The Major Obstacles to Improving Body Posture

Improving body posture is one of the essential components for achieving a desired health and wellness level. You will have to make changes to your lifestyle to overcome the obstacles to improving body posture. Many people find it really difficult in keeping their backs straight for elongated time periods; and most of them have a habit of slouching while rotating their shoulders forward. But changing or correcting your posture doesn’t come around easily if you aren’t aware of the correct methods for doing so.

Before we look into that it is important to understand the most common obstacles to maintaining a good posture, especially in your day to day life. Jotted below are a few of them to keep in mind in order to start your journey towards a healthy body.

Obstacles to improving body posture

Common Daily Habits: Your daily postural habits play an important role in shaping your posture, despite your age, or genetics. Numerous day to day habits contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle and posture. Lack of exercise in your daily routine is one of them leading to a sedentary way of life. Muscles and joints in a human body need movement; and particularly rehabilitation exercises that aim at postural muscle strengthening are key to developing a great posture.

improving body posture

Also, a non-ergonomically designed workplace brings along unwanted tension and pressure on back muscles and spine. Thus, reducing your everyday stressors by organizing your workplace in an efficient manner can prevent a lot of work induced injuries.

A third unhealthy posture arises from elongated periods of looking down while using your mobile phone. Smarter smartphones have been significantly capable of weakening the postures of the larger population. Most people spend hours bending their heads down while looking at their phones or iPad. Instead of continuously looking down, you can raise the phone to your eye-level and provide more relief to your neck and back muscles.

obstacles to improving body posture

Inaccurate Body Maps: Over the years, all of us have built a fair idea of our body and how it works with respect to shape, size as well as function. Most importantly, you always move accordingly to how you feel of your structure and if that is faulty, your body movement becomes incorrect followed by a flawed posture. Correcting your body posture is important and that can be done through books, mirrors, certified trainers, kinaesthetic experiences, etc. Be aware of your key body areas like shape, size, and function and you can easily start making small positive changes in your movement as well as posture.

Unsound Body Sense: Your perception of how your body is positioned in space contributes largely towards posture correction. How you hold your body upright, is an important element that determines it. An unbalanced body position leads to increased fatigue as your muscles need to support more of your body weight which leads to uneven contraction of muscles. This may lead to severe chronic irritation and spinal degeneration in the long run.

Thus having a complete postural analysis from certified specialists and regular check-ups will always help in overcoming obstacles to improving body posture and thereby, improve your body posture eventually by using posture corrector brace.

Valerie Matthews
Valerie Matthews

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