The Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain Relief

Dr. Bob's Contoured Luxury - Neck and Cervical Pillow

Dr. Bob's Contoured Luxury - Neck and Cervical Pillow

Neck-Head alignment
Flexible size
Cruelty free
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Aquapro Chiropractic Pillow - Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Cervical Pillow

Aquapro Chiropractic Pillow - Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Cervical Pillow

Simple application
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Cervical Neck Traction Device by NeckFix

Cervical Neck Traction Device by NeckFix

Spine Alignment
Ergonomic design
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Cervical Traction Chiropractic Wedge Pillow

Cervical Traction Chiropractic Wedge Pillow

Reduces neck pain
Neck-Spine Alignment
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Cervical Neck Traction Device by Davismart

Cervical Neck Traction Device by Davismart

All-round Traction
Convenient to use
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Neck pain is indeed one of the most ignored yet most prevalent aches in the world. Many officegoers are afflicted with it. Here we review 5 of the best cervical traction pillows for neck pain.

Firstly, if you’re reading this article looking down at your phone, we want to remind you to keep your head up because you don’t want to worsen your neck pain. Secondly, welcome to the world of neck traction pillows- you’ll hear about them a lot throughout this article. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for feasible solutions to your neck pain, but all you see are words like “cervical” and “traction” everywhere – you’re on the right track. In this article, we’ll help you understand what those words mean and why you should care.

Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain are designed to relieve pain and tension in your body by tackling them from their root causes. These devices penetrate through your skin and heal where the pain originated rather than the pain itself. In retrospect, this completely banishes the pain from your body. This is why owning a neck traction pillow as someone experiencing frequent neck pains is essential.

Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain – Buying Guide

A neck traction pillow can help eliminate a wide range of neck-related problems. Firstly, it tackles the stiffness, pain, tension, bulging, or herniated disks- and follows this up by soothing and relaxing your muscles so that you complete every stage of recovery. A good neck traction pillow will help in easing your nerves and improving mobility until your body posture returns to its natural state.

Factors to consider while buying a neck traction pillow

While the prospect of a neck traction pillow can seem exciting, you must stop for a moment and consider exactly what you want out of one. Note that the best cervical traction pillows for neck pain can seem simple at first glance- so it is always easy to mistake a bad neck pillow for a good one. However, these factors will help you discover what makes a neck pillow a cervical device:


Good alignment is the key to easing out your neck pains. While most neck pillow brands understand this fact- some may still lack in this department. Consequently, that can have dangerous consequences on your health and may worsen your condition. Make sure to look out for a neck pillow that perfectly aligns your neck, shoulders, and spine into their natural curvature. This reinstalls posture into your body decompresses your spine, and reduces muscle strain so that your neck pains become easier to deal with.

Ease of use 

Before you get a neck traction pillow, make sure to find out whether the device needs any pre-required setup or is always ready to use. Most neck traction pillows do not tend to require an assembly, and you’re bound to feel the results upon slipping the pillow over your shoulder. However, there are still over-the-door models out there that need to be put together and tested to determine how they work best.


When it comes to the best cervical traction pillows for neck pain- portability seems to be in significant demand. Nonetheless, most neck pillows are made to be exceptionally lightweight so that you can carry around your neck care regimen wherever you need it. So whether you’re relaxing at home or working your stress out in the gym or at the office- you can immediately slip on your neck pillow and gain instant relief.


Yet another factor that determines your potential neck pillow purchase is how flexible your pillow is in terms of position. Most users tend to go for pillows that are just firm or sturdy enough to hold your neck and shoulders upright while being soft enough to relax your muscles.

Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain Reviews

1. Dr. Bob’s Contoured Luxury – Neck and Cervical Pillow

Dr. Bob's Contoured Luxury - Neck and Cervical Pillow

Dr. Bob’s Contoured Luxury neck pillow is just what it sounds like- luxurious. Cervical pain is usually the kind that needs to be treated with high sensitivity and care- which is why the usual piles of foam are probably not working for you. However, with Dr.Bob’s Contoured Luxury, you’re going to experience premium soft memory foam that soothes and massages your muscles in your sleep.

This pillow is all the more reputable for its neck-to-head alignment feature. If you’re experiencing any neck pain- it is only ideal that your neck is maintained in a relaxed state so that it can gather energy to heal. This luxury pillow keeps your neck and head relaxed so that you’re in your most natural and comfortable state, with no stress on the joints to hinder your treatment.

If you’re worried about sleep positions- there’s no need. Whether you sleep on your back or your side does not matter with this pillow- because it provides comfort regardless! This neck cervical pillow is fluffed up all around to support your neck in a variety of sleeping positions.

Also, this pillow not only caters and adjusts to sleeping positions- but it also shows incredible flexibility in terms of size. Whether you require a tiny or huge neck pillow- this company delivers. Dr.Bob’s Luxurious pillows arrive in sizes ‘Standard’, ‘King’, and ‘Queen’. This means that you’re provided with an array of choices so that you can get the best cervical care no matter your body type!

If you’re seriously concerned about animal welfare and have your reservations about buying products that may involve the use of animals- you’re on the right track with Dr.Bob’s Contoured Luxury. These pillows are made up of cruelty-free technologies that ensure that you never feel guilty about your neck care.


  • There is nothing more stressful to your neck and back than a bad pillow or mattress. Designed with intensive research and expertise, Bob’s Contoured Luxury – Neck and Cervical Pillow truly gives your neck the support and comfort it deserves.
  • This memory foam pillow is made with premium-grade materials to provide maximum benefits. It aligns itself perfectly according to your needs and ensures you get a good night’s sleep.
  • It relaxes your muscles and lets your nerves and joints rest so you can wake up the next morning fully energized.
  • This incredible cervical pillow is advantageous both for people who sleep on their backs and for those who sleep on their sides. It contours itself according to your sleeping style.
  • Now you no longer need to worry about getting different pillows if you sleep both on your back and sides at different times.


2. Aquapro Chiropractic Pillow – Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Cervical Pillow

If you’re a generally busy person with not a lot of time to spare for your neck and back pain- the Aquapro Chiropractic Neck Pillow is your best bet! Why? Because you need only 10-15 minutes per day to help relax your muscles down from your neck bones to your shoulder and back.

Whether you require treatment for issues like Pinched nerves or Herniated Discs, Poor Spine Alignment, Headaches, or Jaw Pains- this cervical pillow serves to relax and amend problems ranging from different parts of your neck and your back. It works with smooth traction and helps relieve your head weight from your shoulders.

This AquaPro Chiropractic Neck Pillow extends its services in treating all your neck and spine cervical pains through a high-quality material or Premium quality ABS. Not only does this impart a distinguished level of comfort to your neck, but this material stretches to accommodate your weight and is also meant to be long-lasting.

The neck cervical pillow is made further convenient through its small volume and lightweight. Consequently, these features mean that you can not only wear your neck pillow while sleeping- but also carry it wherever you like! Yes! Get optimum neck care and support whenever and wherever- whether it is in the gym, while watching TV, or in your Office chair. This way, you’re always healing.

AquaPro is uniquely gifted with quite an ergonomic design. Apart from being filled with soft, sensitizing foam, this neck pillow is also designed to stay characteristically upright- even if you’re not. So no matter what position you’re in, the neck pillow will support your head and neck and stimulate it with good traction to let your muscles get comfortable and mend themselves.


  • If you find that your AquaPro Chiropractor neck pillow isn’t doing its best to help your neck and back pains, you can feel free to contact the company and demand your satisfaction as a consumer.
  • Amazon’s Choice in the category of “Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain”, the Aquapro Chiropractic Pillow is one of the lightest weight, comfortable neck pillows in the market.
  • Within a span of 5 – 15 minutes, it starts working its magic on your neck and spine. No longer will your neck suffer due to poor alignment-caused issues, and no longer will your joints and nerves feel any strain due to the same.
  • This pillow gently positions your neck in order to correct the alignment of your spine and remove strain caused by the weight of your head.
  • It gives a breather to your neck and shoulders and unwinds the pressure quickly and efficiently.
  • This cervical pillow is made with the highest quality ABS. It is durable and can be easily carried around with you.
  • This pillow can be used anywhere at all times. You can take it with you to your office and use it in your break, or use it while traveling.


3. Cervical Neck Traction Device by NeckFix


Are you looking for the high-quality and best cervical traction pillows for neck pain – but you’re quickly losing hope because every device out there is on either end of the spectrum- expensive and viable or cheap and just not enough? Well, look no more because you’ve found your match.

The NeckFix cervical traction device uses a healthy combination of low price and effective technology to massage and relax your cervical pain until you feel relieved and at ease. This is one of those cervical traction devices that easily gives your muscles a healthy stretch and decompresses your spine to give your neck pain an effective treatment.

Chiropractors highly recommend the NeckFix Cervical Traction device to ease any joint pain that you experience from the head up-. This can include headache, neck pain, stiffness, shoulder pain, and dizziness too. This Neck cervical device extends into an inflatable neck stretcher collar that adjusts itself around your neck and shoulders to rid you of the issues in your neck muscles.

The NeckFix device does more than a normal cervical traction device. This stretcher extends above and beyond and uses a spine alignment traction unit. This unit is primarily designed to help align your neck, shoulders, and spine so that all the parts are maintained in their natural, appropriate posture. Doing so, prevents you from worsening your condition and gives your body the incentive to heal.

While the NeckFix is as simple as your everyday put-on-and-use cervical devices, it is also ergonomically designed to tackle the most complicated knots in your neck and shoulders. This is why the stretcher comes with a 3 layer cervical collar to give your neck the right leverage and traction. The device comes with a one size fits all option. Accordingly, your NeckFix traction device is designed to shrink or expand according to body type.


  • Many well-known chiropractors have recommended this neck traction set. The new and improved Cervical Neck Traction Device by NeckFix has better-designed parts and is more suited to relieve you of your neck and shoulder pain.
  • The inflatable neck collar is excellent for removing shoulder and neck aches, stiffness in your back, etc.
  • This product can be adjusted according to your needs. It will provide pain relief and help correct the posture of your neck. It removes pressure from your spine and decompresses it.
  • This cervical collar is incredibly easy to use. Its size is compatible with a majority of the population according to research. Ideally, you should use this if you have a neck size of 12 – 17 inches. The user themselves can adjust its length.
  • This product includes 1 Cervical Neck Traction Device, 1 Trigger Point Massage Ball, 1 Carry Zipper Bag, 1 e-Book, and Access to 10 Video Daily Exercises from Dr. Fix. You will also get special assistance if required.


4. Lumina Cervical Traction Chiropractic Wedge Pillow

Cervical Traction Chiropractic Wedge Pillow - Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

This Wedge Pillow is the result of Lumina Wellness’s highly technology-oriented and observation-based work. The manufacturers of this product have put together a neck pillow that not only stimulates support and comfort but also anatomically targets the right spots in your neck and shoulders to ease out knots and kinks.

This neck pillow is made to help people suffering from cervical pain fix their posture and consequently relieve the pain. In our body, our curvature often goes hand in hand with injuries or pains- which is why this neck pillow executes its neck treatment regime by first activating your natural body curvature. Eventually, this will help in relieving stiffness and strain from your body.

Besides being advantageous in terms of the cervical neck, shoulder, and spine pain, Lumina Wellness’s neck pillow also serves in soothing headaches and migraines. So if you’re sitting in your office stressed about a project, make sure to throw this neck pillow into the mix.

While this pillow aims to make your periods of neck pains and stiffness as short as possible- the product itself is designed with high quality felt cover to ensure that the device lasts as long as possible! This cover is spread out all over so that every portion of your neck is always sufficiently greeted with plush softness. The cover can be removed and washed regularly.

This pillow values its customers’ comfort and safety- which is why it is made of firm wedge foam that keeps the pillow soft but your neck held upright. It is also guaranteed that the foam is a non-toxic and safe product.


  • Its primary function is to improve the posture of your neck and restore its natural cervical curvature. Due to improper positions, we often get stiffness in our neck which can cause a neck ache. This pillow will help you prevent that.
  • After using this product for a while, you will find that your headaches will lessen in frequency and intensity. Your neck and shoulders will get less stiff as tension is released from them. Your quality of life will instantly improve.
  • This pillow has been made with premium-grade materials. It is incredibly soft and has a cover made of 100% pure felt. You can easily remove the cover and wash it as needed.
  • The pillow is designed to keep your needs and comfort in mind. It is highly durable and lightweight, guaranteeing you long use.
  • The foam used in its making is hypoallergenic. The pillow does not absorb odors easily, so you can rest assured that there will be no problems while using it.


5. Cervical Neck Traction Device by Davismart

Cervical Neck Traction Device by Davismart

Looking for the Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain is a great first move toward solving your neck pain issues. However, in your search, you might find yourself demanding more than what most cervical devices can offer. This is exactly where the DaviSMART Neck Traction Device comes in because you don’t just need a neck traction device. You deserve one that is both convenient and flexible.

Whether you’re stuck at work or relaxing at home, the DaviSMART cervical neck traction device becomes your companion. This device stimulates your muscles to relax and distress until the pain begins to wear off your neck.

Unlike many products in the market, DaviSMART always has a unique take on things- and that also applies to this device. The neck pillow features an all-around plush covering that provides 360-degree traction to your neck and shoulders. On this journey, the pillow can help battle posture problems, Chronic Neck, and cervical muscle spasms, Arthritis, Bulging discs, spine alignment, and other issues that have to be fixed so you can live a safe and healthy life.

While the neck pillow might seem like a straightforward and simple tool for neck pain- you shouldn’t underestimate it. Most of its workings are carried out intrinsically. The pillow reaches past your skin to your cervical spine and increases blood circulation. It also helps by loosening and oxygenating your muscles and nerves to help you relax.


  • This product contains 1 Cervical Neck Traction Device, 1 Eye Mask, 1 User Manual, and access to download the Video Bonus – 5 Easy & Effective Exercise for Neck Pain Relief.
  • The Cervical Neck Traction Device by Davismart is an incredibly helpful and comfortable home treatment for all your neck and shoulder ache problems.
  • It provides 360 degrees of traction to your neck and shoulders, which in turn improves their posture and removes the pressure on them.
  • It will solve a multitude of problems like muscle spasms in the neck, arthritis, spine compression, etc.
  • This incredibly relaxing pillow is highly easy to use. It comes to you ready for immediate use and is lightweight. It is easy to store, and you can take it with you wherever you go, which makes it one of the best cervical traction pillows for neck pain.
  • To help you in using this product, you are provided access to video exercises. This will give you maximum benefit and allow accelerated healing.


A neck traction pillow can serve various purposes. It may just exist to relax some people, while for others; the pillow can become the key to unlocking a painless and tension-less future for their neck. Not only should you be careful in choosing a neck traction pillow, but you must also be careful using one. Most of the Best Cervical Traction Pillows for Neck Pain are highly flexible and adjustable and come in various sizes. We hope that our list of the best neck traction pillows above pushed you a step further towards finding the perfect neck traction pillow.

With so many different products in the market, it is easy to get confused while shopping. This compilation of the 5 best cervical traction pillows for neck pain will surely help you narrow your choice down.

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  1. How to use a neck traction pillow?

To use a neck traction pillow effectively, all you need to do is slip it under your neck and over your shoulders. Make sure that the pillow is situated such that your neck and shoulders are in alignment.

  1. Do neck cervical pillows work?

Yes! Neck cervical pillows go deep into the roots of your neck pain and try to heal you naturally.

  1. What is the best neck cervical pillow?

To find the best cervical traction pillows for neck pain, make sure that you check out our list of beneficial neck traction pillows!

  1. What are the benefits of a neck traction pillow?

A neck traction pillow can have a wide range of benefits. These can treat a wide range of neck-associated problems including posture, stiffness in the neck, tension, chronic pain, Bulging Discs, and more.

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