10 Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps (Period)

All girls have to face the pain of periods every month after puberty. But why must periods be so painful? We have a compilation of 5 Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps that you can buy to reduce your monthly suffering.
Renuvee - Heating Pad for Cramps

Renuvee - Heating Pad for Cramps

Ensures comfort
Highly Durable
Dimensions: 13 X 11 inches
180 days warranty
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InsiderBlue - Electric Heating Pad for Cramps, Sore Feet, Legs & Knees

InsiderBlue - Electric Heating Pad for Cramps, Sore Feet, Legs & Knees

1 electric heating pad
2 machine washable covers
2 elastic straps
9 different temperatures
Big in size and extremely flexible
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Calming Covers - Microwavable Heating Pad Wrap for Cramps, Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

Calming Covers - Microwavable Heating Pad Wrap for Cramps, Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

Lavender-scented heating pad
Extremely flexible
Treats muscle stiffness
clay and charcoal beads
Extremely comfortable
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GENIANI XL Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pad for Cramp/Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain

GENIANI XL Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pad for Cramp/Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain

Effective against back pain
Extremely durable,Premium heating pad
3 different heat settings
Dimensions: 12 X 24 inches
Completely safe to use
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Nature Creation- Menstrual Cramps Reliever

Nature Creation- Menstrual Cramps Reliever

Protects the abdomen
Elastic straps are available
Highly flexible
Easy to store and can carry anywhere
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There is a lot of debate that goes on when it comes to using heating pads for menstrual cramps. The doctors in the past have worked toward finding whether using heating pads during menstruation has any medical benefits. We are yet not clear about medical benefits. However, it is a proven fact that it decreases the pain of menstrual cramps. It helps with blood flow to the uterus. Another significant benefit of heating ads is they are responsible for muscle relaxation. Some menstrual cramps occur due to the soreness of muscles. A heating pad for period cramps can go a long way in providing relief.

The menstrual heating pads help in increasing the elasticity of the tissue, which eliminates muscle tension and gives you comfort. The same principle can be applied to abdomen discomfort as well. Since menstrual pain can occur anytime and anywhere, a heating pad is to go instrument for giving your relief from cramps. A hot bath also plays an essential role in decreasing the discomfort caused by period cramps. However, it is not that efficient and you can’t take a hot bath at the workplace. Hence, heating pads are highly used by a woman suffering from menstrual cramps.

With increasing technology, manufacturers have come up with some amazing features in the heating pad, which enhances the overall experience of the user. Some heating pads come in adhesive backing, which sticks to your clothes and allows you to move freely. However, it must be kept in mind that heating pads should not be applied directly to the skin. There should be a barrier of clothing between the heating pad and your skin. Hence, the trick is to wear tight clothes so that heat is transfer directly to the required area.

It is has been said for generations that heating bottles can help with various kinds of pains. Now, doctors also confirm the benefits of heating mechanisms in eliminating pain. heat can work as same as painkillers. Scientists from the London university has confirmed that heat can help in blocking the pain messages sent to the brain. Using a menstrual heating pad is one step towards a pain-free period.

It is essential that you take care of your menstrual cramps. They can interfere with the woman’s work life, daily activities, and decrease the movement. Even if they don’t help with blood flow to the uterus, it helps in reducing the cramps and increase the ease of movement.

It helps your muscles to relax and makes you more comfortable, which will help you in concentrating on your work. More than a few women all around the world are not able to do the work properly because of the intense menstrual cramps. Best heating pads can go a long way in making your life more comfortable during ‘The time of the month.

Now you know all the benefits and importance of heating pads for period cramps. Now let us discuss the various types of heating pads.

Electric heating pads Vs Heat wrap

We are quite familiar with the traditional electric heating pads. In electric heating pads, there is a chord, which you have to plug and switch the electric button on. Electric heating pads at times produce extensive heat. Hence, if you are looking for mild treatment, then heat wrap is the best option. The heating wraps consist of iron particles. These particles are exposed to air and react.

 The reaction leads to the heating of the wrapping clothe. Once the iron of the wrap is used entirely, it won’t heat up again, and you have to dispose of the wrap properly. Hence, this is the reason why people don’t use heating wraps as frequently as an electric heating pad. They are not reusable.

Types of heating pads 

Due to the growing popularity of heating pads, the manufacturer has come up with various types of heating pads with distinctive features. Each pad has unique features and functions. These types include electric, infrared, chemical, microwavable, and thermal. Let us discuss each in detail.

  1. Electric heating pads

These heating pads are the most prominent when it comes to periods of cramps. They are convenient and you can easily find it anywhere in the market. The reason behind that popularity is that it gives instant relief. The material which is used to make an electric heating pad inflammable. All you have to do is plug it. The temperature can be set according to your preference. If you buy a high-quality branded electric heating pad for menstrual cramps, it comes with features like automatic shut-off and various other controls.

The size of most electric pads is equal to the sheet of paper. They are the best kind of wrap-around heating pad. You can use them for multiple purposes.

  1. Infrared heating pads

It is one of the best and most effective ones. These heating pads penetrate heat deep into the skin, which helps in improving blood circulation. The heat directly reaches the soft muscles and helps in relieving the aching tissue. There are other benefits of infrared pads. They don’t burn your skin and does not increase your blood pressure. Because of other medical benefits, even hospitals make use of it.

They consist of carbon filters, which are responsible for creating infrared rays. They are safe to use and does not create extensive heat. You can use these pads at minimal temperatures effectively.

They are ideal for all those women who have sensitive skin. they are used in medical facilities, neonatal units, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

  1. Chemical heating pads

Metallic pieces and sodium acetate is used for making chemical heating pads. They heat up quickly and it leads to the crystallization process. These types of heating pads can warm up quickly and stay at a warm temperature for a few hours. They are small in size and you can easily wrap them near your stomach/abdomen. However, while using a chemical heating pad, you have to keep in mind a few things for safety. Make sure that you have a layer of clothes so that direct contact with the skin is avoided.

Before using the heating pad, make sure you are reading the instructions thoroughly. They are convenient and travel friendly.

  1. Microwavable heating pads

These types of pads are made of non-flammable fabrics and certain kinds of grains are used. These grains could be wheat, flax seeds, or any kind of grains that can retain heat. All you have to do is heat them in a microwave at your desired temperature. However, these type of heating pads produced heat at skin level and does not go deep in your muscles. They are not much of use while in periods. However, if you don’t have another option, they will provide you comfort to some extent. You can even add some kind of essential oil for a more soothing effect.

  1. At home heating pad

At home, a heating pad is best when you have no other option. It is simple and effective. All you require is two small sizes of towels, a microwave, and a ziplog bag. Follow the below-given instructions for making the effective heating pads.

  • Damp both of the towels into the water thoroughly. Squeeze the water from the towel until they are damp.
  • Put one towel into a ziplog bag and make sure that you leave the bag open. Place the bag into the microwave. Heat them no more than 2 minutes.
  • Remove the ZIplog bag and wrap the other towel over the bag.
  • Use this effective heating bag near your stomach or abdomen area. The heat of the bag will last up to 20 minutes.

However, this homemade heating pad is not as effective as other heating methods. But if you have no option, then this home-made can also give you great relief.

Precautions to take while using heating pads

Even though heating pads are safe to use, if you don’t take certain precautions it might lead to certain issues. These can be minor issues like getting your skin burned and major issues like getting electrocuted.

Another major type of health condition is the electromagnetic field. If the electromagnetic field is low then there is low-risk health that is zero to low. However, if there is a high level of electromagnetic then it can cause the immune system.

Also, electric heating pads may cause shock or fire. Hence, in order to avoid all of these accidents, you need to check the label and follow all the safety standards. Even if you are using it frequently, make sure you are using it with the help of the right socket.

Whatever type of heating pad you use. The essential part is using it properly so that you don’t have any negative effects. The lower abdomen area of a woman is extremely sensitive. Hence, it is essential to take the utmost care while using a heating pad. Make sure you are buying from a trusted manufacturer. For your reference, we will provide you some of the best heating pads for menstrual cramps.

Menstrual pain is a monthly phase that most women out there go through. The pain happens in the lower abdomen, which is often described by women as ‘’unbearable and discomforting’’. The early days of the period are marked by regular cramps that can destroy or disrupt normal activities. Cramps can sometimes be excessive and can make females lose their interest in work.

Hence, in order to do away with this uncomfortable condition, the use of a period heating pad further boosts energy levels and keeps you 100% safe. These pads are light-weighted and help in delivering accurate results for treating moderate to heavy cramps. For a blotted stomach, these pads are the best solution so far. Highly recommended by doctors, these pads supply the body with moderate heat and treat the soreness of abdominal muscles.

If you want to receive comfort from period pain, check out the factors for purchasing the best heating pads for menstrual cramps!

Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps – Buying Guide

The period heating pad works exclusively as a ‘’heat therapy’’ tool. Once you turn on the pad, the heat from it slowly seeps in through the abdominal walls and reduces the tension of the muscles. Further, the pain slowly subsides and it also regulates menstrual flow. Therefore, for constant comfort during your heavy bleeding days, females can consider these factors for purchasing the best menstrual cramp heating pad-

Factors to consider when buying the best heating pads for menstrual cramps

  1. The first recommendation is to check the size and style of the pad. Period pads come in all sizes in order to support all age groups. Teenagers and adult women can successfully use these pads to get instant relief.
  2. The durability of the pad is the next factor that typically decides the nature of longevity. The better the quality of the pad, the more long-lasting it is. Hence, go by quality first and check other necessary features.
  3. Check the thermal conditions of the Period heating pad. This refers to heating standards, temperature settings, heating and cooling methods, plug-in options, etc. Electric heating pads come with a separate chord for heating. Moreover, some pads are flexible when it comes to heating options. Hence, be aware of every setting before buying the product.
  4. Most heating pads for periods come with a warranty. Ensure that you receive the warranty card to repair issues with the product.
  5. Finally, buy a heating pad that’s within a suitable budget.

In addition to the above, you can also make your own Heating pad at home itself. To know how to make a heating pad for period cramps, follow the tips below:

  • Take a cotton cloth and dip it in hot water. Make sure the cloth is thick for better absorption. Now, place this damp towel near your belly to keep the area This can be done with an old sock or any other reusable fabric available.
  • Take a hot bag and fill it with hot water. Now gently press the bag against the pain area and let the hear soak in.

These DIY or “do it yourself” methods for heat pads deliver effective results against menstrual cramps.

Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps Reviews

  1. Renuvee – Top Rated Heating Pads for Cramps

Renuvee - Heating Pad for Cramps

Do you get painful menstrual cramps? Do they hinder your work/school schedule? Do you wish you could find anything to get rid of the pain?

To avoid excruciating cramps, this period heating pad by Renuvee assures all females of highest degree comfort. It is Amazon’s choice for ‘best heating pads for menstrual cramps’. It supports your body under all conditions and takes care of excessive bloating as well. Easy to use, the temperature can be adjusted automatically upon use. The product deals with physical safety and ensures mental comfort too. In the shape of a cute dog that goes by the name ‘Chief’, this product will bring you both physical and emotional comfort in your hard time.


  • Available in various sizes.
  • It is made of premium grade materials that last long and do not lose heat easily.
  • Comes with a thermal pouch. The thermal pouch encases a high-quality thermal rock that is durable and will last long.
  • Easily washable with detachable exteriors.
  • It is very easy to use. You just have to microwave it and then it will be good to go for 30 – 60 minutes depending on outside temperatures.
  • Its dimensions are 13 X 11 inches, meaning it is the ideal size for your stomach/back.
  • This product comes with a 180 days warranty.

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  1. InsiderBlue – Electric Heating Pad for Cramps, Sore Feet, Legs & Knees

InsiderBlue - Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps (Period), Sore Feet, Legs & Knees

The soft layer of this heating pad by Insider blue is the ultimate period partner for females. With guaranteed protection, there are automatic temperature controls available for easy heat-up. Further, this pad has gained recognition from top doctors and gynecologists for its effective against menstrual cramps. This pad is flexible to wear, easy to adjust, and inexpensive to purchase.


  • One of the best heat therapy period pads available in the market useful in treating stiffness and cramps.
  • You can adjust the settings to 9 different temperatures, and automatically turn off in 4 different ways.
  • Durable and flexible(can be put around any part of the body).
  • Treats Cramps and muscle stiffness.
  • One-year warranty.
  • This pad is made only out of premium grade materials.
  • This product contains 1 electric heating pad, 2 machine washable covers, 1 carry pouch, and 2 elastic straps.

  1. Calming Covers – Microwavable Heating Pad Wrap for Cramps, Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

 Calming Covers - Microwavable Heating Pad Wrap for Cramps, Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

One of the best period heating pad models that promise all-round protection is the calming covers heating pad. The scent of lavender reduces stress near your belly and promotes good hormones in your body for alleviating the pain. Moreover, this pad comes with two heating modes and is comfortable to use. Meeting standards of quality, this pad can be microwaved for instant heating!


  • Very easy to use.
  • It is filled with clay and charcoal beads of the highest quality.
  • Once you heat this pad in the microwave for 30 – 60 seconds, it is good to use.
  • You can use this pad to relieve pain in the neck, back, and abdominal area.
  • The pad can be adjusted according to your proportions very easily. The beads inside it can be shifted as needed.
  • It has straps that can be pulled out whenever you need more control over the use of the heating pad. When you are in a comfortable position, the straps can easily retract back.
  • The cover of this pad is made of the softest imported mink. It can be handily removed for washing in your machine. Can be hand-washed
  • Warranty of one-year available.

  1. GENIANI XL Heating Pad – Electric Heating Pad for Cramp/Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain

GENIANI XL Heating Pad - Best Heating Pads for Menstrual Cramps (Period)

Made out of durable and sleek fabric, this heating pad from Geniani is able to provide maximum comfort for all your menstrual pain issues. With updated temperature settings, this pad soothes the muscles and heals the cramps effectively. This product is highly admired by doctors for its flexibility and premium quality.


  • Can be used for relieving neck and shoulder pain.
  • Comfortable for all body types.
  • It has 3 different heat settings. You can choose if you want to use this pad for dry heat therapy or a moist one.
  • Ensures 100% protection against tough period cramps.
  • Made of premium grade fibers. They are durable and do not get easily worn out.
  • They are incredibly plush and soft to touch and make you feel very comfortable which makes them the best heating pads for menstrual cramps.
  • This heating pad has dimensions of 12 X 24 inches. This means you can handily wrap it around your neck/stomach/ hands – wherever the pain is.
  • The pad is completely safe to use. It can be heated up quickly and can be set to turn off automatically.

  1. Nature Creation- Menstrual Cramps Reliever

Nature Creation- Menstrual Cramps Reliever

Nature Creation brings to you beautiful, comfortable, and incredibly effective best heating pads for menstrual cramps to relieve you of pain due to menstrual cramps. This product comes with an incredible heating control setting that can be adjusted according to the intensity of pain. Highly comfortable and suitable for all age groups, this heating pad is blended with a mixture of essential herbs for a soothing feeling.


  • This heating pad relaxes your senses.
  • The fusion of herbs and spices like cinnamon calms down tensed muscles.
  • This pad comes with adjustable straps.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Effective against neck pain as well.
  • This pad has a dual fabric cover – on one side, soft fleece and on the other side, cotton.

  1. Yeoman menstrual heating pad for abdominal pain

Yeoman menstrual heating pad for abdominal pain

70% of woman in the world suffers from period cramps. Yeoman understands your pain and here to help you in the best way possible. They have designed the heating pad for menstrual cramps, which will take your utmost care. It is a special gift for any female. Let us discuss some of the best features.

  • This device runs on USB charging, which is more convenient. There are three adjustable temperatures, which comes with different frequency and vibration.
  • It has the feature of automatically shutting down. If you fall asleep while using the pad, it will turn itself off automatically in 30 mins. This feature exists for safety purposes. However, if you want to enjoy the heat, you can turn it on again. It will turn off when it will detect that there is no movement.
  • It has a more ergonomic feature. It is very soft and comfortable, which helps dissipate the heat evenly.
  • The waistband is adjustable up to 50.
  • You can use this heating pad in different scenarios. You can use it while driving, resting, reading, and working.
  • It is effective for relieving various kinds of pain such as wait pain, abdominal pain, physical discomfort, menstrual pain, and many others.

Best sleeper chairs

  1. XXX large heating pad for fast pain relief by sable store

XXX large heating pad for fast pain relief by sable store

It is the best wrap around the heating pad. Just use it for 20 minutes to increase the blood flow and reduce the period cramps. It helps with the soreness of muscles as well. The heat will penetrate your skin within a few seconds. Let us discuss some of its best features.

  • It has both moist and dry therapy options.
  • It is large enough to cover your necks, legs, shoulder, knees, and effectively gives your relief.
  • It has six heating settings. It is fast and effective; within a second, the heating pad will penetrate the heat in your skin. With six settings, you can heat the pad according to your preferred temperature.
  • It features ultra-thin heating wire and comfortable microfiber.
  • It comes with a soft micro-plush exterior.
  • It features smart temperature control. The heating pad will automatically turn itself off when it reaches the targeted temperature. It is safe for use at night.
  • It is a durable product and you can use it for a lifetime. It treats menstrual cramps, aches, sprains, and other such problems.
  • The detachable cable allows machine wash. However, to increase the life of the product, do not tumble dry.

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  1. Mighty bliss large electric heating pad for menstrual cramps

Mighty bliss large electric heating pad for menstrual cramps

You will absolutely love this heating pad. Within a few minutes, you will be rid of unbearable menstrual cramps. It penetrates heat effectively and it is long-lasting. It relieves pain within few seconds. With this product, you will have restful nights and productive nights. With this electric pad, pain does not have to be the reality. It is the best heating pad. It is here to save your day. It is not only used for menstrual cramps but also for other problems like sore muscles, neck pain, back pain, any more. Let us discuss some of its prominent features.

  • It is a durable and long-lasting pad. You will get enough heat to reduce the pain within a few minutes.
  • It features superfast heating, which directly penetrates the hurting muscles. You will wish that you found this pad years ago.
  • It has soft micro-plush fibers. The material used for making this product is used for making the most luxurious and comfy winter pajamas. Hence, not only heat but also the material of the pad will give you the utmost comfort.
  • It is made in XL size, which is perfect for the abdomen, back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.
  • It features personalized heating settings. It has moist and dry options and it is washable.
  • You can keep low, medium, and high temperature.
  • With this electric heating pad, you will live a painless life as you have always imagined.
  • If you are not happy, you can simply return the product and take a refund. However, we are pretty sure that you will be fully satisfied.

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  1. Mentruheat blood heating pads for cramps – best thermal heating pad

Mentruheat blood heating pads for cramps – best thermal heating pad

If you are looking for a thermal heating pad, then this is your best option. It is a dream come true for everyone. It is 200% drug-free and provides you instant relief from all kinds of period cramps. this brand was started when the founder herself was frustrated with menstrual cramps and she was in search of a natural and effective remedy. After months of researching and consumers’ feedback, she came up with this product. They have helped thousands of female every month. It is fit to provide ease in their busy lifestyle. This product will be your best companion at difficult times. Let us discuss some of its best features.

  • The product is simple to use. All you have to do is, stick the heating pad on the required area and it will automatically heat up within 5 to 10 minutes when it gets contact with the air.
  • It is easy to carry around. You can easily fold it and keep it in your handbag; it does not take much space.
  • The ideal way of using this pad is by sticking it on your underwear. This way there would be a barrier between your skin and the heating pad. Do not stick the product directly to your skin.
  • The only draw of this heating pad is that you can’t use it while sleeping. As it is natural, it cannot monitor the heat level, it won’t automatically shut off.
  • It is effective and 100% drug-free, natural period relief.
  • With this heating pad, there would be no side effects.
  • It helps in relaxing your uterine muscles and increases the blood flow. All of these will help in giving you lasting menstrual relief.
  • It is soft on your skin and does not irritate you.
  • It is an ergonomic heating pad, which sticks to your panties and gives you relief.
  • It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied.

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  1. Ambershine king-size Beaded heating pad

Ambershine king-size Beaded heating pad

This beaded heating pad gives you therapeutic coverage, which will help you with sore muscles, legs, and shoulders. It has twice the surface area of the normal heating pads. It also helps with arthritic pain, stiff joints, menstrual cramps, and muscle ache. It also helps to increase blood flow. You can use it for just 20 minutes and get relief from all the pains.

  • It is a king-size heating pad, which is designed to increase the blood flow and give relief to your muscles. It can be used for giving relief to your arms, necks, and back.
  • You can remove the controller and wash it with the machine. It helps you maintain the tidiness and softness of the heating pad.
  • It provides you maximum comfort to your body.
  • There are six temperature settings and it has a safe user experience.
  • It is the best heating pad.
  • It has got UL certification.
  • It comes with amazing customer service.

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It is important that women not let menstrual cramps or pains hinder them from living their best life. The best heating pads for menstrual cramps are one step that could help them achieve the same.

In order to relax the female body from unbearable period cramps, period heating pad promises superior comfort and gives you much-needed energy. These pads are super easy to put on and are safe to use. No wonder, most women find these pads as true mates during their menstruation days. Hence, check out all the features of a period cramp pad and stay away from unwanted cramps!


  1. What are heating pads?

Heating pads are kind of pads, which are made scientifically to reduce muscle aches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and menstrual cramps. The heating pad for the period will help in increasing the blood flow and reduce abdomen pain. These pads come in various shapes and sizes. A good menstrual heating pad comes with a multiple heat control system.

  1. What is the difference between hot water bags and a heating pad?

The hot water bag remains effective until the water is warm. Once, the water gets cold, you have to refill it. They were used in the earlier times when heating pads were not popular. There are other drawbacks of water bags such as:

  • It does not provide you the feature of controlling heat at a different level.
  • You have to change the cold water frequently with hot water.
  • It is comparatively less effective than heating pads.
  1. Does heating pads really work?

Heating pads can be an effective way of reducing back pain. It helps with blood circulation that can travel oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and joints. It helps in improving back stiffness, repair damaged muscles, reduce inflammation.

  1. How long should you use the best heating pads?

You can use it for 15-20 minutes. If you want to use more, then make sure you make the temperature low every 20 minutes so that your skin gets to rest. Make sure you are not using directly on your skin. Do not fall asleep while using the heating pad, until and unless it has an automatic turn off the feature.

  1. Can a heating pad help with nerve pain? 

Circulation of the fresh blood to the concerned area can help in relieving the nerve pain. You can effectively reduce the nerve pain by taking heat for 15-20 minutes three times a day. If the problem is serious, you can apply it more time.

  1. Can a heating pad damage your skin? 

Your skin might be affected if it is exposed to the heat for a long time. It also causes certain skin problems like scaling, hyperpigmentation, and other such problems.

  1. Can heat affect your periods?

Heat does not directly affect your period. It depends on the way heating affects your lifestyle and stress levels. These factors might impact your period.

  1. What are some of the things one should do for period cramps?

Several things can help you with period cramps. For example:-

  • Placing the right temperature-heating pad on your abdomen.
  • Exercising
  • Take a hot bath
  • Rest
  • Take medicine (only if gets unbearable and consult your doctor first)
  1. How do heating pads work? 

Heating pads decrease the pain of different parts of the body by providing heat. Due to heat, the blood vessels of that particular area dilate, which leads to enhance perfusion of that tissue. No matter what type of heating you use, all work in the same way.

  1. Which is the best place to buy the Period heating pad from?

Always be sure of the type of heating pad you are in need of. Since there are so many styles available, you can purchase them online or from a medical store near you. Go for pads that are approved by medical experts only!

  1. How to measure the appropriate size of the pad for use?

Take a measuring tape and measure your abdomen size. Now, you can check the size chart of the best heating pads for menstrual cramps and buy accordingly. Sizes from small to XXL are available for most brands.

  1. Can menstrual heat pads take care of neck pain?

Yes! You can use the heat pad for neck pain and shoulder pain. Simply place the pad near the area of discomfort and you can feel relaxed.

  1. Are heat controls available?

Some heating pads come with more than one heat setting function. The temperature can be controlled as per the condition of your cramps.

Recliner chairs have been known to help some women stay comfortable during menstruation. Try it out for yourself and let us know.

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