The Best Office Chair for Sciatica: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office chair - best office chair for sciatica

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office chair

Great Support.
The backrest is available.
One-year warranty.
Extra comfort always.
Effectively cures sciatica.
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Bilkoh Mesh office chair with armrest

Bilkoh Mesh office chair with armrest

The armrest is flexible.
Padded seats.
Super comfortable.
Budget office chair.
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Bilko Office chair with breathable mesh seat and firm armrests

Bilko Office chair with breathable mesh seat and firm armrests

Extra seat cushioning.
The armrest is padded.
Breathable mesh fabric.
Easy to maintain.
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Staples Hyken Technical Mesh task adjustable chair

Staples Hyken Technical Mesh task adjustable chair

Durable and comfortable.
Adjustable in nature.
Comfortable for back pain.
Padded seats.
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Reficcer Big and tall heavy-duty

Reficcer Big and tall heavy-duty

Relaxes the muscles.
Meant for heavy-duty use.
Ergonomic design.
Superb fabric quality.
Cushioned seats.
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A 9 to 5 office job definitely brings the picture of a cubicle and an office chair before your eyes. Continuous tasks, hectic deadlines, and a whole lot of pressure- that is what the work culture typically boasts of. However, in realizing your office goals, it is not always possible to take care of your body and mind.

With the continuous stress of working at the office, people tend to develop a condition referred to as Sciatica. Sciatica is a sort of nerve pain caused due to excessive pressure near the sciatic nerve at the back. This nerve somewhat swells up, making you restless all day long. To lessen the pain and add to your comfort, it is important to get hold of the best office chair for Sciatica.

Working for long consecutive hours on a traditional office chair is not the solution if you are suffering from Sciatica. This condition needs a diagnosis immediately. Therefore, the best way is to choose the right chair to adjust your posture to prevent uneasiness.

The best office chair for Sciatica has some of the best advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • The office chair is not only an aesthetically inclusive tool used in all workspaces. Rather, the chair aims at correcting your posture and keeping your back straight if you are suffering from any chronic pain conditions and even sciatica.
  • The design of such a kind of chair aims at adjusting your body height. If by chance you are extending your hand too much, or your chair is not in accordance with the height of the table, the best office chair for sciatica can be used to maintain balance and offer extensive support all the time.
  • Office seating is less painful if you have a medicated chair for sitting. Such a chair is not only effective for your body, but it also lends a helping hand to heal you emotionally. Sciatica can cause situations of mental anxiety. Instead of suffering alone, let a good office chair heal you for a better work life ahead.

Best Office Chair for Sciatica – Buying guide

If you experience any back pain or neck pain simply because of spending too much time in your regular office chair, it’s time that you bid your farewell. The ultimate solution lies in switching to the best office chair that offers a wide range of features and a whole lot of comfort. A brief buyer’s guide is discussed below if you are eager to purchase such a chair today.

Factors to consider when looking for the best office chair for Sciatica

Sciatica or chronic nerve pain can simply place you in a difficult situation at work. Oftentimes, you will feel a sore back, and completing some chores will seem to be a great issue. The symptoms that confirm that you are suffering from Sciatica include the following:

  • Inability to extend your arms for completing tasks.
  • Continuous headache and back pain.
  • Inability to stand properly.
  • Constant pain in the sciatic nerve.
  • Redness or swollenness at the back.

The best office chair for sciatica will help you in addressing all your health issues related to back pain. The chair alleviates abnormal and painful conditions and seeks to provide extra support to help you carry out your office tasks. With that said, here is a quick guide to help buyers purchase their first office chair.

  1. Adjusting the height of the chair

While getting in-depth knowledge about the factors that are important for buying an office chair, buyers must primarily pay attention to the height of the chair first. Some chairs available are smaller in size, while the rest comes with an adjustable option. It is extremely important to adjust the height of the chair you are in and sit accordingly in order to alleviate the pain you are suffering from. You need to level yourself with the desk in front of you for optimal work performance and comfort.

A chair with an adjustable height feature will not only protect your arms and back but rather bring your thighs to a horizontal position on the floor. In this way, you will feel more relaxed and you need not stretch yourself to get things done. The adjustable feature is definitely a huge bonus and lets you modify the seat accordingly.

  1. Availability of Backrest

Another important factor that plays a huge role in determining the advantage of owning an office chair for sciatica is the presence of a backrest. Some chairs come with an adjustable backrest that you can slide down or up as per your sitting posture and requirements. The availability of the backrest helps you to align your head and ensure that you are not experiencing too much pressure. Apart from that, the backrest allows you to tilt your head backward anytime you want.

In some chair models, the backrest is flexible and can be opened anytime. Since the office chair is the most critical and important component of all office furniture, the backrest somewhat adds to your comfort and helps you in completing your assigned tasks easily. A chair with a backrest is very much effective for your overall well-being. After all, it is certainly a smart purchasing idea to go for a chair with a backrest!

  1. Lumbar support

Supporting your lower back is equally important, along with balancing your upper body. Whilst suffering from sciatica, it is always a good idea to pay attention to your whole body as the pain starts to spread from one part to another. The contouring of your body starts with lumbar support that is offered by the best office chair for sciatica. Apart from taking care of your upper half, such a kind of chair relaxes and comforts the lower part of your body too.

If you are looking for natural contouring of your lower back, you definitely need to buy a chair that extends a helping hand to control the pain. Once you sit on the chair, you will realize the progress slowly and steadily. It is best to pay attention to the features of the chair as it minimizes back pain and extends extra support to your body. It is wise on your part to purchase a chair that protects your back along with strengthening your body to release strain on your lumbar discs.

  1. Seat cushioning

If there is one element that you cannot afford to miss when purchasing the best office chair for sciatica, it is obviously seated cushioning. A cushioned and soft seat is recommended for individuals suffering from sciatica or any chronic back pain conditions. Believe it or not, a cushioned seat definitely creates a vast difference when distinguished from a regular office chair. The seat you purchase should have sufficient depth so that you can comfortably adjust yourself and sit accordingly.

In addition to the above, seat cushioning allows you to get more support near your buttock area. It also alleviates buttock pain and helps you relax further. For better results, buyers can go for double-cushioned seats too. The seat can be tilted forwards as well as backward as per your seating posture. If you purchase such a chair for sciatica, the pain will slowly ease out!

  1. Breathable fabric and extra padding-

You cannot complete your shopping process unless and until you have checked and confirmed the material of the office chair. The fabric of the chair plays a huge role in determining factors like portability, longevity, and comfort. Some fabrics can sometimes cause skin allergies as they are chemically processed in the industries. However, most brands out there are conscious regarding their office chairs and special emphasis is laid on the material used.

You will come across office chairs that are made of rubber and synthetic material. Plus, the seat is made of foam and thereby giving you comfort. The most common types of office chairs have a breathable mesh fabric too. Luxury office chairs have seats made of leather. Depending on your own requirements, the office chair nurtures your demands for comfort and safety. By allowing yourself to purchase such a chair, you are simply putting more effort to control your pain and work effortlessly.

  1. Armrests and headrests

While backrests are equally important to align your back and ensure proper comfort to your body, having armrests and headrests is equally crucial to get relief from Sciatica. The best office chair for sciatica comes with armrests and a headrest too. The armrest can be padded or non-padded. You can select a chair that already has fixed armrests and provides the much-needed support that you are looking for. Apart from that, the headrest is also flexible and typically needs to be adjusted once you are done assembling all the other parts of the chair.

An individual suffering from intense pain needs to purchase a chair with an armrest and headrest as it perfectly aligns her body while you keep doing her work. Nerve pain can also damage your overall physical well-being. Hence, it is quite mandatory to purchase a chair that comes with adjustable headrests and armrests.

  1. Controls and operations

Buyers when looking forward to purchasing the best office chair for sciatica nerve pain must also realize the different controls present on the chair. This control mode varies from one model to another and therefore, you have to be sure of them all. In general conditions, there are buttons present on the side of the chair that allow you to increase and decrease the height of the chair. In addition to that, the armrests, backrests, and headrests of the office chairs can be locked and unlocked with these buttons.

Once you understand the different ways to handle chair operations, you can easily position the chair and align yourself to complete your tasks. Make sure that the chair height is parallel to the table in front of you for better performance and less nerve pain.

  1. Budget-

Investing in a good office chair that aims at relieving you from chronic painful conditions like sciatica is the best choice you can make today. The price of the chair varies with so many factors like the material used, adjustability, and other controlling options. However, most office chairs that you will come across are all designed by the best brands that aim at comforting you.

Budget buyers will also find a good chair for use that easily dissolves the pain and keeps you active all day long. In fact, if you are planning to invest, make sure that you do so in the right model. Carefully check all the features of the chair before you make up your mind and pay for it finally.

  1. Flexibility and overall comfort-

It is common to spot wheels in most of the office chair models you will come across. These wheels can rotate 360 degrees to ensure that you receive maximum comfort without any pressure or stretching. In addition to that, the office chairs are sturdy and it is easier to move them from one place to another.

 The overall comfort of the chairs in terms of preventing back pain is also a feature that enlists the flexibility factor. The chair allows you to be as comfortable as possible without making you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Warranty conditions-

Most office chair brands provide a warranty card to their customers. Brands offer a certified warranty period, from a minimum period of 1 year to 3 years. If you have experienced any form of damage, or you need to repair or replace certain parts of the chair, this warranty card can turn out to be pretty handy. Make sure that you cross-check the terms and conditions of the warranty card before you use it.

Now that you have already decided to invest in purchasing the best office chair, here are some of the best models that will directly affect your health and bring positive results.

Best Office Chair for Sciatica Reviews

  1. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office chair - best office chair for sciatica

If you are looking for an office chair that is quite easy to assemble and takes care of your sciatica, then the Modway articulate mesh office chair is ideal for your use. The most stunning feature of this chair is related to its flexibility and support that keeps all your stress at bay. In addition to that, this chair comes with lumbar support and contours your back to restore physical and mental balance.


  • What is quite astonishing about this chair is its mesh padded seat. The design of this chair aims to improve productivity and ensure that you can work for longer hours without any physical pain. ‘
  • The striking aspect of this chair is related to its sturdiness which provides extra support.
  • This is an executive chair that comes with an adjustable seat. You can increase as well as decrease the height with just a single touch. You can also tilt the chair backward and lock it up to stabilize your position.
  • The chair comes with 360-degree rotating wheels for you to move from one place to another without really getting up.


  1. Bilkoh Mesh office chair with armrest

Bilkoh Mesh office chair with armrest

If you are looking for the best office chair for sciatica Nerve pain, Bilkoh introduces its office chair that also comes with an armrest. Such an office chair is not only comfortable but allows you to eliminate any body pain that constantly stresses you out while at work. The best part about this chair is the constant protection you receive, as the seat eliminates moisture and keeps you comfortable. The mesh seat is sweat-proof and thus, you can comfortably engage in your work for longer periods of time.


  • If there is one feature you cannot overlook in this office chair, then it is a suitable design. This chair definitely falls in place with modern workplace aesthetics.
  • As sciatica can worsen if you do not rest your spine, this chair has a backrest that protects the spine, corrects your posture, and also releases muscular tension.
  • Believe it or not, you also receive an adjustable headrest with this chair. You can fix the headrest and adjust it accordingly. With this, you can also rest your rest and relax for a while when you have no work to do.
  • The best part about this chair is its heavy-duty perspective. This chair can endure strength and is quite strong and durable. You also receive a certified warranty receipt in case you need to exchange any parts of it.

  1. Bilkoh Office chair with breathable mesh seat and firm armrests

Bilkoh Office chair with breathable mesh seat and firm armrests

One of the most supportive and best office chairs for sciatica nerve pain is Bilkoh breathable mesh seat chair. This model comes with fixed armrests that allow you to rest your arms while conducting your office chores. The ergonomic and stylish design of this chair typically ensures comfort. You can relax in this chair by letting go of all the stress. With regular use, you will feel the difference in your back pain. This chair caters to a modern aesthetic experience that outshines all the furniture used in your office to date.


  • Modern yet sophisticated, this office chair boasts all the qualities needed to make work life easier. The comfortable presence of this chair is instant relief for all sorts of pain conditions.
  • The armrests present on the chair enable you to adjust your sitting position in the chain. The inclusion of the armrest allows you to normalize things around you without exerting too much pressure.
  • The best part about this chair is its mesh material which makes the chair breathable. You will not experience any form of sweating or heat while sitting on this chair.
  • This chair allows you to experience the best comfort if you are suffering from sciatica. Individuals can align their bodies by adjusting the height of the chair and continuing with their work without feeling too much of a burden.

  1. Staples Hyken Technical Mesh task adjustable chair

Staples Hyken Technical Mesh task adjustable chair

With time, office chairs have become furniture that cater to different health issues in individuals. Therefore, the best office chair for sciatica leaves a valuable impression on buyers as it starts to protect your nerves and lessen the back pain slowly. The Staples Hyken Technical mesh chair is an adjustable model that is best suited for work purposes. You can adjust the height of the chair by increasing or decreasing it and then fixing the armrests as per your choice.


  • This chair is for individuals who are looking for affordable models that do the trick. Well, this chair comes with a lot of features, the most important of which is adjustability.
  • The flexibility of the chair is related to its alignment. The wheels of the chair can rotate 360 degrees. This prevents you from stretching your hand and working.
  • To make sure that you aren’t feeling stressed while at work, this chair comes with mesh seats that are padded. Even the backrest comes with extra cushioning that allows you to take rest for a while.
  • This chair is comfortable enough for you to spend time in it at the office. It helps in calming your nerves and helps you to divert your attention from sciatica.

  1. Reficcer Big and tall heavy-duty Office chair

Reficcer Big and tall heavy-duty Office chair

It is always a good idea to look for the most comfortable office chair that supports your physical health. On that note, one of the best office chairs for sciatica nerve pain is the Reficcer big and heavy-duty office chair. This model is a classic one based on the fact that it can provide relief from a lot of painful conditions, most importantly sciatica and other relatable conditions. This chair keeps you comfortable and allows you to stay positive at work.


  • If you are concerned about the fact that your back pain isn’t improving, its time that you need to switch to the best office chair from Reficcer that protects your body and provides instant relief.
  • Conditions like muscular cramps, prolonged nerve pain, headache, etc, are slowly and steadily manageable with this chair.
  • Apart from its flexible operations like adjustability, this chair is a heavy-duty one. You can sit for long hours to take care of your body’s pain.
  • The armrest available with the chair is definitely a plus point. You can relax your hands and avoid too much straining at once.

  1. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Leather High back office chair

OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Leather High back office chair

Thinking of how to get rid of back pain and excessive stress at work? Well, one of the easiest and wisest solutions is to switch to the best quality office chairs that keep all chronic and painful conditions like sciatica at bay. The amazing part of this chair is the stylish leather seats that are comfortable to sit on without causing any form of discomfort. Therefore, this chair is simply sophisticated furniture to provide relief for back and nerve pain.


  • This chair is pretty decent in terms of design. The stylish seats, flexibility, and adjustable operations make this chair a good model among other chairs available.
  • Buyers will definitely find this chair useful in terms of relieving nerve pain. The extra cushioned seats are best for buttock pain.
  • You can relax by bending backward and tilting your head to use the headrest.
  • This chair is definitely a productive model in terms of features and overall comfort available with it.

  1. Safco Products Metro Extended height chair

Safco Products Metro Extended height chair

Sitting in the wrong chair all day long can be quite distressing. In order to do away with the pain and have some relief, one such model that is considered the best office chair for sciatica is the Safco metro extended height chair. Buyers will definitely fall in love with this chair in terms of flexibility and all other associated factors.


  • It is surprising to come across extra lumbar support that is available with this chair. Your nerve pain will start to dissolve on its own once you use this chair.
  • The height of this chair is extendable. This means that you need not bend or raise yourself to reach your office table. The increase and decrease in height play a huge role in combating nerve pain.
  • In terms of the budget, this chair is pretty affordable. It is also flexible and allows you to spend long hours.

  1. Qwork High back Big and tall 400lb Office Chair

Qwork High back Big and tall 400lb Office Chair

If you are looking for one an office chair that keeps you relaxed all day long, try out the Q work high back office chair. This model is ideal for buyers suffering from painful conditions and finding it impossible to sit on a regular chair. This chair lifts up your mood and keeps you peaceful so that you can take care of your office work without losing concentration.


  • This chair instantly blends in with your workspace. You can purchase this chair at an affordable price and enjoy its durability! A two-year warranty is also available once you purchase this office chair.
  • Because of the padded seats, you not only receive back support but also prevent any buttock pain. Since a hard surface can aggravate the condition, switching to a good office chair will work a lot better for you.
  • The installation of this chair is quite simple. Just follow the user manual available with the parts of the chair and you are good to go.
  • Finally, the flexibility, durability, and stability of this chair are commendable.

  1. Cedric office chair with breathable mesh and lumbar support

Cedric office chair with breathable mesh and lumbar support

The Cedric office chair is defined as one of the best office chairs for sciatica nerve pain because of its lumbar support. The lumbar nerve is said to receive maximum shock due to stress and it can also swell up and cause pain. To reduce it to the minimum level, this office chair helps you with aligning your posture to receive the maximum comfort possible. 


  • The height of the chair can be easily adjusted as per the control buttons available at the side of the seat.
  • The seat is padded and made of mesh, which makes it breathable. You will not feel an inch of discomfort whilst sitting on this chair.
  • The armrests available allow you to relax. This also protects you from sudden, painful moments that are possible if you strain your hands too much.
  • Finally, you need not spend too much money on this chair as it’s within the affordable reach of all buyers.



The best office chair for Sciatica offers the much-required rejuvenation that your body needs. Sitting all day long in your cubicle in a chair that attracts pain and discomfort is toxic for your mind and body. Therefore, embrace yourself with more comfortable and productive furniture which is the office chair for sciatica. The top reasons why officegoers are attracted to this chair are as follows:

  • Apart from correcting your posture, this kind of chair is efficient for improving muscular tension and releasing pressure from the body.
  • It also improves blood circulation and removes all kinds of corporate stress.
  • This chair is definitely a witness to improving your physical and mental health. Your sciatic pain will start to heal and you will feel better as time flies by.
  • This chair is definitely recommended for individuals who are having trouble with office work simply because of back pain.

To cope up with all kinds of painful conditions, you need to purchase an office chair today. Some Sciatic chairs are also technologically advanced with more massaging options. Therefore, go ahead and exploit the functions of such a chair and feel the difference yourself!


  1. What Kind of chair is best for Sciatica?

An extra padded chair that comes with an adjustable feature is best suitable for sciatica. Sciatica can also cause too many side effects and having the right chair is quite mandatory. A good chair will not only correct your posture but also aim at improving back pain gradually. You can adjust the height of the chair and even move the chair forwards or backward as per your present sciatica condition. Overall, you will be blessed to replace your regular office chair with such a modified model!

  1. Are standing desks good for sciatica?

Sciatica is an abnormal back pain condition. Standing desks exert pressure near your backbone and spinal cords, thereby making you bend a little. Bending is something that you should totally avoid if you are suffering from Sciatica. Therefore, standing desks are somewhat proven uncomfortable to purchase if your back pain is causing too much trouble. You can go for a proper sitting chair with extra padding that supports the back area and nerves. You will instantly notice the difference with it and you no longer need to strain yourself to complete your work.

  1. How Should I sit with sciatica?

Maintaining a good sitting posture is extremely important if you are suffering from Sciatica. Once you have bought a good office chair, you must align your body accordingly to avoid bending or stretching out too much. You need to remember that chairs with armrests are better for sciatica. Posture correction is necessary as it helps in alleviating the pain rather fast.

 Once you sit on the chair by adjusting the height, check whether or not your eyes are perpendicular to the office computer right in front of you. If not, you need to adjust the height accordingly. Check the knee angle, which should be at 90 degrees. Also, if the PC is a little further away from the desk, try to bring it closer to ensure a good sitting position.

  1. Is it better to sit or stand with sciatica?

Sitting is always preferable when you are suffering from chronic sciatica. In fact, a proper sitting position is recommended if the pain is quite prolonged. Generally, sciatica can worsen if you are standing for too long or the office chair isn’t too comfortable. Therefore, when you sit on the best office chair for sciatica, follow a few steps to align your body in the right manner to ease the pain.

Check whether or not your feet are touching the ground. Again, try to sit with your legs straight and not in a cross-legged position. The laptop or PC in front of you should be at least 8 inches away. Relax your hands and avoid bending them quite often. The more you let go of the pressure, the better you will feel. Practice this sitting position to find a permanent solution to relax at work.

  1. What causes sciatica buttock pain?

The condition of sciatica is not treated properly, it can attract a lot of side effects. One of the most common ones is buttock pain. The pain from the nerve slides down to your butt area and hence, you find it difficult to sit in a normal chair while at work. Therefore, you need to purchase the best office chair for sciatica. Go for a chair that comes with extra padding and the seats are comfortable.

Adjust the chair first and try to sit on it. If you still feel the pain near your butt, you can also go for double cushioning. However, the office chair for sciatica helps you in your workplace and provides you the balance and comfort you need to protect your back. Further, avoid going for cheap quality padded seats as they can worsen your pain. Seat cushions improve your posture and ease your buttock pain too. It releases extra pressure from the lower back of your body and protects you from any discomfort.

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