation also leads to improved metabolism and proper oxygen supply to all body parts. This promotes overall health.

Hot stone therapy relieves the person from day-to-day stress and responsibilities. It reduces stiffness in muscles and increases blood circulation.

Negative ion therapy has the benefit of using the infrared rays naturally found in our surroundings. This reduces symptoms of depression and energizes the person. He feels all the more positive.

  • One-year warranty:

HealthyLine products come with a one-year warranty.

  • Full-body therapy sessions:

Due to its full body size, it is ideal for full-body therapy sessions. It is also in various other sizes and variants.

  • Detoxification effect:

Due to excessive heat, our bodies often sweat. The mat is packed with negative ions that naturally purify the constituents of our sweat. These include toxins, ammonia, uric acid, etc. This leads to the generation of a detoxification cycle.

  • Highly recommended:

The heating pad is highly recommended for reducing back pain, stiffness, and muscle and joint pain. It reduces chronic stress like the one found in the lumbar area. Customers have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars. The customers called it the magic mat.

  • Reduces fatigue:

It is packed with negative ions usually misplaced due to clutter in the home and workplace settings. This supplies the person with positive energy. And relieves them from pain caused due to fatigue.

4.MediCrystal Far Infrared Mat

shoulder heating pads

MediCrystal’s heating pad comes with a unique V-shaped design in the center of the mat. This makes it very appealing to the eyes. The mat weighs as much as two years old toddler. MediCrystal is an American company that made its mark around ten years ago. Their high-end products always make them a great choice.

Features and details:

  • Stylish design and build:

The unique V-design as seen in the center of the mat appeals to the eye at first sight. The concentration of amethyst is easily visible through the transparent region.  The heat is the most focus in this region. The amethyst stones are full of negative ions. They make it possible for the heat to penetrate deep levels in your body.

  • Professional experience at home:

The mat provides a very comfortable and soothing experience. As it comes in full body size, it can be a great choice for sleeping. You sleep and heal altogether by following this technique. This highly reduces stress and fatigue. Daily usage whenever necessary can also heal chronic illnesses like hypothermia. There are no side effects reported as such.

  • Suitable for long-duration usage

MediCrystal’s heating mat is highly suitable for long-duration usage. This is possible due to its great overheat protection system. The system adjusts according to the body’s temperature. The mat also comes packed with a digital controller which is perfectly handy to use. The presence of temperature sensors also makes it a rejuvenating experience.

  • Waterproof cover:

The heating pad or mat comes with a waterproof cover. This saves the mat from any liquid damage. Excessive sweat can also damage the heating pad. But the waterproof cover is a savior in the above case.

  • Protection from Electro-magnetic fields:

The anions are typically known as negatively charged ions. The mat conducts anions. This helps in restoring various cells and organs in the body. This helps the body to heal naturally and fast. It does not have any side effects like there are in the case of medications otherwise.

  • Hot stone therapy:

Hot stone therapy has benefits such as detoxification, increased metabolism, an efficient immune system, and many more. The usage of the heating mat for various physical activities helps in promoting the overall well-being of an individual. Every session with it will make you more energetic and positive and prove of great help.

  • Warranty and Guarantee:

The heating pad comes packed with a two-year warranty period and a lifetime trade-in policy. The company is so certain about the product quality that it offers a guarantee as well. If the customer is not satisfied, as they claim he would, they will refund the purchase price.

  • Customer support:

The easily accessible customer support also makes the mat a high-end product. They provide instant support services. Customer queries are also welcome seven days a week.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers find the MediCrystal heating mat highly satisfactory. Most customers report a positive experience. Customers claim that it has taken the pain relief to a new level. It also reduces arthritis symptoms in a case.

5.Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad

shoulder heating pads

Mighty Bliss’s electric heating pad is highly recommended for relief from back pain and cramps. It comes in an extra-large size. The heating pad also comes with auto shut-off mode. The heating pad can provide therapy ranging from moist to dry. Its large size makes it a perfect fit for any use.

Features and details:

  • Premium quality:

The Mighty Bliss heating pad is made of soft micro plush fibers that feel very soft and luxurious on the skin. Usually, items like winter pajamas are made with micro plush fibers. The heating pad feels super cozy.

  • Instant relief:

This heating pad is perfect for getting pain relief from sore muscles and cramps. It penetrates hurting muscles and cramps to provide relief in seconds. This makes it perfect for back pain as well as unbearable cramps.

  • Handy control and settings:

The heating pad is super handy when in use. It comes with multiple personalized heat settings for a more unique and satisfying experience. It has a moist and dry heat therapy option. It provides a choice among low, medium, and high-temperature settings.

  • Lifetime replacement:

The company takes pride in its product. They believe that is highly unlikely for their customers to show up with issues. They promise to refund back the money in case the product isn’t satisfactory.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers highly recommend Mighty Bliss’s electric heating pad. They have called it their pain’s best friend. A verified customer also reports buying every single model they’ve manufactured. Customers have rated it with 4.6 out of 5 stars in terms of pain relief.

6.VITNESSE Microwavable Heating Pad

shoulder heating pads

VITNESSES’s heating pad is a weighted herbal aromatherapy neck shoulder heating pad. It provides pain and relief to the neck and shoulders. It reduces pain, anxiety, and stress. The neck and shoulder heating pad should be heated on a clean plate for the best experience.

Features and details:

  • Specifications:

The neck-shoulder pad weighs approximately three pounds. It is made of mink fabric. Ingredients such as lavender, clay beads, flax seeds, and mint leaves have been used in the heating pad. The heating pad is available in grey and turquoise colors.

  • Suitability:

The heating pad is suitable for use in case of tension in muscles, stiffness, soreness, pain, and cramps. It reduces stress, anxiety, and headaches. Patients with arthritis can use it. It can also be used in the case of soft tissue injuries and other chronic injuries.

  • Versatile Usage:

The heating pad does not restrict its use to the neck and shoulder region. It can also be used for the chest, back, arms, belly, glutes, legs, and feet.

  • Instant relief:

The heating pad provides instant relief from stress and pain. This is the reason it can provide deep heat therapy. It gives a uniquely soothing experience and offers an individual with a sense of well-being.

  • Comfortable and stylish:

This heating pad is smartly designed. It comes with a high collar and an extra-long chest cover. The snug fit helps deep penetrate within the skin layers for a speedy recovery. It also has weighted compression.

  • Good quality:

Soft plush material with the goodness of lavender and the mint scent takes aromatherapy to a next level. Clay beads and flax seats help the heating pad to absorb heat and provide relief.

  • Guarantee and warranty:

VITESSE provides a 30-day replacement guarantee. It comes with a one-year free replacement warranty. It’s such a great deal, isn’t it?

  • Customer reviews:

Customers have reported a good experience with the product. They have rated it 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  1. REVIX Electric Heating Pad

shoulder heating pads

REVIX specializes in selling heat therapy products. This electric heating pad is a great choice for neck and shoulder pain. The heating pad comes with an auto-shutoff mode. It a made out of mink fabric that is incredibly soft on the skin. It can also provide moist therapy. The results after usage are pretty awesome!

Features and details:

  • Auto-shutoff timer:

REVIX’s heating pad comes with a two-hour auto-shutoff timer. This makes it adequate for use for extended periods. It has four temperature settings: Warm, medium, low, and high. It is highly comfortable to use. The auto-shutoff mode makes it possible to rest peacefully while using it.

  • Stylish and comfortable:

The heating pad comes with a countered neck for better support to the neck. This helps in immediate relief from neck pains. It is perfect for sore shoulders and muscles. The magnetic clasps make it easy for the pad to wrap around different body shapes. Concentrated heat therapy can be provided through it.

  • Instant heating technology:

The heating pad is equipped with instant heating technology for relief from chronic pains. The soft mink fabric makes it warm up in seconds. One of the four heating modes can be chosen accordingly for a calming experience.

  • Dry to moist heat therapy:

REVIX’s heating pad can provide moisture to dry heat therapy. Moist heat therapy helps in increasing blood circulation and relieving any tight muscles. Dry heat therapy makes it ideal for neck, shoulder, back, and abdomen warmer.

  • Premium quality:

This heating pad is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The heating pad can be hand-washed and machine-washed and still stay beautiful. It has a detachable connector to make it easy to wash. The pad provides maximum comfort and assures a safe experience.

  • Suitability:

REVIX’s heating pad is suitable for pain relief from arthritis, stiff neck, spasms, cramps, and chronic back pain.

  • Customer support:

REVIX provides an email facility to reach for support. They are available to answer all customer queries. The company also provides its customers with lifetime technical support. It also offers the option of a hassle-free 60-day return.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers found this product satisfactory. Customers report it to be a good buy. Customers have rated it 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s website.

8.My Heating Pad Microwavable Multi-Purpose Wrap

shoulder heating pads

My heating pad’s microwavable multi-purpose wrap is perfect to get relief from neck, shoulder, back, joints, and menstrual cramps. It comes with handles for sore muscles.

Features and details:

  • Easy to use:

The microwavable heating pad heats up super quickly. The heating level depends on your microwave setting. 90 to 120 seconds of heat will be sufficient. Heat it for additional 30 seconds for the best results. Heating up depends on microwave temperature.

  • Good quality:

The electric heating pad is made in the USA. This pad is composed of flax seeds and rice. A scented option with lavender is also available. It is handcrafted with fleece on one side and cotton on the other. This makes it possible to heat up in less than two minutes.

  • Multi-purpose wrap:

The heating wrap can be used on almost all parts of the body. It relieves pain and is very convenient to handle. It provides hot therapy too. The adjustable straps make it perfect for lumber regions to get relief from menstrual cramps and backaches. It can also be used for upper body aches.

  • Suitability:

The heating pad contains rice. People allergic to rice might have side effects. It can be used for muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, stiffness, chronic pain, knee pain, etc.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers find this product genuine. Customers have rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars in terms of pain relief.

  1. Utaxo Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

shoulder heating pads

Utaxo’s heating pad wrap is perfect for neck and shoulder pain. It provides relief, soothes the muscles, and relieves tension. It drapes around the whole back. As it is a mixture of heat therapy and thermotherapy, the results are great.

Features and details:

  • Instant relief:

The heat provides instant relief from pain in the neck, shoulder, and back region. The mixture of heat therapy and thermotherapy brings out excellent results.

  • Temperature settings:

Utaxo’s heating pad comes with six temperature settings for more accuracy. It instantly heats up to the selected temperature level without any glitches. This makes using it a soothing and calming experience.

  • Waterproof:

As the heating pad is made of microfiber plush and suitable material, it is perfect for dry heat therapy.

  • Auto shut-off feature:

Utaxo’s heating pad comes with a two-hour auto shut-off feature. This makes it safe to use while resting. 24V/3A low voltage also makes it safe for use.

  • Stylish design and fit:

Utaxo’s heating pad comes with snap fasteners and detachable straps. This helps in the proper and adequate positioning of the heating pad on the neck, shoulders, and back.

  • Machine-washable:

Utaxo’s heating pad is pretty low maintenance. It is machine-washable. A heating pad can become a storehouse of germs but not with this heating pad.

  • Good quality:

Utaxo’s heating pad is made of 100% polyester and micro plush fabric. The micro plush fabric is double-sided. This makes the pad super soft on the skin.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers have highly recommended this product. Some customers call it their best friend. It is super comfortable and soothing when in use. Customers have rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

  1. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Heating Pad

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Heating Pad

PureRelief heating pad is an ultra-soft heating pad widely used for back pain and cramps. It comes with an auto shut-off mode and moist heat therapy. It has a six-temperature setting for the best experience. And a highly recommended product.

Features and details:

  • Good quality:

The material of the heating pad feels super soft on the skin. It is very gentle due to the luxurious-grade micro plush fiber that is extremely soft on bare skin. The product is also machine washable which makes it use a hassle-free experience for you.

  • Temperature and settings:

PureRelief heating pad comes with a six-temperature setting: warm, low, medium-low, medium, medium-high, and high. The two-hour auto-shutoff mode makes it comfortable to use for extended periods.

  • Low maintenance:

The pad is easily machine washable. You can also line or tumble dry it for five minutes at max. This is all that it takes to maintain the beauty of your PureRelief heating pad.

  • Suitability:

As the heading pad comes in an XXL size, it can cover larger body muscles as well. These might include legs, back, arms, etc.

  • Moist heat therapy:

PureRelief comes with a moist heat therapy setting which is great for neck and shoulder pains. Moist therapy also helps deeper heat penetration in the body for better pain relief.

  • Warranty and Customer Service:

PureRelief’s heating pad comes with a 5-year warranty period. It is a highly trusted brand with a loyal customer base due to its all week customer support.

  • Customer reviews:

Customers find the product genuine. Customers have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is a heating pad good for shoulder pain?

Going through shoulder pain can give you a lot of stress, both mentally and physically. It affects your productivity at work as well as at home. Over-the-counter medications are costly and surgeries are also a big decision in terms of investment. Medications also tend to make you drowsy and take time to affect you internally and externally. For these particular reasons, shoulder heating pads make a good and affordable choice. They provide instant relief. They are extremely soothing.

Most doctors also prescribe heat therapy for their patients. This makes a heating pad a great choice for shoulder pains. Heating pads can be electric, chemical, and in the form of a hot water bottle. Most heating pads come with no side effects, unlike medications and surgeries. This makes investing in a heating pad a wise decision.

  • What is the best neck and shoulder heating pads?

Every person will want to invest in a heating pad that caters to their needs in the best way. However, keeping in view a few top-selling necks and shoulder heating pads, we’d highly recommend Healthyline’s Far Infrared Gemstone heating pad. It offers three-in-one therapy experiences: far infrared therapy, negative ion therapy, and hot stone therapy.  It comes packed with around 21 functional layers for better comfort and rejuvenating experience.

There is no radiation exposure unlike in other electric heating pads. It comes with EMF blocking which plays a great role in providing immediate relief. The time and temperature settings come with an LED display. It also has an auto shut-off timer. It comes with an additional waterproof cover. Healthline is a New York-based company with several high-end therapeutic products available in the market. This infrared heating pad is also available in other sizes and variants depending upon range.

  • What is the best heating pad to buy?

Heating pads are basically divided into three broad categories: Electric heating pads, chemical heating pads, and hot water bottles. Electric heating pads use current while in use. Professional doctors and sports trainers recommend electric heating pads. However, these heating pads cannot be left unattended for a long period of time. They require proper surveillance.

Chemical heating pads are one-time-use heating pads in most cases. The chemistry of the constituents within it helps in producing heat. Their use is highly popular for sports events and other physical training centers. Hot water bottles are the oldest form of heating pad used by most households for generations. They are made of rubber. Electric heating pads are a good choice for providing dry heat therapy. Infrared ray heating pads are the most popular and recommended heating pads. Healthline’s Far Infrared Gemstone heating pad will be a great choice.

  • Is an infrared heating pad better?

Yes. Infrared heating pads are basically heating pads that use infrared thermal energy readily available in the atmosphere. These infrared rays penetrate deep within the skin and provide better comfort. The other form of electric heating pads, chemical pads, and hot water bottle is only able to provide heat to the upper skin layers. This is the reason that when they are taken off, the pain starts again.

But this isn’t the case with infrared heating pads. They make the problem causing the pain to disappear from its very root. This results in a speedy recovery. However, they take time to show results which is why you shouldn’t panic! They are also better because they do not emit any harmful radiation like few other categories of electric pads are capable of doing. Benefits like improved metabolism increased blood circulation, no side effects and increased flexibility in the connective tissue are notable factors.

  • What is the best heating pad for shoulder pain?

Dealing with chronic shoulder pain can be a really frustrating experience. Not being able to do simple day-to-day tasks and delay in following your schedule can make it even more stressful for you. However, a great heating pad specially curated for the shoulder region sounds great. Sunbeam’s electric heating pad will turn out to be a great choice. It is usually available in a standard size. This product focuses on reducing recurring pain in joints and muscles.

It comes with a handy controller and an auto-off mode. The heating pad is of premium quality, has a very good fitting, and comes with a collar. It also provides relief to people with neck pain. It weighs approximately two pounds and is machine-washable. It provides great relaxation to the muscles. Sunbeam also offers several other therapeutic products mostly centered around heat therapy.

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