Pure Wave by PADO Reviews: Best Personal Massager Unit in Market

Nothing can substitute the feel of having your tighter muscles relieved at the hands of an expert massage therapist. But what if your favorite masseuse is available at your fingertips every time at your convenience?

What is Pure Wave Massager?

Pure Wave massages you to relax your tissues and improve blood circulation. They are designed in such a way that they can easily stretch muscles thus relieving chronic pain. This device increases the generation of serotonin in the body thus increasing the blood flow. Pure Wave is quite light in weight and they help in deep tissue massage. Myofascial release is also offered by Pure Wave.

Pure Wave Massager is regarded to be the best personal massagers to keep the tissue at its proper place.  These devices are known for the mechanism used to relieve pain at the cost of the only luxury. There are various models available, but you have to be quite careful while choosing the best Pure Wave for yourself. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying the best Pure Wave at an affordable price.

Pure Wave presents one of the most powerful and versatile cordless handheld massagers. It works out amazingly on any sore spots, knots, or stiff areas on your body. Thousands of pure wave reviews have placed it as the highest-rated percussion massager amongst numerous personal massagers available. Pure Wave is extremely effective in providing multiple massage tips including Swedish, deep tissue, and acupressure massages, thereby relieving pain at your luxury.

pure wave massager

There is a series of two cordless massagers in Pure Wave making use of vibration technologies for soothing pains and aches. Two versions of PADO Pure Wave units are available: a single motor CM-05 that features just the percussion massager whereas the dual-motor CM-07 model includes an inbuilt facial vibration massager along with the percussion massager.

Select your style and firmness of massage with the help of a variable speed controller and take control of those tight joints, muscle spasms, cramps, and stiff muscles. Compact and cordless, the massagers can fit effortlessly in all your suitcases and backpacks so that you can carry them everywhere you travel.

When we talk about a pure wave, there is no way you cannot give a special mention to pure-wave by pado. It is the best pure wave brand. People have a good amount of trust in pure wave Padoproducts, Pado pure wave productsare very reliable and every user has only good things to say about it because they consider their customers and users of their products at the utmost highest place for them. To maintain proper care of their buyers they keep on updating themselves in such a way that the customers have nothing to complain about.

Pado pure wave reviews have the most pleasant reviews you will ever see on any product page. Pure wave by pado is a purewave cordless massager. It can be used anywhere and anytime. They are very small and handy instruments that can be carried around anywhere. They are rechargeable and have great battery life. It is a very effective pure wave body massager.

A lot of professionals from sport athletes, doctors, spa and wellness clinics, massage therapists, and even physiotherapy doctors recommend using Pure wave massager very much. One should not get deceived by its small size. It is very effective. It has more than 2 massage heads. One for broader purposes and one for deeper tissue massage. It is an excellent value for price products.

All pure wave massager reviews state that using pure wave has absolutely reduced their pain and they feel marvelous. A few pure-wave by pado also have air cushions in them that are very effective in reaching your sensitive skin and helping in rejuvenating those skin cells. They feel very good to the skin and help you relax instantly because it has the ability to give you the best hand massage experience.

When you buy something new it is very obvious that you will be skeptical in trying out new things and that is why people give out reviews to help other people who were confused like them earlier so that they can take a clearer and easier decision. And after checking and tallying all the reviews the best pure wave brand remains pure-wave pado because pado pure wave reviews are exhilaratingly positive. It is a pure wave cordless massager. They have a lot of products that take care of facial to the whole-body relaxation. Pure wave body massager has great features in a small pack. They look so small and tiny but when they start working, they can give enough completion to a lot of other brands and come out shining.

Factors To Look For Before Buying The Best Pure Wave Massager

  1. The durability of the device matters the most

The use of Pure Wave massager is mostly on a daily basis, thus it is very important for the device to have a durable effect.  It should be reliable and it should be able to provide the maximum comfort for the maximum time possible.

  1. It should be available in your budget

The Pure Wave massager that you prefer to relax your body tissues should be available in your budget. The price of the Pure Wave massager depends on many factors like the design, brand, and quality. Thus, the overall cost should be as effective as possible and it should fit in your budget.

  1. It should have a good warranty period

The massager chosen by you should have a long period of warranty. Such products with a long warranty period are preferred more by the customers as compared to other massagers. Thus, Pure Wave massager should have a long warranty period. The average warranty period of a good massager is considered to be between one to two years.

  1. The grip should be firm

The grip of the massager should be firm. It contributes to an important factor that the massager that you select should be easy to hold and it should provide a firm grip so that it can be used for the maximum time possible. The best Pure Wave massagers are available with a firm grip. It should have a smooth handle as well in order to make the task easy.

These are the factors that should be taken into consideration before buying the best Pure Wave. The massager should be designed in such a way to offer the maximum comfort by relieving the tissue and the joint pressure. They offer an overall massage experience with facial ad scalp massage sticks available. These devices offer deep tissue massage. The massager is available with a stick to remove acupressure from the feet as well, hence is quite helpful. The sticks are placed on the massager. The major part of the working includes the rubbing of the device over the pressurized area of the body.

Working Mechanism of Pure Wave

The handheld cordless technology makes use of six massage sticks (CM7 model) that address the various trouble spots on your body. The CM-05 however, comes with only three sticks.

These sticks explained below, are designed to be placed on the device and then the device is rubbed over any aching part of the body. The massaging sticks, when applied to your face and body can purportedly lessen muscle recovery time and enhance the well-being of users.

pure wave massager

Pure Wave massager purpose

The people who desire a soft massaging head are offered an air-cushion stick that is available with the massager. The stick may also act as pinpoint acupressure to relieve the ones who need some extra pressure. This device has a 6-inch stick as well to target the big muscle areas and to prevent cramping. Body massage is supported by the presence of body massage oil stick which can be used in vibration and percussion to offer pain relief.

The device is also available with a facial stick which makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed after the massage. Thus, the overall experience of the Pure Wave massager is quite good and relaxed. Further, it has a scalp massage stick as well to provide nourishment to the scalp as well. Thus, this device comes with an overall relaxed package to offer you the best massage possible and to relive the extra stress and pressure from the joints and tissues. These devices are easy to afford and will give you the best massage experience.

  • The air cushion stick comes with an air-cushioned massage head that is just perfect for people with softer massaging pressure requirements. This stick is generally recommended to be used in places where massagers can get real uncomfortable such as knees, feet, hands, and elbows.
  • For those who require a little bit of extra pressure on smaller skin areas, the point stick acts as a pinpoint acupressure tip to be drilled into your stubborn knots.
  • If you wish to target the bigger muscle areas, the 6 head stick can be used for loosening up the tighter muscles in your body and prevent any injuries caused due to cramping.
  • The body massage oil stick has its tip designed to be used on both the vibration and percussion models along with supporting massage oil or body cream, to give you a great massaging experience.
  • The scalp massage stick is used for massaging across your hair and scalp, giving you the exact heavenly feel of being treated in a 5-star hair salon.
  • The facial message stick penetrates your face and works in a complementary fashion, pushing the facial moisturizers deep into your skin, so that you feel more relaxed and refreshed.

The Pure Wave cordless massager is powered by an inbuilt lithium-ion battery, that lasts for a relatively long time. The manual says that the 7.2 2200 mA battery is expected to offer continuous services up to three hours without any load.

If you keep it running for about half an hour daily, the fully recharged battery should last for about an entire week. And to add up to the ease, the battery charges really fast, usually within an hour.


  • Lightweight and powerful 
  • Multiple attachments 
  • Long-lasting and durable 
  • Percussion therapy 


  • Functionality issues 
  • Breaks apart easily 

Why should you buy it? 

This pure wave massager from PADO uses repetitive acute percussion therapy to relieve pain. It aids in soothing relief from different conditions like muscle tensions, pains, knots, spasms, etc. The user can gain a significant range of motion as this massager increases blood flow by releasing trigger points. It is so delicate in hands and provides different speed controls. The five different massage heads accompanying this massager allow the selection of the style and firmness of the massage. You can use this pure wave massager in different areas like the neck, back, legs, etc. 

What Do People Say?

With all the amazing reviews and great ratings that Pure Wave enjoys, there are a few minor drawbacks to it as well. Unlike many other massaging pads, Pure Wave does not have heat that is somewhat on the heavy side for some people.

However, most encouraging reviews seemed to have praised the device for its variety of awesome features that make it all the more versatile. Its rubber handles give a great feel and its long-handled design ensures that you can tend to all those hard to reach spots. In terms of construction, the massager is strong and well built. The antibacterial silicon material covering on the massager’s heads makes cleaning extremely easy and effortless.

pure wave reviews

At the most reasonable prices, the cordless massagers are life to many. For people with back and neck pain or suffering from feet issues, Pure Wave comes as a great help. Its multiple attachments serving numerous options for relief are the real deal here. And it’s definitely the one to keep handy if you are often too occupied to pay regular visits to your therapist. However, when in doubt, it is always recommended to consult a doctor prior to using the product.

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How does Pure Wave Work?

The working of a Pure Wave massager is quite easy. They stimulate the natural healing process of the tissue and then work to remove the extra stress and pressure. Such devices help the body to return to the normal state by relieving the pressure from the joints. It stimulates the immune system of the body as well, thus helping the body and improving the overall mechanism of the body.

How long does the pure wave take to charge?

The Pure Wave is available with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the average time taken by the device to get fully charged is considered to be approximately one hour. Once the device is fully charged, it can be used for 120 minutes on average.

Is Pure Wave reliable?

These massagers are designed in such a way keeping in mind the cure to be for treating people with extra joint and tissue pressure. They are cordless and quite light in weight, thus they are reliable. They prevent the muscles to contract much, thus protecting them.

Does Pure Wave work with cellulite?

Pure Wave is designed in such a way to tackle the problem of cellulite as it consists of a percussion vibrator which performs the actual task. Besides being fruitful against cellulite, this device is used for other handheld massages as it is quite light in weight.

Does Pure Wave Help Sciatica?

Devices like Pure Wave are considered to be the best to provide relief against sciatica. It helps to perform muscle recovery at a faster pace and works against sciatica. It improves mobility by rejuvenating the muscles and relieving extra pressure from the joints.