How to Put on a Waist Trainer?

You will find several articles telling you about how to put on a waist trainer for better results but in this article, we will cover all the aspects like what is a waist trainer, what does it do to the body, and more.

A waist trainer is worn inside the garments to shape up the body. It enhances the curves and the dress looks good and fits on the body. The waist trainer also helps to shape up the middle portion of the body to take the shape and remain the way it is with the waist trainer.

How To Put On A Waist Trainer Belt?

Many waist trainers have 3 to 4 rows of hooks. Set the settings on the lowest so that the body gets comfortable with the tightness slowly. Do not tuck hooks very tightly as it may irritate your skin and heavy sweating may cause rashes. you can increase the tightness of hooks with time as the body feels comfortable.

How To Put On A Waist Trainer That’s Too Small?

If the waist trainer that you have is too small for your size, the first thing you can do is put hooks in the first row, not the last one. You might be fitting hooks in the wrong eye, and if that still hurts then it is a sign that you might have bought the wrong size waist trainer for you. Make sure you measure the size before ordering the waist trainer.

How To Put On A Waist Trainer By Yourself?

Before putting on the waist trainer make sure that the middle part of your body is well moisturized to save you from any irritation. Then slowly tuck the waist trainer behind you, bring it to the front, and start putting hooks in the eye from the bottom. When you start from the bottom it secures the waist trainer, and you can easily manage the upper hooks.

How To Put On A Waist Trainer Properly?


When you are planning to buy a waist trainer, ensure you have measured the area where the waist trainer will sit. Also, measure the length of the torso so that you do not end up buying a long-length or short-length waist trainer. And both cases would leave you uncomfortable.

When you have your waist trainer with you, ensure you moisturize your body well to avoid irritation and rashes. You can wear a thin fabric first and then wear the waist trainer. Starting from the bottom, put the hooks in the eye and come up. This would secure the waist trainer from the bottom part, and you can easily handle the upper hooks.

How To Put On A Latex Waist Trainer?

Latex can get on my nerves sometimes. As it is stretchy material it may slip from your hands while you are trying to put it on. But once you are done it will give the most smooth curves around the middle part of the body.

It is very similar to that of other waist trainers. Start putting the hook from the bottom. If it is not working for you, then you can place the waist trainer above your mid-area start putting the hooks from the bottom, and pull it down to your waist. And then continue to put the hook in the eye and pull down. Do this until all hooks are fastened.

How To Put On Angel Curves Waist Trainer?

It is a similar way you will put on any other waist trainers. You have to take the waist trainer behind you and bring it to the front. Observe the lines that make you comfortable. Start putting hooks in the eye from bottom to top. And you are done.

How To Put On Ann Chery Waist Trainer?

Keep the waist trainer slightly above the middle section, where you can reach the last hook easily. Start putting the hook in the eye. Do that with 4 to 5 hooks and then pull the waist trainer down towards your waist.

Again start putting the rest 4 to 5 hooks in the eye and pull it down. Now you might find the waist trainer at the right place. Place the remaining hooks in the eye, and you are done. Do not forget to moisturize the part of the body where you are placing the waist trainer.

How Long To Wear A Waist Trainer A Day?

It is recommended that you can wear the waist trainer for eight hours each day to experience the best results. If you find it difficult to wear a waist trainer for eight hours start by wearing it for an hour or a half.

Increase the time duration according to the level of comfort of your body. Wear the waist trainer daily to let the body get used to it. And then slowly increase the duration of wearing a waist trainer. Make it 3 hours a day for a week and gradually take it to 8 hours each day.

Make sure that you have your proper measurements and the length of the torso. The website from which you would buy the waist trainer would have a size chart. You can look for your measurements and buy according to that.

How Soon To Wear A Waist Trainer After Birth?

Ladies use the waist trainer after pregnancy to attain the shape of their bodies after childbirth. It is suggested that you can use a waist trainer after 40 to 60 days of the delivery. As your body is sensitive and trying to gain energy it might not respond well.

So wear it after one and a half months you have delivered. Make sure not to keep it tight as it may directly affect the healing process of your body. It may irritate the skin. You can also consult with your doctor if you could not understand when you should start wearing the waist trainer.

How To Wear A Waist Trainer Under A Dress?

It is very comfortable putting on a waist trainer under any dress unless it is a deep V-neck in front. But other than that it works wonders when it comes to party dresses. It goes well with all sorts of dresses. You can wear it under jumpsuits, t-shirts, tops, and dresses.

If the lining of the waist trainer is visible from your dress then you can wear a thin slip underneath the dress and above the waist trainer so that it hides the lining of hooks to appear on the surface of the dress.

How To Properly Wear A Waist Trainer Belt?

The waist trainer belt covers only the upper and lower abdomen area of the body. It comes with a stretchable material that adjusts the shape of your body and provides you with a slimmer midsection.

It is very easy to put on a waist trainer belt. Bring the velcro to the front part of your tummy. Adjust the size so that it is not too tight and you feel comfortable while moving. Stick the velcro, and you are done.

Correct Way To Put On A Waist Trainer

You have to keep in mind that the hook section of the waist trainer should be on the front side. You can start to hook the waist trainer in any direction you find easy. At first, it would be trouble in getting the hooks into the eye. But as you put that on days you will easily get on it.

You can start putting the hooks from the bottom and then go up. As it secures the hook at the bottom and then you can easily tuck the upper hooks.

Easiest Way To Put On A Waist Trainer

The easiest way to put on a waist trainer is that you can start to put the hooks from the bottom and then go all the way up to the first one. This will make sure that the waist trainer is secure and does not move from its place.

How To Wear A Waist Trainer When Working Out?

Make sure that the waist trainer is not in the tightest row. It should give you mobility so that you can move comfortably without hurting the skin when you move while you work out or else you can get cuts from the material of the waist trainer.

How To Put On A Velcro Waist Trainer?

The velcro of the waist trainer must be on the front side so that you can adjust it the way you like.


1] How many hours a day do you have to wear a waist trainer for it to work?

It is suggested that you can wear the waist trainer for 8 hours a day.

2] Does waist training make your breast bigger?

It would only make an illusion that makes your breast look bigger as the waist trainer pushes up the breast. But it does not do that permanently.

3] Can u sleep with a waist trainer on?

No. It is not recommended to wear a waist trainer while you sleep as it may become uncomfortable for you to sleep.

4] How long should a beginner wear a waist trainer?

It depends on how comfortable you are with the waist trainer. You can wear it as long as you are ok with the waist trainer. You can slowly increase the duration of the waist trainer.

5] What happens when you stop wearing waist trainers?

When you stop wearing a waist trainer the body would automatically go back to its natural shape.

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