5 Hip Rotation Exercises to Improve Mobility and Flexibility

The hip joint plays an important role in performing various functions of the body. So, it is necessary to know various hip rotation exercises to keep the keep it fit. From walking to running, the hip joints are indulged in many physical activities. Today, in this article you will learn about the benefits and various hip rotation exercises that will help you in keeping your body fit.

Hip Rotation Exercise Benefits

Hip Rotation Exercise Benefits

Hip rotation exercises have several benefits. From helping you in avoiding any pain to increasing hip mobility to a great extent, hip rotation exercises play a vital role. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

Increases flexibility: Hip rotation exercises are great for improving the flexibility of your hip joint. The hip joint helps in performing various activities and hip rotation exercises make sure that you find no difficulty in performing them.

Prevention from injuries: If you stay fit, you get saved from various possible injuries. Increased flexibility helps you in preventing the injuries that you might get from the immobility of your hip joints.

Hip External Rotation Exercises and Stretches

When the thighs and knees move or rotate away from the body, the rotation is called the external rotation of the hip.

Hip External Rotation Exercises after Hip Replacement

If you recently had a hip replacement, you should try to do some exercises to strengthen your hip. After the replacement, the hip becomes weak and can create problems in doing routine work. Doctors suggest various exercises after hip replacement.

Some exercises that can be done after the replacement are Ankle pumps, Sitting kicks, Lying kicks, Buttock squeezes, Straight leg raises, Heel slides, Thigh squeezes, and Leg slides. These exercises will give you great results in bringing back the flexibility and mobility of the hip after replacement.

Hip Abduction/External Rotation Exercises

Hip AbductionExternal Rotation Exercises

Hip abduction and external rotation exercises are good for strengthening the hip’s external rotation. If you think that you need to increase the flexibility of hip external rotation, the following is the best exercise for that. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You have to lie down on the floor or mat on your hands and knees.
  • After that, you have to lift your right leg in the air like you are kicking. Your knee should be bent while lifting your leg. Lift the right leg as high as possible.
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds and slowly bring your leg back on the floor.
  • Repeat it 5 times with each leg.

Internal and External Hip Rotation Exercises

When the thighs are moved inward, the rotation is called internal hip rotation, and it is the other way around for external hip rotation. There are various exercises for both rotations. The internal hip rotation exercises include seated hip, squatting, foot lift, twisted legs, and extension in seated hip internal rotations. All these exercises are highly effective for internal hip rotation.

The external hip rotation exercise includes the clamshell, fire hydrants, seating floor stretches, trunk rotation, chair stretch, and various other types of stretches. All these exercises will help you in improving the flexibility and mobility of your hip joints. Make sure to do them regularly to maintain flexibility.

Hip External Rotation Clamshell Exercise

It is one of the exercises for hip external rotation. To perform this exercise, follow the following steps:

  • First, lie on one side and keep the knees together. Bend your knees at a 45-degree angle. Make sure that both hips are aligned with one another.
  • Lift your head with the arm that is nearest to the floor.
  • To make your body stable, place the other arm in front of your body on the mat.
  • Use your stomach muscles while opening your legs from the knees. Keep your feet together while maintaining the lower knee on the floor. Lift the other knee higher.
  • Pause for some time in this position and then relax. Repeat it 20 times and then switch to another side.

Hip Internal Rotation Corrective Exercise

Various hip internal rotation corrective exercises are available for you. Earlier in this article, we discussed some hip external rotation exercises. Now, we will see one of the best and easy hip internal rotation exercises. This exercise is called the seated hip internal rotation exercise. The steps to perform this exercise are mentioned below:

  • First, sit on the ground in a seated position and keep your knees at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Now, keep your right hand on your right knee while keeping your left hand behind your body with your palm on the ground.
  • Make sure that your right toe is flexed upward. It will help you in protecting your knee.
  • Next, move your right inner thigh in the direction of the ground. While turning your thigh towards the ground, the right thigh and the calf need to form a right angle. You will feel stretched in some parts of your hip.
  • Now, return to the original position. Do this 20-30 times on both sides.

Hip External Rotation Exercises for Glutes

Hip external rotation helps strengthen your hip. This exercise helps you to have better control of stability and strength at your hip. If you have any dysfunction of the knee, hip, or ankle, doing this exercise will help you. Now, let’s discuss the exercise that will help you in strengthening your glutes and ultimately benefiting your hip.

Put a band above your knee height. Your feet should be a part of the hip’s width. If any of your legs are not functioning properly, do not move them during this exercise. Now, rotate your knee in and then move it back out. Repeat this 8 times with each knee or side.


How do you test for hip rotation?

There are two types of rotation in the hips; those are hip internal rotation and hip external rotation. The preferred degree or value of each rotation is 45 degrees. To test the hip rotation, you need to visit a doctor or a therapist. They will perform some exercises that will tell whether you can flexibly move your hip in both rotations. If you can move your hip to 45 degrees in both rotations, you have a healthy hip.

What is normal hip internal rotation?

The normal hip internal rotation is 45 degrees. If you think that you are not able to move your hip in internal rotation, you should see a doctor. The doctor will do some tests to check whether you can do hip internal rotation from 0 to 45 degrees.

Why do we need hip internal rotation?

Hip rotation is very important for running, walking, or doing any other sports activities. Not being able to do hip internal rotation will restrict you from doing many other physical activities. The hip internal rotation occurs when your knee and hip move towards the midline of your body. It is necessary for the extension of your legs and other various leg-related activities.

How can I improve my hip internal rotation?

There are many ways to improve the hip internal rotation. You should always try to keep the hip internal rotation flexible. If you don’t have a flexible hip rotation, you might feel some discomfort in doing regular activities. So, try to keep the mobility of your hip rotation flexible. Now, to improve the hip internal rotation, you can use any of the exercises that are mentioned in this article. However, it is advised to do as many exercises as you can to keep hip rotation flexible.

How do you strengthen weak hips?

If you have a weak hip, no need to worry. There is always a solution to fix problems. And this problem also has a solution. Previously, in this article, we discussed many exercises that can be utilized to improve the flexibility of your hip. The more flexible your hip are, the stronger they will become. So, to strengthen your weak hip you can perform internal and external hip rotation exercises.

Why is hip internal rotation important for squats?

There is a scientific reason for this answer. When you do squats your thighs move inwards. And moving your thighs inwards is called the hip internal rotation. Hence, if you want to perform squats without any difficulty, you need to have flexible hip internal rotation. You will find it hard to squat if there is some stiffness in your hip’s internal rotation.

How can I increase my hip mobility?

To increase your hip mobility, you need to have strong hips. There are various exercises mentioned in this article that can be performed to enhance the mobility of your hip. If you can do hip internal and external rotation, you will ultimately achieve hip mobility. So, choose any of the exercises to enhance the mobility of your hip.

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