The Best Gravity Boots for Maximum Comfort and Mobility

Back pain- is a recent epidemic that spans about 50-60% of our population. Our generation is indeed fast-forwarded and easygoing. However, this sedentary, easy-going life is costing us our health; too heavily. Back pain is one of the major health issues that not only adults but also children of our generation are facing. To cope with moments of a sudden health crisis, doctors and therapists recommend “inversion therapy”. To start this therapy, you must purchase the best gravity boots.

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Great style
Easy to wear
Highly comfortable
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Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

Treats back pain
Ensures comfort
Good material
Stabilizes the body
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Yaetek Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots

Yaetek Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots

Easy to install
Quality padding
Relives pain
Great capacity
Improves strength
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Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots

Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots

Easy to adjust
Used for shoulder pain
Relieves fatigue
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Kylin Sport Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

Kylin Sport Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

Heavy padding
Can handle the extra weight
Anti slipping
Prevents ankle pain
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Half of the world’s population is diagnosed with back pain. Due to one’s hectic lifestyle, proper body care is often neglected. This leads to common problems that directly affect your day and day activities. Inversion therapy is known to produce 100% effective results for your body as it aims for reasonable alignment. If you are suffering from severe pain and discomfort, this therapy can ensure promising effects within a short time frame.

When you ditch your old posture tools and wear these medicated ones, the body stays in proper shape without hurting your feet. This gives you enough time to heal naturally and effectively!

In this hour of dire need, therapists have come up with various kinds of therapies to fix the most painful cases of back pain. Out of all the kinds of therapies, a new and effective kind of therapy has emerged that the therapists swear with. It is called inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy is a kind of exercise routine that requires the patient to hang up in an upside-down position. Therapists believe that keeping the patient’s body in such an inverted position is highly beneficial for back pain. Inversion therapy is available in some select gyms and fitness centers. However, the equipment is also available online and in many fitness stores if you are willing to carry out this therapy in the comfort of your home.

Best Gravity Boots – Buying Guide

Best Gravity boots are specially designed for inversion therapy and are recommended by the best therapists for these exercises at home.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Gravity Boots

Inversion boots are a sophisticated and medicated tool that doctors recommend to correct body posture. These boots have tremendous properties that have positive effects on back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and overall foot problems. Instead of hitting the gym, these boots ensure full results directly from your own home.

Thus, some of the factors that buyers should be careful about when buying these boots are listed below:

  1. Check the size of the boots first. Avoid buying too tight or too loose, as it may indirectly affect your body alignment. Make sure that you are able to move your fingers freely when you wear these boots.
  2. The overall quality of the boots matters significantly. Check for a double padding option, if available. Further, the material should be breathable.
  3. The boots must be comfortable to wear and within a decent budget.
  4. Be familiar with the durability of the boots and other associated specifications.
  5. Finally, buy a boot that is light-weighted and certified by health specialists.

Best Gravity Boots Reviews

  1. Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

The Tonyko tool supplies the body with much-needed balance and slowly relieves soreness and discomfort. These boots are not only comfortable to wear but are made of the highest quality fabric. These can be worn during workouts without feeling heavy!


  • Not only do these Inversion boots help in easing out that pesky back pain, but it also helps in certain workouts for your abs and increases core strength.
  • It also helps in strengthening your muscles.
  • The boots are suitable for individuals with pesky knee pain.
  • You can wear these boots when hitting the gym.
  • The boots are inexpensive to purchase.
  • Comes with an extra layer of padding.
  • It has a massive capacity of 150 kg; which means it is fit for almost everyone.
  • The quality of these boots is the best as they have high-quality comfy pads that make sure your ankles don’t hurt while you are exercising.
  • The hooks are of a size of about 1- 1 ½ inches.
  • The approximate dimensions are- Inside diameter – 3 7/8”, Outside diameter – 6 1/2″, Length: 7 1/4″, and Padding: 1 1/4″ thick.
  • They are suitable for horizontal bars from 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • It is one of the best gravity boots.

  1. Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

Teeter EZ-Up Best Gravity Boots

Made of durable plastic, the teeter-up gravity boots are your all-in-one solution to a healthy you! These boots support your ankles, knee, as well as shoulders and guarantee necessary comfort. This product helps in correcting posture and is light-weighted in nature.


  • Ensures perfect fit.
  • There are automatic latches available.
  • Made of good quality plastic.
  • Registered under medical labs and recommended by doctors.
  • These specially engineered gravity boots make sure that your ankles remain comfortable throughout your workout and that the weight is evenly distributed.
  • Dual self-locking latches and high-quality pads give you the perfect fit.
  • Can stand a maximum weight of 250 lbs.
  • It is lightweight and easy to install.
  • It is FDA registered and is also certified to help with back pain, muscle tension, herniated disc, sciatica, muscle spasm, etc.

Seeing all these benefits, it is only justified why these are the best gravity boots for you.

  1. Yaetek Anti Gravity Inversion Hang-Up Boots

YAETEK Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots

The best gravity boots will not only help you to get rid of that back pain that never seems to go away but also will help you to tone those abs. If you are suffering from muscle soreness, these boots deliver suitable results. Considered portable and light-weighted, these boots stabilize your body for 100% comfort. The YAETEK Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots will help you to do exactly that and more.


  • Excellent for workouts.
  • Good for back pain.
  • These boots are perfect for the worst of back pains and muscle spasms. A weekly workout with these boots may cure and save you from any future back troubles.
  • It is lightweight and hence can be easily carried around in case you need to travel.
  • These are stable and easily attached to the bar and are also suitable for heavily weighted individuals.
  • These are well-padded and make sure that you don’t hurt yourself during workouts.
  • Easy to install and attaches to almost any chin-up bar.

Still unable to find the best gravity boots for yourself? Read on for a few more options that will make your search for the best gravity boots easier for you.

  1. Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots (GIB2), 2 Count

Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots (GIB2), 2 Count

For professional Inversion therapy practice, the Body solid gravity boots are the best-recommended product. In short, for your aches and pain, these boots guarantee comfort and keep you safe. It aims for 100% relaxation and reduces compression caused due to extreme pain. The boots also come with thick pads for safety!


  • These Inversion boots come with side clutches.
  • Boosts overall body health.
  • Suitable for all individuals.
  • These boots not only help you fight back pain but also help cure muscle spasms and compression fatigue which is caused by excessive cycling, jogging, etc.
  • Helps with shoulder pain and issues with the neck area.
  • Thickly padded to ensure comfort.
  • Stable and can be attached to any chin-up bar easily.
  • It has a safety buckle and can be easily adapted according to the size of the person’s leg hence is suitable for users of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Kylin Sports Anti-Gravity Inversion Boots

Kylin Sport Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

For 100% convenience, the Kylin sports anti-gravity boots aim at correcting your body posture. It can support up to 150kgs of body weight. These boots are like your assistant that can be worn anytime, even when you hit the gym. The adjustable straps make these boots comfortable and one of the best gravity boots.


  • Lends support for back pain.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • These boots are extremely convenient due to their high quality and heavy padding.
  • Along with being comfortable, these boots can also handle a weight of about 150 kg; hence these are the best gravity boots for people of all shapes and sizes.
  • They also come with an assistant strap to help you up your body.
  • These boots are extremely well-fitting and can fit ankles of almost any width due to the adjustable buckle. These fit very well and prevent your ankle from slipping through.

Mentioned above are the best gravity boots for you. According to various practitioners, inversion therapy is indeed very effective for prolonged and incessant back pains. However, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before jumping into the world of inversion therapy. Gravity boots also come in handy for fitness enthusiasts who want to do certain core-strengthening workouts. Even in those circumstances, it is always advised to do such workouts under the supervision of an experienced fitness trainer.

By following the guidelines as issued by practitioners and therapists, the use of Inversion boots directly helps in correcting body posture. From knee pain to shoulder pain, the boots are quite effective. In short, these boots can keep you completely fit without excessive strain on your muscles. It reduces pain and gives you the ultimate strength to stay fit!

If you have already taken these steps for safety, you are more than welcome to work out with gravity boots. Gravity boots have taken the world of fitness by storm. These are a rage among this generation, and various celebrities swearing by it is a testimony to this.


  1. How do I install the boots?

Side clips or clutch are available for you to tighten or loosen the boots.

  1. How much should I spend on inversion boots?

Always keep a budget before you buy your inversion boots.

  1. Do the best gravity boots come with a warranty?

Yes, some boots come with a warranty label!

  1. How do I check my size?

Measure your ankle size directly or take help from professionals.

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