Effective Carpal Tunnel Home Remedies

Before getting started with the various effective carpal tunnel home remedies, let us talk about what carpal tunnel is.

Have you ever felt a numbing or tingling sensation in your hands that persisted over a period of time? While occasional discomfort in your arms may be normal, if you have a persistent problem, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Home Remedies

Carpal tunnel may happen as a result of a pinched nerve. This pinched nerve may be the result of strenuous activity or even just daily activity. This may not be a very severe disease, but it does cause momentary pain and discomfort. There are many solutions to this problem. You may opt for over-the-counter medicine if you are someone who prefers doing the same. However, if you are unwilling to take medicine and want to try something natural, then you are at the right place. Read on to know more about the same.

Natural Remedies For Carpal Tunnel

There are many natural remedies for carpal tunnel that may prove very effective for your situation. One of the most obvious remedies is to avoid repetitive tasks. This means giving some rest to your wrist. The wrist has a number of nerves passing through it and repetitive and strenuous tasks may prove to be very harmful to your condition. When you feel any kind of discomfort, the first and most important thing you should consider doing is giving your hands some rest.

By this, we mean refraining from doing anything that includes a lot of hand or wrist movement like lifting heavy things and the like. If you are someone who loves working out in the gym then you may want to take a break from the same in order to give some rest to your hands.

Carpal Tunnel Home Remedies

Out of the many home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, the one that is easiest to do and literally takes negligible effort is a warm compress. Warm compresses have been trusted for ages to soothe nerves and provide immense pain relief. If your carpal tunnel syndrome is very severe, then consider giving yourself a warm compress immediately. This is a great way to keep pain and discomfort at bay.

The idea is to keep your hands warm. When it comes to this hand gloves may also prove to be very effective. So if you are someone who has consistent numbness in your hands you may want to wear gloves or give yourself a warm compress ASAP.

Carpal Tunnel Natural Treatment

If you are someone looking for the best carpal tunnel natural treatment your search may be ending here. Research has proved that regular stretching and mild arm exercises have proved very effective when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are someone who knows nothing about workouts then it would be better to consider visiting a health professional who may be able to guide you.

Make sure that you do not do very strenuous or heavy exercise as that would worsen your condition. Many mild exercises may prove to be very effective. Yoga is one such way. Remember the idea is to ease your pain and not increase it. The moment you feel any discomfort you can easily change to doing something else that would help you.

Home Remedies For Numbness In Hands And Fingers

If you are tired of looking for home remedies for numbness in your hands and fingers and have yet to find anything that really helps, then the best thing to do is buy a brace. A carpal tunnel brace acts as a support system for your wrist and helps your wrist to stay in a comfortable position even when you are doing some monotonous tasks. If you are someone who cannot afford to rest your hands for 2 weeks or more then this may be the best solution for you.

Simply wear a splint when you are doing something that requires the work of your hands or wrist. This would not only help your wrist to stay in place but will also prevent further pinching of any nerve and help immensely with pain relief.

Carpal Tunnel Relief At Home

If you don’t want to opt for over-the-counter medicine, then you may easily try this for carpal tunnel relief at home. For ages, massage therapy is known to be very effective when it comes to carpal tunnel. This doesn’t mean that you would have to visit a fancy spa and spend a fortune. You can easily do this by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Whenever you are free, try and sit in a place where you will not be disturbed for about 10 minutes.

Warm up some oil for the massage. As written above, warmth is very effective for carpal tunnel syndrome. If you do not have access to any kind of oil simply use a pain relief balm. Slather the oil to your wrist. Now slowly massage in circular motions applying gentle pressure to the wrist. Do this for some time, and you will immediately feel a difference in your wrist.

Natural Cures For Carpal Tunnel

By now you may have understood that there are a number of natural cures for carpal tunnel that may prove to be very effective. You may have seen in the above paragraphs how warm compresses help greatly when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome. What you do not know is that sometimes even an ice pack may turn out to be very effective for relieving pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take an ice cube and run it over your wrist gently for some time or put some ice in a bowl and place your wrist for a while in the bowl. This will remove numbness in your wrist and also decrease your discomfort substantially.

Home Remedies For Numb Hands

While home remedies for numb hands may indeed be very effective in some cases, in other cases they may not be that effective. If this is the case and you have a job where you have to work on a desktop or computer every day, the way you place your hand may be the problem.

In this situation, it is always good to invest in some ergonomic devices that will not only ease your pain but will also increase your comfort level greatly. There are some ergonomic devices like ergonomic tables, keyboards, and mice that make sure that your hand stays in the optimal position while you continue doing your work. Along with all the home remedies, do try these ergonomic devices for long-term relief from carpal tunnel and any hand or posture-related problems for that matter.

Wrist Pain Home Treatment

Every wrist pain home treatment may not be equally effective for you. If you feel like nothing works for you, it may be time to visit a professional. A physical therapist may be very useful in this regard. Physical therapy will use tried and tested exercises on your wrist to ensure maximum impact. Many have reported their pain and numbness greatly reducing after their visit to the physiotherapist. If you don’t see any decrease in your pain even after visiting a physiotherapist, it may be time to resort to surgery. Worry, not. These surgeries are very simple and take very little time and have amazing results as well.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Natural Treatment

If no carpal tunnel syndrome natural treatment works for you, then you should most definitely try supplements. By supplements, we mean vitamin supplements and the like. You may be thinking that you suffer from wrist numbness because you pinched some nerve, but in reality, it may be so that you may be having some deficiency. Getting rid of this deficiency will most definitely help you with your pain. It is known that vitamin b supplements are great when it comes to pain due to deficiencies. If you are not sure then make sure you consult your family doctor before you take any supplements.

Instant Carpal Tunnel Relief

If you are looking for instant carpal tunnel relief and are looking forward to trying something new, then acupuncture may be a great idea for you. In acupuncture the expert massages or activates certain points in the body that will help you to reduce your pain instantly. Acupuncture is a more holistic way of healing but is also known to be very effective when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Best Remedy For Carpal Tunnel

Conclusively, since there are so many treatments you could consider for your carpal tunnel syndrome, it is very difficult to decide which best remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome. The best remedy is one that works for you and is also swift and effective. If you are someone who has just gotten diagnosed with it and are looking forward to some natural and safe ways of reducing the pain and numbness in your hands then do try the above-recommended ways.

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