How to Clean Massage Table?

A massage table is a crucial piece of equipment for all massage therapists. It is one of the pieces of equipment that your clients will be in direct contact with. So, it is vital to keep your massage table clean. But accidents might happen, and trying to clean a massage table without proper knowledge can become catastrophic. 

That’s why we have made a detailed article on how to clean massage tables. You can follow these steps to clean your top massage tables effectively. 

how to clean massage table

You can start cleaning the process by spraying a diluted solution of soap and water. Make sure that the soap is non-abrasive but mild. Don’t pour the solution right on top of the bed; instead, use a sprayer and spray the solution moderately on it. After a minute or two, wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth. Don’t leave the solution on the table or the bed for too long, as it can make the steel frame rust. 

There are also massage table cleaning wipes that are specifically designed to clean massage tables. You can use them instead of cleaning with your own solution. Since they are made explicitly for massage tables, their chemical composition won’t harm massage tables. 

It is a better practice to clean your massage table’s bed with massage table cleaning wipes after each session. By doing so, you can maintain proper hygiene, and it will be comfortable for your clients too. This will reduce the risk of infections. 

If you can’t afford massage table cleaning wipes or are in a hurry, you can also use vinegar diluted in water. Vinegar is not a harsh chemical and can be quite an effective cleaner. But some people might dislike the chemical’s smell. 

How To Clean Sticky Vinyl Massage Table

how to clean massage table

A sticky vinyl massage table can’t be identified whether it’s dirty or not. So, periodical cleaning is required to maintain proper hygiene. Use a degreaser and water to clean a sticky vinyl massage table. Use a sponge to rub the solution until it becomes foamy. Then wash the table with water and wipe off the excessive moisture. 

When cleaning, make sure the cleaning solution doesn’t contain chlorine, alcohol, or citric ingredients. They are harsh chemicals and can easily damage vinyl tables. Using them will certainly shorten your table’s lifetime. 

How To Disinfect Massage Table

Add 10 ml of green solution added to 100 ml of water. This is a strong solution that can disinfect your massage table instantly. It can also be used to get rid of rigorous stains. Make sure that the green solution is diluted with water. Don’t use a concentrated solution. 


  1. What is the best way to clean a sticky vinyl massage table?

The best way to clean your sticky vinyl massage table is by using a degreaser. Add several drops of degreases and some water and rub it off with a sponge. After a few minutes of rubbing, use clean water to rinse off the foam. 

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