What Causes Hemorrhoids?

We are leading a life that does not give us the time or chance to look after our own self- problems related to us, physically and mentally. No one can deny this unsaid truth! One such problem, faced commonly by almost everyone is Hemorrhoids. Commonly known as Piles, is a condition or disease that people suffer from. In order to know what causes hemorrhoids to get severe or what causes hemorrhoids to bleed, you first need to recognize the problem, and for that, in turn, you need to know what hemorrhoids actually are.

What are hemorrhoids and what causes hemorrhoids?

 what causes hemorrhoids

As mentioned, hemorrhoid is a condition in which swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anal region start to cause bleeding and a sense of discomfort. This particular problem has no gender, no age, and no time. It can happen to anyone and anywhere at any time.

If you are suffering from this problem, chances are that you will start recognizing it after it has reached a bad point or got severe. To avoid situations like that, you need to know what causes hemorrhoids. The causes can be listed as:

  • Straining or excessive pressure during the bowel movement
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Constipation

Does everyone know one major reason for hemorrhoids is constipation do you what causes hemorrhoids besides constipation? It is here for you to have a look right here! Constipation is a common cause of a person suffering from piles. Constipation is the passing of hard stool on a daily basis. The pressure created on the veins of the rectum and anal passage leads to hemorrhoids. Pregnancy, excessive pressure during a bowel movement, lifting of heavyweight continuously, and being overweight are the major reasons, apart from constipation, why hemorrhoids can be caused.

Symptoms can include

  • Discomfort during the bowel movement
  • Discomfort while sitting
  • Itching and bleeding through the anal region

The pain of hemorrhoids is severe if it takes a bad turn and it can even make a person sick. It is not a throbbing pain but a sort of discomfort that you may tend to face all throughout the day. You need to know when hemorrhoids can start bleeding, flare up, itch, and hurt so that you can stay safe and avoid those situations. This article here is going to provide you with all these details!

What causes hemorrhoids to bleed and what causes hemorrhoids to flare up?

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, a certain kind of discomfort is surely going to be there. You may face this while sitting down normally or while passing stool. Hemorrhoids start bleeding due to the excessive straining or pressure that is been applied while passing hard stools. Stools tend to get hard when the amount of fiber is comparatively less. For people suffering from piles, the fiber intake in their diet should be greater than a normal person because hard stool should be avoided at any cost. The hard stools damage the surface of the hemorrhoids, causing them to bleed and pain.

Did you know hemorrhoids can even flare up? Passing hard stools every day because of the absence of fibers in your food can cause extreme pressure on the hemorrhoids. Gradually, they tend to flare up because of painful bowel movements. In order to avoid this situation, it is highly advisable to have foods that are rich in fiber. The condition when your hemorrhoids get worse is a painful situation.

If you are in serious distress and unable to sit comfortably while on hemorrhoids then you should try some best hemorrhoids pillow. It will give you relaxation by relieving your pain and in turn, make you sit comfortably.

What causes hemorrhoids in women and what causes hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

 what causes hemorrhoids

As mentioned earlier, hemorrhoids do not have any particular gender or age to attack! Suffering from piles during pregnancy is a common problem that women face because of the lack of nutritional and fibrous foods in their diet. The zeal to eat decreases during pregnancy because of some obvious facts. The body does not get enough fibrous food, which makes the ‘would-be-mother’ suffer from this state. It is exceptionally painful during pregnancy if you are going through hemorrhoids as well.

If you are asking and looking for answers to what causes hemorrhoids in females, then the answer is all the same! For men or women, the causes of suffering from piles are the same- lack of fibrous food and excessive straining during the bowel movement.

In pregnancy cases, the enlargement of the uterus and increased blood flow from the body to the pelvic region can cause the veins in the rectal wall to swell and bulge. This situation can lead the woman to suffer from piles. However, it is not a compulsory thing to suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Proper care and prevention of certain things can lead the mother to lead a normal life- without any added difficulties!

One commonly searched thing by new mothers is what causes hemorrhoids after birth. In the case of pregnant moms, hemorrhoids can be caused right after the birth of the baby as a result of stress on the perineum during the pregnancy months. Veins that work to carry the blood from the heart tend to get weaker because of any pressure of two bodies living in one! These veins can sometimes swell up and mix with the blood, causing hemorrhoids either after the birth of the baby or during the late pregnancy months.

What causes hemorrhoids to itch? What causes hemorrhoids to hurt? What causes hemorrhoid burning?

 what causes hemorrhoids

First of all, do not be scared if one fine day you wake up and start feeling like your hemorrhoids hurt like no other day or it starts itching, or worse, it starts to feel like burning. This is a serious situation, but you definitely do need to take some precautions so that this does not happen. Above all, do not be scared!

It causes itching when any internal hemorrhoid prolapses and it brings new mucus that tends to irritate the sensitive area around the anal. This can cause an itchy feeling. The itching can increase if the mucus mixes with the stool and comes out during the bowel movement. Inflamed hemorrhoids can cause them to swell up and mix with the mucus. This sensation can be defined as burning or itchy.

Hemorrhoid starts to hurt when any blood clot is formed inside external hemorrhoid. This pain cannot be predicted, and it is severe and sudden. You may feel the lump or see the same around your anus. The blood clot dissolves, leaving a little extra skin. Internal hemorrhoids can painless, even if they start bleeding. However, in any case, it is always best to consult a doctor.

What causes hemorrhoids and fissures?

 what causes hemorrhoids

As discussed, hemorrhoids are caused by repeated pressure and strain on the anal and rectum veins. Anal fissures, on the other hand, are caused by trauma to the anal canal, generally during the bowel movement. There is no compulsion for you to suffer from fissures if you are suffering from hemorrhoids or vice versa.

What causes bad hemorrhoids?

 what causes hemorrhoids

The most common cause of bad hemorrhoids is repetitive pressure and straining while having a bowel movement. This is caused due to severe cases of constipation or diarrhea. Straining while passing stool gets in the way of the blood flow in that specific area. This results in the enlargement of the hemorrhoids and in certain cases, it can cause the hemorrhoids to go bad and severe. These hemorrhoids result in excessive pain- pains that are sudden. In such situations, it is highly recommended to visit a doctor and follow the medicinal procedure to cure the same.

Some home cures and remedies for hemorrhoids

 what causes hemorrhoids

In many cases, proper medicinal treatment needs to be followed in order to cure hemorrhoids. However, small hemorrhoids can be cured by following the below-listed things:

  • Eating a fiber-rich diet, including vegetables and fruits
  • Application of certain cream in the affected area after consultation with a doctor
  • Soak yourself regularly in warm water for at least 10 minutes
  • Take normal pain reliever tablets if the pain goes in extreme, and then consult a doctor
  • Avoid eating fast food, cheese, chips, and frozen or processed food because it tends to increase the existing hemorrhoids into severe ones

If your hemorrhoids are leaving you in utter distress and discomfort for a long time, then it is better to consult a doctor. Home remedies can cure hemorrhoids if it is been recognized at the start. However, do not hesitate to visit a doctor if your situation worsens or you feel the need to consult one. Hemorrhoids are curable, and with the proper care and treatment, they can go away. All you need to do is take the proper food that is recommended and avoid the ones which can cause more trouble!

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