Saloniture Massage Table Review: A Comprehensive Guide

A massage table is a necessary piece of equipment for any massage therapist. Investing in a quality massage table might be a great choice because it not only keeps your clients comfortable but also let you perform massage therapies with ease.This article is a dedicated saloniture massage table review. So, you can find about this massage table’s performances, advantages, and disadvantages too.

Saloniture Massage Table Weight Limit

One of the crucial things you should look at on a massage table is its weight limit. This shows how strong the table is. A saloniture massage table can support a maximum weight of 450 lbs. This also includes the table’s working weight limit. Mostly, in an average massage therapy session, the working weight won’t exceed this threshold. So, it is a perfect fit for massage therapies.

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table With Backrest

Mostly, massage tables are plain and can’t be used for multiple purposes. Sometimes, the client needs to sit down instead of lying down. Using massage tables without a backrest in these cases might put both the therapist as well as the client in discomfort.

saloniture massage table review

The saloniture massage table is a professional massage table with a backrest. The rear part of the table can be used as a backrest when needed. The backrest can be lowered down later if you want your client to lay down. This is a luxurious table with an adjustable backrest to provide additional comfort to the clients.

Saloniture Basic Portable Folding Massage Table

As the name suggests, it is a portable massage table that can be folded to accommodate even in tiny rooms. The massage table can be folded and can be easily carried around. The total equipment weighs just 43 lbs, so it wouldn’t be hard to carry them and set up.

Saloniture Portable Physical Therapy Massage Table

The saloniture massage table is a luxurious massage table with advanced features. The table is insanely sturdy and stable, so a therapist would no longer worry about maintaining the balance. The massage table’s weight limit is 450 lbs.

The massage table has a convenient backrest and self-adjusted face cradle to enhance the comfort of the client. It has a two-layered security lock which will allow you to change the height of the table conveniently yet safely.

saloniture massage table review

The table’s pad is made up of a special type of memory foam which is covered with a layer of PU synthetic leather. This synthetic leather is basically water and oil-proof fabric, providing a long-lasting experience.


  1. What is the extra hole in the massage table for?

The extra hole is a face rest which basically provides comfortable support to the client’s face while he/she is lying on their stomach. In the saloniture massage table, this face rest is self-adjustable.

  1. Is the backrest facility there on this massage table?

Yes, the saloniture massage table has a backrest facility available to enhance the comfortability of the clients.

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