5 Best Back Massager for Chair – Read our review before purchasing

Nowadays, a major portion of our daily work can be while sitting. Be it attending video call conference meetings or taking online courses, you need to sit in front of your laptop screen for hours. And, this can bring several kinds of body pain due to postural deformity. Sitting for a long time also causes your spine to get warped. This can cause fatigue to your back. If not treated properly, these body aches will start discomforting you.

Therefore, a lot of people suggest using the best back massager for chairs. These are specially designed equipment that can relieve your back pain to a great extent. It can even soothe the swollen areas by loosening every tight muscle. Also, it is very important to invest your money in the best back massager for a chair. Therefore, to help you, we have curated a complete list of different back massagers. These back massagers are superior in quality and come well-built with several features.

Naipo Back and Neck Shiatsu Massage Chair

Naipo Back and Neck Shiatsu Massage Chair

Adjustable & Customizable
Air & Vibration Massage
Advanced Heat
8 massage nodes
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Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Back & Neck  Massager

Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Back & Neck  Massager

Cordless design
8 deep-kneading Nodes
Two selectable massage modes
Selectable heat levels
completly portable
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HoMedics, Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion

HoMedics, Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion

4 Massage Nodes
2 Back Massage Styles
3 Massage Zones
Integrated Chair Straps
Extra-long Handle
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Five S FS8812 Massager with Heat

Five S FS8812 Massager with Heat

Microprocessor controlled
Built-in overheat protection
3 Massage speeds or intensities
4 Massage Programs
4 Adjustable Elastic Straps
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Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

100% Vegan Leather
Adjustable Straps
4 Deep-Kneading Nodes
Overheat Protection
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Best Back Massager for Chair – Buying Guide

It is very important to know about certain things about the products before you go hunting for them in the online market or your nearby supermarket. The most important thing about any product is its features. One must look for the appropriate features that can suit their needs. A lot of people remain doubtful as to what factors they must consider for in their best back massager for chair. Therefore, we have enlisted down a couple of factors that one must consider before he goes for a back massager hunting. These are:

What factors one must look for in his best back massager for a chair?

  • Structure: This is an important factor to consider. You must be aware of the location of the massage nodes. In this way, you can get the maximum benefit from the product.
  • Durability: As one will be spending a good chunk of his money, it is very important that the back massager he purchases sustain for quite a long time. Also, it must come with an automatic shut down feature in order to save electricity and prevent any kind of electric shock.
  • Heating effect: One must be assured that his chosen variant of the best back massager for chair is able to provide a soothing heating effect. This is necessary in order to help the massage get absorbed into the skin.
  • Several functions: Make sure that the back massager comes with a wide selection of functions. This will enable you to get different intensity level massages depending upon your requirements.
  • User-friendly: It doesn’t matter how expensive your back massager is. If it isn’t easy to use, then it is not worth the money invested in it. Therefore, always go for easy to operate controls and convenient to use models of back massagers.

Best Chair Massager

Who isn’t fond of massages? And who doesn’t crave a personal masseuse? After attending so many online lectures and meeting and sitting in front of your computer screens anyone and everyone is bound to feel lethargic and drained out of energy. That is why the solution to all your problems is a massager chair.

Best Back Massager for Chair Reviews

1) Naipo Back and Neck Shiatsu Massage Chair

This variant of best back massager for chair certainly one of its kind. If you have been searching for a back massager inbuilt with numerous functions and features, then you can definitely give this product a try. This back massager has been designed to serve several purposes. In other words, the product is 100% multifunctional. Using this back massager, you can easily soothe your problems related to muscle fatigue.

Naipo Back and Neck Shiatsu Massage Chair

The product stands out to be very reliable in terms of usage, quality, and sustainability. Its features like the vibration and heat function are pretty phenomenal. This back massager comes with the inbuilt ability to discharge heat and vibrate at the same time. This also means it can do the rolling massage techniques and the kneading techniques with 100% efficiency. The product can also be put to several massage options which are very convenient to use and operate.

The pin-point relaxation feature of this back massager proves to be very beneficial while giving massages to your shoulders, back, or the whole body. This feature makes the gadget more accurate and applies calculated pressure to the point. The product also comes with Airbags technology. It comprises of several bags surrounding the regions of the hips and the waist. These bags are inflated in order to trigger a complete compression massage. This is one of those features which distinguish this back massager from the others.

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  • It helps to give deep, kneading shiatsu massages.
  • It can be customized and adjusted according to your needs.
  • It comes inbuilt with air and vibration massage.
  • It comes inbuilt with advanced heat technology.
  • It is 100% user-friendly.

2) Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Back & Neck  Massager

Are you fond of having massages on the hard-to-reach areas which mainly include the neck, the back, and the region between your shoulders? Well, then this back massager from the brand Brookstone can definitely help you out. The product is quite small and compact in size. Not only this, but it is also quite portable and versatile to use. Therefore, going on a long tour won’t be a problem anymore. Just pack this back massager with you and you’re ready to travel all day long.

Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Back & Neck  Massager

This small product also comes with the ability to provide deep-kneading shiatsu massage. It does it via its nodes. The nodes help to soothe all kinds of aching muscles thereby accelerating their quick recovery. It also helps to relieve any kind of muscle tightness. The product is a comprehensive one and comes very handy in saving both your time and efforts. Not only these shiatsu nodes, but this back massager can also travel down the complete length of your back. This is done by its rolling massage nodes.

As soon as you apply the product on your shoulders, they need to activate the muscles present in and around the spine. The results come in the form of relief and comfort. The product also comes with its own vibration seat massage functionality. Also, one gets the choice to choose from three different intensity options. The desired level of intensity works in coordination with the other massage functions. This can really help you out in getting quality results once it is done with its massaging.

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  • It comes with pre-equipped with deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes.
  • It also comprises of rolling massage nodes.
  • It comes with a vibration seat massage pre-equipped with 3 different levels for adjusting the intensity.

3) HoMedics, Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion

We know the pain of working in a fully-squeezed schedule. It can be a lot more hectic than usual. In this case, you can definitely take help from this HoMedics back massager. It is inbuilt with simple features and is definitely easy to use. Therefore, this back massager allows you to have every kind of massage with zero hassle. The whole product comes with a 3-in-1 design. In other words, the product properly houses 3 different massage styles in one single cushion.

HoMedics, Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion

Every massage style work in cooperation to give an awesome massage experience. Each style is capable of generating their own deep, fast, and invigorating muscle comforts. In all, the product excels in giving the most relaxing comfort. It also comes inbuilt with an integrated strapping system which helps the users to negotiate rigorous and intense maneuvers. The system also keeps the users safe and protects them from any kind of injuries. Not only this, but the product also comes inbuilt with several zone controls which adjust the need to choose several specific zones for massaging.

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  • It comes inbuilt with 3 different massage styles.
  • It has its own specialized zone.
  • It provides soothing heat.
  • It is 100% easy to use.

4) Five S FS8812 Massager with Heat

Sometimes, people like to have massages using minimal attention. And, if you happen to be a person of this genre, then this product by the brand Five S will perfectly suit you. Being user-friendly, it activates faster action times. It comprises of a whole array of several elegant features which makes this product as one of the best back massager for chair. The product comes with a 10-vibration motor. This, in turn, allows you to adjust several rates of vibrations. Users can even invigorate their thighs, shoulders, back, and neck along with different pressure intensities.

Five S FS8812 Massager with Heat

The product also excels in bringing excellent results. Not only this, the back massager for chair also comes pre-equipped with a whole hand control unit. The unit mostly comprises of 3 massage speeds along with 4 different massage programs. It overall helps to get the desired level of massage intensity and speed. Its independent variant of heat on/off button is pretty amazing. It can regulate several heat levels with efficiency, thereby giving a wholesome massaging experience.

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  • It comes with 3 different massaging speeds and vibration.
  • It can be used in cars, offices, homes, etc.
  • It comes with a well-padded, soft fabricated cushion.
  • It also comes with 10 different vibration motors.

5) Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

If you love to have a full-length back massage, then well this back massager for chair from the brand Zyllion will definitely be your choice. It gives you every spec of freedom to utilize its features in every way possible. The massager can also be adjusted according to different seat and platform dimensions. It can easily be fixed to your recliners, office chairs, dining chairs, sofa sets, etc. It comes with an inbuilt feature of automatic 20-minutes shut off.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

This helps to shut down the massager when it is not used for a period of 20 minutes. This, in turn, saves a lot of electrical energy and also ensures safety from electrical shocks. This feature also ensures the sustainability of the product. Its customizable relief option is awesome.

One can easily adjust its position in order to target the massage rollers to the desired location of the body. One can even opt for getting effective impacts only on some selected portions of the body. Its Shiatsu massage nodes are well-made. They work well mainly on the whole neck region. The nodes also come with an inbuilt heating function. This can be turned on and off depending upon your requirements. You can adjust the settings in every way possible.

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  • It can relieve every kind of sore muscle.
  • It is 100% versatile.
  • It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • It requires to be plugged in.
  • The product comes from a reliable seller.
  • It also comes with a bunch of safety features.

6) Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

This is one of the best chair massagers. It has massage chair pads for the neck, waist, shoulder, and back.

  • One of its greatest qualities is that it is a chair massager with heat. Heat cells from the chair are great in providing you extra relief and soothe your painful joints and muscles on your back. It helps in eradicating any tension you feel from your body entirely.
  • Use this massager chair once and you will never want to leave this.
  • It is facilitated with the latest technology and has 4 massage nodes. These nodes move inwards and outwards on your back and provide with so much relief that you neverexpected you could feel this light in your own body.
  • It is a full-body relief provider. it has 2 airbags and an air compression massager on the waist region to provide your hips and your waist with utmost relaxation as well.
  • Another thing that sets this massager apart from otherbest chair massagers is that it has SPOT massage functions. It allows you to concentrate your massager chair on one specific location on your back so that you get firm results for your body.

Best sleeper chairs

If you spent a lot of time in your office and do not have enough time to spare yourself with a massage, you can use massage pads for office chairs. They provide equally beneficial results. They increase the stimulation and circulation of your legs and prevent them from forming any kind of clots. Massage pads for office chairs may not be as effective as a chair massager with heat or like a full-body massager but they do provide you with instant relief from all the sitting you do throughout the day in your office.


Therefore, these are some of the best back massager for chair. Each one of them is well-designed and perfectly structured in order to provide maximum benefits of different kinds of massages.


1. Are back massagers really good for the back?

Yes, definitely! They come inbuilt with several features and functions which can ensure full-length back massage. It soothes down the muscles of your back and also loosens any kind of tight muscle.

2. What is the best back massager for a chair?

Well, this totally depends on one’s requirements. For this, you can consider the product’s features mention above. This way, you will be able to determine what features will suit you the most.

3. Can back massagers be used by pregnant ladies?

Yes, of course. Nothing feels different. By using them, you will feel like having normal massages. Also, there are some back massagers that recommend pregnant women not to use them. Therefore, it is always recommended to go through the manuals of the chair properly before using it.

4. Should one use back massagers too much?

It is generally recommended to use these products for a duration of 15 minutes. Exceeding this might bring several injuries due to over massaging.

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