What is the Maximum Massage Table Weight Limit?

Have you ever wondered how much weight can a massage table withhold? Well, there are two types of weight known working weight and static weight. Each table will specify the amount of working weight and static weight it can withhold. To understand more about the two types of weights, continue reading the article. Check here the Massage Table Weight Limit.

Working Weight:

A massage table can hold up to 200 – 350 pounds of weight approximately. It is just the average working weight. A massager can safely use a massage table to practice treatment without being concerned about breaking of the table as long as the weight is less than the working weight. To elaborate, working weight is the addition of the person’s body weight, pressure applied by the practitioner, and sideload while practicing treatment. The term working weight is also referred to as Normal Working load(NWL) or Safe Working Load(SWL). The same unit also measures lifting equipment. 

Early, the working weight of the massage tables was limited to just 200lbs or 90 kilograms which is not much. The average weight of a 6ft man is 80 kg. Adding the pressure applied by the therapist or practitioner with the patient’s body weight will break the table easily. 

Massage Table Weight Limit

Due to technological advancement in recent ages, the working weight capacity of the massage table is greatly increased. From an average of 200 lbs working weight capacity is now increased to 350 lbs. Science has made it possible to create stable and strong materials to make massage tables that can support 500 lbs of working weight. The strongest massage table has withstood 800lbs of working weight. 

Static weight:

Static weight is the weight load that a table can hold when standing still. In other words, it is the weight that a table can hold when not being used for massaging. The static weight of a massage table could be up to 2200 lbs. 

It doesn’t mean you can make a client or patient lie on the table and apply nearly 2000 lbs of weight before the table breaks out. The static weight is spread out evenly across the massage table’s top. The four corners of the table are much stronger than the middle. The corners can bear up to 2000 lbs of weight with ease. 

But when you place an object with a few hundred pounds on the center of the table, it will break like a twig. Similarly, the client will sit in the center and not evenly across the table. So a table with the capability to bear high static weight would fail in our massage session. 

By now, you would’ve understood the difference between static and working weight. So which one is important to note before buying your new massage table? You have to care more about the working weight than the static weight because working weight is a crucial factor since it gives accurate information about the table’s weight-bearing capacity. 

The weight-bearing capacity of the table is also dependent on its type. There are two types of massage tables, namely stationary and portable tables. The stationary table is not viable for shifting from place to place. They are not designed to be easily transported from one place to another. 

The portable massage table is specifically made for professionals who constantly have to shift their location. So they are made lightweight and easy to move. Most portable massage tables are created with aluminum, whereas stationary tables are made with wood. 

Portable tables can be easier to transport, but they can only bear a limited weight. At the same time, stationary tables are built to withstand much higher weights. So, stationary tables are the best massage table when it comes to bearing working weight. 

What is the average massage table weight limit?

There are two types of weight limits, namely working weight and static weight. Working weight is the weight that a table can withstand with a person lying and additional pressure. It can be up to 500 lbs. The static weight of the table can be up to 2000 lbs, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the table can support 2000 lbs of work weight. 

How much weight can a massage table support

An average weight holding capacity of a massage table is 200 – 350 lbs. But there are tables that can support working weights up to 800 lbs. The static weight holding capacity of a table can be 2000 lbs. 

Earthlite massage table weight limit

Massage Table Weight Limit

All the massage tables produced by Earthlite are designed and manufactured under strict supervision to ensure the safety of the therapy practitioners and their clients. Thus, both the stationary and portable tables are built to bear over 2500 lbs of weight.

Oakworks massage table weight limit

Each massage table manufactured by Oakworks undergoes rigorous testing to test its weight-holding limit. So it is safe and proud to say that the Oakworks massage table can bear up to 1400 lbs without sweating. 

Master massage table weight limit

Master massage tables are well known for their durability and weight-holding capacity. They can easily stand up to a thousand pounds of static weight and 450 lbs of working weight. 

Stronglite massage table weight limit

As the names suggest, each massage table from Stronglite is light as a feather and strong to be able to withstand 800lbs of working weight. 

NRG massage table weight limit

NRG massage table can bear up to 450 lbs of working weight and more of static weight. They are not only strong, but their height can also be adjusted from 23 inches to 34 inches.

Saloniture massage table weight limit

Soloniture massage tables only weigh around 36 lbs but can withstand up to a whopping weight limit of 450 lbs which is more than ten times its own body weight. 

Sierra massage table weight limit

Sierra massage tables can sustain a weight of 300 lbs of working weight at a time. The height of the leg can be adjusted to support the additional weight. 

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