How To Relieve Pain Using Acupressure Points in Feet and Ankles?

According to medical records, it has been found that the bottom of our feet tends to have more number of nerve-endings for every square centimeter. It might sound crazy, but that’s a fact discovered by science. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned a list of acupressure points in feet and ankles. We can manipulate them by applying the proper amount of pressure. This, in turn, helps to relieve ailments and common aches such as coughs, nausea, headaches, etc.

What actually are acupressure points in feet and ankles?

These are basically those specific points on the body that helps to relieve the body from certain pains and illness. They must be pressed by applying the right amount of pressure. These acupressure points ate mainly used during acupressure and reflexology therapy treatments. Reflexology is termed a therapy treatment that deals with relieving stress.

Acupressure is the kind of treatment that focuses on restoring the flow of qi which has been blocked due to some accident or reason. Overall, there are a total of 800 acupressure points in the body with the maximum number of acupressure points in the feet and ankles. Therefore, we have enlisted down some of the pressure points which can help you in managing pain and get quick relief from it.

acupressure points in feet and ankles

How do the acupressure points in feet and ankles work?

During the therapy, it is emphasized that more focus is put upon applying the right amount of pressure on the body’s acupressure points. This can be done with the help of a tool, the palms, the knuckles, the use of fingers, etc. People may also use massage techniques or stretching exercises to apply the desired amount of pressure.

During the era of Chinese medicine, it was believed that a total of 800 acupressure points were present in the body. This was believed throughout the 14 Meridians. It was also believed that these 14 meridians were the places where the qi’s of a person tend to flow. It was observed that any blockage in its direction of flow easily disturbs the natural balance of the body. This blockage led to discomfort, pain, and diseases.

Therefore, in order to release the stagnant qi, one can contact a trained therapist. He will be responsible for applying gentle pressure on the acupressure points. This will in turn help in restoring the balance of life in the body. By applying the correct amount of pressure, the body’s endorphins are released, and a majority of the pain gets relieved. This brings about an overall relaxation of muscle tension.


What is the meaning of various acupressure points in feet and ankles?

1) Tai Chong: This point can be located by feeling for the tendon that lies between the second toe and the big toe. Pressure must be applied to the gap or the place where the tendons meet. It has been found that pressing on this tendon helps to relieve stress. This helps in lowering anger, prevents any irritable situation, and helps one to get away from anxiety issues. It also helps to prevent excessive menstrual pain and reduce headaches.

2) Yong Quan: This point can be found under the joint of one’s big toe. You can spot this point by moving your thumb in between the second toe and the big toe. One can know about this point as this is the only point where pressure can be felt the most. This point helps to reduce palpitations. It also helps to calm insomnia and anxiety. It improves the memory of an individual and decreases the chances of getting hot flashes or night sweats.

3) Da dun: This acupressure point can be found on the inner side of the big toe. The location can be traced at a distance of one inch from the corner of the toenail. It has been observed that applying the correct amount of pressure on this point helps to relieve dizziness. It can also help to soothe one’s hernia and stomach aches.

4) Tai Bai: This acupressure point can be traced near the side of the balls of one’s foot. The location can be confirmed as this is the place where the application of pressure can be felt the most. Research says that applying pressure on this point helps to lessen abdominal bloat. It also tends to soothe one’s stomach ache, stop dysentery and diarrhea, and also help to calm the vomiting reflex of individuals.

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